Changed it from Wally's POV to third person. I'm going to be changing the next chapter too. I hope this one is better! Thanks for keeping up with this! =D

The Cave
Sunday, November 14, 2:50pm

Wally West never lost his cool; as far as he knew he was the definition of cool. But today, was the day that Wallace Rudolph West lost his cool. One moment he and the blonde archer were in the Cave arguing by the pool, the next he had her laying on the ground, his body over hers and his hands on her chest. The young heroes were having one of their typical arguments that had ended with Wally pushing Artemis into the pool and walking out of the room in a huff of fast limbs and growling stomach. But to Kid Flash's luck the boy forgot his backpack and had to go back in and face the archer's wrath. When he zipped back into the pool room he found that Artemis wasn't even in there which, to his speedy minded calculations, she should be stomping-sopping wet-to the showers. It wasn't until then, a half a second later, that he saw her body floating on the surface of the water, face down. Wallace Rudolph Wes's alliance wasn't Kid Flash for a reason, he dove right into the water with his shoes still tied and his sweater still zipped. The only thing on his mind was saving the most infuriating and stupidly beautiful blonde's life. The redhead had her out of the water in seconds and it only took a nanosecond to realize that she wasn't breathing or coughing up water. He placed his hands on her chest and started thumping; push down, release, repeat. After he pumped her chest five times he pinched her nose, tipped her head by her chin and blew his breath into her lungs. When she didn't respond he started thumping his hands on her chest again, he was halfway through his third pump when she started coughing. Wally took hold of her arm, raised it above her head and turned her on her side; she coughed out what seemed, to Wally, a gallon of water. He took a look at her face and noticed blood dripping from a pretty good sized gash on her forehead.

Artemis sat up with a groan and looked around, "What just happened?"

Wally placed one hand between her shoulder blades and another on her arm to stop her from standing, "You decided to go almost drown yourself. Don't stand. You're bleeding."

She glared at the redhead, "I decided to drown myself?"

Wally looked away and scowled at the tile, "Look, I didn't mean to…"

"Didn't mean to? Wally! You pushed me into the water!" She fumed.

"It was the shallow end!" The speedster's arms spread wide to make some sort of point.

"Yes," she rolled her eyes, "and I hit my head on the bottom!"

Wally looked at her forehead with shame and put his hand behind her back to steady her again, "Look, that wasn't one of my better ideas." Artemis gave him a look as if to say, you think. "And I'm sorry."

She blinked and raised her eyebrows, "Yeah, yeah," and she started to stand.

When she did she swayed, "I don't think that's a good idea." Wally stood next to her and took hold of her arm, "Here," He tucked one arm under her knees and used his other to support her back, "I'll take you to the infirmary."

"Wally, don't run," She looked at him with glazed gray eyes and blood starting to make its way into her hair, "I feel really," she blinked, "dizzy," she whispered as her head fell against his shoulder.

Wally swallowed hard, "Hey, Artemis, stay with me. Stay awake, okay Arty."


Kid Flash was as fast as the speed of sound; he could make it from Central City to Gotham in thirty minutes. But right now was not the time for his superspeed, now was time for fast walking. He made it to the infirmary as fast as he could and pressed a small button that signaled one of the Cave's "den mothers" to aid anyone in the room. Luckily it was Red Tornado who came into the medical center; he wouldn't ask many questions or make many assumptions. Wally informed him of the situation, leaving out the whole pushing Artemis into the pool, and the robot aided the blonde.

Red Tornado's mechanical eyes looked at the redhead, "Artemis is in need of stitches and because of where the cut is I cannot give her normal shots to numb her head so I will have to give her morphine intravenously"

Wally looked down at the girl and started to turn away, "Oh, okay."

"And because of legal purposes," Red Tornado continued as if Wally had said nothing, "You are subjected to stay while I administer the medication and apply the stitches, since no one else is in the cave at the moment and it is imperative that I do this now."

The morphine didn't take long to start affecting the archer's thinking process and she looked at the redhead with confusion in her eyes, "Wally?"

"Yeah?" He sat at a chair by her bed.

"I'm sorry for calling you an unskilled jerk." She sighed.

"It's okay, Arty." Wally chuckled at her satisfied, and drugged, face as she stopped talking and stared out into space.

"Because," She started again after Red Tornado finished with his work and left, "you aren't unskilled. You have running skills, science skills, charisma skills." She gave a small giggle, "well maybe not charisma, but you can talk to people." She sighed again, "I feel funny." The blonde giggled again, "Wally…"

"Yeah, Arty?" She stared off into the distance with a look of concentration on her face. "Arty?" She still didn't respond, "Hey, beautiful, can you hear me?"

"Wally, the shadows," she looked off into the corner of the room.

The redhead looked at her in confusion, "What about the shadows, babe?"

"They won't leave me alone," Her voice was hushed, "Make them go away." Her lip trembled as she glanced down at her hands wringing in her blanket, "Wally, save me." Her voice sounded so desperate, "Please save me." She looked at the speedster with unshed tears in her eyes.

"Artemis," He placed his hand over hers, "There is nothing there." His thumb running over her knuckles, "You're safe."

"They're always there, Wally. They never leave me and they'll never go away. They're always watching and waiting for me to mess up. Then they hurt me and it's just not fair." She was frantic now as tears ran down her cheeks, "Why does it have to be me? I just want to do good," she sniffled, "To be good. I don't want the shadows to be a part of me. I don't want-"

"Hey beautiful, It's okay." Wally lifted himself next to her on the mattress and put his arm around her shoulders. "Shhh…It's okay. I'll keep you safe, I promise. It's okay, babe. It's okay. Shhh…"

She quieted down and placed her head against his chest. The last thing Wally heard her say before she fell asleep was, "Kid Flash, my hero."

Wally dozed off a few minutes after with a content smile on his face. And when they woke up he told her that in her drugged state she insisted that she sleep next to the Wall-Man.