Here's an important hint: When you see the "squawks", think of that big loud bird from the movie Up!

Pansy wasn't sure what to say to Renee, so she let her manners do all the work. "Hello, Renee. How lovely to see you!"

The blond girl just smiled as her eyes scanned the room for somewhere to sit. Hermione sat tense next to Pansy as Percy, ever the gentleman, gave her his own seat and went looking for a chair from the other room. Renee awkwardly took a seat between George and Percy's girlfriend.

Mrs. Weasley clapped her hands together and the sound broke through the tension. "Well, now that everyone is here I think we can start dinner! Ginny and I cooked up a lovely roast chicken. Everyone help yourselves!"

The table was in an uproar as hands flew across the table, gathering food onto plates. The talking and laughing had started up once again and Pansy felt relieved. Maybe Renee being here wouldn't be such a big deal. They really wouldn't even have to talk. She was, however, very curious about how Renee had wound up at a Weasley dinner. She had a feeling that the girl beside her had the answer.

"Let's go to the bathroom before we start eating," Pansy whispered to Hermione. The other girl nodded and stood up, and Pansy followed her.

"Where're you two goin'?" Ron asked his wife, his mouth full of food.

"I'm showing Pansy to the bathroom," Hermione replied.

"What? It's right 'n th' next room, first door 'n th' righ'," he said before swallowing. He looked at Neville with a grin. "Girls always have to use the loo together." Neville laughed and both girls rolled their eyes.

"I'm trying to be hospitable, Ron. And don't talk with your mouth full, it's gross." She pulled on Pansy's arm and led her into the other room. She opened up the bathroom door, beckoned her inside, and shut the door.

"Okay. We had no idea Neville was bringing you to dinner!" Hermione said apologetically. "If we'd known we never would have invited Renee. Oh, this is just so awful…"

"Why did you invite her at all?" Pansy asked, a million questions racked up in her brain.

"Okay, well, Ginny and I got the job of shopping for this dinner," she explained, leaning on the sink. "And while we were at the market we ran into Renee and she told us all about how she left the wedding early and never called on Neville again because… well…"

"She was jealous of me?" Pansy said, unable to help the smug look that formed on her face.

"Well, not exactly in those words," Hermione laughed. "And we told her that the two of you were just friends and invited her to dinner so she could see Neville again. She just wanted another chance, I suppose."

Pansy frowned. "Neville's taken me places as just a friend before. Why is tonight any different?"

Hermione sighed. "You didn't see the look on your face when Renee walked into the dining room."

Pansy couldn't help but feel irrationally angry. Why hadn't Neville told anyone about them? But then again, it wasn't as if they were dating or anything, and she'd only just told Draco and Astoria a few hours ago.

"I wouldn't worry," she said after a second, still brewing in her anger. "Neville and I aren't dating. We aren't anything, evidently."

"Oh," Hermione said sympathetically.

"Let's go back to dinner," she said, looking into the mirror and checking her hair. "It's only one meal. And I couldn't care less about Renee."

"Alright," Hermione said uncertainly, and opened up the bathroom door.

When the two of them returned to the table, everyone was in a merry conversation. Neville smiled at her and scooted the chair back for her so she could sit. The action made her feel slightly better, but she still felt angry. Especially when she looked at the offending girl who was sitting right across the table from her. Close enough to kick her in the shins if she wanted to…

"… Neville and I met through his grandmother," Renee was saying through her laughter. "My mother said that I should meet her. Little did I know she'd be bringing Neville along!"

Neville was in probably the most uncomfortable situation he'd ever been in. He could practically feel the heat radiating off of Pansy as she sat down next to him, and it was all he could do to try and change the nature of the conversation. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by Weasleys who were very interested to know why there was a new girl in their midst.

"Your mother set you up on a date? How quaint," Pansy said through forced cheerfulness. Renee's gaze snapped to the girl across from her in a hardly-concealed glare.

Neville wished he could disappear. This really couldn't be happening. He took a page out of Ron's book and put some more food on his plate. If he could just distract himself by eating, maybe this train wreck wouldn't be happening.

"Well, I'd just gotten out of a really long relationship and she was pushing for me to get out there again," Renee continued.

"I tink iz cute," Fleur said with a smile. "Und romantic zat you have found him again." Renee blushed and gave Neville a shy smile.

