Title: Contract

By: Metamorcy

Rating: M

Pairing: Arcobaleno27, main R27

Disclaimer: Seriously? Don't own, just the idea

Beta'ed by WhiteAngel128 and Ankou13

Chapter 34

To say that everything was occurring in a neat and orderly fashion would be a lie. There was nothing orderly about the situation, nothing logical. It was just complete and total chaos. And to those who dwelled in this type of world, it was beautiful.

Tsuna was nudged slightly to the side by Reborn to avoid a piece of falling debris and then again to hide from a spray of bullets. He felt like some sort of ragdoll being shoved around, not that he minded. It was better this way. He knew he couldn't fight, much less be able to contribute something useful to the situation, so he would leave it to his Assurers and his family. They'd take care of everything. By less than thirty minutes in, most of his family had scattered, each moving to an area they deemed advantageous against the gunmen. Dino and his men had taken the stairs in an effort to prevent any of their enemies from getting to the rest of the group, Xanxus had vanished after some time into the fight, no doubt enjoying himself, and Giotto and G had remained in the hallways, keeping the area clear for either advancement or escape. It was through them that an identity for the men sprung up: the Interigens.

Meanwhile, Iemitsu was fighting elsewhere with Nana and Timoteo beside him, trying to get them out of the fighting area. Neither of the two could fight well, Timoteo mainly because of his age and Nana because she was a regular human. This left Tsuna's Assurers with no risk of getting caught by the blond man, they were trying to resist getting Tsuna into further trouble with the family.

It was quite simple when it came to comparing the Assurers' powerful abilities to regular humans with guns. The difference was far too obvious and within moments, they were already pushing the gunmen back. Still, the only thing the Interigens had on their side was their number. Where one fell, another took their place and they fought back viciously in every attempt to win.

"They're persistent bastards, kora." Colonello fired off a few rounds as he stepped to one side to dodge a bullet that could have struck his left lung. Though the bullet wouldn't kill him, that didn't mean it wouldn't sting like hell. He turned to another side to grab one of the men by the face, slamming the human against the wall like he was lifting up a stuffed toy and shoved him straight through completely. As he did that, Fong came up from behind and took care of the soldier who would have followed up on Colonello.

"You shouldn't let your guard down like that. Though they are simply humans, they can get tricky if you let them," Fong spun around, his robe twirling at his movements almost like it was caught in a dance. Tsuna watched from behind as the Chinese-like male dodged under a bullet by bending to the side and brought up his right foot to give a roundabout kick. The human flew from the force, slamming into two others that had been advancing just a few feet away. Fong blinked at the force he had used, but continued his twirl as he used the back of his left foot to hit a shoulder, slamming the gunman down into the ground. The floor cracked at his strength and the enemy crumbled like a heap of potatoes, the shoulders broken. "Hmm, I keep forgetting that human bodies are much more fragile. I'm more used to our kind."

The blonde chuckled and took aim from Fong's shoulder, blasting three men back. "Oh shut up, you know I knew that you had my back. And can't agree with you anymore on that fragile part. Human bodies are quite frail compared to ours. We can take massive amount of hits and damage, but humans collapse under mere pressure, kora."

"Well I'm afraid that we can't all be blessed with bodies like yours." A flash of flames flew from the side, creating a massive force as it forced the Interigens to retreat just slightly to dodge the fire. Giotto stood from the side, his hands ablaze in an orange flame, and peered over the scene in cautious curiosity. He stepped closer towards the group, giving a nod towards Tsuna's Assurers. G was beside him like always, carrying a gun. "It appears the Interigens have done their research on us. They've somehow managed to erect a barrier that prevents me from calling out to my Assurers. It's working the same against my grandfather."

"Seriously? That's way too convenient, kora!"

"My thoughts exactly." Reborn fired a few rounds towards the vast crowd of men, his sharp onyx eyes gazing over the entire field. His attention was focused on the blond through the corner of his eyes and momentarily turned towards him. "They probably believed that you would be defenseless without your Assurers and wanted to take advantage of that except… they didn't expect your right-hand man to be already here or be an Assurer himself. There's also us to take into consideration."

Giotto smirked. "Obviously." He turned towards the men who were trying to form a line to prevent them from leaving, clearly waiting for the reinforcements to help out. "Still, we should leave this area soon. I wouldn't put it past them to try and blow the building up in hopes of taking us down."

It was at his words that things began to settle in everyone's minds. Though it was just hinted, the dangers of this group and how far they were willing to go made everyone suddenly move. Reborn slipped around and grasped Tsuna's arm, pulling him out of hiding and dragged him closer towards the group. "If that's true, then we should escape now instead of talking. What are our current routes?"

