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"Arms above your head Gunny."

Chapter 3

Gibbs hesitated but did as she asked. She knew it was important for him to always be in control and to give that up showed the depth of his feelings for her. Abby wanted him to understand that she had the same amount of trust in him, she always had, and that it would never change. "I trust you with my life," she leaned her forehead against his. "I trust you with my heart...I'd never hurt you."

His darkened blue eyes looked back at her with nothing but love. "I know, Abbs."

She slid her hands over the soft fabric of his white t-shirt and up the length of his arms, placing his wrists on either side of one of the short wooden bars that ran vertically across the top of the bed. Hearing the sound of the handcuffs as they locked into place suddenly made everything but Gibbs seem non-existent to her. She wanted to devour him. Taking her time to explore every inch of his body she intended to get him so aroused that he would be pleading with her to let him loose.

Removing herself from him, Abby stood at the foot of the bed. She had been on edge all day, waiting to have him here like this. Her desire had escalated as she'd tried to contain the highly tensed thread of her patience that made her want to just rip his clothes off and have him inside her.

Needing to feel his skin against hers, Abby started by taking his shoes and socks off. She moved his legs apart and hopped back up onto the bed, sitting on one of his legs with her knees either side. Reaching into the opposite pocket of his pants to where the handcuffs had been hidden, she found the knife he always carried on him.

"Abby..." Gibbs warned as she held it up in front of her.

"I'll buy you a new one," she grinned, not wasting any time before she lifted up the edge of his t-shirt, flicked the knife open and sliced through the hem of his shirt. Closing the knife back up again she kneeled over Gibbs and placed it on the bedside table. Seconds later she was gripping the torn piece of material in her hands and ripping it down the middle.

Gibbs' eyes widened as she bent over and took his now exposed nipple into her mouth, her hands splayed out amongst the soft silver hair on his chest. Taking her time, Abby's lips moved across the expanse of his stomach, her tongue darting out to get a better taste of him.

Gibbs started to wriggle his leg between her thighs, trying to create some kind of friction and bring her closer to him. Spurred on by the action, Abby rubbed herself down and against his strong thigh, stopping herself only when she realised she was going too far too soon. She stilled the movement of his leg with both her hands. "Patience Jethro, we've got a long way to go yet," she looked up at him and smirked.

The muscles of his chest and shoulders had tightened because of his raised arms and for a moment Abby just looked at him. She couldn't help but think how Gibbs' body was as perfectly crafted as the table he'd created in the basement, and so masculine that she found herself wanting to touch him everywhere at once.

Returning her attention to his chest, her mouth slowly worked up over his pectorals, taking her time before she once again renewed her familiarity with his shoulders and neck. She could hear Gibbs' ragged breaths when she trailed along and around his collarbones. Her focus narrowed in on the hollow at the base of his neck, her tongue curling into it over and over again when she heard Gibbs groan above her.

Kissing her way back down his side and over his ribs she could see Gibbs' chest rise and fall rapidly with every one of her touches. Each time she caressed him Abby felt her passion for him pool deep in her stomach and centre at the rapidly increasing heat and wetness between her legs. She closed her lips over his belly button several times and then moved lower still, reaching the end of his naked flesh. He tensed underneath her as she slid a bit further down his body and ran her fingers lightly along the skin just above his pants.

Abby moved lower, her body nestled inside his parted legs. Her face hovered over his groin as she pulled on his belt and teasingly undid it. Her gaze returned to his eyes, their stare not faltering as she popped the button on his pants and lightly slid the zipper down. Folding back the sides of the material Abby's attention moved to the boxers that contained the impressive hard length of him. When she leaned forward to press her lips to his silk clad erection his groan echoed throughout the room, the sound of him tugging on the handcuffs just as loud.

"This is a test Special Agent Gibbs...remember you training," she said with an evil grin.

"No training could prepare me for this Abbs..." he grunted between clenched teeth when Abby repeated the gesture on his boxers twice more.

Moving off him Abby stood beside the bed and lifted her hoodie and t-shirt over her head. She could feel Gibbs' hungry eyes watching her, taking in every detail of her pale skin and desperately wanting to touch her. Her pants quickly came off as well, leaving her dressed only in matching black underwear.

"So beautiful, Abby." The lust that clouded his gaze was obvious but it was the tenderness and love that she always saw that cemented in her heart and mind that he really was hers.

Walking alongside the bed she returned her attention to Gibbs and pressed her lips to his. From her standing position and because of the handcuffs she had complete control of the kiss. The longer she drew it out the more heated it became and Abby realised her resolve maybe wasn't as strong as she thought. She'd lost count of the number of times he'd made her climax merely with the ministrations of his skilful lips and tongue, and she knew that she may very well be the one who broke first. Where Gibbs was concerned she'd had to remain restrained for so long and now that they were together she wanted him everywhere, around her, on top of her and inside her.

"Roll over," Abby murmured against his lips.

Gibbs frowned at her. "What are you up to?"

