This chapter has been changed to 3rd person recently. Totally better in my opinion!

The Cave
Saturday, November 20, 1:23pm

They finally had a day off where there was no need for a covert operations group. Their mentors didn't need them, the world wasn't calling for teenage superheroes, their parents weren't calling for them, and school wasn't in session. They weren't able to be kids for what felt like ages, even if they were only a covert operations group for four months, but today they were free and they were able to act their age. So as a team of teens they decided to have a little team bonding time, as Kaldur called it, at the pool in the cave.

It was atrocious that the most customary thing to wear at a pool would be swimsuit and Wally West-the Kid Flash-was not enjoying the feeling that she, in all her long blonde hair and glowing olive skin glory, was giving him. She was possibly the most sexiest-lady, woman, girl, thing-person in a bikini; at least that's what Wally thought. Her torso was tiny and hard with muscle, her legs lean, her chest was out there in all of the most perfect ways, and the speedster didn't even want to get caught staring at her backside. So naturally he stared at her hair; it was different today, instead of its usual pony tail, her long blonde mane was twisted into a sort of braid over one shoulder. It kind of looked like a fish's tale; which was sort of weird to think of, but it still somehow looked good; but maybe she could just pull things like that off, because she was the most beautiful person in the world. Dick had said it, Canary had said it, Wally's Mom, Uncle Barry, even stoner Dylan from the redhead's English class had said it; Wallace Rudolph West was in denial. And he had finally realized that he was not okay with that, because seeing her at that moment, lean and olive skinned; he wanted to be with her. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, hug her, tell her all of his secrets and know all of hers. The speedster sunk deeper into his chair and closed his eyes.

"Wally. Have you been listenin' to a word I've been sayin' or have you been too busy starin' at a certain archer's bod the whole time?" Wally opened his eyes to see a very sassily standing Raquel leaning over him holding a bag of grapes in front of his face.

The speedster's eyes narrowed in confusion, "What?"

"Um-hum, that's what I thought. Just take your damn grapes and stop makin' it so obvious that you want a piece of that ass." She whispered to Wally and pointed to Artemis, who was in a very compromising position at the edge of the pool with Zatanna.

Wally sputtered, "Raquel, I don't-"

"Don' even try, West, don' even," She laughed and cannonballed into the pool, splashing Zatanna and Artemis in the process. The two girls laughed and jumped in after Raquel calling out their revenge on her for getting them wet.

Smiling, the speedster popped a grape into his mouth and almost choked when his teeth crunched onto a seed, "Raquel!" He yelled, "The hell is this! You couldn't tell me that there were seeds in these?"

"I did!" She laughed, "But you were too busy doin' other things to pay attention to me."

"Ooh, what was he doing, Raquel?" Zatanna quirked her eyebrow and leaned on the edge of the pool.

Wally panicked; he had to stop it before the girl he liked heard that he was, in fact, undressing her with his eyes without her knowing. Before he even had a chance to tell her that he had feelings for her; he had to stop it and so he did just that.

Running at normal speed, Wally jumped into the pool, right in the middle of where the girls were lounging in the water smiling at him.

"Oh, he's dead," The archer said right before she tackled the speedster, pushing his head under the water. Wally came up for air with only just enough time to see Zatanna's laughing mug, then he was pushed back under the water a second time. Wally opened his eyes under the surface to see an olive stomach in front of his face, pushing him by his shoulders with her strong arms. Before he could even think, Wally's hands stretched across the planes of her flat stomach and lifted her into the air. When he came up for air he heard Artemis scream in surprise, he laughed and threw her into the deep end. She splashed into the water and when she came up for air the cutest glare was on her face.

"What? It's okay for you to hold me down under water, but once you get thrown in the deep end it's all over?" The redhead smirked and crossed his arms.

"No, that's not it," Her cheeks reddened.

"Then what is?" His eyebrow rose with curiosity. Then he saw it, bobbing up to the surface. A black piece of fabric with strings attached to it, "Oh my god! Did I do that?" Her top had actually come undone. Wally looked away to see Robin's face which was as red as a cherry. "Rob! You didn't see anything did you?" The boy wonder didn't say anything; for the first time in a long time, he was speechless. "Oh god! Artemis!"

"What?" She had tied her top back on and was now screaming at the speedster.

"You just ruined my best friend's virtue!" The redhead laughed, "He's thirteen, woman!"

"Oh my fucking fuck! It's not like I took my top off and decided to flash him, Kid Flash!" She threw her hands up and dove under the water.

Wally rolled his eyes and smirked, Robin has seen boobs, he works with the goddamn Batman; Robin has seen some weird stuff. The speedster and boy wonder glance at each other with a look that only best friends understand, the one that says, just let me have this moment. Robin closed his eyes and nodded in a sort of go ahead gesture.

When Artemis came up for air she was at the shallow end of the pool, "And just for your information," she climbed the steps, "Robin works with the Batman. He's seen some messed up shit," she tossed a look over her shoulder as she headed toward the hot tub where everyone seemed to be watching their little exchange; aside from M'gann and Kaldur who were sitting on the outside of the hot tub, "Which probably means that he has seen plenty of tits in all of his thirteen years."

Wally sputtered as a foam football hit his head and looked toward Robin who had this ridiculous smirk on his face, "You don't get to say anything," the redhead retrieved the football from the water.

Robin cackled and jumped into the deep end, retrieving the football that Wally threw at him as the boy wonder's feel lifted off of the ground. As they fist bumped, the redhead glanced at Artemis who gave them a smirk of approval for their amazing toss and retrieve.