Tough Lover

"When he kisses me, I get that thrill

When he do the wiggle I won't keep still."

-Tough Lover by Etta James

Rin was never a man of many words. In common, most rational cases, not poetic words, but. . .okay. He had to tell someone his secret, you could keep it right? Just a secret, a trifle of one really. . .Okay, kidding, it was the True Cross gossip scoop of the year. And you –just you– get to hear it. Are you ready? Give him a minute to take a breath, he moves closer, and whispers this:

There was this guy in his class –not a guy, a god, a punk rock god of glorious muscle and ethereal sun darkened skin– that, in a way he was most unconscious of, prompted him to think these. . .pretty smoldering sexy Shakespearian mumbo jumbo.

He had denied it at first. Denied ever staring at the boy –man– in that way, then had decided to bite the bullet and accept it, to himself only, of course. Despite what the elder exorcist student's overly observant annoying friends who'd freak every time he'd look over his shoulder at him. For all they knew he was just staring off into space.

Staring off into space. . .thinking of those ravishing little fantasies that would carry him away for hours and hours on Cloud 9, he just had to be careful not to get too wrapped up in what his mind conjured. Rin indulged himself every now and again, allowing himself to dream, undisturbed and watched. . .watched Bon –yes, the unfortunate object of his affections was Ryuji Suguro– multi-pierced, multitalented, muscular, short tempered Ryuji "Bon" Suguro.

Name: Okumura Rin
Age: 15
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Status: Youngest Son of Satan

He was a demon of all things. That everyone knew. Since day one, since the moment he'd stepped into the cram school classroom. He remembered everyone cringing away as he entered they had been informed –warned of impending death– ahead of time that a young demon, the newest claimed son of Satan would be attending school. He strode into the room, his blade slung over his shoulder and Kuro following closely at his heels, chatting up a storm. He saw their eyes on him the moment the door opened, two security guards stood behind him with blank expressions, they'd been his 'escorts' to the classroom on his first day.

And if that didn't scare the students anymore than they already were he'd might as well draw his sword and spell out his name with their internal organs.

. . .okay where the hell did that come from?

The teacher, his own twin brother Yukio, smiled gently and motioned for him to stand in front of the class and introduce himself like any normal student would. He did so right at the door. Might as well rip the bandage off quickly.

"My name is Okumura Rin," He summoned his voice to a loud volume to project his greeting. "I am a half-demon. I dislike my father and I like. . ." –naps, cooking, eating, reading dramatic manga, rock music, training– He couldn't get his mouth to make words. Why did he state his dislikes first? His teeth gridded. "My cat, Kuro."

Everyone's gaze fell to the double tailed cat beside his ankle with an upward curled tooth. Kuro smiled and gave his greeting his a immense fury of mews that Rin knew they wouldn't be able to understand, but Kuro didn't mind, he was racking up points as 'the half-demon's cute familiar'.

Well, almost everyone seemed transfixed with Kuro. A hard brown eyed glare met his azure and held with an air of utter confidence and superiority.

Perhaps that's why he was so infatuated with him: while everyone else was terrified out of their wits of him –afraid that he would just snap with the ease of breaking a twig and slaughter them all off before anyone could be wiser– Ryuji Suguro was not afraid to openly glare and observe the half-demon who was said to be the son of Satan.

It was a train wreck in the making.

Gym class for exorcists meant running, running away from a gigantic seven foot tall frog that if it caught them it would rip them to shreds and lay its eggs in their crucified remains. Rin was partnered with Ryuji for this 'exercise' –child abuse that wouldn't apply to them because they signed themselves up for this so they had to suck it up– and ran, no surprise, faster than he could. Rin continuously looked over his shoulder, seeing the frog leap closer and closer, and then his partner who was lagging behind.

Ryuji finally snapped.

"What the fuck are you lookin' at? !"

His leg swung outward and tripped him. Rin sprawled to the ground; while in midair, he reached for something, catching the side of his attacker's head spending him flailing to the ground a little ways away. The Leaper was in front of them in a great leap, quickly recognized Rin as a demon, he instead wheeled towards Ryuji was a roar.

