Beckett woke to a light drizzle. The wind was persistent at beating on the window. The cloud coverage hid all traces of moon light. She was a little cramped from being passed out in the same position for hours. She got up and grabbed her water. Castle reached around for her, but came up empty. He settled to just hugging the pillow which he noticeably didn't like as much as her. She gets up and takes a minute for the world to come back into focus before she proceeds to the kitchen. She looked through and saw that she was out of soup. Damn, he also cleaned out her fridge, so she had no take out. She returned to the living room and searched for her phone. She found it and looked at the time. 12:47. Not bad she slept for quite awhile. Almost six hours. She looked back at Castle and reminisced the last few moments before they both fell asleep. She looked back at her phone and clicked up the last conversation she had with Lanie. Hey Lanie, you up? It was a few heartbeats before the ping sounded the stilled room. Am now, what is it babe? I'm sorry I over reacted before. She cradled the phone in both hands. No prob I know you were in the heat of the moment ;). You could say that. Oh I know that gurl. Thank you Lanie. No prob babe. Beckett put her phone back and turn around slightly, she saw that Castle was awake some.

"You know you almost burned down my house." He gave her a quick look.

"A, it's not a house and B, how?" He sat up a bit and craned his neck to look at her.

"You didn't blow out the candles." He looked around and shrugged.

"I bet the rain would have washed it away. Besides it's not the first time you needed a new apartment."

"Well I doubt anyone is going to sell to me with my record."

"Hey you never know." He flashed his smile again that sparkled in the dim lit room. The lights turned on and Beckett looked around and lifted her hands. There was another pop and they all flickered out again. She slaps her hands on her thighs and put her head on her hands. He laughed wholeheartedly. She looked over at him, his hands were behind his head. His eyes were trained on the ceiling, but his feet were twitching, as if there was music around. If there was the storm was too loud to here any of it. She shivered again and crawled next to him. How he was so warm, she had no idea, but at that moment she didn't care. Castle looked at her and smiled although he knew she would kill him if he was going to brag about this. His feet continued to twitch and spasm. She looked up at him.

"Where's the music."He only smirked at her. She wanted an answer so she grabbed his nose with her second knuckles on her index finger and middle finger.

"Ow, ow, ow. Okay, okay just let go." He played along,"I was just listening to the rhythm of your heart." She let g of his nose and gave him a look.

"That was so corny."

"But true." He looked at her as again the lights fizzed and popped. The noise was getting louder until she swore the lights were going to explode. They died down before the lights managed to turn into shards all across the floor. Beckett looked over at her kitchen and saw one of the lights was on. She got up and looked around and saw it wasn't a light, it was a flashlight shining through her window. She couldn't see the face, but she had a thought of who it was. She walked over to the window and let them in.

"Ryan, Esposito what are you doing here?"

"We were checking on you Beckett." Esposito butts in and walks around her apartment to stop in her living room.

"Yea we hadn't-" Ryan looks at Espo and they both smirk at each other. "Well Beckett you could have told us you have company."

"I would have, but you just waltzed right in. Why didn't you knock on the door anyways?"

"Details." Esposito says and walks over to Castle and whispers in his ear. Castle thinks for a moment and nods. Esposito walks back over to Ryan an they head for the door. "Next time call us when you are being..taken care of." They left as soon as they came. Both of them I heard a small clap and realized that it was obviously Ryan and Esposito.

Once outside the door, both of them did their own little handshake and headed back.

Beckett walks back to her couch and she hears a growl from behind her. She looks back and sees Castle is raiding her fridge for anything he could eat. She walked over to him and looked from under his arm.

"If you keep this open too long everything is going to spoil."

He looked down at her from a carton of somewhat good takeout. "I had no idea. That was why I was rifling."

"That doesn't make you go faster it just makes you choose the closet thing to you." She opened the box to show him that there was hardly a bite left. "And it looks like you missed a box." She took it from him an threw it away. He looked at her with a smug look.

"Oh and you could chose something just as fast and a but decent." She gave him a sly smile.

"Time me." He rolled his eyes and looked at his watch.

"Go." She opened the door and felt the tops of the cartons quickly and quickly grabbed him one. She closed the door and handed him the box of left overs."One minute fourteen seconds." She smirked and closed the fridge door with her hip. He examined the food like it was a mad science experiment, yet he eventually settled on eating it. She then returned to her place back on the couch and watched the candles flicker to and fro from the persistent drafts that would not give in. The howl outside was dieing down now and then and it showed. She could hear objects being thrown around outside. Newspapers,napkins, cows for all she cared were running ramped outside, but she didn't care. All she cared about was here and now. It was weird to see that in one fail swoop he was always there. No matter the changes that separated them, he had remained at her side 95% of the time. And when he wasn't it was because he was off gallivanting on one of his signings. She continued to stare at the flame, the flickering made her think of them. All these small blows were just precautions, for when the real blow hit they new they would either light up more passionately or turn to smoke in the air. She hadn't realized he was siting next to her until he had put his face next to hers and looked at the candle as well.

"Interesting." She jumped an inch and looked at him.


