Warning! Violence, torture, psychological abuse…our favorite killer's really losing it…

Thanks to my wonderful beta, Gotgoats, for all your help and encouragement on this chapter! You're amazing! Love you!

Breaks and Repairs
Chapter 23: Brains Over Beauty

Hetty was standing in line at the coffee shop when her phone rang. "Agent Lange," she answered. Her eyes widened when she heard the news the other agent was giving her. "What the hell happened?" she snapped. "How did someone just waltz onto the property and abduct Gabriella Oliver right out of the safe house? Where the HELL were you agents?!" She listened for a minute more, then sighed, "I'll get Franks and we'll be right out." She snapped the phone shut with an angry click and left the line, her cup of coffee temporarily forgotten.

Gibbs was giving Little Tony a bath—no mean feat when you had a squirmy six year old in a soapy bathtub, with one of his legs elevated out of the water and immobilized. He groaned when his cell phone rang and craned his neck to look up on the counter to see who was calling. If it was Shannon they'd call her right back after they finished. He frowned when he saw "AGENT LANGE" on the caller ID and reached for a towel.

"One sec Little Man," Jethro told his son. Tony was splashing in the tub having a royal time and he smiled and nodded. "Keep your foot on the edge of the tub ok?" Tony nodded again.

Jethro answered the phone. "Yeah, Gibbs." He sat down on the closed toilet lid and listened, trying to mask his horror from his son, as he heard from Agent Lange about Gabby and the fact that she'd been abducted from the other safe house. "Do they have any idea who…" Hetty cut him off as he began to speak. He put his head in his hands as he listened to the name of their primary suspect. Pedro Hernandez, of course. She was the one who'd reported him in the first place. It made the most sense. And it had been quite obvious to Hetty that the Sergeant was hiding something when they visited his house earlier in the day, though she couldn't prove it or say specifically what it was that made her think that. So the agents were now waiting on the search warrant that would grant them entry to the entire house. "Thanks for letting me know, Hetty," Jethro said quietly, his voice full of pain and concern. "Will you keep me posted?" Another pause. "Thank you." He closed the phone and rubbed a hand over his mouth.

"Daddy?" Tony's voice drew him back to the present.

"Sorry Tony, Daddy just got distracted for a minute. Let's finish your bath, yeah? That way we'll be ready when Mommy calls."

"What did Agent Hetty want?" Tony wanted to know.

"She was just…giving me some updates on the investigation," Jethro hedged.

"You sad Daddy," Tony observed quietly. "Did somebody do something bad?"

Jethro nodded. "You know Gabby, right?" Tony nodded. Jethro took a deep breath. "Someone took Gabby today. Out of her house. Agent Hetty is trying to find her."

"Is it the same mean person who hurted that lady a cause she was inna sandbox?"

Jethro took a deep breath. "They think it might be the same person Tony. But he isn't hurting those people because they are in the sandbox. That's just where he puts them when he is finished hurting them."

Tony nodded and looked down at his lap. The water was still now, the happy splashing was gone. When Tony looked back up at his daddy there were tears in his eyes. "Daddy?"

"Yeah Bud?" Jethro slid off the toilet lid and got on his knees next to the tub so he could finish scrubbing Tony clean.

"Is Gabby gonna go a heaven like my Mommy did?" Tony whispered.

Jethro took a deep breath, his heart breaking for his son's pain. "I don't…" he swallowed hard. "I don't know, Tony," he whispered. He began soaping up the washcloth again and ran it over Tony's back.

"Daddy?" Tony's voice was wobbling with unshed tears now.

"Yeah Tony?"

Tony took a deep breath. "Where's Gabby's baby?" Tony and the little one had bonded over the few days that they'd stayed together.

Jethro blinked. "I don't…I'm not sure," he said. "But I do know that Agent Hetty will make sure that Baby Jacob is safe too."

"They not gonna put him inna box like I was, is they?"

Jethro shook his head firmly. "No. No we aren't going to let that happen. He'll be safe. I promise."


"Yeah Tony?" Jethro lifted Tony out of the tub and set him on the towel on the edge and wrapped it around him.

"Is a mean person gonna take you away too?"

Jethro shook his head and pulled his boy close. "No way," he assured him. "Nothing's going to happen to me. You and me are going to stay very safe and we're going to stay very safe together ok? I will protect you, no matter what. That mean person isn't going to get you." I will kill him myself before I let that happen, Jethro thought to himself.

