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Kendall stared at his mother, Carlos, and Logan. His eyes begged them for answers. They seemed to be in a state of shock, so Kendall decided to turn to his own devices. He began to rack his brain for any recollection of events before the car crash. Kendall could remember two thing for sure.

One, he was writing letters in a notebook for Logan. But why? He saw Logan everyday, they shared a room for crying out loud! Also, Kendall could tell Logan everything and anything! Why would he write a letter to him when he was a stone throw away?

And two, he loved Logan with all his heart. When he looked into Logan's eyes just a few short minutes ago, Kendall remembered how important Logan was to him, and how much he needed him. Which is why he absolutely needed someone to tell him what the heck was going on!

Suddenly, James and Katie burst through the door, looking extremely flustered. Their hair was windblown, their checks were flushed, and their eyes were wide with fear.

"What's wrong?" James exclaimed. Mrs. Knight whispered something in his ear, and his eyes widened.

"Are you serious?" James whispered. Mrs. Knight nodded.

"What, James?" Katie asked. James leaned down and whispered the situation into Katie's ear. Katie's hands flew to her mouth.

"No! You're kidding!" Katie accused. James shook his head. He pulled Katie into a hug and began to whisper soothing words in her ear.

Okay, if there was one thing Kendall Donald Knight hated, it was secrets. Kendall liked to know everything that was happening around him, so that if there was a problem, he could help fix it. This whole 'Let's keep a secret about Logan from Kendall!' thing was seriously getting on his nerves.

"Will someone please tell me what's going on?" Kendall exclaimed in a frustrated tone. All the hushed talking ceased, and all the eyes in the room locked on Kendall. Oh, and another thing that Kendall hated. Being stared at. "I'm not some animal in the zoo, don't just talk about me and stare at me! I can see you and hear you," he muttered, "I just want to know what's going on…" Kendall's voice cracked on the last word, and he began to get choked up.

And another thing that Kendall hated. Crying.

Logan, Carlos, James, and Katie looked expectantly at Mrs. Knight. She dragged her chair closer to her son's bed, and held his sweaty hand. She took a deep breath, and looked up at Kendall.

"Honey, a lot happened before the accident. Well, in the two weeks before the accident." Mrs. Knight took a shaky breath, trying to calm herself. "Kendall, do you remember that Logan wasn't feeling well?" Kendall's bushy eyebrows scrunched together, and he shook his head as a sign of no. Logan immediately wheeled himself to the other side of Kendall's bed. He grabbed Kendall's hand. Kendall looked over at Logan. His green eyes were full of fear and anxiety. Logan offered Kendall a small smile, and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. Kendall smiled slightly in return, and turned back to his mother, signaling for her to continue.

"Well, honey, Logan had been feeling off for a few weeks by then. We all just passed it off and a virus, or a nasty cold. One day, at the studio he collapsed." Mrs. Knight whispered. Kendall gasped and looked at Logan. Logan looked up at Kendall with sad eyes.

"Lo, are you okay now?" Kendall asked frantically. "Is he okay now?" Kendall demanded, looking around the room. James and Katie shared a worried glance. They knew Kendall's heart was going to get broken all over again now. Carlos had his fingers plugged into his ears, not wanting to relive the story all over again. Kendall turned to his mother. "Please, Mama," Kendall whispered. Mrs. Knight's heart broke. Kendall hasn't called her 'Mama' since he was three.

"Logan was rushed to the hospital. A series of tests were run, and Kendall, Lo-" Mrs. Knight was interrupted when a doctor burst into the room. He seemed quite angry.

"You!" He exclaimed, pointing a finger at Logan. "You know the rules! Cancer patients are not allowed to roam the hospital!" The doctor scolded. Kendall's eyes widened. He turned to Logan, who had tears in his eyes.

