This chapter has been changed to 3rd person recently. Totally better in my opinion!

The Cave
November 25, 11:16am

Wally sat at on a stool that at the kitchen island one hand holding a cell phone to his ear the other stuffing cranberries into his mouth.

It took only three rings and the familiar rasp of a young blonde that he'd been thinking too much about came on the line, "Hey Megs."

Wally smiled, "Sweet cheeks is totally cooking up an amazing storm in this beautiful world class kitchen that the Batman has supplied to us."

There was a groan on the other line, "What do you want, Wally?"

"You ignored my call."

"Yeah. Well, you're annoying and I didn't want to hear your voice," The blonde said matter-of-factly.

Wally laughed, "Aww Arty, you know you love me."

"Wally," She actually said his name, "I'm asking you this once more, what do you want?"

Wally snorted, "Are you coming today?" He asked with a mouth full of cranberries.

The blonde huffed, "Wally, if I wanted to be at the Cave to see you stuff your face on Thanksgiving, I'd have been there already."

"She says she doesn't want to see me stuff my face today." Wally yelled to an inquiring M'gann.

"No one wants to see you stuff your face, Wally." Robin said as he walked up behind the speedster taking the phone in the process, "Hey Artemis."

Artemis smiled, "Your friend is an idiot."

Robin cackled, "Yeah, I know."

"I'm coming today, I'll just be there a little later; I'm making a desert so I'm waiting for it to finish setting." The blonde said as she held her phone between her shoulder and ear as she used both of her hands to check her creation.

Rob's smile widened, "Ooh, what is it?"

"It's a Vietnamese desert. You'll see it what I get there."

"Okay, then get here!"

She chuckled, "I will, I will! I'll see ya."

Rob smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I'll see you too," The boy wonder hung up the phone and placed it on the table.

"What was that?" Wally glared at his best bud and stuffed his mouth with another handful of cranberries.

"It was me," Rob pointed to himself, "getting Artemis," He pointed to the zeta tubes, "to come to the Cave for Thanksgiving."

The redhead rolled his eyes, "I was doing that just fine, thanks."

"Sure you were dude." Robin smiled and perched himself on the stool next to Wally.

The computerized voice of the zeta tubes announced the archer's designation and she appeared in the kitchen smiling at M'gann, "I figured you would be working like crazy in here, so I decided to make this at home." She placed two bowls on the counter and removed her jacket.

Wally swallowed as he stared at the blonde; she was wearing a yellow top that flowed. One of those tops that showed off everything, without showing off everything.

"Ooh!" A girly squeal came from the Martian, "You look cute!" M'gann clapped her hands and hugged Artemis.

"Cute? More like damn sexy," Zatanna smiled and shimmied at her before hugging her. Artemis smiled and hugged her right back.

Wally's eyebrows narrowed when his supposed best bud went up to the blonde and ran his hand up her fabric clad arm, "I like this, it's soft."

She smiled at him, "Thanks, Rob." She kissed his cheek and he looked straight at the speedster.

"Dick," Wally mumbled to Robin as he sat back down next to him and cackled.

"Alright," Wally stood and tossed a few berries into his mouth, "Who's in for some pre-Thanksgiving video games?"

"Me!" Rob and Artemis sang.

"Is Mario Cart still here? I like that game," Artemis asked Wally.

"Uh, yeah, I'm pretty sure," The redhead smiled at her.

"Awesome," She smiled back.

The speedster sat next to the archer, who sat next to the boy wonder, and played Mario Kart until Thanksgiving lunch was ready.

The Cave

November 25, 12:58pm

"So the cat, who we all thought was asleep in the living room, jumps up onto the table and starts eating the turkey," Everyone laughed as Wally threw his arms around wildly explaining a story from a past Thanksgiving at his uncle's house, "And then everyone started to go crazy and it somehow turned into a food fight," Wally paused and waited until the laughter died down, "And that's how we all ended up ordering pizza for Thanksgiving dinner seven years ago."

M'gann giggled, "Okay, well I think I'm ready for desert."

"Yes! Bring on the pie!" The speedster stood and collected the plates at top speed while M'gann flew the pies, ice cream and the desert that Artemis made onto the table.

"Wally, these are for you sense you told me you like these flavors," M'gann smiled and placed three pies in front of the redhead.

He smiled and dug in, "Mmm Megs! This is delicious! Pecan, pumpkin, and apple! You've really outdone yourself!"

"Thank you, Wally," The Martian blushed and tucked some hair behind her ear.

"Whoa! Artemis, this tastes really good! What's it called again?" Zatanna looked over at Artemis who was putting a piece of pecan pie on her plate.

"Oh, uh thanks. It's called Chè. It's Vietnamese," She smiled.

"What's in it?" Wally inquired with a full mouth.

"Please keep your mouth shut," Zatanna held up her hand at the speedster.

"It's a type of Vietnamese pudding, it's good and I put some bananas in it," Artemis looked down at her pie.

Wally grinned, "I like bananas."

"I bet you do, Baywatch," She smirked and took a bite of her pie and relished at the sight of Wally's cheeks and ears matching the color of his hair.

"Dude," Wally whispered as he elbowed a Robin who was taken over by fits of laughter, "Pass the Chè, please."

"Slow your roll, Baywatch. Here," Artemis handed Wally a different bowl, "This bowl is for you."

Wally smiled up at her with genuine surprise, "You made me my own bowl?"

Artemis looked away, "Well, you eat everything, and I didn't want you to droll in the other bowl. And I know that my Chè is amazing so, I just thought…yeah. That's yours," Her cheeks reddened a bit, "Just don't eat my bowl."