"I'm a scientist Gibbs...gotta take every variable into consideration."

Without waiting for him to start to move she put her hands under his back to help him turn over. The handcuffs and his growing hardness made it a bit more difficult for him but eventually Gibbs was lying on his stomach, his hips slightly raised and his arms stretched tight above him.

Crawling onto the bed she lifted her knee over his back so she was straddling him and pushed the remnants of his t-shirt higher up his arms so her view of him was unobstructed. Broad, well-defined shoulders were stretched out above him to reveal the perfectly toned form of his back. Quietly studying him underneath her, Abby's eyes travelled over his finely chiselled physique. His powerful upper torso narrowed down to a lean waist, the rise and fall of each contour in-between leaving her captivated.

Gibbs' back was something that Abby didn't get to feel her mouth against nearly enough for her liking. Her hands had mapped out every curve, every dip and every muscle and in the heat of passion she had gripped him and raked her nails along the long length of him. But rarely had she let her lips and tongue glide over him. He was as gorgeous from the back as he was from the front and she wanted him to know how much he made her body cry out for him.

Shifting up higher she leaned down to kiss his taut bicep, her mouth level with his ear as she whispered, "I won't ever get enough of you."

Gibbs twisted his head to face her. She could see the longing in his eyes and it made her heart pound uncontrollably in her chest. He could say so much with a look. When words failed him, all he had to do was look at her and she'd understand. Abby smiled at him and lightly pushed back the hair that had fallen over his forehead, feeling a little lost for words herself.

Resuming her attention on his back she trailed her lips over Gibbs' shoulders and made her way towards his spine. Her fingers thread into the short hair on the back of his neck, scraping them through the softness she found. "You feel so good," she sighed against his skin.

Slowly, Abby brushed her lips down the narrow indentation of his spine, her tongue flicking out intermittently as she moved lower. Her eyes drifted closed as she focused on nothing but the taste and feel of him under her mouth. As she absorbed everything about him, her hands spread out on his shoulder blades and moved in unison down over his ribs, her fingers digging lightly into his skin. She whimpered, hearing Gibbs' muffled groans as he buried his face sideways in the pillow.

Moving off him when going any lower would mean putting too much pressure on his groin, Abby slid her hand just a couple of inches into his boxers and let her hand skim over the slight curve of his backside. Bending forward she lightly nipped at the skin at the base of his back with her teeth. Gibbs twitched under her, pushing his ass up as she soothed over the small bite marks with her swollen lips.

Taking her hand out she helped Gibbs roll back over and took hold of his now twisted pants, dragging them down along his hips and legs and letting them drop to the floor. Only his boxers remained in place. Kissing her way up his bare legs Abby moved from one to the other. Her fingers followed the same path as she started at his ankles, moving up over the side of his calves and stopping when she reached his knees. Twisting his legs slightly her tongue swept out to lick behind each of his knees, the kiss that followed moistening the sensitive area.

Continuing upwards she gently slid the bottom of his boxers up his legs, using her mouth to explore his thighs but never once touching him where she knew he wanted it. For endless minutes she slowly and tortuously smothered his inner thighs with her lips, tongue and teeth. Gibbs lightly locked his ankles around her back, trapping her between his legs and securing her head between his thighs. "Abby," he moaned pulling against his restraints.

Deciding to give him a small taste of what he wanted, Abby's fingers sought out the waistband of his boxers again and slid them down just enough to reveal the full length of his hard cock. Holding onto his hips her mouth closed over him. Gibbs thrust himself up off the bed as she swirled her tongue over the tip, her lips gliding further down and taking him deeper into the recesses of her mouth. She could hear him moaning unintelligible words above her and she clamped her thighs together, desperate to hold back the throbbing that was about to be her undoing.

"Abby..." he groaned. "Stop...not like this..."

Gibbs' plea belied the movements of his body as he tried to force his hips up against her hold, but the urgency of his words as her lips continued to encase him made Abby slow her movements. Letting him slide from her mouth she let her tongue linger slowly along him, her eyes gazing up to see him flushed, a fine sheen of sweat forming on his forehead.

Freeing herself from his hold Abby hoisted herself up and climbed along him to sit with her thighs on either side his hips. Reaching behind her she unhooked her bra, quickly discarding it and falling forward so her breasts crushed into his chest. She could feel and hear Gibbs' rapid intake of breaths as she continued to get her fill of him, knowing they were both getting closer to release with every move she made. From the moment he'd walked into her lab that morning it had been building and now they were facing a losing battle. One that she was happy to give in to.

Tilting her head she nestled her face into the crook of his neck and alternated between painstakingly slow brushes of her lips and long languid licks with her tongue over his skin. Gibbs was getting increasingly restless underneath her and she knew once she unlocked the handcuffs he wouldn't waste time in making sure she was ready; her soaked panties were more than enough evidence of that.

Sinuously she began to gyrate her hips against him. The circling motion and the friction of her wetness through her underwear pushed Gibbs to his limit. He arched up erratically, trying to get the release his body craved. "Abby, I need to touch you," he moaned in unison with the motion of her hips and she knew he wasn't going to last much longer. She needed him touching her too.

