Chapter 1

Authors Note: Anything that you read here comes from my own mind so if you don't like it don't read. Other than that enjoy the chapter and I'll try to come up with the next chapter soon. Warning this is a zombie story some of the things you read might be sick. Don't read if you are a squeamish person. Beginning

Run…run….run! They're coming for you! Run quickly now or die!

They moved on their own, not even knowing what was happening; the feeling of danger engulfing all feelings that should have been processing. All I knew was to run from whatever was coming after me because that's what the voice in my head was saying.

Don't look behind you! Keep your eyes straight!

I thought that funny. Nobody tells a person that. They always look behind them to find out what is behind them.

Slowly I turned my head to see what could possibly be so scary that I had to run from. I regretted that and let out a blood curdling scream as I looked into the face that was falling off. It was horrifying, with it drooling blood out of its' gapping mouth and eyes that were only on me. I wasn't going to last long.

Beep! Beep! Beep! I was startled awake; panting from the terror of the dream I had just had. Slowly I made my way out of my bed as the lights came on automatically noticing my movement. Looking at my face you could see it red and flushed from the nightmare. All I could do now was splash it off with cool water.

Putting my hands underneath the faucet it started up the water flow to where I could take as much as long as I didn't waste it. Splashing the water onto my face cleared the sweat that had formed and I could feel the relief as it cooled her burning cheeks. The water trickled down my face as it landed back in the sink.

I looked up into the mirror and saw the face of a young woman. Not too young like a little girl, not too old to look like an adult, just young and old enough to be at least a young adult. She was only 17, finishing up her last year in high school. Her blue eyes stared back at her that was only slightly covered up by her shaggy side swept bangs they matched her also short cropped hair that had a slight wave to it and barley reached her shoulders. She was at a decent height only being 5'5'' and still consider on the thin side since most of the fat people that had happen to be around in the 20th century weren't around anymore due to diet pills and extreme surgery back in that time.

Now everything was safe proof. To were everything seemed to be baby proof so nobody hurt themselves or get a hold of everything in the world. The government had finally gone to the extreme keeping everything a secret and then making over half of the world stupid to not ask questions.

A warning bell from her eye screen had told her that she was falling behind schedule and that she need to get dress and get going to school. Eye screens were what everyone had now to stay connected to everyone in the world. The only one not to have it were the ones that were dead.

Tapping the air I closed the pop up screen and went to pick out her outfit. The style of the clothes didn't change much. I decided to wear jeans and a black top and flats. It was simple but yeah, I liked the look and it work.

Sliding down the stair railing the door opened as she lifted up her bracelet. The bracelet held the key to the door that only opened if the owner was close enough to activate. Each bracelet had a code and that code had to match up housing doors. This was the only way to open doors unless the power went out but that hardly happened.

As the door closed she made her way to school. "Hannah!" A voiced popped up along with the face of a small girl with long blonde hair. Her eyes were dark blue as they stared at her through her eye screen.

"Hurry up and get to school. There's news going around the school and it's not good news either." She sounded desperate and sad at the same time.

I nodded my head knowing she would see. "I'll be there soon Maron. I just left my house now and it's only a short walk to the school from my house. Can you tell me what's going on?" I questioned her, concern with the look on her face.

She shook her head and I could see the tears that were on her face and I speed up my pace. "No, I need you here when I tell." Then without a noise she was clicked off and I started to run towards the school.

I found Maron at our normal spot, a small park within the school that could only hold a few people in it that was made from clique's in the past. She looked so small as I approached her and really upset about something.

She noticed me when she could hear my panting from the running I had just did. "Why don't you ever just take the shoot? Never mind that" moving her hands wildly like I was going to forget that question. Her expression changed to sorrow again. "Luke just died. Remember how he had to go to the hospital for food poisoning just a couple a days ago? He died last night out of the blue." She was crying now. "I just saw him the other day and he was looking good, not as sick as he was before. How can he be gone now?"

I couldn't say anything at all. He was my friend of course but he meant more Maron because Luke was her boyfriend and now he was out of her life. I feel bad about it now because all I could do was hug her and watch as her life started to die away with each day he was out of her life.

A week had passed since that day when she told me he died. She was still in the same condition as she was before. I could tell she missed him but it was time for her to wake up before she did something horrible to herself.

More people had died in that week due to food poisoning than anything in the world. The government said that it due to a bad experiment batch of meat that slipped out before it could be stopped giving it to the people.

It wasn't until lunch that things turned from bad to worse. Screams were let out throughout the building as if death had entered the building. I wasn't too far off. I just never knew what was happening before it was too late.

Maron and me had just been in our normal spot when the screams started and we looked to see what it could be.

It was Luke, but then again not Luke. This Luke looked horrible with his face sagging and a look of hunger in his dark eyes. His skin was grayish yellow with it looking dead and not seeing the sun for days. His clothes were dirty as well and torn as if he dug himself out of a hole. He probable had.

Maron gasped and I could see on her face that she wasn't terrified but actually happy to see Luke. So happy that she started to run towards him before I could stop her. I was too late to do anything.

"Luke!" She ran to him as his hungry eyes looked over her and held out his arms for her.

The power didn't turn off soon enough. I saw him lean over as if to kiss her but instead you could hear Maron scream as he bite into her neck and eating her like a human buffet. Her screams echoing in my head as she was being eaten alive. More screams were going off in the building so there was more than just one of the same things a Luke.

I saw it even in the dark as he killed my friend and his old lover. The horror stories of this happening in the past was now coming true and after Maron was done with he would be after me as his next meal.