Tony leaned into his daddy's embrace. "My mean daddy probly woulda gived me away to a mean person," he said softly. Jethro found he couldn't disagree with the assumption. It sounded about right for Senior. "I's glad…I's glad you my daddy now." Tony smiled at him. "You a bestest daddy inna whole world. I love you Daddy."

Jethro pulled Tony over into his lap and hugged his safe little boy tightly and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "I love you too baby boy," he said softly.


It was just getting dark outside when the beat up blue Chevy sedan pulled quietly up to the alley next to the Base Police Department. A man wearing a dark colored sweatshirt and dark glasses got out of the car. He was careful to keep his face turned away from the building, as there were security cameras all around the outside of the police department. He opened the trunk and lifted out a large garbage bag and carried it over to the dumpster. The bag was awkward, heavy, and dead weight—not surprising, given the contents of the bag. It took a bit of effort for him to dump it into the dumpster, and he finally stepped back, brushing his hands together and nodded in satisfaction with his job well done.

Pepe had beaten Gabby after he'd raped her. He'd listened to bones crack and break, cartilage was crushed, and finally he couldn't hear her breathing anymore. Assured that she was now dead, Pepe bundled her up into the trashbag he'd gotten out of his kitchen. He wouldn't dare dump her in the sandbox. She wasn't one of his precious girls. No Gabby was a traitor, and like all traitors, she belonged in the trash.


Hetty nearly squealed when the call came in that her search warrant was ready. She turned to Franks, Phelps, and Fisher—her three agents—and smiled. "Grab your stuff," she said. "We've got the warrant."

The four agents headed to Hernandez's house and Hetty banged on the door. It was just past dark. Franks wondered if they should have waited until morning to serve the warrant so they would have daylight to operate by, but decided now was not the time to question Hetty's methods. If she wanted it served tonight, there was obviously a reason why. Franks glanced over his shoulder at Agent Fisher. She hadn't been on their team long, only a few months, but she seemed smart and capable. She glanced at him now and smiled nervously. This was the first case of this type that she'd worked. Fresh out of FLET-C, Agent Fisher was still getting a good amount of on-the-job training.

Pepe answered the door and immediately bristled. "Good evening Agent Lange," he bit out. "Back so soon? You must have missed me."

"The only thing I missed was the evidence I need to put you away for five murders. I've got a search warrant. Now let us inside." She shoved past Pepe and the other agents trailed behind her. Pepe stared after them, watching as they began rifling through his things, and reached his hand into his pocket and wrapped his fingers around the syringe. Wait, he told himself. It's not time yet. Just…wait…


Jethro talked to Shannon on the phone for a long time that night after Tony went to bed. They'd called her and talked to her for a few minutes, and Tony had blurted out that Gabby was missing and they didn't know what had happened to Baby Jacob. He was still upset and worried about them, but also nervous and scared for himself and Jethro. Jethro had gotten off the phone and promised to call Shannon back when Tony started demonstrating the symptoms of one of his migraines coming on. The young father carefully dosed up the medicine for his son's headache and sat with him, rubbing his back lightly until he managed to doze off.

"Daddy's here," he whispered into his child's ear, and pressed a soft kiss to the side of his head.

Then he'd gotten up and headed for the living room—just a door away—and kept Tony's bedroom door half open to listen in case anyone tried anything stupid. He didn't think anybody would, but he wasn't taking any chances tonight. Once he was seated in the living room, Jethro called Shannon back.

"Honey it's going to be alright. Agent Hetty is on the case and she's not going to stop until she finds Gabby. It's going to be alright. Tomorrow I will find out where Baby Jacob is and make sure he is safe too, ok? Try not to worry."

"Try not to worry!" Shannon screeched in his ear. "Jethro she was staying IN OUR HOUSE. She was playing in the backyard WITH OUR CHILDREN! What were we thinking?"

"We were thinking that she needed a safe place to stay," Jethro replied firmly. "And I would do the same thing again if the situation presented itself. You've got to calm down. It's going to be ok. I know you're scared honey," he softened his voice when he heard her sniffle on the other end. "It's scary for all of us. But you and Kelly are safe there, and so far, this guy still only seems to be attacking women. There was a guard who was killed, but it's pretty much been determined that he just got in the killer's way. He wasn't done up the same way the others have been."

"Jesus Jethro…" Shannon breathed. "When is this going to stop? When are the killings going to stop?"

