You wake up two days later in a sterile white hospital room. There is an IV attached to the bend in your right elbow and some sort of device that reads your heart rate attached to your ring finger on that same arm. Through your bleary eyes you can see that one of your legs and left arm are wrapped in heavy gauze and there is a feeling of constriction around your chest. There are soft intakes of breath from the left, and curiosity seems to get the best of you. Sharp pain rolls through every single one of your muscle fibers when you attempt to maneuver your head, however, so you instead settle for studying the wall.

What seems like an eternity later, a nurse enters the room. She seems a little surprised that you're awake, but rushes to retrieve the doctor almost immediately. The man who is brought back is very familiar to you. Electric blond hair, stunning blue eyes, beautifully tanned skin; . Narutos father.

He sends you a bright smile as he strides over. "I don't think introductions are necessary, ne Sasuke?"

You attempt to shake your head, but end up halting the action and cringing instead. Damn injuries.

He chuckles softly at your antics and removes the clipboard from the rack at the end of your bed. Between questions and notes, he fills you in on what occurred.

"While you were crossing the parking lot, one of your teachers hit you with their car. He was driving way over the speed limit for the area and happened to be a little, well, intoxicated," the man stated, poking at the bandages on your ribs. "You were sent flying and managed to shatter one of your legs, broke an arm, several ribs, and your collarbone. Several other minor fractures occurred, some muscles were pulled, and you sustained major bruising as well as a concussion."

You don't say anything in response, although your not sure why you are not speaking. The doctor sighs and ruffles your hair before sitting down on the plastic chair nearby. He waves off the nurse, who leaves promptly at his command.

"What were you doing Sasuke, usually you are more aware of your surroundings than that."

You avert your eyes in order to avoid the tenderness and worry you see in the gaze of your boyfriend's father. He has a tendency to act like a parent towards you ever since the day he found out how much your own parents favor your elder sibling. Even with Itachi they seem to never be around and are always submerged in work or social outings. The only time they show their aristocratic faces is when one of their children fucks up or does something spectacular and world changing. Not just anything was worth the time of Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto.

There are a few tense moments of silence before Minato moves on. "Itachi was here before, but visiting hours ended so he had to leave." Nothing was stated about you parents. Typical. "And Naruto, he has been here since you arrived. That boy is lucky I've worked here so long because he would have had an issue with breaking the rules otherwise. He's always been such a troublemaker, with his pranks and tri-"

You interrupt the man as he begins to rant about his son. "Where is he?" Your voice is hoarse and sounds strange to your own ears. His eyes soften at your question and he motions to your opposite side with a jerk of his hand. "Sleeping to your left." You ignore the excruciating pain that fills your body as you turn your head to face Naruto. Immediately as you see his sleeping form, strange warmth overtakes your body. Blond tresses of hair have been shifted to shadow his forehead. Tan skin peeks out from under an orange sweater (possibly the same one as you had spilled on because there's an unidentifiable stain on the front) where it has ridden up his abdomen and black cargos down. His chest rises and falls with every breath he breathes in.

Naruto is alive.

Minato is alive.

Itachi is alive.

You are alive.

Sasuke is alive.

Uchiha Sasuke is alive.

He doesn't like it.

Uchiha Sasuke should be dead.

You feel your stomach lurch, but you resist the urge to vomit, instead reaching out towards the blond teen. The bed is too far away for the male to be palpable from your position, but you keep your arm extended anyways. seems to notice once the appendage begins to tremble and he rises from the cheap fabric armchair to aid you in whatever your attempting to do.

It is obvious the man is not sure of your motives so he decides to rouse the boy from his slumber (you would have preferred he stay asleep as it made him seem more approachable and really damn hot. Plus, your rather afraid of what choice words he will have for you) by shoving him off the cot. Naruto flails as he falls and lands with a large thump on the tiled floor. He shakes on the floor and mutters about his oh-so-cruel father before sitting up and chewing the aforementioned individual out.

Eyes dancing with amusement due to the hissy fit his child is throwing, Minato regards you casually. "Ah, Naruto is such a brat, yelling at me for doing him a favor. Wouldn't you agree Sasuke?"

Naruto growls, enraged by this comment. "Who are you calling a brat, old man?"

He pushes himself off the floor, completely disregarding the hint that his boyfriend had awoken, and proceeds to launch a full-out attack on his parent. Cheap pillows sail through the air and laughter resonates throughout the room. grabs the sheet off of the cot, twirls it up, and attempts to whip his son in the head with it. Naruto, being the noisy and rambunctious male he is, squeaks and screams as his flesh is struck.

"Child abuse! You sick sick man! I bet you enjoy this!"

The noise makes your head ache terribly. You will them to stop in your mind for a few moments before deciding to actually say something. "Idiot," you croak, then pause and correct you statement "Idiots, can't you shut up? You're giving me a headache!"