"The stairs, obviously. There are four of them at each corner of the building and one extra on the side at the back. Taking the elevator is suicide unless you want to get trapped," Giotto huffed, folding his arms against his chest, and glanced towards G, the redhead's cigarette was still between his lips despite the chaos. "I know the front two staircases have been overrun by the Interigens and Dino has secured the one at the back left."

"Then lead the way, Giotto. You obviously know this building better than I do." Reborn shuffled closer and Tsuna just sighed at the force, but looked optimistic about the situation. He knew that despite everything that was occurring with this family, Giotto would at least help them get out alive. He was confident in that.

The blonde peered at the group before pointing towards a direction, making sure to keep out of the firing range. Soon, they were moving with escape in mind and the two brothers allowed their Assurers to step ahead of them, taking care of the dangers instead. It was safer to do so, not wanting to get struck by a stray bullet. No one spoke and as they reached their destination the numbers began to thin out. It wasn't enough to cause any suspicion, everyone believing that they were finally reaching their target.

However, as they reached the hallway that would lead to the staircase, a loud explosion rang through the hotel. Fong jumped at the sound. "W-What-?" His voice was cut off when the building rumbled at the powerful force that echoed through the entire building in waves. He wasn't the only freaking out as the enemy men had followed the same movements, shouting at each other in panic. From the flow of the frantic conversations from the gunmen, it was obvious that a bomb had been set off, destroying some floors below. That didn't stop the rumbling and the rapid cracks that began to appear like snakes in the walls and ground. No one moved, trying to keep their stable footing on the floor, but within seconds, parts of that began to crumble downward. The explosion had clearly knocked down some of the middle supports that were holding the floor around the group and the weight was starting to settle inward.

Tsuna bit down on his bottom lip, fear creeping through his entire body, and knew that everyone else was feeling exactly like him. Everyone was afraid, afraid of falling, afraid of… He looked up, watching as everyone began to focus on their own safety, and flinched when some bullets rang out, one of them just missing the tip of his nose. A few members cursed, the Interigens were still firing despite the situation, and the Meraviglians attempted to block the shots before they went any further, trying to keep things as organized as possible. Tsuna blinked when he noticed some of the pillars crumbling down, his breath caught up in his throat, and could only stare as the beams crashed into the floor with enough force to break through. The force only furthered the shaking, everything was unstable, and he gulped, watching in horror as some flattened their enemies. Screams rang out, but the bullets didn't stop.

"Giotto, watch out!" Tsuna cried out, rushing towards his older brother as he saw a particular pillar making its way down. The blonde flinched at the sudden yell, not expecting it to be directed at him, and glanced up in time only to see the pillar already coming towards him. He didn't move, not expecting the sudden fall. G was too far ahead to do anything, already occupied with the various men who were trying to spill into the hallway. The redhead glanced back momentarily with wide eyes as shock spread about his face, horror clearly apparent. The Arcobaleno followed the same reaction, only for them, they watched as their Capturer rushed forward towards the elder sibling.



They could only watch as the brunet crash into Giotto, sending both bodies across the hallway, past the falling architecture. Giotto landed on his back with Tsuna on top, the cape used as a barrier as they slide across the floor to gain some distance. A small amount of relief entered them at the sight of the pillar missing the both of them just barely. However, that was short lived. The pillar that had fallen managed to smash into the next floor, making the ground they were stepping on rumble at the force. Everyone, including their enemies, froze as they tried to regain their footing. The floor cracked and parts of it began to crumble more rapidly than before, spreading uncontrollably. On the other side of where the pillar had fallen, everything was falling apart completely and the entire group simply watched as the two brothers fell through the floor, disappearing into the darkness beyond. The cracks continued to grow and took some of the men as walls came caving in, the bodies vanishing completely from sight. Sounds of the crash continued to echo through various floors, everything collapsing afterwards, with sparks of electricity flickering around and the pipelines broken. The Assurers could only watch as their beloved Capturers disappeared behind the rubble.


However, their attention wasn't kept on the fallen Capturers for long as the gunmen behind took advantage of their shock. It was the perfect moment for them, but they didn't take into consideration the resulting rage that would flood the entire floor. The Assurers turned towards the men that had no doubt caused this mess and sneered hatefully. They would make sure these men would regret their actions. For now, they could only hope that their Capturers were okay.



Giotto winced as he suddenly felt a droplet of water hit his forehead, forcing him back to the land of the living, and snapped open his eyes. He blinked and then blinked again. Confusion ran rapidly within his eyes as he tried to situate himself and his present circumstances. The first thing he noticed was that there was no ceiling above him, only a crammed mess of building materials layered on top of one another just a few feet above their heads. By chance, the construction lining the building was holding the mass from falling exactly on him and he had no doubt he wouldn't survive the crash. Giotto could see various metal rods poking through everything, even the walls, like they were thorns. His ears could hear the rushing sounds of water, knowing the pipes must have burst from the fall and nothing was left to hold the fluids back. It would explain why he had felt that water droplet. The lights were flickering, one still working and was enough to give him a full visual of his field. Slowly raising himself up, he took in his surroundings until he found a heavy weight on his abdomen.

