Title: Contract

By: Metamorcy

Rating: M

Pairing: Arcobaleno27, main R27

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Chapter 33

Tsuna didn't exactly want to step back out into the dining room where his family was currently located. It was obvious to him that staying in the kitchen with Reborn was much safer. There was nothing to fear in there; no meticulous people watching his every move, no disappointed father staring him down. Still, he had to go out eventually, despite his strong wish not to, and it was only with the raven's comforting presence that he was able to gather the strength to do so. He pushed open the swinging door that was in between the kitchen and the dining room and sighed heavily.

Peeking outside towards his family, he could see that his older brother was still missing from the table and his grandfather as well, both in separate rooms that extended from the hallways connected to the dinning area. Everyone else remained in the same seating arrangement and glanced up momentarily to see Tsuna and Reborn reenter the room with Tsuna's other two Assurers offering the pair a reassuring nod. The remaining individuals didn't care for the pair's reappearance and they all turned away, all except Iemitsu who was still in a rage from Reborn's previous comments Of course, this didn't bother Reborn at all as he kept an air of calm about himself and settled down into his previous spot with his arms crossed gently against his chest. He didn't even flicker an eyelash at the aura pointed towards him, he was unbothered by everything. Tsuna sighed at the sight, glad that for once it wasn't directed towards him. He peered over towards his two other companions with a smile and gave a friendly wave. Colonello and Fong returned the gesture, the latter giving a soft smile in return and a chuckle.

It was wonderful to see all of them with him, providing the support he needed to keep himself from collapsing under his family's influence. Tsuna glanced towards his other older brother, Giotto, watching as the blonde spoke with his right-hand man in hushed whispers. He couldn't hear anything, only watch as the lips moved up and down repeatedly. It was different seeing his brother and G speaking together, it was easy to tell that they were close friends and confidants despite being Capturer and Assurer.

"Looks like Xanxus will be arriving shortly. It seems he'll be able to make it to the family meeting after all." Timoteo spoke as he stepped suddenly into the room, carrying a cell phone in his right hand. He was smiling strangely brightly but despite the oddity he looked quite pleased about his announcement. However, the reaction that followed was… different. Iemitsu immediately began to grumble under his breath, clearly not delighted with the announcement while Giotto just sighed heavily as he placed a hand against his forehead in frustration. Nana continued to smile brilliantly beside her husband. However, it was more strained. Oddly, G was the only one who looked quite thrilled with the situation and Tsuna just stared, looking a little too nervous at the apparent arrival of his uncle. They all knew about Xanxus, it was hard to not know about him one way or another.

Reborn and the other Assurers appeared confused, but soon connected the dots on the subject. Xanxus was the leader of Varia, an extremely violent group that had currently been fighting with Millefiore. They'd had their own little skirmishes in the past but their fights were normally interrupted before anything could really happen. This was generally due to the fact that Viper was among the top officers of the group. Reborn glanced towards his two fellow companions, looking slightly worried that they could possibly be found out in terms of identity. They had seen each other's faces a few times so it was possible for the Varia actually remembered them as opposed to a vague recognition.

Fong nodded his head, raising one of his long sleeves up against his lips, wondering on the best course of action. Really, there wasn't much they could do considering the situation. The worst thing that could happen was Tsuna's family finding out that his Assurers were the Arcobaleno. Colonello grumbled silently to himself, leaning back against his chair as he tried to process a plan that could effectively cover them. Tsuna glanced up towards Reborn, tempted to say something and just as he opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by a loud yell.


"E-Eh?" The brunet jumped, not expecting the sudden scream. He glanced around the room in wonder, trying to figure out what had caused the noise and where it had come from. The force the voice brought with it had been booming enough to rattle the lights hanging above him and he watched them swing from side to side in wonder. The rest of the family sighed quite loudly, even Iemitsu.

"Damn, he brought Squalo with him." Giotto leaned against the table with one arm, closing his eyes as his eyebrows narrowed in aggravation. The absolute elegant posture he normally kept up was completely gone, revealing irritation as it rolled off him in waves.

"That loud mouth, huh? Should have known he'd follow along," G covered his ears just as another scream echoed through the building. He winced like everyone else, even the Arcobaleno, though Reborn was much better at covering it up. The hitman kept himself as still as possible, already able to sense the Varia members as they made their way up the hotel through the use of the elevator. The power they held as mere humans with no contract was amazing, even Reborn had to mentally admit that. G rubbed the insides of his ears. "I can't tell if he's inside or outside the hotel now. It's just too goddamn loud."

"Same. But at least Squalo knows how to control Xanxus better than anyone else, though I can't tell who is better, honestly."

"They're both idiots."