The teacher hesitated, Rin did not. He jumped. The Leader's jaws catching him.

[Young Master!]

"Let me go. . ." Rin whispered coldly. He locked eyes with the Leaper and bared his teeth. Let me go. Let me go!

The Leaper's jaws loosened and let the prince down easily. Rin place a hand calmly on the snout of the oversized frog and patted him gently. "Bon! Are you okay?" He looked behind him where Ryuji was sitting, his friends joining his side. His brown eyes were wide with a mix of fear and shock.

"Are you okay?" Rin asked.

". . ." He said nothing and climbed up out of the doom before the teacher could give him the say so.

He'd overheard a conversation between the boys after gym.

"He's scary. Did you see his eyes? They're blue like flames. . ." the bald one trailed off. He seemed the most terrified.

"Okumura-sensei's are the same color." The boy with the imposing glare said. "It's his strength I'm wondering about."

My strength, eh?

Rin looked down at his body, currently covered by only a towel having just exited the showers of the boy's changing room. Lustrous and pale, not a blemish marred his skin's creamy perfection –despite the odd numbers of fights at his older school, most of which the boy's he fought brought knives along with them, he always healed quickly– as it stretched fittingly over well-hidden long slender body, like a sword, and rippled at his stomach where abs were being defined and his form broadening at the shoulders. Lean, quick muscles coiled his arms and showed their advancements in sword's play. His legs were strong with harden muscle from running. His fists were fasts and his mind was tactical in street scuffles.

He seized an element of surprise. Though had he been human without his great powers he'd of gotten ripped up by the Leaper today.

The trio exited the showers and passed his locker. Rin could help it; he looked up when he heard their footsteps crease by a set.

Ryuji, or Bon as his friends liked to call him, stood there. One towel around his waist, the other draped around his neck after vigorously shaking it through his flopping dark brown-popcorn blonde combo faux-hawk that made him look like a rooster when it was gelled up and properly styled. His goatee defined the squarness of his stubborn jaw, but Rin wasn't looking at that. His gaze wavered, then ghosted, then drifted at the sight of Ryuji's exposed, more muscular chest and tanned flesh.

He was rigid –unable to move, think, breathe, blink– the sudden want to touch him grew then and there.

His flesh was damp from showering, scented so faintly cleansed with soap he wanted to press his nose to his skin and just breathe him in. He was right there. . .ready for the picking –why else would he stand there so composed and apathetic while his own towel was slowly losing its grip on his waist. Painfully. Slow– for a young hormone filled half-demon with too much time on his hands to think of anything rationally.

"What? !" He barked at him.

The rooster-haired boy snorted. Very snobbish of him. Like Rin wasn't worth his time.

"Nothing, halfling. Just enjoying the view. . ." He patted away after his friends and Rin stared after him, clutching his towel as heat rose to his cheeks.

What the fuck. . .?

One thing that never changed about Rin: he loved to get under people's skin.

He gnawed on the end of his pencil, leaving uneven dents into the led. Truthfully, he'd just gotten into the habit because Ryuji hated it. He'd glared at him for a half an hour while Rin pretended not to notice, pretending to pour over his textbook and struggle with a problem. His brows would draw and his thorough chomping on the pencil would crease prior to him removing it from his mouth and with a few flicks of his wrist the responds was written. Then he'd tap the pencil on the paper, checking the answer, then return it to his mouth.

It was a great show. Did Ryuji notice? He seemed transfixed for a moment or two at a time, watching Rin's ever changing routine.

Rin learned not to test the patience of rich kids. Smart-ass remarks were like everyday conversation where he was from, but here it pissed them off. Badly.

Don't worry about him, of course. Worry about the French Ambassador's son (or a minor demon with a very sharp knife-like tail) that was bleeding and bruised behind a trashcan near the back of the cafeteria. Rin's fist clenched and unclenched with murderous intent, his fangs gridded and he licked at the bleeding teeth, trying with to avail to eradicate the iron and rust taste from his mouth. Soon he realized it wasn't his teeth bleeding, but his tongue. It was bleeding too goddamn much. He spat.

