So this is what happens when I'm emotional over Bade breaking up. Enjoy.

I own nothing.


Jade's voice broke on that last number. A tiny glimmer of hope still in her eyes, believing that he would actually open that door. Look into her eyes, and just kiss her. And that everything would go back to normal.

The door didn't open.

He didn't come out, look into her eyes and kiss her. Everything is not back to normal.

Everything is over.

Jade reached forward to grab the door handle. Thinking about going back in and apologising for everything. She froze. Was it worth it? Beck did say he wasn't happy with their relationship. So... what was the point?

That tiny glimmer of hope in her eyes died, and tears replaced it. She backed away from the door and lingered. Maybe... just maybe... No. It's over. She walked away from the door and rushed through the rain over to her car, praying that no one would see the tears in her eyes.

She threw herself into the car and slammed the door, her upper body slumping over the steering wheel as a few tears slipped from her blue eyes.

They were over.

For real.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the window. The romantic in her hoped that it was Beck. But as she brought her head up, she found Cat looking at her sadly through the glass, her red hair getting soaked by the rain.

For some reason, Jade motioned for her to get in the car. Perhaps it was because she just didn't want to be alone at this moment in time.

The tiny redhead rushed around the car and entered the passenger's side. There was silence for a few moments, neither of them knowing what to say. Finally, Cat spoke up, "Are you okay?"

That was it. That's what broke Jade. Normally she never shows any kind of emotion, especially sadness. But... she and Beck were over. Done. Finished. Her heart was in pieces. She was not okay.

Her face crumpled as she shook her head. Cat opened her arms and let her fall into her embrace, letting the brunette cry on her shoulder. She didn't know what to say, so she didn't say anything. Just held Jade as she cried.

Jade sat up a few moments later and wiped her make-up stained face. They sat in silence again, neither of them knowing what to say... again. Until Cat broke the ice.

"At least you remembered 3"