The Darkness

Chapter One: Senior Prom

"Okay, I just need some help with these ribbons." Kath said as she stumbled across the lanterns that one of the other students made. It was a Friday and Chip, (Kath's boyfriend) was standing around the gym along with about twenty other people, trying to make decorations for the upcoming senior prom in their high school. "Here, I'll bring you a latter babe." Chip said with a smile.

He walked across a long poster that read "2012 SENIORS". It was big enough to take up the whole gym wall. Chip was surprised that the school had enough money to even buy paper that big! Laughing a little bit inside, he headed towards the closet to get the latter. There were no lights in the closet and when he opened the door, a breeze of cold air shot across his face. Chip found the latter. It was lying against a shelf full of basketballs and trophies from his sophomore year. The school only had enough money to have a basketball team because of the budget cut two years ago.

He brought the latter to Kath and set it up just right so that she can hang the ribbons up on the basketball hoops. With carefulness, Kath went up the latter. Just as she was about to attach the blue ribbons to the orange ones, she slipped on the edge and fell right into Chip's arms like he knew she was going to at some point fall. "I gotcha babe, don't worry." He said in a whisper." Kath stroked his chin. "Thanks." "I'll do the ribbons; you go and print the programs. Kay?" Chip said. Without a response, Kath kissed him and walked off to the computer lab. "She's a real keeper, eh?" a blond haired student said from behind him. Chip kept quiet because he knew he was just jealous that she wasn't his girlfriend.

It was 3:20; this meant the after school bus left in ten minutes. He had time to go to his locker and run to the bus last minute. Besides, is locker is just only down the hall from the gym. Instead of hanging the ribbons and risking an injury, Chip got a piece of paper and started painting a new poster. He wanted something that would make people see this poster and go Hey; I should REALLY go to this dance! Grabbing the neon colors, he painted a sign that said "SENOIR PROM: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER" with tiny squiggles all around the frame of the paper. This would have to do for now he thought to himself.

Looking at his phone, he saw that he had 2 text messages from Kath. One said "Don't forget to stay after school from prom setup!" and the other read "Stop at your locker on your way out, I have a surprise for you 3." He smiled and pressed the END button only to see that the time was now 3:28! It takes that long do make a picture? Without hesitation, Chip ran to his locker to get his books.

Not many people stay after school, so the halls were pretty empty. Kath was standing there trying to put her hair out of the pig tail. "Hey there babe, why in such a rush?" Kath spoke in a soft, calm tone. "Look at the time!" Kath took her phone out and smiled at Chip as if they had all the time in the world. "You know, we still have a minute. Why don't we make use of it?" Kath said in another soft whisper tone.

She pulled him into the girl's bathroom and started to undo her bra. "I love you." Chip spoke as he took off his shirt. Kath rubbed his six-pack. "Been going to the gym, eh?" Kath laughed. They kissed for what felt like thirty seconds. Feeling invigorated and alive, Chip put his shirt back on and Kath redid her bra. They stepped out of the bathroom feeling dazed only to notice that everyone was gone.

"Crap!" The sound of busses came across them as they ran towards the front door, hoping they didn't miss it! Kath made a short stop and Chip bumped into her. "We are screwed…" Kath said watching the busses leave through the closed and locked doors. No one has ever missed the after school bus which means the janitors just go home after the regular bus leaves. Both of their houses were on the other side of town so they couldn't just walk home.

They were scared with the thought that they might have to stay in that building for the weekend! Not even their parents would know that they are gone because Chips parents are on a business trip and Kath's mom is out visiting her sister in New York for the weekend. "Shit. What do we do now? Where do we sleep? What will we eat? What if our phones die?" Chip said getting nervous.

"Calm down! We'll sleep in the nurse beds, eat the cafeteria food and if our phones die, we'll use the phones batteries that teachers take away from students when they're chewing gum in class. I mean how bad could it be? Look on the bright side, we've got the whole school to ourselves and it's just you and me so we have all the alone time in the world babe!" She felt determined that something would work out. There's something about her smile that just comforts Chip. "Alright…Wow, you do have the answer for everything babe. That's one of the million reasons why I love you." The both of them had it all planned out. Or so they thought...

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