A day in the Life of your Average Hanyouness

Chapter 0: The List

Share: This is basically what Kagome looks like and her abilities so I won't have to list them all later. The real story will make more sense with this here. I'll also have which person she got this trait from

PART 1: Appearance

Retractable claws (Kirara)

Dog/Wolf ears (Kouga and Inuyasha)

Wolf/cat/kitsune tail (Kouga, Kirara, and Shippo)

Bright blue/green/golden eyes* (Koga and Inuyasha)

Dark green stripes on cheeks (idk Inuyasha/Inutaisho)

1 ½ inch long fangs* (All)

Natural tan, denser skin (All)

Silver/Reddish hair (Shippo and Inuyasha)

PART 2: Abilities section 1

Ears= Cat like sensitivity, and activity

Eyes= Cat pupils (pupils shrink and dilate to certain light intensity, further sight)

Nose= Canine sense of smell

Muscles= Inhumane strength and speed, (maximum speed is faster than a fighter jet)

Hands= can manipulate the elements, knows how to handle any type of hand weapon

Extra= Flight, transform shape and size

PART 2: Abilities section 2: Attacks

Axe kick- Kouga

Blood crescent blades- Inuyasha

Rain of fire- Kirara and Shippo

Arrow of Purification- Original, just stronger

Claw Fury- Inuyasha and Kouga

Demon Form* - All

Aerial Destroyer- Kirara

Black Death- Extra Miko power

Mind Control- Miko Power