Tsuna smiled weakly at the interactions, listening as his brother and G continued to taunt the Varia members. It was funny in a way; he normally didn't get to see his brother act this way around him or the rest of his family. He turned back to Reborn once more, tilting his head slightly. "Reborn?"

"Hm?" The raven didn't budge from his spot, his eyes simply snapped over to the brunet.

"Are we… going to be alright considering the circumstances?"

Reborn smirked, bringing confidence towards the younger male. "Of course. We can handle anything that comes our way. You know who we are after all. Even if we're found out, everything will turn out fine."


The hitman rolled his eyes at the lack of response and gave a forceful nudge against the brunet's side. "Come on, you can do better than that. We both know that."

Tsuna pouted, but gave into the demand, nodding his head. "Yeah, yeah. I get it, you all-powerful idiot."

"Who are you calling an idiot?" Reborn teased back good-naturedly. As he spoke those words, and a smile lit the brunet's face, the front doors down at the entrance hallway suddenly slammed open, startling more than half of the room's occupants. Everyone's attention snapped towards the intruders, listening to them stomp down the hallway to the dining room that was at the very end. Iemitsu glared at the two men who entered the room for making so much noise, not even bothering to hide his hatred.

Xanxus, the one who was the obvious leader of the two, sneered back and appeared quite smug as he stepped in as if he owned the place. The man was dressed in a loose black and white suit with his coat hanging off his shoulders. His black hair was spiky and unkempt and his glowing red eyes peered over the entire group, stopping momentarily on Tsuna and his Assurers. Without a second thought, he turned away, much to the relief of said people. Xanxus stepped towards his own little spot beside his foster father and faced Iemitsu with a glare of his own as he took the spot. The man behind him was obviously Squalo, who had long silver hair going far below his hips and to the back of his knees. His dress code matched Xanxus' suit but was neater, he was looking quite proud of his boss and he waved his right arm around like he was trying to announce their arrival. However, if one were to take a better look at said arm, it wasn't normal, but made out of wood.

"Xanxus. Squalo. It's good to see you two today. Thank you for joining us." Timoteo smiled fondly at the sight of his adopted son, getting up from his seat momentarily to welcome the two. Xanxus' expression lightened for a moment, no glare in sight, but returned with a shake of hands. There was a flash of discomfort in his eyes when the older man came closer.

"I didn't want to come here." Xanxus sneered, setting down into his seat and leaning back against his chair. His feet were immediately propped up, much to Iemitsu's disdain, and he folded his arms across his chest. Squalo didn't mention anything, keeping quiet as he allowed his boss to do the talking for now. "But I'm here, so can we get this over with? And the food better be good."

"Of course." Nana spoke out this time, smiling brilliantly like there was nothing wrong. She was one of the few who didn't mind Xanxus' bad attitude since the man clearly enjoyed her cooking. "Even if it's not the type you're used to, I'm sure you'll like the food."

Xanxus huffed, but didn't argue any further on that subject. Squalo, however, took over. "Voi! Can we just talk about the situation? I can't leave the base unguarded and in the control of those morons! It'll be destroyed by the time we return."

"Well, considering that you're running a group of fighters, it's very possible." Timoteo smiled, his lips never falling.

Iemitsu grumbled. "You're welcome to leave anytime you like."

The Arcobaleno glanced at each other before Reborn moved, leaning towards Tsuna. The raven had been observing the entire setting and it wasn't hard to tell that there was a strange rift between the two adult males as they proceeded to glare across the room.

"What's up with those two?" Reborn muttered just loud enough for said two to hear. Tsuna looked up immediately, biting down on his bottom lip before beginning to answer. However, he was beaten to it.

"Tsunayoshi, don't say anything that intrudes on family matters. Your little friends don't need to know anything." Iemitsu cut off, glaring at his youngest. The amount of hatred in his eyes was the same as what he showed to Xanxus.

Reborn didn't give up, leaning closer and proceeded to nudge Tsuna once more. The brunet sighed heavily, glancing between his father and the raven. It was clear who won since he knew Reborn would protect him. "Well…" Tsuna bit down on his bottom lip before continuing. "Since the very beginning they never really got along. I can confidently say that they hate each other. It started long before I was born, but it had to do with the inheritance."

"Tsunayoshi, don't say another word!" Iemitsu boomed, slamming his fists down onto the table. The contents rattled gently at the force, making Tsuna flinch in fear. It was just then that Dino walked in and looked like he was questioning everything he was seeing before him. It was clear his expression was asking 'what did I miss in ten minutes'.

