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She didn't believe, didn't want to believe it. She couldn't ignore the truth though. She, Rapunzel, had officially lost it. Her mind was gone, off in another world, leaving Rapunzel behind. If only she never left that godforsaken tower!

Rapunzel could've blamed it on The Witch. The Witch had locked her up in that tower, refusing to let her experience the world, leaving her completely unprepared for the horror and truth of the outside. Rapunzel knew it wasn't The Witch's fault though. It was her fault; she made this happen. She wanted to experience the world, was the one to share a bed with a prince; was the one to bear twins.

Twins, her childrenā€¦ dead. She loved her two children dearly, but they had to go. They wouldn't stop crying, wouldn't stop draining her of her energy. Besides, she never asked for children, for two children. And the pond was right thereā€¦

That was when Rapunzel began to truly realize she was going insane, her mind practically turning to mush. Madness stalked her, but Guilt was left behind. Guilt remained an observer as Madness chased her, chased her right back to the seemingly motley crew, though in truth they were all connected in some way. But Rapunzel didn't know that, Rapunzel didn't know anything.

"Is that the lad?" boomed a thunderous voice, loud and resonating throughout the land. Rapunzel resisted another scream, but was scared to half to death. There was a big, tall, terrible giant in the land, standing right before her, wondering if she was the lad, whoever the lad was. Rapunzel did not know, was unaware of anything that had happened. And where was The Narrator?

"No, no it's not the lad!" shouted The Witch as she guarded Rapunzel from the giantess. There were more shouts, people trying to convince the giantess that the lad was not among them. Semi-convinced, the giantess began to leave with thundering footsteps. And then, Guilt caught up with Rapunzel.

You're responsible, you're the one to blame, it's your fault! Guilt hissed in her ear and Rapunzel did the only thing she could do at that point in time, the only thing to escape the Guilt and the Madness for good. Escape: that was the only thing she wanted now; escape and relief from the world and mind that was tormenting her.

"Rapunzel, no!" shrieked The Witch, trying to stop Rapunzel from running underneath the feet of the giantess, who was nearsighted and had lost her glasses. There was no stopping Rapunzel though when she put her mind to something. She ran and it was all over in an instant.

Smashed flat.

This was the world The Witch meant. Rapunzel just couldn't stay safe behind the walls of her tower. But now, Rapunzel was content.

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