Minato chuckles lightly and rubs the back of his head in embarrassment at his unprofessional conduct. Naruto, on the other hand, freezes in place. After a few seconds of contemplation, he twists his abdomen in order to look at you with gorgeous cerulean eyes.

"Oh my god, Sasuke! You're awake!" he states breathlessly. Before you can even blink, the blond-haired boy has his arms wrapped tightly around your shoulders. You find your face buried into the tanned skin of his neck, and feel comforted by the warmth that seems to radiate from it. The usual scent of miss ramen and oranges-, which is a surprisingly delicious combination-, is overpowered by the heavy smell of antiseptic, however.

"Augh, you bastard, you don't know how much you fuckin' worried me. You were so messed up, I honestly though you were gonna die." Your not sure as you can't see, but it sounds as if Naruto is biting back sobs. "There was was blood runnin' out of your head, a-and everyone was screaming. That stupid teacher just kept on driving too, cops ended up having to follow him all the way to his house. W-when they went to question him he just said he didn't even know what he did, thought you were some kind of speed bump they added to slow people down. This morning I heard his lawyer was going to try to blame it on temporary insanity cause' he had just heard his sick wife had another miscarriage. Th-that's not fair though, we all know he was drunk! The tests show it, the tests Sasu-"

You lightly squeeze that male in what is hopefully a comforting manner (you never were good and the mushy stuff) and softly whisper "Naruto, you idiot, just shut up."

Neither of you move to break the embrace for a very extended period of time; so long, in fact, that when you do pull away, has cleaned up the mess he and his son had made and left the room. You are quite content with this fact. Although you love Minato almost, if not more, than your own father, it is always awkward being affectionate with Naruto when he is around.

"So, bastard," Naruto begins, rubbing at his supposedly non-watery eyes with the butts of his hands and moving to sit on his haunches on the other cot "how are you feeling?"

The next day, it seems as if everyone and their mother comes to visit you. It starts with Kakashi, your perverted English teacher and family friend, who stops in before school. He walks in on Naruto attempting to force feed you hospital food that looks very similar to some sort of sludge from the sewer. Taking pity on you, he promptly leaves and returns a half an hour later with some sort of platter filled with several types of fruits and vegetables. There's a bowl of ramen from Naruto's favorite restaurant nestled in the middle of the tomatoes and the blond practically squeezes the silver-haired man to death in gratitude.

News travels around the school quite fast, partly due to Kakashi being a gossip mongrel, because by the time you wake up from an afternoon nap and the academy gets out, there's already a hoard of people waiting in the hospital lobby to visit you. Your cousins, Hinata and Neji, are surprisingly first. She brings you several types of homemade ongiri and a jug of green tea that has you practically drooling. Neji adds in a pack of your favorite peppermint chewing gum and a card from your aunt advising you to recover quickly as to not worry your parents. The two of roll your eyes at her distant concern and wait in silence for Hinata to finish her conversation with Naruto. Before they leave, Hinata asks if she can sign your cast and you nod your head. Neji decides to jot a small note as well. Naruto swipes the marker from his grasp as soon as he is done and has a hay day, scribbling all over the gauze. When he moves the remove your hospital gown in order to write on the bandages covering your chest, Neji slaps his hand over Hinata eyes and rushes her out of the room. Shouts of him being able to keep the marker are barely heard over the slamming of the door.

Shikamaru, Gaara, and Temari- Gaara's sister and Shikamarus' new girlfriend- come in after several waves of people. Their faces are a welcome sight, even with Temari pinching your cheeks and hovering over you like a mother hen. Most everyone before had been strangers or people you barely knew leaving you quite uncomfortable and feeling a little sick. They, too, inscribed their names on the gauze among the dozens of others prior to leaving. Gadara stood by your side for a few moments longer than the other two and left a small notepad and pen. A succinct message inside stated that it was to be used for writing in, although you would probably have to have Naruto do it for you.

The boy Naruto had been speaking to the day of the accident, Kiba, even decided to come visit, although you believe that it was more to check on Naruto than you. The boy somehow managed to sneak his dog in, so while the blond and brunet wrestled on the bed, you pet the furry little creature. It's name was Akamaru, and the thing was quite content to just lay on your aching chest and make adorable puppy noises while you rubbed it's ears. You had always had a soft spot inside your heart for animals, although it was never spoken aloud. Your brother, when you were a child, had even gone as far as to sneak a pet kitten into the house while your parents were out of town. Neither of you had ever been allowed to keep a pet, so it scared the maid half to death when she found the fuzzy thing curled up under the bed. You're not sure what happened to the feline, but it was never seen or mentioned again after that.

Visiting hours seemed to end, because the canine-like boy was escorted out by several nurses and Akamaru was snatched out of your grasp by another.