Pansy was not as taken with the gesture as Fleur was. She was talking like Neville was her boyfriend and she was telling people the story of how they'd gotten together, and Neville… he wasn't doing anything about it!

"How fascinating," Pansy said, her voice tinged with antipathy. "It's just too bad that set-ups almost never turn out, isn't it?"

Neville could actually feel Pansy's anger coming off her in waves. Her face was stoic, with nothing but an ever-so-slight curl of the lip to show her displeasure. He vaguely remembered the words of Daphne Greengrass: "I wouldn't want to cross Pansy. She's a little territorial, you know what I mean?"

"I think they can," Renee countered. By this time, everyone at the table had fallen silent (which was unusual for the Weasleys).

"If you say so," Pansy said flippantly as she took a bite of chicken.

"Maybe you're just cynical," Renee said. "I mean, it would only make sense, especially since you and Draco Malfoy were supposed to get married. And then he ran off with a Greengrass." Her tone of voice was calm and innocent, as if she hadn't just hurled a serious insult at Pansy.

Neville thought that Pansy may actually explode. Instead, she laughed. "Do you believe everything you read in the tabloids? How cute." Neville frowned, realizing that Pansy would sooner tear another person down before letting them get to her. He liked to think that he knew her pretty well—and he thought that Pansy almost seemed happy that Renee was picking a verbal fight. It would just give her an excuse to say something mean (maybe even horrible) to Renee without looking too bad.

"There's always some truth to those stories," Renee countered. "And it doesn't matter, because I don't care at all. Didn't you tell me once that you weren't that Pansy Parkinson, anyway?"

It was true—when she'd first met Renee she'd told her that she only shared a name with the Pansy from the tabloids. Pansy felt her face flare up—Renee was quickly making her way to the top of her personal black list.

"This is delicious chicken, Mum," Ginny said suddenly, in a desperate attempt to change the subject. Harry nodded in agreement.

"Yes, just divine, Mrs. Weasley," Renee said. "You'll have to give me the recipe."

"Of course, dear," Molly said. Neville breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe now they were finally past this awful tension. He and Pansy could go home and forget about all of it. She may be angry later, but nothing could have been worse than the moment that had just passed.

"I like to make home-cooked meals," Renee said with a glance at Neville. "There's nothing like a meal cooked with love." She was looking right at him now, and he wasn't sure what else to do but nod in agreement.

Pansy couldn't, she just couldn't keep her mouth shut. The whole situation was just too ludicrous. It was so obvious that Renee was trying to impress Neville somehow, and she just couldn't let it slide. "What other talents do you have, Renee? Since you seem so determined to tell us."

Renee turned pink. "I simply like to cook, that's all," she said, embarrassed. "How about you, Pansy? What talents do you have?"

"I prefer not to brag," Pansy said with what was probably the most infuriating smirk Neville had ever seen on her. And he'd been watching her smirk since his first year of school.

"Don't be so modest," Renee said, sounding a little angrier than before. "I'm sure a girl like you, with your breeding has many talents to boast. Shall we start a list?"

"If you must," Pansy said coolly. Neville was silently begging her not to continue. The rest of the table watched with voyeuristic interest; no longer was anyone trying to change the subject.

Renee's cheeks were bright red and she looked positively livid. Neville could almost relate; in school Pansy hadn't had any problem using her sharp tongue to make him feel stupid. This was, however, a completely different situation. Pansy had never been competing with him over anything.

"I'm sure you can dance, draw and sew, like all the other girls like you." Pansy raised an eyebrow. Girls like her? She was on thin ice. "I'll bet you're also awfully talented at ruining perfectly good dates," Renee said, her tone growing nasty.

"I don't think I know what you're talking about."

"You basically stole my date at that wedding!" the other girl said, her ears turning red.

"Don't be silly, it isn't stealing when you never had him in the first place," Pansy said with a condescending laugh. "It's sweet how you're hung up on him, though."

Everyone glanced at Neville, who was sinking deeper into his chair. The claws were out now, and he didn't really fancy the idea of getting in between the two fighting girls.

Renee stood up suddenly from her chair. "You are so—so mean!" she exclaimed, and Pansy rolled her eyes. What a childish display.

