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June 2008

Eddie's Bar & Grille

New Orleans, Louisiana

The bar was crowded and noisy but not so much that conversations were impossible. Jennifer Jareau, world famous actress and star of the TV series City of Angels, was sitting at a table with her two best friends in the world, Penelope Garcia and Elle Greenaway.

Jennifer, known to her friends and family as JJ, was in Louisiana filming a TV movie during her hiatus from the show called Betrayal on the Bayou. Their first night in town, one of the locals who worked on the lighting crew had told them about Eddie's, claiming it was the best place to get a beer and really great wings. From the first time JJ stepped into the dimly lit, loud bar, she had loved it. Especially when she noticed it had a dart board near the back.

Today was their second time at the bar, and JJ, Garcia and Elle were crowded into the booth enjoying their beers and wings. They were just enjoying themselves and relaxing after the long day's shoot. JJ was the actress, but Garcia was her personal make-up artist and Elle was her hair stylist. They had met in college and became fast friends. There was truly nothing they wouldn't do for each other.

Across the room, he watched the pretty blonde in the booth, laughing with her friends. This was the second time he'd seen her in the bar. Always with the same two girls, she never talked to any guys, never responded when the occasional guy came up to talk to her. He took that as a good sign. From the moment he'd seen her a few days ago, he'd known that he was destined to meet her.

He had asked around, his connections in town making it easy to find out who she was and why she was in his town. The more he learned the more he wanted her. In his mind, he was forming his plan for approaching her and making his move. He was convinced she'd fall for him with little effort. She would be his.

When he saw her get up from the booth and walk towards him, he straightened out and put on his most charming smile, convinced she was finally going to make a move.

JJ got up from the booth to find the restroom, the coffee from before, combined with the two beers she'd had were conspiring against her. She walked towards the hallway by the bar and soon found her path blocked by a guy who was smiling at her. JJ looked up at the guy and, not seeing anything remarkable about him, she smiled politely and said, "excuse me, I need to get by."

The man smiled down at the cute blond and said, "don't be like that little lady, let me buy you a drink?"

JJ resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the guy and said, "no thanks, now please move." When he still didn't move, she reached out, grabbed his arm and gave him a light but effective shove to the side, then stepped around him through the gap she'd created. She continued on her way to the ladies' room without a backward glance.

He watched her go by him and he kept smiling, still convinced that she was just playing hard to get and that she would be his soon. He didn't see her return to the booth but when he looked over there after a little while, she was sitting with her friends again. He watched her and finished his beer. He'd already had three but they hadn't even given him a buzz, he was used to the effects of alcohol, growing up in the bayou it came with the territory.

After another hour, he watched the three ladies leave the bar and followed them out. He followed them at a distance until they reached one of the hotels near the bar. He stood across the street and watched them enter the hotel. After another fifteen minutes, he saw a light go on in a window on the third floor. He smiled to himself as he recognized the blonde's silhouette cross the window. He knew where her room was now.

After another fifteen minutes, the light went out. He stood on the street watching the darkened window for another hour before he finally began walking away. She would be his, he was sure of it. For now, he could be patient and see if she came to him, but if she didn't, he knew he was going to have to make the first move and he wanted to be ready when that moment came.

Late July 2008

Filming on the TV movie wrapped about a month later and JJ, along with the rest of the cast and the L.A.-based crew left Louisiana for California to return to their regular lives. The film was now in post-production, but JJ and some of the cast had another week scheduled of looping to make sure the dialogue was perfect on the noisier scenes. She didn't mind, she knew it was part of the process.

JJ was sitting on the private plane that the production company had hired to fly the main cast and a few extras back to L.A. She was sitting with Garcia and Elle, whom she insisted must always travel with her, and they were talking about all the things that they'd seen and done in New Orleans while they weren't on set. JJ just sat back and closed her eyes, content to listen to her friends' chatter as she tried to relax. She couldn't wait to get home.

JJ hadn't hated New Orleans she just...she loved California more, specifically her little piece of heaven that was located on half an acre of land in Beverly Hills.

The plane finally took off and soon they were in the air, heading back home.

The man watched with a heavy heart as the private plane left the Louis Armstrong International Airport. She was on that plane...she was leaving him.

He'd seen her a few times more in Eddie's but he'd never talked to her again. She came in those last few times with the same two women and a new arrival, a guy, who never left her side. He was still convinced that all he needed was a chance and she would see that they belonged together.

He left the airport once the plane disappeared from view. A plan was forming in his mind and he smiled as he realized how easy it would be. He drove home in silence, making his plans and knowing that soon enough, he would be with the woman he loved. Nothing would stop him now.


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