Reborn glared in disappointment at not getting everything he wanted to hear, but he didn't say anything else, not wanting to get in too much trouble, especially in Tsuna's case. However, it was clear that Xanxus and Squalo's arrival had been ruined by the anger Iemitsu had shown, everyone going silent to keep the rage from being redirected to them. Now, because of that, talking among the family members was hard and everyone was looking at each other to find somewhere to start, unable to start a conversation peacefully. Xanxus glanced towards the Arcobalenos for a moment, raising an eyebrow up at the sight of them before looking away, calling one of the waiters to take his order. Dino settled into his seat, confused by the situation, but didn't speak up once, glancing in concern towards his youngest sibling.

"Now then, let's get down to business if all these petty interruptions are done," Iemitsu stated, regaining everyone's attention. Still, no one spoke up. "We need to speak about the matter pertaining to a certain company that's been going against us for a while, the Interigens. They've been trying to compete with our various fractions and buy their products underneath our noses."

"Ah, them." Giotto chimed in. "Yes, I'm already aware of that group. They've been causing trouble by sneaking up on my men and stealing secrets. We've already found the traitors and changed the orders. Regardless, they've been keeping us on our toes."

"Same here," Dino offered. "Luckily, my group is tighter as we found out pretty quickly upon sighting the traitor."

Tsuna peered up in confusion, tilting his head to the side as he listened to his family go on about family problems. He didn't understand why he needed to be here to listen to this. It wasn't as if it was useful to him anyway. He quietly sighed and peered up at Reborn, wondering what the older male was doing. He and the other Arcobaleno were paying attention, taking note about the family and the situation.

"Now then, we need to be careful from now on." Giotto interrupted Tsuna's train of thought. "From our research, this company appears dangerous. They're very willing to attempt kidnapping to get what they want in order to swindle more money and secrets out of us." Tsuna snapped into the conversation, now understanding why he had been called into this. "They made one against me recently, but my Assurers were able to take care of it easily since they are just regular people. Those who don't have any bodyguards of some sort will need them."

Dino nodded to confirm, knowing he had his own personal guards. Iemitsu would share his own with his wife. Varia didn't need any of that. And Timoteo had his own Assurers. The only problem was Tsuna… Of course the older brothers knew the truth, that the brunet had plenty of protection sitting right beside him.

"Tch, seems my youngest can't even defend himself from an enemy company," Iemitsu grumbled under his breath, rubbing his forehead in frustration. "All of us are capable of defending ourselves except for you." He looked at Tsuna as he spoke those words. The brunet almost jumped, ducking downwards as he tried to hide from the gaze.

Reborn immediately backed him up. "I think Tsuna has more than enough protection. He'll be fine. There's nothing to worry about."

The head of the group glanced towards the raven with a glare. "And let me guess, you'll be the one to protect him?"

"Obviously. Me and the rest of us." He glanced towards his companions and gave an arrogant smirk though he had every capability to do so. An aura of confidence radiated around him, daring anyone to challenge his power. The older brothers didn't say anything against that, knowing that it was very true. The Arcobaleno were too powerful to fight against, Giotto had already faced that power and he didn't want to face it again. He and his six Assurers couldn't even fight against one and they were already powerful enough as it was. No company would be able to do anything against them.

Iemitsu snorted in disbelief. "Just because you say you're a 'hitman' doesn't mean that it's true. You're just one person against a large group. You'll be killed even before the battle begins. I can't trust you to do anything, especially since you're connected to Tsunayoshi." He shook his head, not wanting to listen to any argument. "I'll send a group of men to the school to protect you. Hopefully, you won't be foolish enough to do something stupid like head outside by yourself."

"B-But!" Tsuna tried to talk back, desperately wanting to keep the peace of his place. It would make traveling so much harder if there were people watching him and his friends and there was a higher chance that someone might report back the findings about his friends' identities.

"Wait," Giotto cut in, stopping any argument that might have occurred, and stood his ground against his own father. He glanced towards his brother, giving a small nod, before going towards Iemitsu. "I believe Tsuna will be fine on his own. I can vouch for Tsuna's companions on their ability to fight. I would leave Tsuna's fate in their hands."

Iemitsu raised an eyebrow at his middle son's assertion, not expecting him of all people to raise a voice against him. Xanxus glanced towards those companions, observing the three carefully, before smirking. Unlike his idiotic older brother, he could tell when there was a strong opponent before him and those three were no doubt as tough as they could come, especially the man in the black fedora. Xanxus could sense it, the mere power and the scent of blood on his hands. He grinned dangerously and glanced momentarily at his second-in-command, knowing the very same thoughts were occurring in Squalo's head. Tsuna was in good hands. Years of constantly fighting had given him a trained sense of mind when it came to these sorts of things.

"And what makes you think that, Giotto?" Iemitsu challenged, not liking the back talked.