"Sit back down before you embarrass yourself," she said with a smirk.

Instead of sitting back down, Renee surprised Pansy by taking out her wand. Everyone at the table gasped.

"Now, ladies, stop fighting at this instant! This is a family dinner," Mrs. Weasley said. "I should have stopped this as soon as it started, but I thought the two of you would be mature enough to stop it on your own."

"I'm sure this can be solved amicably," Bill said, gently setting a hand on Renee's so she would lower her wand. "No one wants to see a fight right now."

"I do," Ron said, earning a half-hearted smack on the shoulder from a very interested Hermione. Pansy gave him a genuine smile—there were things she and Ron Weasley could see eye to eye on, after all.

"As much as I agree with Ron, I don't think fighting would be appropriate," Pansy said, feeling an arrogant sense of victory. "We are at a family dinner, after all. And anyway, it wouldn't be fair, would it?"

"What are you talking about?" Renee asked, practically grating the words through her teeth.

Pansy couldn't resist making one final barb. "I'm a little older than you, is all. And by the looks of you, much more experienced."

And that was when Pansy's own pride caught up to her. All she saw was a flick of Renee's wand and a jolt of blue magic heading straight toward her. All she heard were the gasps and yells of the family around her, and one last phrase, uttered by Hermione: "She didn't cast that spell correctly!"

At first, it looked to Neville like the spell hadn't had any effect on Pansy. She sat perfectly still in her chair, while everyone around her stared quietly.

"Oh, my God," Renee whispered. "I'm so sorry—I just lost my temper, and…"

"Hush," said Hermione, who was now on her feet, looking closely at Pansy, who seemed as though she were completely unaware of the world around her. Her brown eyes were wide open and her mouth was slightly open. After a long, tense, moment, she cocked her head to the side.

And that was when she began to change. Neville watched in horror as her neck began to grown longer and longer, and her pale skin began to grow… feathers?

"Bloody hell!" Ron exclaimed as everyone jumped up.

"We have to get her to St. Mungo's!" Hermione barked, taking hold of Pansy's arm, which had begun to turn into a great big wing. Her nose and mouth began to turn into a great yellow beak.

"Sqqquuuuuaaaaaaaawwwwkk!" her voice came out in a loud, long shriek that had everyone covering their ears. Pansy's head swiveled, so that her eyes, which had begun moving to the side of her head, could look accusingly at the girl who'd hexed her. "Sqquuuaaaaawwwkk!" she yelled again.

Renee began to cry. "Oh, Merlin!"

Pansy wrestled her arm (or wing, as it were) out of Hermione's grip. Neville tried to hold her back, but she had gained some kind of super-human strength. She hopped up onto the table, revealing long, orange chicken legs that had replaced her normal human legs. She towered above all of the dinner guests. She was growing taller and taller by the second, having reached at least seven feet tall.

"Squuuaaaaawwkk! Squaaawk!"

"Get her off the table!" "She's breaking all the dishes! Oh—" "I don't think she'll fit in the floo—!"

Neville watched as Pansy's wing seemed to fumble with something in her pocket—was she…?

"She's going for her wand!" he yelled, reaching up to try and grab it from her. He doubted that she could do that much damage with her wand at this point, but Pansy was already unpredictable as she was. He had no idea what she would do as a giant chicken.

Pansy used her wing to flap Neville's hand away. She seemed to give up on trying retrieving her wand out of her pocket and she looked back down at Renee with her beady chicken eyes. The air around them began the crackle and snap, as if they were surrounded by hot fireworks. Pansy stomped one of her chicken feet and a burst of magic flew out of nowhere and hit Renee square in the chest, blowing her back and releasing a burst of smoke.

When the smoke cleared, Renee was gone. In her place was a perfect little chicken, normal sized, flapping her wings and flying around the room in a panicked frenzy.

Pansy, as a big, deformed bird, had performed wandless, non-verbal magic to avenge herself. If Neville hadn't been so horrified at the whole situation, he'd have been amazed—Pansy was much more talented than she let on.

"Squawk," Pansy said, with an air of (dignified?) finality. She then swiveled her chicken-head to look at Neville, before stiffening up and falling right over.

The room was completely silent but for the sound of panting and that of the hen flapping around the room. Pansy lay right in the middle of the dining room table, completely passed out.