"Cancer?" Kendall whispered, as the tears began to spill over. "You have cancer?" Kendall sobbed. Logan, who was also crying at this point, nodded. "Oh my gosh!" Kendall yelled in pure agony. Logan, his Logan, had cancer. Kendall threw his arms around Logan as he sobbed. "NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE CANCER!" Kendall screamed. "YOU HAVE TO STAY WITH ME!" Logan whimpered at his oh-so-strong leader's clear pain.

"Shh, Ken, it will all be okay." Logan whispered. Kendall sobbed harder.

"YOU DON'T KNOW THAT! YOU COULD D-" Kendall stopped himself, crying a little harder. Logan squeezed Kendall a little tighter in his arms. James held Katie in his arms, both of them silently crying. Everyone else thought Kendall was afraid to lose his best friend, but they knew he was afraid he was going to lose the love of his life. Carlos had scooted over to Mama Knight, who lovingly took him in her arms.

And then there was the doctor, who stood awkwardly in the corner, wondering what sort of chain reaction he had just set off.

The doctor called for Logan's normal doctor, Dr. Mollow. He explained to situation, then left Dr. Mollow to deal with this mess. He walked over to Logan and shook his shoulder lightly.

"Logan," Dr. Mollow began. "You have to go back to your room. And your family has to go home," He said, glancing at Mrs. Knight, "visiting hours are over." Mrs. Knight nodded and stood up, wiping her eyes. Carlos stood with her. James and Katie nodded. They all gave Kendall and Logan hugs, and whispered how much they loved them, and that everything was going to be alright in the end. Kendall and Logan heard the door click, and the doctor was soon bombarding Logan again.

"Logan, you have to return to you room." He stated.

"NO." Logan fired back.

"Logan, these are hospital rules, not mine. Please go back to your room, Kendall will be fine."


" Logan! Stop yelling!"


"Yes, you are! Now stop!"


"Logan, you have to leave and return to your own room."


"Jesus! Okay! You can stay with Kendall! We will roll in another bed!"

"It's about time."

Kendall looked at Logan, who was rolling his eyes at the doctor. However, underneath the Logan who just screamed at the doctor, was a terrified little boy, contemplating how to go about this situation with Kendall.


Katie grabbed James' arm. Mrs. Knight looked at her daughter with tired eyes.

"Katie, sweetie, we have to go home. Visiting hours are over. We can go see Kendall and Logan tomorrow. Now, let go of James and come to the car." Mrs. Knight said.

"One minute! I just need to talk to James really quickly!" Katie explained, looking at her mother with pleading eyes. Mrs. Knight sighed.

"Fine." Mrs. Knight agreed. Katie muttered a quick thank you, before dragging James off. James trailed behind the tiny ten year old, wondering where she was dragging him to. Suddenly, she came to a stop outside of Kendall's room.

"We have to give him the notebook." Katie stated. James' eyes widened.

"What?" James asked. Katie gave him a look that said 'We-are-going-to-be-honest-whether-you-like-it-our-not.' James sighed. "Okay, let's go." He said, ushering Katie into the room.


Kendall watched as the doctor wheeled Logan to the other side of the room to make room for the incoming bed. His eyes locked with Logan's, and Logan flinched and looked away quickly. Kendall frowned slightly, and looked down the his hands.

The door opened and revealed James and Katie. Kendall looked up at them and offered a small wave. James smiled slightly back, tightening his grip on Katie's shoulder. James waved to Logan, who smiled in return.

Katie shrugged out of James' grip, and walked to her brother's bedside. James followed behind her. Kendall smiled up at Katie.

"Hey, baby sister!" Kendall greeted, clearly happy to see Katie. "What are you do-" Kendall began, but stopped talking as his gaze landed on Katie's hands, where his notebook lay. Katie's eyes met her brother's. She tucked to notebook under Kendall's pillow, and leaned down to his ear.