"Hetty's on it babe," Jethro said soothingly. "It won't be long now."

"How's Little Tony doing?"

Jethro sighed. "Today was…today was tough," he said softly. "He told me he wants to get in touch with Senior."

Shannon gasped in his ear. He could imagine the way she'd put a hand over her mouth, and shake her head slightly in disbelief at his words. God he missed her. He couldn't wait for her to come home.

"Why does he want to get in touch with Senior?"

"He wants to make sure that he's ok. That he's being taken care of, and getting everything he needs," Jethro spat softly. "I swear, we have the sweetest kid on the planet. I don't understand why he feels the need to constantly put himself through this with that sonofabitch though."

"We do have the sweetest child on the planet," Shannon agreed. "And I think that with that comes great responsibility. We're going to have to watch him Jethro. We're going to have to make sure he doesn't get taken advantage of along the way. People will use that against him. And I think Senior would be one of those people."

"I agree," Jethro said. "But I didn't want to just up and tell him that he couldn't talk to Senior because he's a bad man. So I told him that because he was in so much trouble because of what he did to Tony, that we couldn't talk to him. He insisted though, so I called Anne Joseph and asked her if she could get in touch with the prison. She did, and found out that Senior's doing ok, but we can't make any contact with him because of the restraining order."

"Thank God," Shannon breathed. "Honestly I hope the bastard lives to a ripe old age. I want him to suffer for everything he did to Tony."

"Well if the phone call I got the other day is any indication, it sounds like he's having a rough time of it in the pokey," Jethro said with a chuckle.

"Good!" Shannon exclaimed, joining in with Jethro's chuckling.

The two continued talking in hushed tones, both trying not to wake up the children, until the early hours of the morning forced them to say goodnight and get some rest.


Gabby groaned. She started to move, and breathed a soft sigh of relief when she realized she was no longer bound. Her next realization was that she was in…something. She pushed around and realized it felt like a garbage bag. Using her fingernails, she punched a hole in the bag and began clawing her way out. She took a deep breath of fresh…dumpster…air as soon as she poked her head out and nearly sobbed in relief.

She was alive.

She hurt all over…really wasn't sure how she was going to get out of the dumpster…but she was alive. And Pepe's taken her…he'd left Jacob in the crib in the bedroom…she had to get up. She had to make sure her son was still alive and ok.

As Gabby started to move, she heard footsteps approaching the dumpster. She'd quickly realized that it was night, and so now wondered where she was.

"H'lo," she called. It hurt to move her jaw. She was pretty sure it was either dislocated or broken. "'s…'nybo'y 'ere?" she knew she was slurring badly, but if there was someone there, she needed help and she needed it fast. She banged weakly on the side of the dumpster. "Hel…me…p'ease…"

Someone heard her. A man poked his head over the side of the dumpster then and his eyes widened. Gabby's eyes widened when she realized it was the CO of that dummy she'd had so many problems with earlier.

"Jesus God," the man said softly. "What happened to you?" He pulled out a phone and immediately began dialing 911. He told the operator where they were, who she was, and what appeared to have happened. Had she really been beaten? That wasn't good, but it didn't surprise her. She didn't remember it though. All she remembered was…a gasp escaped her lips.

"Hang on," Gunnery Sergeant Madison said. He climbed up and into the dumpster with her. Christ she was a mess. He took off his uniform coat and covered her with it. Other than the garbage bag that she was weakly trying to fight her way out of, the young Lance Corporal was completely naked.

"Di…th's…t'me…" Gabby mumbled around her sore mouth. "Peh…peh…di…th's…t'me…"

Sirens signaled the arrival of the emergency vehicles. "Ok," Madison said. "Ok. Let me call Agent Hetty and I will have her meet you at the hospital alright? We've been looking for you, ever since yesterday. It's going to be alright now."

"Buh…bay…bee," Gabby forced out. "Mah…bay…bee…"

"We'll find out who has him right now too. We'll get him to see you as soon as you're settled at the hospital alright? You just hang on."

Feeling more and more traumatized with each passing moment, Gabby reached out and grabbed the Gunny's hand. "D-Don'…lee…me…p'ease…"

Madison gave her hand a gentle squeeze and patted the back of it. "I won't leave you," he promised. "I'll stay with you and I'll keep you safe. Your baby too."

With a soft sigh and a barely perceptible nod, Gabby closed her eyes and let herself sink into oblivion.


