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Chapter 11

A plain white van pulled up to the curb and the driver frowned as he double-checked the address he'd been given. Something didn't feel right about this so he sat there for a moment looking around the street he was parked on, hoping to see something that would let him know he was at the right place.

After a few minutes, he saw a black Chevy Tahoe slow down in front of him and turn into a driveway that he assumed led to the back lot of the building he was parked close to and he smiled. This was the sign he'd been waiting for, the small nondescript brick building that seemed almost abandoned, was where he needed to go.

With a smile on his face, he slipped out of the van and headed to the back doors. After a brief stop to retrieve something from the back of the van, he walked confidently to the door of the building, certain now that he was at the right place.

He knocked firmly on the steel door and waited for someone to answer.

Emily was alone at work. The rest of the Safe Haven crew was either out on assignment or not in yet, so she had some free time to just relax and think about the one thing she was trying not to think about…Jennifer Jareau.

Before Emily could sink too deep into her thoughts about the beautiful blonde actress, she heard the door to the lair open. She looked up and smiled as Abby, Gatekeeper, walked into the main room. "Morning Abby, how's it going?"

Abby just smiled, "Hey boss, good so far. Derek and his team are keeping me and Oracle busy with their case. How are you?"

"No complaints here. Is Oracle back there with you or is he still out?"

"He's out, something about a dentist appointment. Why? Did you need something?"

Emily shook her head, deciding not to use her tech team for personal matters. "No, just wondering."

Abby looked at her for a few seconds before she nodded, "Okay then. I just came out to stretch my legs so I'll head back to my lair now."

Abby's exaggerated movements had Emily wondering if there was something the dark haired tech genius wasn't telling her but by the time she thought to question it, Abby was already behind the closed door that led to her lair.

Emily shrugged it off, telling herself she was reading too much into things. Before she could turn back to her paperwork, there was a knock on the outside door.

Emily frowned, confused because no one ever really knocked on the door to Safe Haven. It was so rare that it took Emily a moment to get up and answer it, one hand hovering over her sidearm just in case. Emily opened the door and spotted a man in a tan uniform standing there, a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a clipboard in the other.

The man smiled at her then asked, "Emily Prentiss?"

Emily relaxed only slightly as she said, "Yes."

The man smiled and handed Emily the clipboard, "These are for you, sign here please?"

Emily reached for the clipboard and signed on the line the man indicated. She handed him the clipboard and he handed her the bouquet. Emily thanked him and took the flowers from him then closed the door as the man left. She turned slowly and walked to her desk, curious as to who would send her flowers.

From inside her lair, Abby grinned as she stared at the monitor to her right which was currently showing Emily and her flower delivery. Still smiling, she turned to her companion and offered up a fist, chuckling a little when she felt a fist lightly tap her own. "Phase one is complete."

Her companion smiled, "Let's just hope it wasn't in vain. It would suck to get this far, only to have Emily muck things up with her usual…caution."

Abby nodded, "'Caution'? I like that, it's nicer than saying her chicken shit knee jerk reaction."

Abby pretended to wince when she felt a hand lightly smack her arm. "Careful, that's our boss Abby."

"I know, but I can't help it Rain. She just frustrates me when she denies herself something that could make her happy just because she doesn't think she deserves to be happy, you know what I mean?"

Rain just nodded, knowing exactly what Abby was talking about when it came to Emily. She just hoped that this time, with the help of her friends, Emily sees the light and makes the right choice…to risk it all for a chance at real love. "Oh I know all too well. Well, here's to Phase 2."

Rain held up her mug filled with tea and tapped it against Abby's plastic cup of Caff-Pow.

"To Phase 2."

Emily walked over to her desk and set the flowers down, searching for a card among the multi-hued arrangement. She carefully plucked the small white envelope from the bouquet and carefully removed the note from inside. When she read what was printed on the card, she couldn't stop the smile that crept onto her face.

'Roses are red, Violets are blue, don't look now but I found you.' This is my way of saying I like you…your move Emily…I'll be waiting. –Jennifer

Emily stood there, thinking about what her move should be. This was a bold move and it deserved an equally bold counter move but what? Emily was so absorbed in her thoughts she didn't even hear the door opening and two people walking in until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around, startled and then relaxed when she saw it was just Ziva and Myka.

"Hey boss, why so jumpy?" Myka asked, amusement in her voice.

Emily just shook her head, "I'm not jumpy, you just startled me that's all."

"Uh huh." The sarcasm in her voice was obvious even as Myka nodded and walked over to her desk.

Ziva just grinned at the interaction, "Good morning Emily. Sleep well?"

Emily blushed against her will, "Slept fine Z. Abby's in the back if you wanna go say hi."

Anything to get Ziva away from her for a few moments. Emily wasn't in the mood for Ziva's prodding about her situation with Jennifer. She had enough to think about with the note.

Ziva grinned and nodded as she walked towards the door that led to the hallway that led to the lair. "Be back in a few minutes." Ziva slipped through the door and Emily let out a sigh of relief.

Myka watched the action quietly, her mind soon drifting back to Helena and their morning together.

JJ was sitting on her couch, a rare day off for her, with her laptop on her lap, the browser opened to the web page for the florist. She had paid extra for real-time tracking so she could know the moment Emily signed for the flowers she had sent her.

JJ couldn't wait to see what Emily would do now. JJ was not used to waiting for someone else to take the lead, she was used to taking the initiative and being in control but now…she had to wait on Emily, and it was slowly driving her crazy.

JJ was about to get up and start pacing when she heard a beep from her computer. She checked it and smiled when she saw that the delivery driver had logged in Emily's signature. Emily had her flowers and had most likely already read the card. JJ checked the time and mentally tried to calculate how long it would take for her to hear from the dark haired beauty.

Emily sat at her desk silently thinking about what her next move should be, fully aware of both Myka and Ziva sitting at their desks watching her. When Ziva had come back from the lair, she had informed Emily that Rain was back there with Abby, supposedly learning something about computers from Abby.

Emily picked up the card that came with the flowers again and re-read it. She smiled again at the playful nature of the note as well as the boldness of Jennifer's move. Something this big and bold deserved an equally bold move. Emily grinned as an idea formed in her mind. It would take some extra effort but in the end it would be totally worth it. Emily leaned back in her chair, still smiling as she mentally mapped out her plan to woo Jennifer Jareau.

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