"We won't tell anyone, Ken." She whispered. Kendall looked up at his baby sister, and pride swelled within him. She was just plain great. Kendall pulled Katie into a hug and whispered a thank you. He then motioned for James to come closer. James inched forward, and Kendall pulled him into a hug as well.

"Thank you for not telling anyone, James. And thank you for taking care of Katie when I couldn't. I could never ask for a better best friend." Kendall whispered. James nodded and smiled.

"It's my pleasure, Kendall, really." He whispered back.

"Hey," Logan whispered. "I like to whisper too." Katie laughed and walked over to him, and engulfed him a hug.

"Take care of him, Logan." She whispered. She shuffled away quickly, and grabbed James' hand. They yelled their goodbyes as Katie dragged James away. Just as they exited, a nurse wheeled a bed into the room. She smiled at Kendall.

"You have one stubborn friend there, don't you? The nurse asked in an amused tone. Kendall smiled slightly.

"You could say that." Kendall said, smiling at Logan. Logan smirked in return. The nurse smiled and wheeled the bed next to Kendall's. She then walked to Logan's wheel chair, and attempted to help him up.

"I can walk." He insisted. Logan stood, and walked over to the bed with ease. He sat down on the edge and scooted himself up to Kendall's level. The nurse silently exited, seeing her assistance wasn't needed. Logan turned to Kendall.

"Hi." He said, smiling. Kendall smiled back.

"Hey." Kendall replied. "So, cancer, huh?" He said sadly.

Logan nodded. "Unfortunately." He said. "It's unpleasant." Logan said.

Kendall nodded. "It's stupid." He concluded.

"Preach." Logan said, nodding. Kendall chuckled lightly. Logan's brown eyes shifted backwards and his eyebrows scrunched together slightly. "What's this?" He said, yanking the notebook from underneath Kendall's pillow. Kendall's eyes widened.

"No!" Kendall exclaimed, snatching the notebook from Logan's hands. Logan frowned and looked slightly hurt. "I'm sorry it's just…" Kendall trailed off. "Songs. They aren't done, and I want everyone to wait until they are done to see them." Kendall explained. Logan smiled and nodded.

"Hey, it's cool man." Logan said smiling. Suddenly, his face became serious. "But I need to talk to you about something, Kendall…" He said.

"What's on your mind, Lo?" Kendall asked, concern evident in his voice. Logan closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.

"Just let me finish my entire story before you say anything, okay?" Logan said.

"I won't interrupt, Logan." Kendall said.

Logan took in another deep breathe. "Over the course of the last two months, Kendall, I realized something. And I honestly couldn't bear the idea of you not knowing this. Between your coma, and my cancer, I have to tell you this before it's too late. But, please Kendall, don't hate me." Logan pleaded.

"I could never hate you, Logan." Kendall said, putting emphasis on the word never.

"I'm in love with you." Logan whispered. Kendall's eyes widened. He looked up at Logan. Logan looked up sheepishly.

"Oh my gosh, you hate me! Forget it, I never said anything!" Logan exclaimed, covering his face in his hands. Kendall was not having any of that though. He pulled Logan's hands off his face.

"Logan," He whispered, smiling. "Thank you." Logan looked up, confused.

"For what?" He asked. Kendall smiled.

"For having the courage to say what I wanted to, but was to scared to." Kendall whispered. Logan gasped.

"You mean…?" Logan trailed off, stunned. Kendall chuckled and smiled.

"I love you, too, Logan." Kendall said, leaning in. When Kendall's lips met Logan's, they both felt a spark. When Logan pulled back and rested his head on Kendall's forehead, he smiled. He couldn't believe Kendall reciprocated the feelings.

"Love you, Ken." Logan whispered. Kendall smiled and climbed over into Logan's bed. Logan let out a squeal as Kendall wrapped his arms around Logan.

"I love you too, Logie." Kendall said. Logan smiled and snuggled into Kendall's chest, instantly falling asleep in his safe little cocoon in Kendall's arms.

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