"I've seen them fight before. They're good enough to protect Tsuna within the confinement of the school. A mere company such as Interigens won't be good enough to stop them. What we should be focusing on is preventing them from getting to our information, that's more important." Giotto kept himself calm before his father, not showing any amount of emotion. G glanced towards his Capturer but he didn't say anything, keeping silent as he allowed his boss to take over. "Compared to protecting Tsuna, we should be looking through all of our men to make sure that no spies have come in. Any sort of leak could easily push us back, if not ruin us."

The father of the family hummed to himself, finding only logic in those words. He smirked and nodded his head, agreeing. "Alright, we'll have it your way." He turned towards Timoteo for a moment, whispering something into the man's ear while using Nana as the in-between. As that occurred, Giotto's bright blue eyes snapped towards Reborn with an unspoken message: 'I'm keeping up my part of the deal, are you?' which didn't please the raven so much. The hitman sneered silently at the other, but didn't say a single word. Of course, it didn't go unnoticed by the rest of the family that weren't doing anything, Xanxus raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

Still, the conversations went off without a second thought, no one really questioning anything that had occurred between Reborn and Giotto. Tsuna mentally shrugged his shoulders, not really bothered by anything. He was confident that Reborn only had the best for him in mind. A few moments later, the waiters were slowly bringing the food out, settling the plates before each respective person, and went about refilling the drinks. Everything looked delicious, all five-star quality and there was no doubt that it would taste just the same. Tsuna, however, hesitated in digging in like the rest of his family, staring down at his order with a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Reborn questioned, drinking only his coffee with his food barely touched. He had tasted only a little, but found it not really appealing to his palate. It was bland and emotionless in taste. All in all, he didn't like it. It no doubt tasted good, but not as good as Tsuna's, which was made with love and kindness. The difference was too obvious. Fong and Colonello were finding themselves in the same situation as they tasted the plates carefully and cringed slightly.

"Nothing really. I just…" Tsuna trailed off, not sure on how to say what his mind was currently thinking. It was a sensation that had suddenly caught up to him, something he didn't really recognize all that well. He bit down on his bottom lip as he stared down at his food, his fork playing with a string of pasta. He spun it around in a circle, watching it twirl around the center. "I just have a… bad feeling. That's all."

"Bad feeling?" Reborn hummed underneath his breath, unsure what the other had meant, but listened regardless. "How so?"

"I… I don't know," Tsuna didn't move, staring at the same thing for the past five minutes. "I just do. It just feels c-"


"H-Huh?" Tsuna squeaked out in surprise, not expecting such a sound to resonate within the building. He blinked rapidly, trying to find where the sound had come from just like he had done with Squalo's yell. He wasn't the only one. Everyone at the table had reacted similarly, trying to locate the source suspiciously.

"What just happened?" Dino spoke first, breaking the silence that was trapped between the group. His brown eyes peered over everyone curiously, trying to understand what was going on. "Are we… being attacked? Or was that just a sound from a TV?"

"Trash, that's definitely a gunshot," Xanxus retorted, kicking away from the table as he stood up and grabbed his twin guns from underneath his jacket. Squalo followed the same movement, but instead held a sword that was strangely attached to his wooden hand. Tsuna couldn't help but stare for a moment at the peculiarity, but considering how his life was at times it wasn't the strangest thing he'd ever seen. "We're probably under attack."

"Now, of all times?!" Iemitsu sneered angrily, slamming his hands down against the table. It rattled at the force and he stood up, pulling Nana behind him to protect her. "It must be the Interigens. It's too perfect for them to not attack. They must have followed one of us since it's an opportune moment with the entire family here in one spot."

"Doesn't matter," Giotto spoke next, looking quite calm despite the occurrence that was happening around him. A few more gunshots went off and there were now screams echoing through the hallway. It was obvious that it was getting closer to their location and in those few seconds, everyone pulled away from the table to get ready.

The Assurers that belonged to Tsuna stepped back towards the brunet cautiously while Reborn remained in front just in case. If Tsuna had thought that he would get caught up in such madness as this, he should have made some sort of excuse to not head in today. He 'eep'ed when he heard another sound go off, much closer, and reached over to grasp onto Fong's robe. At that one noise, people began to run off, his brothers included, and opened the door to run out into the hallway. To them, they knew that being contained in one single room would get them trapped and in order to escape, they had no choice but to clear a pathway.

"Wasn't expecting a fight like this, kora." Colonello commented as he watched the backs of the family members disappear down the hallway. Gunshots were beginning to get more frequent and he heard Squalo's 'voi' ring out.

"Neither was I," Tsuna muttered under his breath. "What a nightmare."

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