Giotto stared. "Tsuna?" The brunet was currently sprawled on top of him, unconscious, with his head resting against his abdomen. The Vongola boss examined him closer, keeping still, and nodded to himself when he noticed that Tsuna appeared unharmed. Still, that left questions. 'How are we still alive anyway?' He peered over the area. There's no way they could have easily survived that fall without breaking something or being impaled by one of the rods.

The blonde peered down to what they had landed on and raised an eyebrow at the sight. Oddly, they had landed amazingly on a hotel bed in one of the various rooms, using it as a cushion for their fall. As for the rest of the room… it was completely totaled from the crash with half of it caved in from the force, a large support beam lying in the center to keep the rest from tumbling down. There was luckily enough room to make it to the doorway, but Giotto could hear footsteps and gunshots occurring on the other side, forcing himself to remain silent. They were still under attack. And getting attacked when cornered with his unconscious brother wouldn't look good in terms of odds of survival. He wanted to call G to his side, but with that cursed barrier up, it was impossible.

"Brother?" A small voice came from the brunet on his lap and Giotto glanced down as Tsuna slowly pulled away. The younger Capturer took in the sight of his awake brother and smiled happily. "You're awake!"

"Of course," Giotto spoke as if stating the obvious and surveyed around the room once more. "How long have we been unconscious? Do you know?"

"About thirty minutes," Tsuna answered right off the bat, looking down at his watch. "I was still awake after the fall but I suddenly fell asleep afterwards." He sat up, settled onto the edge of the bed as he took in the damage around him.

Giotto huffed to himself, remembering that he had been pushed back by that fall in order to save his life. He glanced towards his brother once more and shook his head, shuffling off the bed. It was only then that he noticed a large stain on the bed at his side. "Shit!" He hadn't felt anything, no pain or aches, and immediately yanked up his shirt to see the damage. He knew they had to be too lucky to be left undamaged from that fall. The red splotch was large, enough to cover half his side. 'This is bad…' As he took in the redness of his skin, he blinked. There was nothing there.

"Huh?" He could see his blood all over him, some just starting to dry, but there wasn't any tear. There was no break in his body. Giotto blinked and peered up towards the ceiling where they had fallen. He saw it, a particular line of metal rod that was poking through the edge and a blotch of red dripping from tips. 'I know I must have hit that when I fell. I know I did.'

"Giotto? Are you okay?" Tsuna took noticed of the confusion on his brother's face, looking over the blonde carefully as well. He noticed the bloody spot and touched it gently, his fingers cold. "You seem okay at the very least."

The blonde raised an eyebrow at the carefulness the other showed, but shook his head at it. He had more concerning matters to deal with. "I must have scratched myself as we fell."

"Oh, but I don't… see anything."

"I know, neither do I." Giotto didn't want to mention that the amount of blood he must have lost from the fall. The so-called scratch was more of a tear into his body since the depth the rod must have struck his body too deep to just have nothing on him. He should have died, especially if it's been thirty minutes. "Regardless, I'm alive and able to move. We should get out of here before the rest of the place collapses. There's no telling how much longer this will hold. It's a miracle it did in the first place."

"That's true…" Tsuna nodded at that logic as he ran a hand through his hair and carefully stood up from the bed, walking around the enclosed room before carefully making his way to the door. His hands were shaking gently and reached over to grasp the wall, going still. "I guess we only have one way out." He peeked at the area beyond through the peeping hole to see if it was safe before heading back to his brother, who was still settled quite comfortably on the bed. He outstretched his hand, wanting the other to take it.

For a moment, Giotto stared at the hand with an eyebrow raised up to his hairline, unsure what it truly meant before looking into his brother's honey-colored eyes. His brother was just too good to do anything harmful towards him. With a sigh, he grasped the hand gently and felt himself getting yanked forward off the bed. About halfway, due to Tsuna's lack of upper strength, Giotto used the back of his foot to kick him off the rest of the way and stumbled gently. His feet shuffled uneasily underneath him and he felt wobbly, lightheaded like the world was spinning viciously, before catching himself against his younger sibling. He could tell the other was gazing at him in concern; his brother's arms wrapped gently around his form, but he ignored it. Raising a hand against his head, he ran it through his hair, pushing the blond bangs towards the side. Blood loss – the coloring on his clothing was the perfect indicator.

