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Lucy's hands are captivating, as they make swift, expressive gestures that sketch the shapes of one of a thousand stories that she loves to tell. She enchants all those who watch her, drawn in by her radiance as she weaves tales of love and war and faith, painting pictures with her small hands.

They are tanned from the bright Narnian sun as her eldest brother's are, but somehow delicate, like Susan's. They smell of the rich earth that she loves so well, for nothing gives her more joy than laying dry, dead seeds into the soil and watching as they spring to life in cheerful colours as the summer comes. Some days, she comes home with hands bramble-scratched and berry juice stained, dirt crusted under her fingernails, and smiles brightly as Susan scrubs her fingers raw and red with soap under hot water.

They seem almost ridiculously small, and she jokes that their growth has been inhibited from years of being enclosed tenderly in the hands of her older siblings, but they are firm with the grip of dagger and bow. She braids ribbons into Susan's long hair, and clutches Edmund tightly around the waist as they thunder across the moors and through the forests together on the back of his horse. She slips her small fingers into Peter's hand when the weight of the golden crown on his brow becomes too heavy for him, and pours faith and strength into him with that smallest touch.

Lucy's hands are renowned most for their healing touch. They are quick and knowledgeable and red with soldiers' blood after a long battle, but when the sun rises over the carnage the next day, the lines of troops who gather to thank her for their lives make everything worthwhile. And when the battle turns bad and things are at their most desperate, she will drop her bandages and take up her dagger and her bow and lead the fresh charge, for she is the Valiant Queen.

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