The instant she had the handcuffs unlocked Gibbs' hands were on her. Gripping onto her waist he flipped the orientation of their bodies so their heads were at the end of the bed. He settled between her legs and ground into her, her single item of clothing preventing the union they both wanted so badly. He struggled out of the ripped t-shirt that hung loosely on his arms, flinging it across the room when he eventually got free of it.

Gibbs lavished her breasts with kisses, his fingers frantically trying to push his boxers down further but not wanting to move away from her. Abby helped him slide them down as far as they would go, desperate for them to be joined. Things had progressed quicker than she'd hoped but right now the ruse she'd set up to enable her to play out one of her fantasies was the last thing on her mind.

Suddenly Gibbs stopped moving and looked into her passion filled green eyes. He looked almost drugged but smiled at her arrogantly, his hand grasping onto the thin piece of underwear that covered her hip. "I'll buy you a new pair," he said repeating some of her earlier words.

Abby's brow furrowed, unsure of what he was getting at. Seconds later Gibbs' fingers ripped the black material keeping her from him into shreds and she finally felt him against her. Abby wasted no time in hooking her ankles under his backside and tilting her pelvis, urging him to enter her. Their gazes locked and Gibbs slid his length achingly slow back and forth along her sensitized flesh, making her gasp.

Finally, after waiting all day Gibbs eased inside her. Abby's lips parted, her head falling back as he penetrated her. She thrust up against him, her hand skimming through his hair to pull his mouth down to hers. Leisurely and tenderly she drew the kiss out as long as she could before the need for oxygen and the need to have him moving inside her overcame her ability to continue.

"I love you...so much," she panted against his mouth.

Gibbs put his all his weight on his hands beside her shoulders. "Love you too, Abbs."

Given the near frantic state of their bodies their movements were unhurried to begin with. Gibbs' slow strokes keeping her teetering on the edge. She wanted him to go faster but she also wanted to prolong the feeling of him being buried in her. Abby arched her back off the bed and shifted her legs higher up his back, the changed angle enough to make Gibbs increase the speed of his thrusts and slip further in. As the momentum of their bodies became needier with each plunge of him inside her, Abby's low moans transformed into frenzied groans of desire.

Even though he was as deep as he could be it wasn't enough. She gripped onto his backside and continued to match his thrusts, her eager lips still seeking out his between her erratic cries. Gibbs filled her so completely, the steady throb of him inside her forcing Abby's internal muscles to clasp tightly around him each time he pounded into her. She couldn't hold on much longer but she wanted them to come together. She wanted to hear him groan out her name as he thrust into her for a final time, her body holding him in the most intimate way possible.

"Gibbs..." she begged as he continued to drive into her, his laboured breathing hot against her skin. "Let go..."

She felt the muscles in his back start to tense and he moved his face back to look at her. Grinding up into him Abby felt him piston his hips against her harder and faster, his eyes closing as he stroked into her one last time. The pleasure filled cry that burst from his throat sent her over the edge, their combined screams of release rattling through her entire body as she pulsed around him and Gibbs emptied himself inside her.

He collapsed beside her and Abby shifted into his arms. As her body started its slow process of calming down she smiled contentedly. They had waited all day, and it had been more than worth the wait.

"God, Abbs..." Gibbs sighed, trying to suck air into his lungs. "You're gonna be the death of me."

She chuckled lightly and snuggled into his side, her head lying on his shoulder. "I think it's safe to say your training has served you well."

"That mean I passed the test?" Gibbs asked, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her forehead.

"I missed a few spots so we might have to do a retrial."

Gibbs sat them up and they scooted their bodies around so they lay in the bed the right way, his head resting on the pillow while Abby returned to her previous position in his arms. He tried to flex the joints in his upper body, wincing as the action caused the muscles in his shoulders, chest and arms to tighten. "Hope I don't have to take aim at anything tomorrow...my shot is gonna be way off."

Abby started to massage his chest, her gentle touches soothing him. "Well now that everybody knows about us you won't need to try and explain...I'm sure by now Tony has told everyone in the building what I intended to do with you and those handcuffs."

She laughed at the look of horror on his face. "I'm gonna have to put a gag order on him," Gibbs grumbled.

"The novelty will wear off in a couple of days...or weeks...or months...you should probably be prepared to end up with a sore hand from the number of headslaps you'll have to dish out." She kissed his shoulder, offering him reassurance. "We'll be okay."

"Doesn't matter what anyone says or does," he said sleepily, rolling them over so he was spooned against her back. "Won't let anything take you away from me."

Abby smiled and closed her eyes, cuddling into him and pulling his arms tighter around her. She breathed in deeply, letting his scent overcome her like she had done earlier that morning wrapped up in the sheets. This time, Gibbs was here with her, his body warm and his devotion to her unrelenting. It didn't matter who knew about them or what they thought, in the end all that mattered was each other.

The End.