TIME: 07:13 PM

Charlie and Kyle sit on the couch at the Marsh house in their everyday clothes. They are intently focused on playing XBox. Stan opens the door and enters the house, dressed in a tux. He closes the door and sighs, apparently exhausted.

Charlie (not looking away from the game): Hey Stan. How was your romantic date with Wendy?

Stan: Boring. What did you guys do?

Kyle: Homework.

Charlie: And XBox. Wanna play?

Stan: Sure.

He grabs a third controller and joins them on the couch. After a few seconds, Charlie bites her tongue in concentration. Shortly after this, her face falls in disappointment.

Charlie: Wha-? No! No! Ah, goddamn it!

Kyle: Ha, killed you again!

Charlie: [Tosses down her controller] Fuck this game!

Kyle: You're just mad 'cause you always lose.

Stan: Yeah. Girls suck at first-person shooter games.

Charlie: Hey, shut up! I could kick your asses at MarioKart!

Kyle: No you couldn't.

Charlie: Could so!

Kyle: Nuh-uh.

Charlie glares for a few seconds, then appears to concede that, no, she in fact could not.

Stan: You know, this is kind of strange, but hanging out with you two now is pretty much the exact same as it was before.

Charlie: Of course it is. Why would it be different?

Stan: I dunno… I thought you'd act all, you know… gross and cute and stuff.

Charlie and Kyle both look at Stan.

Kyle: Seriously? That's faggy, dude.

Charlie: Yeah, you think we're gay or something?

Charlie and Kyle laugh. Stan rolls his eyes.