"Holy hell," Ginny was the first one to say anything, her eyes wide.

"I've never seen anything like that," Hermione said, a tinge of bewilderment in her voice. "She cast a perfect spell in that condition."

"That was bloody brilliant," Ron said, obviously trying to hold back laughter. George and Charlie began laughing hysterically while Mrs. Weasley tried to shush them.

"We've get to get her to St. Mungo's. I mean them," Neville said, remembering that Renee had also turned into a chicken and that she was running around the room like, well… a chicken with its head cut off.

It took hardly any time for them to capture the hen that was flapping around the house, and Ron, Harry, and Neville worked together to move the enormous chicken from the table and into the floo.

The first thing that Pansy became aware of was the low, quiet bustling of people outside of her room. She felt peaceful and relaxed. "Hmm…" she sighed, opening her eyes ever-so-slightly. She felt like she'd just had the most wonderful nap of her whole life.

"Pansy?" a voice called out, pulling her slowly out of her slumber.

"Mmyes?" she mumbled, a smile pulling at her lips. She just felt so happy and warm, like nothing in the world was wrong.

"She's awake!"

"Oh, Pansy, we were so worried about you," came a familiar feminine voice.

"Astoria, I love you," Pansy slurred, reaching her hand out to the warm voice. She wound up hitting Astoria in the face, but without any real force. Astoria grabbed her hand and smiled.

"Aw, I love you too!" Astoria's chirpy voice replied. "Look, fellas, I think she'll be just fine. She's in such a good mood."

"That's just the pain potion," said Draco, who had been pacing in the room for as long as he'd been there. "She'll be her snarky self in no time."

Pansy sighed happily. "Where's Neville?" she asked, still too lazy to open her eyes all the way.

"I'm right here," Neville said, leaning over. "Are you feeling alright?"

"I feel so happy," she replied.

"That's your pain medication," he explained. "You got turned into a chicken."

Pansy snorted. "I was a big chicken." Astoria giggled and swept a piece of hair out of Pansy's face.

"You were a marvelous chicken, in my opinion," she said softly.

"The best chicken?" Even Neville and Draco in their distressed states couldn't help but laugh.

"I think so," Astoria said in a soothing voice. "And we'll be here to take care of you until all your feathers are gone, alright?"

"Okay," Pansy sighed, slipping back into her restful sleep. Astoria gave both Neville and Draco a look.

"Alright, boys, now that she's woken up and you know she'll live, you should go home and take a shower."

The next time Pansy woke up, she was not so happy. She sat up, feeling very distressed, as if there was something very, very wrong. She looked around the room—she was in a small, dimly lit hospital room.

But that wasn't the only thing that was disturbing her. She looked down at her bare arms and nearly screamed. In fact, she did scream.

Not two seconds later Neville came bursting through the door, a cup of coffee in one hand, and he was at her side as fast as she'd ever seen him.

"What… what happened to me?" she squeaked, looking at her feather-covered arms.

"Stay calm, you got hexed," Neville said, his voice even and calm. "You're healing really fast, though. All the feathers should be gone by tomorrow."

"I have feathers. Feathers!" she cried, sweeping at the offending things. She felt her face and was relieved that she didn't feel any on that part of her body. "What happened?"

"Well… you got turned into a chicken," Neville said, trying to make it sound like it wasn't such a big deal. "It was quite brilliant, actually. I think you've made a permanent friend out of Ron Weasley."

Pansy huffed and lay back down on her bed. She was beginning to remember, now, how Renee had hexed her. She could only recollect bits and pieces of that day. "How long have I been here?"

"Just three days," Neville said. "They had you on some powerful potions."

"I slept for three days?" she asked. "How did you keep the shop open?"

Neville smiled, and for the first time she could see how tired he looked. "I used to run it without you, you know. It wasn't a big deal."

"Oh, Neville. I'm really sorry," she groaned. "I can get right back to work, I promise."

"I don't want to hear it," he said softly, leaning in closer and taking her hand. She felt her heart speed up. "I just never want to take you to the hospital again. Twice is more than enough."

Her face flushed as he looked right into her eyes. "Okay," she said. He leaned in, and she thought he was going to give her a kiss on the lips, but he planted one on her forehead instead.

"I'm going to go tell everyone you're awake," he said with a grin.