His nails broke the skin of his palms and his shoulders uncoiled; his flames died on his skin and creased against the jacket of his uniform. His mind returned to him.

"You're. . .strong. .er than I expected. . ." The demon gasped. Rin hadn't even used Kurikara. "Lord Satan will be. .glad of it, young master."

"Please. . .I didn't even unleash my real power." He muttered.

He knelt down beside the boy-possessed-by-demon with a sudden feeling of empathy.

His mind swam with thoughts as he crouched there on his haunches, elbows on his knees. He let the blood fall down around him: out his mouth, down his arms, rolling off his fingers and onto the ground. His mind was jam-packed, full of thoughts and odd questions. Did people possessed dream when they were violated, their soul pushed into the furthest corner of their body? If so, what? Their lives? Their families? Could the demon violate them more and peek into those too? Someone had explained it once, it was like having your soul taken from you, crumbled up and locked away until the demon had no further need of your body. Did they remember things? Some were noted to have the ability to see demons afterward, but the fact that if they remembered anything of the demon's thought process was unheard of. Probably not. Difficult one there. . .

He heard the footfalls. They were familiar.

A gasp followed.

[Rin!] Kuro leapt to him and cuddled around his leg, then placed his paws on his knees and licked at his cheek to encourage an expression. [What happened, Rin?]

"Life. . ." he answered simply.

He gave the teachers the tip off on the student-demon Ambassador's son and went to the boy's room to clean up, the limp in his walk healing on his way there and his blood started to clot, forming thin scabs that would smooth over too quickly. Though his body felt weighty, proportioned unevenly he fell back into a limp, the poison from the pointed tip of the demon's tail taking its toll. His body's defenses were raging. He pushed open the heavy door –to him it felt like a million pounds pushing back against his shoulder– and found, surprise surprise, Ryuji and his gang standing at the line of sinks of the guy's lavatory.

Brown eyes met blue.

The world melted away when concern flashed in those brown eyes. Rin flushed slightly, gripping onto the door frame for much needed support. He felt an intense sickening weakness in his knees –from the poison of the bloody demon or the sheer powerful confidence-strength emanating from Ryuji's gaze, he wasn't sure which hit him harder– taken off-guard by the surprise from the sudden limpness of his arms and legs.

Was he worried about him? Really? He shot himself down quickly.

No, it was probably for the other guy. Who'd worry about him?

Pushing aside all thoughts of weightless flutteriness, Rin strode over to a sink closets to the end, near the bald one, he let the water run and cupped his hands under it. The heated water and soap stung the cuts in his palms, he bared his bloody teeth. The bald one gasped and leapt away, knocking into the pink-haired one. Rin spared him not a glance and looked in the mirror. Yup, it looked like he'd eaten somebody. He let out a low oath.

He cupped his hands under the sink again, holding the water in his palms and touched his lips to the stingingly warm water. He jumped again when it touched not only the open wound in this mouth, but his stupid fucking split lip. He swished the water about his mouth carefully and spat it out, then repeated the process once or twice.

The last dribbles of blood and saliva hung from his lip and then gathered with the rest of the blood swirling around the sink. His life was there, in that sink, swirling and swishing around and disappearing down the drain. Steam from the water wafted in his face. He watched the last of the blood receded and spiraled.

Suddenly he felt as though he's spinning. His grip of the sink loosens from the lubrication of soap, water and blood.

"Whoa. . ." Arms grab his shoulders and brace against him. Rin didn't want himself to crumble, his vision went blurry and his head lulled back. He was only half aware when the arms that caught him lowered him to the ground. The large hands holding him tenderly, like he was an infant, minding his head with practiced care. "Go find Okumura-sensei." A bark-like order. He would have made a better son of Satan. Scuffling of shoes followed and the heavy door slammed, ringing his ears. They were alone. "You're bleeding out."

Ryuji's hand touched the water still running from the tap and recoiled tiny droplets splattering across him. "Hell, are you trying to burn your skin off?"

Rhetorical question. Rin made a noise.

