Chapter 2

It sure didn't take him long to finish her off. When Maron had finally stopped screaming I knew she was dead and there was nothing that I could have done to save her but tired harder to keep her from running to him. Lord why didn't I try harder to save her.

Then I noticed that the thing that was Luke was moving again. But it wasn't towards me it was out the door. Why wasn't it going to kill me? Was it because it was full from his full course meal or was it that he never noticed me and was looking for something else? Whatever the case it was leaving, hopefully not to get any more of its friends.

Slowly I moved to grab a hold of something, a weapon of some sort. There wasn't much to find in the dark though. My hand brushed up against my bag and I grabbed it, holding on to it as if it held my own life.

Now the next step was to get out of here, out of the building and to someplace safe, without being noticed or eaten.

I started to head for the door and willed myself not to look at the remains of Maron's body. Of course my brain didn't listen and turned my head as I was passing by. I almost screamed out in horror and gagged. This was not Maron. This was a misshaped body that once used to be her. Her face was missing and it looked as if her chest cavity was torn open to get to the import organ underneath and eaten. The stench of the blood was all around her on the floor, on her clothes, on her. Nothing could be done to save her now. No this was something that you had to run from to never look at it again but yet I kept staring at her wishing that this never happened. That Luke had been with us instead of sick and dead. A zombie from all those horror shows made popular in the 21st century.

I tore my eyes away from her body and quietly snuck out of the room and headed down the hallway to get out of the building. There was broken glass on the floor from either people getting in or escaping from their fate.

Carefully I checked all the rooms for any sign of movement. There was none from the rooms I had already checked. This didn't feel like a school at all but a ghost town with all these lights off and everyone either dead or just gone. It gave me the feeling that I was the only one alive in this area. I was more frightened of what I would find once I got out of the building.

My heart was racing once I reached the front door. Once I opened this door I was going to be seeing the world from a different view now. One that did hold any love or anything, a world filled with the survival of the fittest or be eaten. All I had to do was lift up my hand and push open the door. At that moment though, my hand felt heavy like it had become a heavy weight now.

What was wrong with me? It was such a simple thing to do. It's just a simple normal body function to just open a door. Why couldn't I do it now?

Then I heard the sound of glass being broken by a heavy weight and my heart about completely stopped right there. I was afraid to turn around but if I didn't I was going to die soon anyway.

Quickly, I turned on my heels and saw what I knew I would see. A dead being that was from what I could see now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark was panting; as if it had been running just to get to where I was. Again it had the same look as Luke. His skin was a gray yellow and sagging in places. This person had a smell to him that was pungent and I could smell it from where I was at. It smelled like something that was rotting, like spoiled milk after it had been sitting out to long; except much longer now. He had been dead much longer and he looked hunger than what Luke had been.

My eye screen came on and identified the body. Allen Curt, a C.E.O. for a big organization called Timely. They were the people responsible that created the eye screen, making everything automatic and making sure everyone is in the now and new everybody by just a glance. I was surprise that it was able to even pick up who it was with how much it didn't look like who it used to be.

I forgot my guard was up until I noticed that my eye screen was flashing red that something was running towards me. I quickly turned it off mentally and saw it running slash limping towards me. It was drooling and now it was going to do the same thing it did to Maron. I didn't want that! I wanted to live! I hardly even started to live.

I barely reacted in time to when it was almost to bite into my neck and eat me. My bag that I had grabbed suddenly came upwards and knocked the thing in the head and pushed it back from me. I had maybe my computer tablet, some books that my grandmother gave to me to keep the old alive and some of my hair ties. With that it had a pretty good weight to it to be considered a weapon.

The hit didn't take him long to actually recover and he was ready to come back at me for a second attack. I was ready this time and hit him on the other side of his head causing blood to hit my shirt. I then went at him with my bag smashing his face in before he could get up and attack me. Every time I made a blow its' face would be dented by my bag and more blood was showing up. Finally with my last couple of blows it let out a horrible scream that was the sound of fingers dragging on glass but much worse.

I was breathing hard and stared at the smashed up face with the stench of blood in the air and the sight of seeing its' dead body finally stop twitching I throw up. It felt actually good to do something that was normal to what happens after seeing all of the things people normally don't see in life.

Soon I moved to not look at the scene anymore and to get out of this potential death trap.

I stopped at the door again and took a deep breath. "Here we go." I said calmly but was freaking out at what I would see once I opened the door.

Never would I have expected to see the world still normal after what I had just experienced in my own school. The sun was shining and the air had a clean smell to it. The only thing I could tell that there was something wrong with my whole world was the sounds of screaming in the air still and the power grid with the whole city was off. Cars were now grounded on the ground, robots were standing statutes that ran with the power grid and my eye screen was going crazy with how many people were still alive yelling for someone to save them from this unusual attack. Apparently this was happening all over the world.

This was now a new world. A new beginning…a dark beginning for this era.