Zelda Knight Chronicles

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"Fi/Wizel talking,"

"Fi/Wizel thinking,"

"Demon/Gigas/some great powerful spirit, guardian, creature, thing,"

"Demon/Gigas/some great powerful spirit, guardian, creature, thing,"

(Scene Change)

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(At Skyloft)

Zed and his friends arrived at Skyloft and went their separate ways to find out information about Levias. Zed went to his house to ask his father sense he's met him before.

Zed entered his house like he would any other day to find his father working on a small sword. "Hey: dad," Zed greeted to his father. Link stopped what he was doing to look at his son.

"Oh hi Zed how is you quest coming along?" Link asked seeing Zed look down. "Want to talk about it?" the former hero asked trying to put in his fatherly duty.

Zed went on to explaining everything that happened in Eldin volcano down to the part where Shade got away with Tetra. In the end of it Link was seeing a pattern in this between his quest and Zeds. "I'm going to try and ask Levias if he knows anything about the Dogma age," Zed said as Link thought that was a good idea.

But Link knew he had to tell Zed what has been going on with Levias. "Son, Levias has been acting strange lately and when I went to investigate I found that he had been possessed by a parasite," Link explained as Zed listened.

"So how do I beat it," Zed asked.

"Well you and your Loftwing need to learn the spiral charge," Link explained as he went on to how it worked and how to perform it.


Zed was on his Loftwing as he was trying to use the spiral charge to hit the targets. So far he was getting the hang of integrating his Loftwings speed into the spiral charge. As Zed finished the practice he flew back to Skyloft and landed in front of Link.

"Hey dad I mastered the spiral charge so can I go help Levias now?" he asked as he really needed the info on the Dogma age.

"Sure but you're going to need some pumpkin soup to get him too you," Link said before Fi and Wizel came out.

"Former master I have already arranged for scrapper to retrieve soup," Fi said.

"But thy mechanical man must hurry with thy soup," Wizel said getting impatient.

*Insert Scrapper theme

Soon Scrapper came carrying a giant cauldron filled with Pumpkin soup. "Move it master fancy pants BZZT," the robot said still not liking Link.

"ZZT Hello master of speed ZZZT, Mistress Fi, BZZ and sir Wizel I have the soup and am ready to go," Scrapper said as they all nodded.

Zed got all his friends and they all got on their Loftwing and took off to find Levias. The group flew through the storm and eventually found the isle with the rainbow over it.

They landed and the group and looked around the island before Levias rose up from the clouds with a parasite sticking out of his blow hole with eyeballs sticking out connected by big red tentacles.

"Guys we need to get on Levias back after getting rid of those eyeball things. You draw its fire and I'll try and get those eyeballs," Zed said as he got on his Loftwing.

Corona, Kukiel, and Goose were distracting the possessed Levias as they ducked and turned at every attack he ditched out.

Zed used the Spiral charge and got rid of those eyeball things one at a time. Every so often he would get attacked by energy spears but he made quick work of them. Zed soon got rid of all the eyes and he gave everyone the signal to get on Levias head.

When they arrived they found a young man with black hair that covered his left eye and explorers clothing. He was running from the one eyed parasite that was firing energy balls at him.

"That guy is going to get killed," Corona called as the man tripped and Zed and Goose were just taking out there Knight Arks.

Tea was walking away to a different part of Levias that was still solid ground for some odd reason.

But when Zed and Goose were about to do the chant they never finished as the Parasite was destroyed by someone or something. The group looked up in the sky and saw General Sheik in his Black Knight form.

"Crap," Zed said as they really needed to do the chant and fast.

"Oh Wizel, White warrior, Wielder of the Ancient blade," Zed said.

"Oh Larvain, vermilions drake, leveler of ancient lands," Goose said at the same time as Zed.

"Grant me your power, VERTO!" the both said at the same time in perfect synch. Thus the two were in there Knight Forms.

"Ready Goose?" the white knight powered Zed asked.

"Ready," Goose said as he in his Dragon Knight form went to fight the Black Knight powered Sheik.

*insert Black Knight theme

Zed was the first to attack with his spin attack but the black knight was too fast as he attacked Zed who had to use his shield to defend. Goose took his chance to use his trident and skewer the black knight which made a blow but didn't do damage to the armor.

It was then that Zed used a Skyward Strike which was glowing an odd blue and it remained the color after it was launched at the General Sheik.

Everyone saw that the Knights were glowing odd colors. The White Knight was glowing blue; the Dragon Knight was glowing purple, while the black knight was glowing red. Each Knight was looking, themselves over as they also felt stronger.