"Baka. . ." A warm, damp two hundred thread count towel from the counter smoothed over the corners of his mouth. He felt the strong, assured pressure of his fingers through the fabric. Half-conscious, his mind etched memory into stone of his fingers lingering and the gentle dabbing of his split lip. The towel was folded and then renewed with water, he cleansed his face and dabbed it dry.

The two said nothing for a long time. Drinking in the sheer sharp intensity of their silence. The glide of Ryuji's hands and towel, the soft suppression of Rin's pleasured moans of relief.

When the towel withdrew the second time, Rin was sure his little bath was done. His head rolled around on the porcelain floors, beating back the fluorescent lights with his lashes, he made a noise and peeked his eyes open in time to see Ryuji unbuttoning the bloodstained fabric of his shirt. He wasn't sure how his hand moved so fast, but it did. Catching the wrist with the towel.

He managed one word: "Uh,. . .don't. . ."

He panted against the pain of fresh cool air hitting his hidden wound.

His shirt parted anyways, the gently popping to the buttons and the sickly noises of the blood sticking to his once crisp shirt echoed into his ears and a particularly hard, strangled breath exited his cracked lips. ". . .heal. . .I'll. . ." he gasped, eyes bugging in a very fish-like fashion. Rin found Ryuji's flustered look and pink dusted cheeks. They both lapsed into silence again, but unlike the first time it was awkward. A cold-warm droplet of water fell across his abdomen, he barley felt it.

"Look, you're gonna get an infection. . .if I don't. . ."

Why did he sound so unsure?

". . .suppose. . ." Rin kept his head in the uncomfortable cranked position then watched Ryuji's head bow, then felt the calm cool sensation of warm water soaking his blooded belly. He moaned out of utter bliss of his hands, Ryuji probably thoughts is was of pain, and unexpected zeal of the feeling. The muscles in his stomach tightened. A brief cocked brow from the elder cram student was given before he continued. The towel mopped over his skin, dipping into the wound and dabbling across the bookmarked hip bones jutting out of his pants that had been pulled lower.

Ryuji kept a schooled expression on his face, washing away the blood from his body and sense from his mind.

His brother brought him to their dorm after a while, Ryuji was there too. Maybe. Yes, it was him.

Pleasant stirrings swirled around his mind, memories of Ryuji's hands all over him. Then the water turned cold and he hadn't bothered to change it, Rin wiggled. Something wasn't right. He was about to, try to, say something. When a large heavenly warm hand pressed down on his abdomen. One moment pinning him there forever, if that's what he wanted. His fingers moved, branched and stroked. Sometimes lingering over the pinkish flesh around the stab wound.

Rin's mouth made the shape of an 'O' and groaned, pushing his body up into the touch.

With encouragement of little throaty groans, Ryuji added his other hand. Both callous, both warm. Full leaning over him.

". . .so pale. . ." he heard him mutter. His hands worked up Rin's torso. Starting at the warm confines of his shoulders bunched under the skirt, down his chest, carefully over the wound, hand lifting on that side and lightly brushing his fingers to the wound. They touched down too early and Rin cried out, a strangled moan caught between pain and arousal, not as silent as the others. Ryuji grunted and trailed his hands along his sides. Rin flipped himself around onto his side. Ryuji's hands were on his hips now and oooh. . .

He found his tail coiled tightly at his back.

Rin's nerves were kicking through overdrive, strangled moans and a few mutters from Ryuji he was caught between. He wanted his hands on him –he wiggled upwards towards the fanning heat– so badly. But he knew he shouldn't.

. . .if Ryuji so much as touched his tail, he'd be lost.

The fur of his tail felt the light brush of fingertips and then. . .mmmh. . .

The days that followed were awkward. Rin was haunted by dreams of his heavy touching/attemptive rape(?) time with Ryuji. The ghosts of his fingers were never too far behind, closely smoothing, pushing, kneading him. The pleasure of his hands and heat –hot and heavy fingers working over the material of his jeans as the owner flattened himself on Rin's back only to set his breath heavily on the half-demon's ear while his other hand fisted his tail– gave him such a high he couldn't stand it.

