A/N. First Bleach One shot, hope you guys like it! This is a Fem!IchigoxYukio one-shot, there aren't a lot of these that I have been able to find, or any really. Anyways it's based off of the fact that despite whether they mean to or not, everybody seems to think that Ichigo can do everything, even when he isn't even supposed to get involved initially, which is partially his own fault but still. They do seem to realize it though, and have even tried to help, but seriously, in the end, it's always Ichigo who beats the main bad guy. Most of the time with a few exceptions anyways. This could also just be me overthinking everything again.

Summary: Despite what they all think, Ichigo can't really do everything. She's only one person after all.

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he can't do everything…

Despite what they think Ichigo cannot do everything. She's only one person after all…

You might wonder where this came from, you might not even care, but it's true. Ichigo can't do everything for them. She's good at doing a lot of different things, but she can't do everything.

Ichigo is only one person, even with all the reiatsu she has. She is only one single person, and still human at that.

She can gain the powers of a shinigami, hollow, vaizard, whatever other spiritual beings are out there. She can battle as many foes as she wants and wins.

She's still only just a human girl.

(Barely my age.)

She can fight till she bleeds and put on false smiles and fronts that create barriers with those around her, she can hide what she's really thinking all she wants.

She's still just a girl, still human; still, at least partly anyways, normal.

(It's not her fault that she was born to a shinigami father and human mother.)

Ichigo's not perfect, and despite what they seem to think, she's only good at two things. And by good I mean really good.

Getting stronger when it is necessary and changing her own perspective to understand others.

(Being a kid was never on that list. Maybe a long time ago, but not now, not ever.)

So no, despite what they seem to think. Ichigo is not perfect, and she can't do everything on her own.

The real problem is, that more often than not, Ichigo is the only one left to help deal with it.

So we can swear that we understand it all we want, in the end we're the ones lying on the ground bleeding and severely injured while Ichigo continues to risk her life to help us.

I wonder if she knows she doesn't really have to. She doesn't have to protect us all the time.

And there lies the other problem. Ichigo always trying to protect everything. And she just can't do it.

I have to worry about how this is going to end.

Because in the end, the person who's going to wind up hurt isn't any of us.

It's Ichigo.

A/N. Hope you guys enjoyed that! And sorry, I seem to be a One-shot binge at the moment. Yukio is actually one of my favorite characters in Bleach, second to only Toshiro and Fem!Ichigo. Thanks for reading and please review! See ya! And no flames!