Inspired by Kyle XY which is for some reason currently on my watch list even though it really isn't my kind of thing... EVER.

Chapter 77- The Alien List

There were a lot of different things which caused people in the team to think that their little Spencer wasn't 100% normal... or human half the time.

It was Morgan's idea to start a list of things that Reid did which showed he was an alien or some abbreviation. There was already quite a backlog of things he had done as they had known him for a long time. As much of what he had done was easily seen as strange.

For starters there was the fact that animals and small children often were freaked out about him being in their presence. Morgan had concluded this was because he obviously smelt alien for starters.

There was also the conundrum of Reid's brain. The nerd knew all. That was another mystery they wrote down anyway. There was also the fact that Reid, still with all this knowledge was one of the most socially inept person when they first met him. They concluded that was because that was really the first time he had met humans.

Over time the list had gradually grown...

As soon as Morgan had seen Reid cook he had put it down. It didn't taste like normal food, so he decided it was alien.

When Reid had shown how well he was able to drive Emily had told them that it was because it was so much easier than flying his craft.

Hotch barely joined in with their plans until he told them that Reid seemed to be able to communicate with his kitten with extreme accuracy.

As soon as Spencer returned to wherever he was from Garcia would give him the list. Until then only the team knew he was really an alien sent to accumulate and learn how to use chopsticks.

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