The noises he'd made too. Oh, God. . .He'd practically purred like a kitten. Putty in Bon's tactfully talented hands. His was blushed and eyes half-lidded, he moaned and gasped at everything twitch, twist or curve.

It was so embarrassing, especially when his brother came bursting through the door.

Then there was that one nagging question that made him flush every time he thought about it:

How far would they have gone?

Rin went to class, (sometimes) did his homework, and played with Kuro while Yukio was using the bedroom for studying and needed silence. You-know-who kept appearing everywhere in his life, with or without friends, his penetrating stare catching him off-guard on most occasions and staring him down with the smoldering frustrated look of want. Pure and utter want.

For what? The demon's lithe slender body under his own.

Rin tried to divert his gaze on most occasions, but when the idea in the sentences above surfaced he was forced to wonder: would I bottom willingly? Huuuh. . .gonna have ta have a long think about that.

He was still new to this acceptance of liking guys. . .or well, just wanting a male classmate sexually.

[Rin! Watch out!] Kuro cried, unable to stop his large body before he crashed into him.

The young demon prince was sent sprawling backwards across the nighttime sky, a scream on his lips, he landed into the bushes of a nearby park outside the boy's dorm. Where Ryuji had been secretly watching him. He appeared from behind his station with a strange look on his face. Offering a hand, under what circumstances Rin knew not, but took it anyway and allowed himself to be pulled from the bushes. His warm large hand covering his caused his heart to wallop against his chest. Rin pulled his hand away and brushed the dirt and leaves from his body. Kuro stood at the top of a building, clutching on to the shingles to lean over and see if his master was alright.

Ryuji's hand reached outward, Rin tensed as he withdrew a stray leaf from his hair. The gesture was so simple, so light, it shouldn't have made any difference, but his fingers had momentarily tangled with the dark locks of his hair. He was suddenly very glad that it was nighttime now, the shadows of the world hid his blush.

"Thanks. . ." Rin moved to walk around him and back to Kuro. He heard Ryuji's breathing hitch as if he'd been holding it and suddenly his hand closed around his wrist, Rin yelped. Looking over his shoulder he found the murderous glare only meant for a demon's face.

"What are you doing to me?"

Ryuji's words hung in the air around them with the question everyone was wondering.

What? Rin stared at him; his tail flickered and danced about behind his back, seeming to wave at Ryuji in a 'remember me?' fashion. Rin tugged on his wrist, but Ryuji's hold was too strong.

"Same thing you're doing to me. . ." he answered quietly, Ryuji's face was blank, shocked, then expressionless. "C'mon let me go." He compiled even though he wished he hadn't. Ryuji hadn't dropped the subject though, he felt jibbed.

"Listen to me, demon," Rin growled in response. Didn't he know his name? "I want to know why you're messing with my head."

"I have no reason to mess with your head."

"Hn, right. You don't need a reason. Your kind do this for sport, don't you?"

Blue eyes set to flames. "I'm not doing anything. I cannot place enchantments nor do I know how! You just need to leave me the fuck alone!" Rin turned and stomped away. Ryuji grabbed for him again and he swatted. He tried again and Rin kept swatting until Ryuji's hand clamped over his shoulder and crushed his back to his chest.

"That's just the thing." Ryuji growled lowly in his ear, his words making Rin shiver. "I. Can't."

Rin's eyes widened when he was suddenly spun around.

The kiss was rough, Rin still in an unbreakable python grip against Ryuji every turn and curve of his body pressed shamelessly to his. Teeth descended into his bottom lip and his mouth opened obediently for Ryuji's tongue. Rin was shocked and tried to fight against the foreign invader thrusted into his mouth, but Ryuji's arm had circled in an odd half-Nelson around his neck, trapping him in his own twisted tangle of passion. Every breath they took he felt against his chest, their rib cages crushed together. The kiss broke, Rin panted for breath when Ryuji dove back for more.

No! Rin tried to scratch his way out of Ryuji's hold, but his whimpers were ignored and rough lips continued to assault the half-demon's bruising mouth. Moans echoed in Rin's throat, vibrating against Ryuji's lips and erecting a smirk from the 'bewitched' teen. Pulling up for air, their eyes met and for a fleeting moment Rin contemplated fleeing. Running far and long away from here. "S-stop. . ." Rin whispered.

