Chapter 7

A few days later, Derek's team joined Emily's at the Jareau home. Emily introduced the newcomers to Miss Jareau and her family. JJ was a little concerned at first that all the new people might scare Henry but she soon realized that he was taking it all in stride.

Emily put Liam with Nick on Henry's personal detail, knowing that she could trust both men to keep the little boy safe. Her next task was to assign Sam to work with Rain on Carrie's protection. With two women on the detail, there was no where they couldn't follow Carrie, and without a man present, no one would think Carrie had a bodyguard. Sam and Rain could easily pass as Carrie's friends to avoid tipping off the stalker, in case he was watching Carrie as well.

She assigned Derek, Lindsey, and David to back up Myka on grounds patrol while putting Ziva with her as Jennifer's personal guard. Given their long history and Ziva's Mossad background, Emily knew she could trust Ziva to back her up.

JJ was at the studio, between scenes and she was in her dressing room with Emily when there was a knock on the door. JJ automatically stood up to answer it, not even thinking anything of it because Ziva was standing guard at the door.

Emily immediately put herself between JJ and the door and, without looking at the blonde actress, she said, "Let me get that, okay?"

JJ, not thinking there was any danger here at the studio, asked, "Why? It's just Ziva."

Emily held back a sharp retort and simply said, "Humor me, okay Miss Jareau?" Emily purposely used her formal title to illustrate that she wasn't there as a friend, she was there to do a job.

JJ heard the tone in Emily's voice and she backed down. She hated it when Emily reverted to calling her Miss Jareau, because she didn't want the distance it put between them. JJ's crush on her bodyguard was growing more and more with each passing day and she was more determined than ever to find a way to have Emily in her life as her lover. For the time being, however, she realized that backing down was the best way to go.

"Okay, knock yourself out."JJ backed away and sat back down on the small loveseat she'd been reclining in as she waited for the next scene she was in to start filming.

Emily relaxed her shoulders and just nodded as she walked to the door. She placed her right hand on the grip of her gun at her back and carefully opened the door.

Standing there was a short brunette wearing a headset and carrying a clipboard. Emily recognized her as one of the assistants on the show that routinely came to tell the actors when they were needed. At the moment, however, the girl's name escaped her. "Yes?"

The younger girl looked a little intimidated by the taller brunette and she quickly glanced behind her to see if Miss Jareau was in the room. "Miss Jareau? Mr. Harris said to tell you that you're needed on set in five minutes to shoot the courtroom scene."

JJ smiled sweetly at the young girl, "Thank you Kennedy. I'll be right there."

Kennedy nodded and began to turn away but then she remembered she had something else for the actress and she turned back around, "Oh, I almost forgot. This came to the studio addressed to you but it somehow landed in Mr. Harris' mailbox instead, so I figured I'd bring it to you myself, save you a trip back to the mailroom."Kennedy lifted a letter-sized yellow envelope and began to hand it to JJ.

Emily, who'd been observing the interaction, stepped forward when she noticed there was no return address on the envelope. "Um, Kennedy, would you mind just setting that on the table over there please?"Emily indicated a small table in the corner of the room.

Kennedy, though confused, looked to JJ for approval. When JJ nodded, Kennedy took a few steps and placed the envelope on the table. She then quickly left the room, eager to be away from the scary older woman.

Emily looked out the door and noticed Ziva standing nearby, ever on alert. Emily caught her eye and motioned her closer. When Ziva was close enough, Emily said, in a low voice, "Call Derek, get him over here with an evidence bag just in case." Ziva just nodded and pulled out her cell phone.

Emily went back in the room and smiled to herself when she saw that Jennifer was still sitting on the couch. The envelope lay on the table where Kennedy had left it. Emily began walking towards it.

JJ couldn't hold back any longer and she asked, "What was that all about?"

Emily turned to look at her, "There's no return address on the envelope. I'm just being cautious is all." Emily turned back to the table and reached into her back pocket and pulled out a pair of latex gloves. She quickly slipped them on and carefully picked up the envelope.

After ensuring that there wasn't anything dangerous about the envelope, she carefully opened it and pulled out the sheet of paper inside. It was the typical crazy person letter made of cut out magazine letters. Emily read it twice before she placed it down and took a breath.

JJ, not being able to see what was in the envelope because Emily's body was blocking it, asked, "Well? What is it?"

Rather than answer, Emily lifted her left hand and motioned for Jennifer to join her. JJ slowly stood up and walked over. Before she could move to stand in front of Emily, the brunette lifted her hand again and stopped her. She couldn't risk Jennifer getting too close and contaminating any evidence the letter might contain, such as DNA or fingerprints.

Jennifer stopped and looked at the table at the letter. She read it carefully and felt the bile rise in her throat. She quickly ran to the other side of the room were the small bathroom was and bent over the toilet and promptly lost her lunch. The things in the letter about herself were sickening enough, but the letter also mentioned Henry and that was the last straw for the blonde actress. This sick freak had threatened her son and JJ wasn't going to take that lying down.

Emily waited while Jennifer composed herself, knowing she couldn't afford to lose it too, even though the threat to the little boy who was his mother's whole world was threatening to make her lose her own lunch. She had to be strong and keep a clear head so she could capture this guy and put him away.