"Sas, what are you going to eat for dinner?" Naruto questions after waving goodbye to Kiba. He rummages through one of the many plastic containers of food and treats concocted for you and pulls out a dish containing noodles. "Can I eat this?"

You nod once and watch in amusement as he rips off the plastic lid in delight. Before he takes a bite, though, he looks up at you. "Dammit, pick something already so I can eat without feeling like a pig."

Haughtily, you turn your head away and reach for the platter of ongiri Hinata had carefully made. The green plastic wrap is removed quickly and you pick one up using your elegant fingers. Naruto looks satisfied with your choice and shoves a copious amount of noodles into his mouth. The ends peek out like little worms and as soon as he swallows, a cheesy grin is shot your way. A flush creeps onto your cheekbones and you look in the opposite direction to avoid more embarrassment.

A few minuets pass in which neither of you speak; only the sound of the rattling air ducts fills the room. You take small nibbles of the rice, making it last much longer than Naruto's noodles had (he stares at your meal longingly so you flick a granule at his tanned face) and sip at the tea.

There is a wriggling of the silver doorknob and Minato meanders into the room, clipboard in hand. His hair is almost wilder than his youngest sons and he looks more stressed out than he had that morning. When his gaze meets your own, he smiles weakly.

"Ah, Sasuke, I know you must e exhausted from all your visitors today, and the hours are over, but there is someone who desperately wants to check on you. Since he is family and he was practically on the floor begging, I figured an exception was in order."

Out from behind the blond comes your elder sibling, looking more frazzled than ever before. Half of his hair has slipped out of its ponytail and falls across his eyes. Unbuttoned and caked partially in dirt is the state of his navy blazer, embroidered with a KHS on the right breast. Itachis' breaths are short and a mix worry and relief seem to cloud his irises when you glare and scowl at him.

Just as Naruto had done the day prior, Itachi practically throws himself at you. warns that he has to leave within five minutes, but a response is hardly given; your brother is too busy rocking you back in forth in his embrace. He mutters your name along with 'foolish little brother' over and over again, withheld sobs causing him to practically tremble. The actions are completely out of character for the usually stoic male and it shocks you a bit. Even when you were close, he only regarded you with an air of mild annoyance, one that screamed 'I'm-more-charismatic-intelligent-and-attractive-than-you-and-I-know-it.' Seeing him act like a human rather than the prodigal android your father had programmed him to be was new, and you didn't have the heart to shove him away (although you don't hug back either). Only on the inside did you admit that if he were to be in some tragic accident, you would be acting the same way.

He pulls away after a duration of time and sticks his hands deep into his pockets, almost as if he restraining himself from repeating the previous act. He looks over your battered form and apologizes for not coming earlier. He had to attend a mandatory student council meeting for the whole day- he sounds bitter relaying this- and had not heard the news of you waking until its end at 6. When he had arrived, the nurse and he had gotten into a very long and harsh argument on whether or not he could visit after hours. Luckily, Minato had heard the bickering and come to his defense, goading her into letting your brother visit for a few minuets ("I heard he has anger problems and won't hesitate to have his mob of psychotic friends come and bomb your house" the blond man had apparently whispered in the elderly woman's ear). The tale left you amused and Naruto in hysterics on the floor, although you don't understand why as it wasn't that funny. The Uzumaki is perhaps being an idiot as usual, like his nature intends him to be.

Itachi genuinely smiles, the first time you've seen him do so in a very long time, before proceeding to lecture you for being a foolish twit. His voice seemed to grate on more nerves than your own, as a decrepit and heavy nurse- the one your brother had fought with based on the pinched look on his face when she entered- came to escort him out. Prior to being dragged away, your sibling takes two fingers and pokes you directly in the forehead and says, "Sorry Sasuke, I'll lecture you more another time."

The door shuts with soft clicks. You are too busy rubbing your forehead with the un-bandaged arm to notice such a miniscule noise however. The nudge you received was more of a nuisance than it was painful but that did not mean you enjoyed the sensation.

"Sas," Naruto mutters in a low voice, slithering up behind you, "you look tired, we should shut off the lights and try to get some sleep."

"I'm not tired at all idiot, I think you need glasses," you all but snarl, shimmying towards the other side of the mattress.

"Sasuke," the blue-eyed boy restates firmly, "I think you are tired, WE should try to get some sleep."

You blush as he switches off the lights and clambers up beside you. Muscled arms move to wrap around your thin waist and his face is pressed feather-lightly against your bruised neck.

An hour later, with Naruto practically curled around you like a boa and fast asleep, you stare blankly at the dull walls. It's neither the aches that jolt through you that keep you from slumber nor the chilliness of the room. It is rather the premonition of your demise that still lurks around in your head. You may have eluded death this time, but something tells you that it's not over.

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