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Peter's hands are, first and foremost, swordsman's hands. Rough and battle-hardened, they know better than anything the grip of a sword hilt. They are skilled, callused with many hours of practice, brown under the Narnian sun. His are hands that know hard work.

But for all their roughness, there are none as careful as his to wipe away Lucy's tears, none as gentle as his to whirl Susan around the great ballroom at Cair Paravel, none as tender as his to rub the strain and lingering hurts of battle from Edmund's body. And there are none in all Narnia as deft and quick as his to bind wounds and set bones on a ravaged battlefield. They are always warm, as he grasps Lucy's chilled hands in his own and rubs heat back into them lovingly. He runs long fingers through Edmund's damp hair and soothes his trembling after a particularly vicious nightmare. They are even occasionally delicate, to fasten priceless jewels around Susan's white neck before they descend to the Great Hall together, arm in arm.

If a closer look is taken, raised marks can be seen that encircle his wrists, the marks of captivity. Scarred with rusty manacles. They tell a tale of cruelty and imprisonment, and of long nights spent in chains. He is royalty, and there are risks.

But Peter's hands are strong, the hands of a king and a warrior. They are deadly, but give the softest of touches. With them he governs a country, defends a people, and loves his family. They bestow the blessing of Aslan upon those who seek it.

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