Hetty was up to her elbows in kitchen cabinet contents when her cell phone rang. "Lange," she snapped into the phone. She nearly dropped the glass she was holding. "You're kidding," she breathed. "Yes, yes of course. We'll be right there." She snapped the phone shut. Quickly logging what she had checked, Hetty hurried to the next room where Mike was working.

"We've got to go," she said. The three agents turned and looked at her. "Phelps, you and Fisher stay here and keep working," she said. "Franks and I have to go to the Base Hospital. They've found Gabriella Oliver. And she's alive."

Pepe froze for a split second. Well. That was unexpected. He'd felt sure he'd beaten her enough to kill her. And then he'd tied her up in a plastic bag and dumped her in a dumpster in the middle of summer. There was no reason why she should have been found. Besides—who in the police department would go dumpster diving anyway? How had they found her? His plan had been perfect! Anger washed over him.

Hetty and Mike hurried out, with assurances that they would be back as soon as they could. They had to hurry to the hospital though. From what the officer had told Hetty, Gabriella Oliver was not in good shape, and Hetty wanted to make damn good and for sure that she got her statement in case anything happened.


Jethro had dozed off in the chair in the living room when he heard a quiet thump. He was on his feet in an instant, tiptoeing through the house. The sound had come from Tony's bedroom. He turned on the light in the hallway, his service handgun in his other hand, and he squinted in the semi-darkness at what he saw.

"Tony?" he asked, feeling his gut relax. "What the heck are ya doin' in the floor?"

Tony was scooting on his rear end across the floor, a determined expression on his face. He smiled cheekily up at his Daddy. "I needa go potty," he said proudly. "So's I goin' a go potty!"

The physical therapist had taught Tony how to slide carefully off of furniture so he could get around a bit on his own. Jethro chuckled at his independent little boy. "You coulda just called me," he said, pride leaking into his tone. "I woulda come to help you."

"I tinking you was sleepin'," Tony told him, stopping his movements and looking up at his daddy.

"Remember what happened before when you thought you shouldn't wake me up because I was sleeping?" Jethro asked gently.

Tony thought for a moment then poked his lower lip out and ducked his head, nodding slightly. "I falled down and broked my leg," he said sadly.

"Yes," Jethro said, squatting down in front of Tony. "And even though it was an accident—you didn't mean to do it—we could have avoided that happening if you had woke me or Mommy up, right?"

Tony nodded sullenly. Jethro ruffled his hair. "I know it's hard for you," he said sympathetically. "You're wanting so badly to not have to have help with everything aren't you?"

Tony nodded again and didn't look up. Jethro smiled. "Tell ya what," he said. "Why don't we stand you up and I'll let you hop to the bathroom if you promise to let me hold onto you. Deal?"

Tony's eyes widened. "Really?" he breathed.

Jethro smiled and tapped Tony under the chin, drawing a smile from his boy. "Really," he promised.

As they hopped to the bathroom—Jethro quite impressed with Tony's ability to hop—his phone rang. Jethro frowned. It was very late—past midnight! Who was calling him? He dug his phone out of his pocket and looked at it. He didn't recognize the number, so he flipped his phone open.

"Gibbs," he said.

"Is this Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs?"


"Gunny my name is Teresa, and I am a nurse here on base. Do you know a Gabriella Oliver?"

Jethro thought his heart might stop. "Yes," he said breathlessly. "She's in my unit."

"She is a patient here at the hospital, and has her parents listed as her next of kin. However, when we attempted to call the number that is on file, we found the number has been disconnected. Protocol instructs us to phone a Marine's commanding officer in this situation. That is you, sir."

"Don't call me sir, I work for a living."

"Erm…ok, uh, Gunny. Could you come down here? She's kind of in a bad way."

"What happened to her?"

There was a pause, and Jethro closed his eyes, expecting the worst. "She's been beaten si—uh, Gunny. And there is evidence that she was sexually assaulted."

"Sonofabitch," Jethro muttered.

Tony looked up at him and frowned. "Sorry," Jethro mumbled. "Language, I know." He took a deep breath and frowned. They didn't have anything pressing the next morning…he and Tony could go check on Gabby and then come back and sleep late…he spoke softly into the phone. "I have my son with me…we'll be there soon."

"Thank you Gunny." The call ended in his ear.


It was nearly an hour later before Jethro got to the base hospital with a very sleepy Tony. He carefully bundled Tony into the wheelchair and headed for the entrance. He'd called back and gotten Gabby's room number. He'd let Shannon know in the morning that Gabby had been found. Tony yawned as they headed for the elevator and snuggled down in his chair a bit.

