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Dei's POV.

Chapter Nine: A change in plan, un.

Deidara watched as Konan led Itachi out of the room, or better still dragged him forcefully. He was so proud of his mother figure, always so determined and getting what she wanted by whatever means possible, amazing. She would have been his role model in life if she made things go 'boom' more often. Well enough of that, Hidan was sulking because Itachi rejected him and Jashin. Poor Hidan. Noticing Deidara's look, Hidan trembled his lip and sat down on the floor doing an amazing impression of a really cute baby about to cry or a fucking ugly puppy. Maybe itwas a bit cruel but he didn't find the looks of others near tears particularly attractive and instead it was rather repulsive. Therefore he had to stop the other from crying.

Thus Deidara was on the floor next to him in an instant, as well known as Deidara's need of touch when he was nervous and his love of fleeting moments, it was known that Deidara hated seeing people cry and tried his best to cheer them up. So Deidara wrapped his arms around Hidan to help cheer him up. Which he instantly did of course considering how Hidan was an attention and touch whore. Especially when it came to Deidara, how could he not be? The bomber was pretty damn gorgeous and he would be mad to pass up any excuse to touch him up or have large squishy mammaries pressed against his chest.

"Hm… Deidara, you're warm." Hidan said and pulled him closer to be sitting on his lap, Deidara finding the position slightly uncomfortable, twisted so he was straddling Hidan. Hidan started to actually blush, his blush grew more predominant as Deidara ran his hand through his hair. Well he wouldn't call it so much a blush, if he could pass it off as anything he would claim it was a heat-rash or something rather than a blush as he found blushes to rather unmanly and for some insane reason he found himself wanting to be more and more manly around the other now. Perhaps it was in fact those breasts and the new feminine side the other had since the jutsu begun, he was like a lion staking out his position through his manliness. Being a lion didn't seem have bad to be honest, lazing about whilst his 'bitches' did the hard work and have a huge amount of 'bitches' to breed with... being a lion seemed great.

Hidan started a little at a small slap on his cheeks by a certain blond bomber. This is what happens when Hidan thinks, it takes most of his brain power and distracted him which is why he didn't do it too often. "You dazed off." Deidara said matter of factly looking at the other still straddling him as if it was nothing at all. They had always had quite a bit of contact like that therefore it wasn't too much for them, but for some strange reason that lust seemed to bite at him now and then such as it was now making it hard (no pun intended) with Deidara wiggling somewhat on his lap. Hidan placed his hands firmly on the other's hips in order to just make him stop moving too much, didn't the bomber realise that although they may be close friends that any wiggling on a man's crouch will more than likely cause some problems down there?

"Eh'em." came the voice from the rest of the group who they had both conventionally forgotten. They looked over to see Kakuzu giving them a look, ol' grumpy chops was grumpy. He was the grandpa of the group according to Hidan, an old miser of a man who loved seeing young people suffer was an apt description for both accordingly. "If you must do that here at least do it so we can make money off it." He stated, Hidan hissed a little, the other's money making schemes where to be the death of them he could swear by it. Deidara scrunched up his -or rather her now- nose before grumbling as she slid off the other's lap to sit beside the silver-locked Jashinist and complain about how unfair Kakuzu was being.

Although Hidan agreed he was still partly grateful for the miser as he hadn't really wanted his 'mini me' responding in front of everyone especially if Deidara had felt it! What would have happened then? He was leaning more towards pure chaos than anything else to be perfectly honest. But anyway it was good to be spending time with Deidara even if he was a girl now. Then Tobi had to be Tobi and ruin it by crawling by them and bouncing like some kind of insane rubber ball waving his arms about like a demented octopus.

"Dei~~" Tobi hummed contently looking at the bomber "Let's go get candy~ like lollipops" He cooed looking at the other who merely blinked slowly and looked at the masked man. He wasn't so keen on Tobi -heck Tobi wasn't even a real member of the Akatsuki!- especially considering the other's odd obsession with him or so it seemed like, it was like having your own personal stalker in his option. But what got his surprise with the statement was the fact that the other had asked for lollipops.

"Wouldn't that be like... cannibalism, un?" Deidara drawled out slowly trying to get his head around it, Tobi's mask did in fact look like a lollipop and the masked man did act like a kid on a permenant sugar rush so it made all sense that it would be similar to cannibalism. Tobi laughed a little, in fact it was similar to giggling (if men giggled that was... then again could you even call whatever Tobi was a man?).

"Silly sempai, always joking." Tobi stated grabbing hold of the some-what reluctant blond's wrist and dragging him away as if it wasn't like kidnap. Deidara sent Sasori a pleading look for the puppet to save him from the lunatic lollipop but Sasori seemed content enough to leave him to his doom with Tobi. Sadistic piece of wood, watch till he got back then he would get his revenge for not being saved.