"How we all know that candle will turn to wax with or without you staring at it." He went back to where he was and gave her another smug look.

"You know taking care of someone when they are sick is checking on them periodically not living with them."

"I'm not living with you."


"I went home."

"To take a shower."

"So your point is?" She decided it wasn't worth it and lied down as a clap of thunder rolled the whole apartment. She jumped so high she thought that she was about to hit the roof. Castle caught her with a smile and laughing.

"I had a cramp."

"Sure you did." She loved the feel of his arms around her and stayed in them for as long as she could. Her heart ached for the past few days. How he could care so much for her and she could hardly even return her feelings. Especially after her accident. She felt like telling him, but she didn't want to lose him. Not now. Not ever. She couldn't live with him so distant. So lost. He let her go and steadied her. Beckett looked around and Castle went back to twitching his feet. She grabbed one of them, yet he continued.

"Are you trying to hypnotize my Castle, because it's working." She turned around with a sly look. He stopped abruptly. As soon as he stopped another flash of light lit up the room and thunder pounded like a nosy neighbor. She almost jumped this time. Beckett crawled over to his side and held is arm.

"Scared of a little thunder Beckett?"

"Not a teensy." She said without looking at him, but she did hold his arm tighter. The wind was roaring outside and she felt as thought it would tear her house away like it was a piece of paper. She was facing the coffee table as the room lit up multiple times each time she held on to him a little bit more. He had to detach his arm form her grip a few times. He rubbed his arm and return it to its original position. He would hum periodically and it soothed her. One of the last times he hummed she slept.

Castle and Beckett get back to Marcus's apartment, but he wasn't there the door was unlocked and stuff was thrown all over.

"I think he left something out of his explanation." Beckett grabbed her gun and walked around checking the rooms. Castle thought it was safe to stay put, so he did. Beckett waved him in that it was all clear. He looked in the door in a just in case glance. Then he waltzed right in and followed her to where she was.

"He didn't leave, he was kidnapped." She walked into his room and saw some blood. Castle looked around and didn't see a body.
He came back to her and saw she was a sheet.

"Beckett what's wr-" He didn't finish when she motioned to her back and he saw something behind her. A voice came out from behind her.

"Let me go unharmed and I wont shoot her."

"Marcus this is not you don't do this."

"You don't know who I am!" He yelled and jabbed the knife closer to the back of Beckett's neck.

"I know you don't kill people." His hand trembled and Beckett felt it. Castle didn't try to move closer, nor did he try to speak to Marcus.


"I am not Marcus!" His gripped tightened, but she heard him gulp. "I am Greg."

"Greg, please we can help you." He let the knife balance in his hand and Beckett thrust his hand up, so he would drop the knife and she grabbed his arms. Caste dove for the knife and grabbed it. Marcus/Greg didn't struggle just went limp in her arms. Castle held the knife like well it was, well, a murder weapon. It was dangling in his hands when they put Marcus/Greg into her service car. Marcus/Greg stared at the floor board the whole time they drove. Castle looked over at Beckett who had gained her color back.

"You alright Beckett."

"Sure Castle, no blood." He gave her a look that he didn't believe. He stared at her for a few more lights until she looked back at him. "Castle I told you, I'm okay."

"Fine." He looked away and then he looked back over at her. "Oh, and who let you drive?" She gave him a look.

"My car, I drive."

"You drive even when it isn't your car."

"Point is?" He looked at her until they got to the 12th.

They took the guy and saw that Esposito and Ryan were back so she gave Marcus/Greg to them. About twenty five minutes later they both came out with a story between them. Marcus/Greg had confessed he killed /Greg saw that Greg/Marcus as taking money out of Marcus/Greg's bank account after Marcus/Greg gave him his bank number for emergencies while he was undercover. Greg/Marcus came to meet Marcus/Greg to get his money back. When Greg/Marcus refused to give the mine back Marcus/Greg killed Greg/Marcus and Marcus/Greg took Greg/Marcus's life.

"Sounds like a reasonable trade." Castle said sitting down, looking at the murder board.

"Utterly." Beckett sat next to him and after she cleared the board. Beckett sighed and her head bobbed a bit as a sharp pain washed over her mind. She looked at the ground and took in a slow breath. She was so ready for this to be then felt a hand on her back. She jumped a bit until she realized that it was Castle. "I'm okay." She said with a faint smile.

"The case is solved. You are now going home." He said it as a demand, but a careful one.

"Okay Castle." She grabbed her stuff and walked to the elevator. She realized that Castle was following her.

"Gates did say 'at all times'." He gave a smirk and she just grinned back and walked into the elevator. "So is that a yes?" The elevator closed as Beckett let a sly smile.

Beckett woke up the storm had left a damage that she thought they could never recover from. Castle had left her a note:

I had to go home to deal with Alexis problems. Sorry
See you at the precinct,

She smiled and felt so much better than she did a few days ago. She got dressed and headed off to the precinct when her phone pinged. Lanie's name was on the caller ID and she answered it. Talking as she left her apartment, but not without a last look.

So thanks I finished this one up and i am going to be taking requests i am starting up a new one called You Found Me and i will be working on that.