Ignored again, Ryuji dragged his fingers through Rin's hair and pulled him back into him again.

Everything about Ryuji filled him. His unmistakable scent of incents and the forest around him clogged his nose, making him unable to think of anything over than the man with him. He felt so close, so close, so warm, falling deeply into an ocean of some long buried feeling that fluttered around Rin's belly and. . .he kissed back with just as much fever as the other boy. He moaned as hot breath rolled across his lips in the same way Ryuji's hips did his own.

Rin returned to Kuro in a state of utter shock and went home and straight to bed.

He fought with his brother in the morning about going to school and lost per usual.

Sitting at his desk all by himself, he felt the eyes of Ryuji boring into him. He resisted all urges to turn around and stare back.

Days skipped along and Christmas vacation came along. Though people spread out and went away to visit their families. Rin found that he and Yukio weren't the only students still hanging behind. Ryuji was in the courtyard reading when Yukio invited him over for Christmas dinner.

Rin was oblivious to this knowledge, however, was in the kitchen cooking up a storm singing "Someone's in the kitchen with a demon" with Ukobach and throwing occasion scrapes of meat to Kuro when Ryuji had entered the dining area they used for their meals, his elbows sat neatly on the window looking into the kitchen. Ukobach tossed Rin a tomato and checked the soup again, then added a little pepper. "Turn up the TV a little." Rin said the demon curled red tail flicker the volume button of turning up Hell's Kitchen.

A cook named Anna was cutting a lemon on the TV, having a very serious self-centered speech. "I just think I should be getting more credit and I think the Chef knows about my talent, but why does he keep putting me down? I mean, I'm a traditional, southern bell, graceful coo–!" When the knife went down, some of the juice from the lemon squirted upward and into her eye. "Oh, shit! Fuck!"

The censor finally caught up with her mouth and Rin bursted out laughing. Ukobach looked at the TV and rolled his eyes, Kuro begged for another shrimp. He heard a faint huff of laughter behind him and whipped around: finding Ryuji there, his hand on one of the biscuits he laid out of the plate to cool. Judging by his muffled laughter, he already had another in his mouth.

"Hummm, hi." He raised his hand a little.

Rin was dumbstruck, unable to speak, but Ukobach kicked right back into his 'Chef Ramses Bitch Fit' making him look even more like a tiny red stereotype devil and lunged onto the table, swatting at his hand with his tail like a whip then grabbing the steaming plate and putting it back on the kitchen island near Kuro who knew better. The entire time the little creature growled and spat in a demonic language only Rin and Kuro understood.

[I will stuff you with a turkey!]

With a few more lasting growls Rin spoke. "C'mon Ukobach don't be that way, he just wanted to try the biscuits." Ryuji cocked an eyebrow then Ukobach started making his throaty little scratching noises that made words.

[Humans! No respect!]

"They respect you. . ."

[Don't defend him! Whose side are you on? He's trying to ruin dinner!]

"Ukobach, you know that's not true. You made them anyway, who wouldn't want to try one? They smell great, what recipe was that?"

Ukobach flared, then stilled blushingly look at his hands. [I found it. . .in a book. . .]

"A cook book?" Rin questioned. "I knew you understood Japanese, but I didn't know you could read it."

The little demon nodded and proceeded to explain his days of translating human language to understand the measurements and the various recipes he'd flipped through, all the while adding more vegetables to the stew. Rin looked over his shoulder and found Ryuji. He smiled and nodded towards his helper. "This is Ukobach; he's a cooking demon that lives with us, he was a little offended that you were eating before dinner was prepared. And," he searched for something else to say. "You already know Kuro. . ." He trailed off as his familiar mewed his usual greeting and Ukobach looked back again.

[Oh, who is he again?]