Jethro was quiet as they rode the elevator up to the eighth floor. Tony wobbled his head forward a bit, then picked it back up. Jethro smiled sympathetically and leaned down, tucking the little blanket a bit tighter over Tony. The little one was chilly in the summer evening, and snuggly from being denied the ability to go back to bed. He was a surprisingly good sport though, staying quiet and dozing lightly in his chair.

By the time they got to Gabby's room, Tony's head was completely rocked forward and he was sound asleep and snoring gently. Jethro knocked lightly on the door and poked his head inside. The Gunny was surprised when the door was pulled open by someone—the Gunny from the police department was in the room.

"Thank you for staying with her," Jethro said, shaking Madison's hand. True to his word, Gunnery Sergeant Madison had not left Gabby's side since he'd found her in the dumpster.

"She asked me not to leave her," Madison said. "I promised her I wouldn't, so I'll be here until she asks me to leave."

Gibbs nodded. "Good man," he said. He glanced at Gabby and his eyes widened, and he felt immediately glad that Tony had dozed off. Gabby looked like something out of a horror movie. Her entire face was swollen and dark stitches held several deep lacerations on her face closed. She had stitches around her eye and a thick gash that ran up into her hair. Her arm was in a sling, and Jethro thought that her jaw might be wired shut.

"Her jaw is broken," Madison said, keeping his voice low. "Doctor wired it shut. Said it would be like that for a few weeks. Her wrist is broken, she's got four broken ribs, and her nose is broken. It's kind of a miracle that she survived."

"She's tough," Jethro said. He and Madison were careful not to talk too loudly. Gabby was sleeping, and Jethro didn't want to wake her up. The two Gunnies talked for a few more minutes, Tony snoring lightly in the wheelchair, Gabby snoring lightly on the bed. Jethro was just getting ready to leave when Gabby suddenly startled and let out a soft moaning wail.

Jethro watched as Craig Madison made his way over to the bed and gently took Gabby's hand in hers. "Easy," he murmured. "You're safe. It's alright. Just relax." Jethro raised an eyebrow at the way the other man so confidently comforted Gabby. She blinked her eyes open weakly in the dimly lit room and Jethro watched her visibly relax when she saw who was with her.

"Gunny Gibbs is here," Madison told Gabby. The eye that she could open (the one that was not swollen shut) slid over to where Gibbs was standing with his hands on the handles of Tony's wheelchair.

"Gih…" she moaned softly.

Jethro stepped to her side. "You're safe now," he said, lightly brushing her hair back. "You're going to be just fine."

"Jeh…cub…" her eye blinked shut tiredly.

"I'll find out where he is," Gibbs said, easily understanding that Gabby was asking for Jacob. "It's going to be fine. You get some rest. Madison says he's going to stay with you. That ok?"

"Mmmmh," Gabby assented.

Gibbs nodded and glanced at Madison who nodded. "I'll check on you again tomorrow. Do you want me to work on getting in touch with your parents?"

Gabby shook her head slightly. No. She didn't want them to know. Jethro frowned, but respected it. "Alright," he said. "Get some rest. You're going to be fine."

Gabby didn't answer. She took a deep breath and was asleep again. Jethro nodded at Madison and started out the room, but stopped when Craid put a hand on Jethro's arm. "Yeah?" Jethro asked.

"Um…one question," Craig said softly. Jethro nodded. "Who is Jacob?" Craig whispered.

Jethro smiled. "Her little boy. He's almost two."

"She kept asking for her baby," Madison said. "That makes more sense now. Thank you Gunny," Craig said.

"You're welcome," Jethro said. "I'll check in tomorrow."

"Take your boy home. Goodnight."

"Night." Jethro pushed Tony out of the room, relieved beyond belief that the young girl—beat up as she was—was going to be alright.


After Hetty and Mike left, Agents Phelps and Fisher continued their search of Pepe's house. Pepe paced the length of the living room, glaring whenever one of the agents walked past, rolling his eyes while they weren't looking. Hetty and Mike had been gone about fifteen minutes when an idea dawned in Pepe's head.

Agent Fisher headed out for the NCIS van. They had run out of bags and tags. She knew there was more inside the back of the van. As she walked past the living room, Sergeant Hernandez smiled at her. The hair on the back of her neck stood up a bit at the eerily cheerful expression on their suspect's face. She hurried outside, not wanting to leave her partner alone for long in that house.