"Yeah. Draco, Astoria, the Weasleys. Everyone's been worried about you."


"Yeah," he said. Pansy watched him go out the door. Despite her fatigue and the feathers that were covering patches of her body, she felt a warm, genuine smile creep onto her face.

It was the next day, the day that she finally went home, that Pansy heard a knock at her door. She'd been getting all kinds of visitors, from Draco to Astoria to even Ginny Weasley. They were all bringing her little get-well gifts, which had been quite nice, even if Pansy didn't really need anything.

She was relieved to see that it was just Neville. "Come on in," she said, gesturing for him to join her inside. "I'm just relieved you aren't Draco and Astoria. They've been… overwhelming," she sighed. It wasn't that she didn't feel grateful to have friends that cared, but she did like her privacy.

Neville held his hands up and smiled. "I am but your humble landlord, coming over to ask if you need anything," he said, giving her a smile more charming than she knew was possible.

"I'm perfectly fine," she said, moving to her kitchen to pour herself a cup of warm tea. "Just a little tired. Do you want some tea?"

"Alright," he said, moving into the kitchen with her. "Let me," he muttered, taking the teapot from her hands and pouring them both a mug. Just to be nice, he carried both cups into the living room and set them down on her coffee table for her.

"Thanks," she said, sitting down on her couch with a big sigh. She pat the space next to her and he smiled as he sat. "You didn't have to do that."

"It's no big deal," he replied. "Anyway, you just got out of the hospital. You should take it easy."

She grinned, "Yes, I suppose I do deserve some special treatment after being in a coma for three days."

"It wasn't a coma," he laughed, leaning back into her couch and slinging his arm around the back.

"I'd like to say it was," she replied. "It sounds much more serious to be in the hospital because of a coma. It sounds less silly than being turned into a chicken."

"You could say you were in a chicken-coma," he supplied with a smirk, and she gave him a light tap on the shoulder.

"Then people will think I ate so much chicken that I passed out," she snorted. "I do have a question though."


"How long did it take Renee to recover from being a chicken?"

Ah yes, Renee, he thought. "I don't think it took her long to recover," he replied, watching Pansy's face for her reaction. "Because you cast the spell correctly. It only took the counter-spell to make her better."

"Pity," Pansy said, scrunching her nose. "It took me three whole days and I still have feathers."

"Well, she did hex you in front of two aurors, so she doesn't have it too good right now," he said.

"That's right! Weasley and Potter," Pansy said, relishing in the thought. Neville was almost sure she saw her hands rubbing together. "This turned out better than I could have thought."

That comment scared him a little—had she planned this from the beginning? He decided that he really didn't want to know. "I'm still impressed that you could use magic like that. As a chicken," he admitted.

"I just didn't want her to get away with hexing me," she replied lightly, taking a sip of tea. "I wasn't going to let a little thing like that get in the way."

He could see that she wasn't joking in the slightest. He'd never given Pansy's talents much thought—it wasn't that he'd assumed she was stupid, but she'd never given him the slightest hint that she was so… gifted. Her grades in school hadn't even been very good, if he remembered right. Could it be that she possessed a raw talent and an ambitious nature that made her a little scary?

"Don't worry, I won't hex you," she said with a smirk that was very Slytherin. "Well, not unless I had to…"

He laughed and leaned closer to her, choosing not to think about scenarios in which she would find it necessary to curse him. "Hang on…" He reached a hand out to pluck a tiny white feather from the side of her neck and she winced.

"Thanks," she mumbled. "I still have a few all over."

"I'm sorry," he said, placing one arm behind her, worried that she wouldn't want to be too close to him. This was (as Hermione had told him when they'd first arrived at St. Mungo's) sort of his fault. While Pansy had been undergoing her de-transformation, Hermione had deduced that there was something going on between the two of them, and she'd explained (quite lividly) that if he'd let them know about it then Renee never would have been invited to dinner in the first place.

He was surprised when Pansy scooted closer to him and closed her eyes as she leaned her head on his shoulder. He tried to draw up as much courage as he could for what he wanted to say next.

