First publishing a Criminal Minds ff so be nice. Plus I think this is the shortest thing I have ever written- drabble shots you see.

I do not own any of the characters. I just steal them time to time.

Chapter 1- ideas

Spencer's POV

I caught a look at Morgan. He was leaning against the bench staring at the new girl by the Coffee machine. I tried not to laugh at the predictability of the situation.

As if he knew what I was thinking he turned and glared at me. "What pretty boy?" he asked slowly. I just tried to look away knowing there really wasn't an answer which would please him.

"Pretty boy? Are you ignoring me?" Morgan asked in his usual tone.

"No Morgan. It's just that any comment I replied to you with, that there would be no good outcome. So I think I'll add ignore to my list of choices which fail. Next I might try 'escape to team' or 'excuse self' and maybe even add 'hide' as well as 'make Morgan feel awkward' ," I answered curtly looking at Morgan's confused face. "Or that worked too," I laughed.

But as situations were, we were interrupted. "Hey Morgan, Reid. Get in here now," JJ called.

I just grinned at Morgan. "I'll add 'case' to the list of successes."

Morgan just huffed.

Word-count- 181

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