"The Knights are making each other stronger," Kukiel said as she was surprised.

*Insert Pale Hero

"All right this is great!" the White Knight powered Zed said as he was having a sword fight with the Black Knight Sheik.

"I know I feel great!" Goose said as he struck the Black Knight.

Sheik saw that he had a power boost but was still out matched so he decided to cut his losses and retreat.

After Sheik was gone Zed and Goose transformed back to normal. "I never thought I'd see the day," the man the group saved said as he walked up to Zed and Goose.

"Uh who are you?" the white clad hero asked.

"Oh sorry my name is Gannon but I know a lot about those Knights you wield and the era known as the Dogma age," the man now known as Gannon said.

"Wait really but we were going to ask Levias," Zed said surprised.

"Unfortunately Levias did not assist during the Dogma Age so he wouldn't know much about it I came here to help him but right now let's get to my house," he said as he jumped off as a shrill whistle was heard. Then an Orange Loftwing came and caught Gannon.

(Later at Gannon's blue house)

The group was sat around a table as Gannon went into explanation on the Dogma Age. "Now I know most of you are already aware of this but during the Dogma age there was technologies beyond our comprehension among those technologies were the Knights which were built for war," Gannon started.

"Wait war?" the white clad hero asked surprised.

Yes war, you See eons ago before Demise there were two Empires the Athwani and Yishrelia. These two armies sought the power of the Triforce for their own uses though to this day it was still a mystery to me. The Athwani were winning so the Yishrelian emperor ordered the creation of the Knights. He had his best scientist and Mages create these weapons of war and they succeeded to an extent," he said.

"What do you mean to an extent?" the red head of the group asked.

"Well the Knights were unstoppable they needed a fuel source that can only be provided by the pact maker. You see when you use the Knight you willingly offer your soul to give the Knights the power to fight," Gannon said as he explained.

"So we're giving these knights our soul so they can fight," Goose concluded.

"Yes but the Yishrelian emperor knew that he couldn't just give these knights to his soldiers or he would risk them turning on him so he went down the list and chose the next best thing living infants," Gannon said as everyone was appalled.

"How could they do that," Corona yelled more then asked and she had a point. Who would send in innocent baby into battle inside the knights?

"They did it because an Infants soul is innocent and could be controlled. Soon it drove the Athwani to near extinction so the Empress devised a plan. She and her best Mages banded together to seal the Knights away for all eternity a process that caused them their lives. Now it was Yishrelia's turn to be pushed near extinction. But before the empire of Athwan could finish the job they mysteriously died out," Gannon explained as it actually left a cliff hanger there.

"What happened?" Terra asked curios as to what happened to this empire.

"No one know all that is, is that the Yishrelian Empire soon followed," Gannon said as it left a blunder.

"But why is this happening now?" Zed asked wondering why.

"Well a group of Seers saw the future and foretold that one day the Knights would be unearthed and soon after that after a great battle the soul of the Empress of the Empire of Athwan Maries would be reincarnated and do battle against her foe the Emperor of the Yishrelian empire Madoras," Gannon explained.

"So what you're saying is that a prophecy that was foretold Millennia ago, is coming to past now," Corona asked as that actually scared her.

"Unfortunately yes," Gannon said as though he feared this day would come.

"So what do we do now?" Kukiel asked knowing the enemy will go for something tying to the Dogma Age and there knights.

"We go to the place where it all began," Gannon said causing everyone to listen close.

"Which is…?" Zed asked.

"Sinca village," Gannon said.

"Where is that?" Goose asked.

"Beyond the provinces we know to a fourth province with its own set: Termina Province," Gannon said as Zed never heard of that place. "Now I must prepare meet me at Skyloft and we will head to Sinca together," Gannon said as everyone left him to prepare.

(Later at Skyloft)

Zed entered his parent's house as it was night time. Zed found his parents awake waiting for him. "Sorry I'm late I have to tell you guys something," Zed said as he got their attention.

"Well we're all ears," Zelda said trying to control her mood swings.

"Well you see I'm going beyond the three Provinces and going into a fourth one call Termina Province and well I just want you guys to know that I will be gone for Hylia knows how long," Zed explained as his parents listened.

"Zed just: promise us you'll be back for the birth of your baby brother and/or sister," Link said as Zelda nodded.

Then there was a knock on the door Zed answered and found it was Groose, Gooses dad who right now looked freaked out. "Hi uncle Groose what's up?" Zed greeted.

"No time house on one of the floating islands just blew up and someone was inside. Groose said which got Zed to run out and check it out himself. All the while praying it wasn't Gannon.


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