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The Darkness

Chapter 2: Monsters

(5:36 pm; that same day) "I just need a little push, com'on Chip!" Chip pushed the janitor's cart down the wheelchair ramp. "Weeeeee!" Kath yelled whipping her hands in the air as if she were on a rollercoaster. "Hey, I want a turn!" "Then go get a cart from the closet silly!"

Kath replied. Chip walked over to the dark closet. This room also had no lights. He stubumles over a mop that had been thrown on the ground by one of the janitors. It's so dark in there; he can't even see his hands. "…Chip…" He heard from behind him in a whisper. The voice spoke again. "We want her Chip…" He felt a hand lay slowly on his shoulder. Chip storms out of the closet hyperventilating.

"What's wrong babe?" Kath asked. "I don't know, but something's in that closet. "I don't know what it is and I'm scared Kath…" Kath looks at Chip like he's crazy. "Ya know what? I think you just need calm down. I mean what's the worst that could happen? I'll comfort you." Kath puts her hand up his shirt. "Only if you comfort me…" Kath adds. Chip can't help but go with it. He grabs a hold of her buttocks and they begin to make out.

By the time they are done, the sun is almost setting as the last of their light is fading away. Chip starts to shake. "What do we do if the lights turn off?" "Are you afraid of the dark?" Kath giggles. "No, I just don't like not seeing your face." Chip touches her cheek. Right before they are about to kiss, the sun sets. It is pitch black and Kath whips out her phone to use her flashlight app.

"Go look for some source of light. Kay?" "Sure, no problem." Kath watches as he walks down the hall trying to avoid running into lockers. She smiles. Kath walks the opposite direction to find some food in the cafeteria for their dinner and breakfast. "….Katherine…." The same voice whispers from a locker to her left. Kath, shutters in curiosity. "Who's there?" "Come here" the voice calls. She walks toward the locker and there is no lock on it. "Closer…" It spoke in a soft tone. Kath walked up to the locker. Her nose was almost touching it. All of a sudden, the door opened faster then she could run away. A hand came out and pulled her in; she was gone.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the school, Chip found some lanterns left form a class camping trip in one of the classrooms. They came with batteries and everything. What he also found was some glow-sticks in the art room left over from last year's prom. Chip thought he'd call up Kath to tell her that he found some lights.

Chip pulled out his flip phone like cool kids do and dialed Kath on speed-dial. No answer. He tried again and nothing. All of a sudden, the room felt as if it were turning upside down. He fell to the ground. Chip watched as dark figures circled him and flew away.

"Chip, help me!" Kath yelled. She was being held by two of the dark figures. "…You would make a fine recruit honey…" One of the figures whispered. "Hey! Let her go!" Chip yelled as he threw one of the lanterns at it.

The figure hissed and flew away with Kath. "NO!" Chip added. He stood up and picked out a flashlight from the same closet he got the lanterns from. The room stopped turning and the desks looked as if nothing happened.

Chip thought to himself, if the lanterns made the figures go away, it must be their weakness. He needed to find Kath. It was up to him to save his girlfriend. "Let's do this…" His new goal was to rescue his girlfriend and find out what these figures are and why they're here. Chip turned on the flashlight and ran out of the room with confidence.

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