Pepe silently followed Agent Fisher down the hall, through the foyer, and waited until she was almost to the NCIS van before he closed his front door softly and flipped the lock on it. Smiling deviously, he turned and headed upstairs. The other agent was upstairs, no doubt pawing through his things, finding his cargo, uncovering his secrets. That wouldn't do at all. He reached the top of the stairs and stopped in the bathroom long enough to get a hammer out of the tool box he kept under the sink.

The sergeant closed the cabinet door softly and stood up. He walked silently down the hall, having lived in the house long enough to know which boards to avoid stepping on to keep his tread silent. Fury washed over him when he saw the agent folding up the blanket on the bed where his girls rested. This was absolutely unacceptable. Pepe stepped up behind the agent and before he could think twice about it he lifted the hammer…


Agent Fisher finished collecting the materials she needed out of the van and returned to the house. She frowned when she saw the door closed, knowing that she hadn't closed it behind her when she went outside—had, in fact, made a point to leave it open. She walked right up to the door and jiggled the doorknob. Adrenaline surged through her when she realized the door was locked. She could pick the lock, but it might be faster to run around to the back of the house.

Fisher let out a sigh and started towards the back of the house. She pulled out her phone and dialed Hetty.

"Lange," Hetty snapped.

"Boss it's Fisher," Agent Karen Fisher spoke very softly into the phone. "We have a situation here."

"What is it?"

"I stepped outside to get more bags and tags and when I headed back to the house…I think Hernandez has barricaded himself inside with Phelps."

"Goddammit," Hetty muttered. "We're on our way." She was torn between getting Gabby's statement and keeping her people alive.

"I'm going to see if I can get inside," Karen said softly.

"NO!" Hetty exclaimed. "This is a potential hostage situation. You do not go into that house without backup. I repeat, Agent Fisher, do not go into that house alone!"

By now Karen had reached the back of the house. She peeked in a window, trying to see something. "I'll wait for you," she said. "I'm around back." She snapped the phone shut.

Suddenly in the window she saw the reflection of Pedro Hernandez standing behind her. He had an odd smile on his face. Before she could scream, turn around or anything, Hernandez closed his hand over her mouth, muffling her screams. He pulled her body flush against his and his evil smile grew. He held up a needle just before he plunged it into the side of her throat. The phone slipped from her fingers.

"You're a bit plainer than I usually pick out," Pedro whispered softly, opening the back door and dragging Karen inside. He closed the door and locked it. "But in this instance…this very special situation…I think brains over beauty is essential."

Karen didn't understand why she wasn't dead…she'd read the autopsy reports…heard tale after tale about how these women were all overdosed on heroin and their deaths happened almost instantly. So why wasn't she dead? However, her body felt entirely too warm, entirely too limp and lethargic. She just could not make her muscles do what she needed them to. What the hell had he given her?

Pepe dragged Karen up the stairs, her body thumping unceremoniously behind him. He dragged her into the second bedroom, the one where Phelps had been working…her eyes widened just slightly when she saw her partner. He was slumped in a corner, huge gash in his head, blood gushing from the wound. He was blissfully unconscious.

The lucky bastard.

Pepe dumped her on the floor and she tried unsuccessfully to make her body move. Pepe quickly picked up another syringe and stabbed it in the side of her neck. A groan escaped her lips, and a wave of relaxation washed over her. Now what had he done?

"We don't have long bitch," Pepe growled, picking her up and dumping her on the bed. "But you're going to talk. I want to know where you got my name from?"

Fisher blinked, consciousness beginning to fade. Pepe shook her hard, her neck popping from the whiplash type movements. "NAME!"

Fisher stared up at him, knowing she shouldn't tell…should never tell…another wave of relaxation washed over her.

Pepe leaned down and gave her a smooth smile. "If you give me the name I'll let you live."

Karen felt her eyes crossing and slowly sliding shut. She wasn't going to be conscious for much longer. He shook her again and it seemed to knock a name in her head loose.

"Gibbbbbbbsssss," she slurred softly.

Pepe dropped her back on the bed. He turned and picked up a small vial and another syringe. He loaded it full of the potent heroin, and turned back to her. She shook her head weakly.

"Y-youuuu s-saiddd…"

"I said I'd let you live," Pedro Hernandez said, smiling evilly down on his victim. "I never said how long."