There was another knock on the door and again, Emily gripped her gun as she went to answer the door. She carefully opened it and smiled when she saw Derek standing there. She immediately let him in and, after ensuring Ziva was still okay guarding the door, she closed it and turned to Derek. "Did you bring it?"

Derek just nodded. After all their years working together, he had learned to not question Emily much. He pulled out the evidence bag that always reminded him of his days in law enforcement and handed it over.

Emily took it and carefully placed the letter and the envelope inside and sealed it. She carefully labeled it and then handed it to Derek. "Please get this to Oracle and Gate Keeper. I need them to run prints and DNA sweeps on it. ASAP."

Derek nodded then looked at the letter. He read it and then looked up at Emily, his eyes hard at the thought of someone harming an innocent child. "We'll get him Emily. I think we might want to consider calling the BAU for this one. We could use the federal muscle when we catch him."Derek's eyes told Emily what he'd left out, that if there wasn't any official law enforcement around when they caught his guy, he might not make it to the police station for processing. Derek had a very personal reason for hating people who hurt or threatened little kids.

Emily thought about his suggestion and nodded, "I'll call them tonight, see if they can back us up when the time comes." They were talking about their former co-workers and friends, Jason Gideon, David Rossi and Spencer Reid. They were the three main leads in the BAU now and Emily and Derek knew that if they needed them, they would be there.

Derek nodded then left to bring the letter to their tech and forensic team for analysis.

Once Derek was gone, Emily walked to the bathroom and found Jennifer at the sink rinsing out her mouth. "I sent the letter and envelope to our forensic team. They'll run it for any forensic evidence."

JJ just nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Emily reached out, against her better judgment and cupped Jennifer's face and turned her to face her. She looked her right in the eyes and said, in her strongest, most reassuring voice, "We will stop him Jennifer, and we will keep Henry safe. This guy won't get near either of you, I promise you."

JJ looked into Emily's eyes and she could see the truth in them. In that moment, she placed all of her trust in the woman standing in front of her. In her heart, she knew Emily would keep her and Henry safe. JJ nodded, "I know you will Emily. Thank you."

Emily just smiled, "Good. Now, I believe that girl said something about you being needed on set?"

JJ grinned, Emily had been in her life, with her on the set for weeks now and she still couldn't remember Kennedy's name, even though she interacted with the younger girl on a daily basis. "Her name is Kennedy and yes, they're about to shoot a courtroom scene where I get to sit on the witness stand and testify in a murder trial as the lead detective on the case."JJ's tone was somewhere between informative and annoyed. She loved her job but she hated shooting scenes where she didn't get to chase someone down or slap cuffs on someone or do anything else but sit down and talk about the case. It's the main reason why most of the scenes where they had to go over evidence was done standing up or during a walk and talk in the halls. Sitting down in a chair or on a witness stand was very boring for JJ, who loved being active, but she knew it was necessary when filming a cop show.

Emily nodded then headed for the door. She cracked it open and caught Ziva's eye before motioning her closer.

Ziva, while still being completely aware of her surroundings, moved closer to Emily. "yes?"

"We're heading to the set to shoot the scene. Make sure it's all clear."

Ziva gave a curt nod before she slipped away to make sure that there was no one out of place and no possible way for someone to sneak in and get close to their client without her or Emily being able to put him down.

Emily pulled out her cell phone and sent Nick a text alerting him to the threat against the boy so that he and Liam could be on even higher alert.

When Ziva returned to the door with the all clear signal, Emily ushered Jennifer into the hallway and fell into step on her right while Ziva walked on her left. Together, the three of them headed to the set.

JJ used the time to clear her mind of everything but her lines and the scene so that she could hopefully get it done in one take.

Emily and Ziva were on high alert as they walked and searched the rooms and crowds for anything out of place. Finding nothing, they reached the set and handed their client off to the director, Alex Harris, who had already been checked out by Gatekeeper and Oracle.

Emily and Ziva stood off to the side, out of the view of the cameras, and observed as the scenes were shot for the rest of the day.

At the end of the day, they fell into step with JJ and escorted her first to her dressing room for her things and then to the car to drive her home. Ziva kept looking over her shoulder but couldn't explain, when asked, why she was doing it other than to mumble vaguely that it felt like she was being watched.

He stood there, next to the craft services table and watched them. His initial plan of garnering sympathy by forcing the bodyguard to hit him was derailed when he noticed another guard had been added. One guard was easier to provoke than two...especially if the other one was able to keep the first one calm. No, he had to find another way to get close to her. So he got a job as a runner on the set. He ran around most of the time on errands for the director and he hated it, but it kept him close to her.

When he saw their demeanor on the set, constantly running their eyes over everyone there, including him, he could tell that they'd read his letter to her. In retrospect, he probably shouldn't have mentioned the boy, but it certainly got their attention in a hurry.

When he saw them lead her out of the building, he grinned smugly. Soon, he would make his move and she would be his...he even wouldn't mind becoming the boy's daddy, instant family had a nice ring to it.

He smiled again before he began to pack his things away and leave the set, the whole time thinking that soon, he would have everything he ever wanted...he just had to get rid of the bodyguards.


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