"I'm fine, Tsuna. Just a little lightheaded, that's all," Giotto huffed, ignoring the distress the other was throwing at him. He watched as his brother smiled and tried to lead the way towards the front door, feeling a little small compared to his brother. It was unusual after all to have Tsuna do anything other than cower behind something. Looks like being around the Arcobaleno was doing wonders to the brunet's personality, something he was certain Dino would be proud of. And there was one thing he had to do before he forgets. "Hey, Tsuna." The brunet paused and spun around, looking at his older brother curiously. "Thanks for saving me."

Tsuna blinked and chuckled. "You're my brother. Of course I'll save you." Giotto remained quiet at that, not wanting to respond since he was so unsure how to. "Now come on, let's get out of here. I know we both want to be with our Assurers, our friends."

The blonde stared for a few moments longer before shaking his head as he sighed. Tsuna had really grown over time. Nodding his head, he allowed himself to be pulled around the debris and slipped towards the door. He leaned against it as he tried to listen to the other side, trying to get a notion of the situation. Tsuna followed his movements, but eventually bit down on his bottom lip in confusion, not entirely sure what exactly his brother was doing. Giotto was almost tempted to roll his eyes at the sight, but ignored it in favor of checking out the hallway. It was quiet, no sounds of footsteps or guns. It was nowhere close to how it had been before.

"I'm going to open the door, Tsuna. Stand back," Giotto raised one of his hands defensively against his chest as his other carefully jiggled the door open. The light outside reached his eyes and he blinked momentarily as he allowed himself to adjust before taking a better look at his surroundings. The hallway was empty, but the destruction that had occurred was far too obvious from the various bullet holes in the walls, along with a couple of corpses lying around the floor. Giotto held back a grimace, keeping his face as straight as possible despite the blood that covered the area. Tsuna didn't and raised a hand up against his lips in surprise, appearing like he was going to vomit at the horror. "Tsuna, keep yourself together. The Interigens are still around."

It was at his words that the brunet snapped himself together, shaking his head slowly as he closed his eyes at the vision. Tsuna didn't say anything; he didn't need to in order to let Giotto know how uncomfortable he was.

The blonde stepped further out into the hallway, still finding it clear. "I know where we are." He looked at the room numbers and shook his head. "We fell quite a distance from the floor we were on earlier. About six of them. We're very lucky to have survived the fall. Still, we should start heading down towards the first floor. I doubt our companions would remain there after seeing what happened and I know G would at least know where to go."

Tsuna didn't reply at first, merely nodding at the suggestion. He followed along as Giotto went towards the stairs at one of the corners of the building, considering that the elevator was out of the question. The blonde could only hope that it hadn't been overrun by the gunmen. "Do you think we might get attacked along the way?"

"Wouldn't be surprising considering the situation, but I'd rather not get into a fight. Even with my abilities, I'm still quite open to bullets and I'm not like a Meraviglian that have a tendency to not die." Giotto wandered down the hallway, keeping a sharp eye out for any men and an ear for any sort of sounds. He looked at some of the opened doors, seeing nothing but corpses of what appeared to be families. This was a hotel after all. Tsuna remained beside him, stepping closer to his brother for protection, and perhaps confidence to keep going. "We'll need to be careful. Listen to me and we'll be fine."

"Okay…" The brunet retained some hesitation, but continued on regardless. Their voices were mere whispers not wanting to give away their location. "You seem quite… used to these situations. I'm kinda glad but worried at the same time."

Giotto paused for a moment and peered towards his companion before shrugging his shoulders, continuing down the pathway. "You can't be a CEO of a company without making a few enemies… Or have a few attempts on your life," he watched the momentary fear that flashed through Tsuna's honey-colored eyes. "Oh stop, there is no need to be concerned about me. I have G to do that for me. He mothers me enough as it is."

Tsuna couldn't help but smile at that, almost breaking out into laughter. It was funny how they could settle into such a conversation as if it was the most normal thing in the world. It was like they were truly brothers before the whole incident.

The older brother paused for a moment in his steps, turning to face the other. "You've changed greatly after your time with the Arcobaleno," at the widening of those honey-colored eyes, he snorted. "What? You thought you could hide it from me? I'm not stupid or going senile like our father." Giotto paused for a moment and pursed his lips together. "Or our grandfather, who at least has a brain. Our father is an idiot. He may have his moments of… brilliance, but he is still an idiot, and a foolish one too."


Giotto glanced back through the corner of his eyes, dragging his younger sibling along. "Regardless, the change is a good thing. Keep your Assurers close to you and perhaps you'll be able to follow Dino's little plan of escaping," Tsuna could only stare in wonder, surprised that his brother would say such a thing. He expected Dino, but Giotto? The blonde snorted. "I'm not like Dino who is so emotionally attached to family, I lack empathy. But between keeping Dino or Father happy, I know who to choose."

Tsuna could only stare, a small fleeting smile making its way onto his lips. "Thanks."

The blonde just sighed, running a hand through his hair. "We've dallied enough, let's go."