"Oh, this is Ryuji Surguro from my school." Rin answered, Ryuji looked thoroughly surprised on how Rin said his name without blushing too much. Ukobach cocked a brow and looked to Kuro and muttered something with obscene little growls and kissy noises that made Kuro laugh and nod. Rin flared and threw a salt shaker at Ukobach head. "You finish that sentence and you'll be praying it was Satan instead of me!"

Ryuji didn't have to guess what the little demons knew.

Dinner had gone on with small talk and Yukio encouraged the two to talk while Kuro and Ukobach dung into their meals with equal zest. Ukobach and Kuro took two different chairs on either side of Rin, Ukobach more refine while Kuro purred with every bite. Rin's eating habits were caught roughly between the two; he saw the look of confusion in Ryuji's expression but ignored it while taking a sip of sake.

Yukio sipped at his own sake while Ryuji had a can of soda set in front of him.

"You two drink. . .?" he asked from the human side of the table.

"Us four." Rin corrected. "Kuro made me a light drinker."

Kuro mewed and lapped at his bowl of sake with a shot of cat nip. [It makes everything taste better!]

Yukio's cell phone began ringing and he quickly excused himself to answer it. Rin checked twice to make sure he was gone before reaching across the table for the bottle and filled his glass and offered more to Ukobach, who declined too busy cutting his food into even tasteful squares. He lifted his glass and fingers brushed his. Rin's eyes widened to find Ryuji's fingers locked with his. Slowly, he gave a little pull and took a glass from him. He turned it, finding the exact place Rin's lips once were and took a drink, downing the entire thing.

He pulled away with a breath. Rin's eyes were locked on Ryuji's full mouth. His eyes were half-opened staring back at him.

Yukio reentered. "Sorry Rin, Suguro–san that was Shura I've got to get over to the school now." Rin gave him a skeptical look and made a snide comment that Ryuji wouldn't have understand, but made Yukio puff up then give a radiant fake smile. "You can leave the dishes in the sink and I'll do them later." If it was a mission or really important Yukio wouldn't have offered that.

"Sure, sure just don't forget your balls like you did last time."

Ryuji stared.

"You're going to play tennis with Shura, right otōto?" Yukio rolled his eyes and gave his good-bye and apologies before leaving through the closest door with his Infinity Key.

Rin laughed. "He's going to be pissed at me later, I'm just glad you're here–" He broke himself off and diverted his gaze to Ukobach who was collecting the plates and disappearing into the kitchen. He looked to Kuro, but he'd already gone into the kitchen to finish a Hell's Kitchen marathon with Ukobach.

It suddenly occurred to him that they were alone.

Ryuji extended his hand with the glass, silently asking for more sake. Rin lifted the bottle and tipped it to his lips taking a small mouth full until the bottle was empty. Hands took his, replacing the bottle with a hot, wet mouth and a searching tongue. He heard a swallow and growled. That bastard was stealing his sake! He bought it special!

Rin's teeth sunk into Ryuji's lip and the older boy-man-whatever-GOD pulled back sharply glaring at him with fiery warmth, he fisted the material of Rin's sake stained shirt. Rin stared back in awe. The light dribble of blood flowed over both their lips, unconsciously Ryuji licked at it. Rin mirrored this action. The older boy leaned forward again catching Rin's lips in a gentler kiss that quickly picked up with the clash of teeth and tongue and the need to be closer.

Rin was hazily aware of what was going on, but it felt good.

The cool of the ground burning into his back once Ryuji had pulled his shirt up and over his head, forcing their lips to part briefly before they flew back together. He'd been the most happy when he'd been able to pull of Ryuji's own shirt and got to taste the tantalizing muscley flesh beneath. Every grunt and moan issued from his lips only surged him to go further. His tail coiled and uncoiled, but Ryuji caught it. Greeted it like an old friend and began to stroke it with his thumb. Rin's teeth dug in to his skin.

They both groaned and Rin lapped at then wound and they parted again. He was pushed to the floor around that time and his arms reached upward, wrapping around Ryuji's neck and pulling him down on top of him.