"I missed you," he murmured into her hair, half-hoping that she wouldn't hear him. It had been true; he'd missed her and worried over her for every second that she'd been in the hospital. After it was certain that she'd recover, everyone had been relieved, and recounted the incident with laughter. It was funny, he supposed. Logically, watching a girl turn into a chicken should have been hilarious, but it would be a while before he could see the humor. He'd never been more horrified than when he'd seen her grow a beak.

"You missed me? Is that what you said?" she asked, looking up at him. He felt his ears turn red.

"A little," he said quietly, unable to take his gaze from her eyes. He wanted to give her space, give her time to recover… but it was hard not to kiss her right then.

"I want… I think we should… oh, I don't know," she said, turning away with bright pink cheeks.

"What is it?" he asked, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach. Was she going to say that they should stop seeing each other? That they should stop… whatever it was they were doing?

She surprised him by pulling his collar gently to kiss him. He reacted instantly, weaving his fingers through her hair and holding her close. Within a matter of seconds they found themselves lying down on the couch, almost unable to control what had started as an innocent kiss.

"Hold on," she breathed, placing a hand on his chest. "You need to not do that. Don't kiss me like that right now." He stopped the instant she told him to, but it was only a matter of seconds before she pulled him back down again to kiss him even more passionately than before. "Alright, enough," she said again, pushing him away until he was totally confused.

"But you're the one kissing me," he said.

She seemed determined to ignore that fact. She took a breath and continued. "I know this isn't the right time," she said, closing her eyes and shaking her head. "But I really need to know where this is going."

Neville had to shake the fog in his head away. She was right. In fact, he'd been wondering the same thing, so he lifted himself off the couch to let her sit up. She smoothed her tangled hair, trying to look as dignified as possible.

"It's just… when you introduced me to Mrs. Weasley as 'the girl that works for you' I got worried." He noticed another little feather sticking out of her arm, but he was wise enough to know that it was not the time to point it out.

"What should I have said?" he asked gently, truly wanting to know. The fact was, when it came time to introduce her, he hadn't been sure what she'd wanted him to say.

"I don't know. It's so silly, because it's not like we're… boyfriend and girlfriend or anything," she sighed.

"Do you want to be?" he asked, trying to seem as cool and smooth as possible despite his racing heart. Having Pansy as his girlfriend sounded… amazing and terrifying at the same time.

By this time, Pansy's face has turned a bright red and she took a deep breath. "Do you?" she asked, taking the easy option out of that tricky question. If she revealed to him that she really did want a real relationship and he didn't feel the same, she'd be practically crushed by shame, and then what would they do?

"Well, obviously I like you," he said with a nervous smile. "And it's a little too late to take things slow. Do you like me back?" It was such a first-year question to ask. He felt his face burn.

"I do," she said, and suddenly she felt ridiculous for holding off on this conversation. If she'd just been honest about her feelings from the start, they probably could have avoided all this trouble. They looked at each other for a moment before they both started laughing.

She felt him pull her close and he leaned back down onto her couch, pulling her on top of him. She sighed and held him close, enjoying the feeling of his arms around her. She was beginning to enjoy how familiar his body was becoming to her, how comfortable everything felt. She leaned down and he kissed her gently, running his hands through her hair in a rhythmic motion.

She let her hands wander to the bottom of his shirt and started to pull it up. "Are you sure?" he asked between kisses.

"Mm-hm," she replied, unable to fight the grin on her face. He smiled right back at her as he pulled off his shirt and let it land on the ground beside the couch. She was all too happy to let her hands roam across his chest and his stomach before beginning to unbutton her own blouse.

She was about halfway down the buttons when a low, faint rumble sounded from outside her flat. Pansy looked up for a second to listen, ignoring the forlorn look on Neville's face. She heard the rumble again. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" His face was flushed but he stopped to listen, too. The rumble came back, only this time it was much louder and it shook the whole building. Pansy jumped off of the couch (and off of Neville) and began to button her shirt back up. He reached for his wand and scrambled to put his shirt back on inside-out.

"It's coming from your flat!" she exclaimed, and she followed behind him as he bolted out her open door and into his own apartment. They both watched as his fireplace burst into a great wall of green flames.

"Oh." Pansy's voice sounded quiet in the face of more rumbling. She recognized this type of entrance, and if she didn't know any better…

The flames receded, and out of the fireplace stepped none other than her dear father, looking as tall and regal as he ever had in his long, rich robes.

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