They breathed quickly panting. Rin's breathing picked up when Ryuji's grip tightened on his tail, their tongues met and their mouths molded together, their hands searching and feeling what had for so long been covered and concealed to them. His tail was being abused, Rin bit at one of the many piercings decorating Ryuji's ears. Find a particular cold blue and silver one he liked the best. His teeth clicked on it and gave a gentle tug, then sucked on it.

Something unraveled and Rin's eyes closed to the bliss, seeing Ryuji in his mind's eye. Tan skin flushed pink clashing with his dark hair and blonde stripe running down the middle. The gages in his ears, the stubble of a goatee on his chin ripping at him like bristles. His mouth. . .crude, full not pouty, and talented. His callous hands.

His. . .hands. . .Pulling Rin onto him and moaning as he withered against him. Rin had cried out and kissed feverishly back at enthusiasm that made up for his lack of experience and held on to his lover. Neither thought of Yukio or Kuro or Ukobach or any other of the cram school students.

It was just the two of them.

For days afterward, Rin avoided the kitchen and the chair and most importantly his demon friends. They made remarks and teased him and demanded that he wash the floor thoroughly. Ryuji, however, was harder to ignore after well. . .that night in the kitchen. . .he'd stuck around longer than he'd expected. He found a spare bedroom, dragging Rin in with him and they slept off their high. And in the morning. . .Rin was greeted with a smoldering kiss and something he could only describe as round two.

His brother didn't show up till late afternoon, the two paused their play as they heard the front door open and Yukio shout to the house: "Tennis ran late!" and scuffled straight into bedroom across the hall, no questions asked. He'd had a long night too.

But Ryuji kept him plenty occupied.

Rin laid there in Ryuji's arms feeling warm and protected for the first time since his Father Fujimoto's untimely death by his true father. His lover's heartbeat sounded in his chest, a thud that followed the beat of his favorite song, he sighed content and basked in Ryuji. In everything that was him like he could take it into himself. His hot, angry, passionate, confidant Ryuji.

Satan had left him uneasy, sucked the joy from his life like marrow from a bone and left him an empty shell. He'd ruined everything he'd had.

Now how long would this last?

School started again, everyone chatted about their vacation and a new girl, Shiemi, tentative and blonde greeted them. She jumped a little at the sight of Rin and the pink-haired boy waved her over. She took his invitation and sat at the table across from his. He explained that Rin was the son of Satan, but completely harmless. Declawed. Tamed. He even added a sly comment of "If he bothers you just come and find me, okay?"

Rin hissed at him and Kuro hopped over to introduce himself.

"That's his cat, Blackie or whatever. . ." Izumo explained before Shiemi could pet him. Rin gridded his teeth like he might snap, already blue flames sparked at his fingertips. Say what you want about him, but Kuro had done nothing to deserve the cold shoulder. His fists clenched and he was about to turn and let them all have a piece of his mind when:

"Shut up." A new harder voice echoed and Rin turned to find Ryuji stand beside Shiemi's desk. "Hey, Kuro." He stroked under Kuro's chin, sending the little cat into a fury of purrs and a Cheshire Cat grin.

"B –Bon." His friends muttered shocked and Kuro licked at his hand.

"Hey Neko, Shima how was Kyoto?" Rin stared as the Ryuji stood there completely lax to the situation and scaring everyone around him. He then addressed the girl. "Don't listen to everything they say Kuro's harmless. Rin's good too, don't listen to stupid rumors."

A furious blush spread across his face. He'd said his name. Ryuji had spoken his name! Up until now it had been 'halfing' or 'demon' or 'you'. Okay, Ryuji had said –very vocally screamed, groaned and whispered– his name over break when they were together. But now, hearing him say it, to the general public, to the cram school students; he felt like he might faint he just couldn't believe it! And he was defending him!

Rin turned back around in his chair. "H-Hey, Bon where ya going?"

A bag dropped down on the side of his desk closest to the aisle. Rin jumped and looked up, meeting Ryuji's apathetic face.

What was he doing? People would ask what the hell he was going. People would question.

Ryuji raised a brow as if to ask 'Did you think I'd ignore you after all that?', but said: "Move yer shit."

Rin collected hi bag and put it to the other side of him and Ryuji sat down beside him, waiting for the lesson to begin.

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