A/N: Yesterday I watched a fantastic Youtube video, and now I absolutely love... Aletyler, Talejandro, Tylejandro? You get the point XD This takes place in between I See London... and Greece's Pieces. And unfortunately, I don't own Total Drama- if I did, Tyler and Alejandro would be a couple, as would Noah and Cody, Gwen and Trent, Courtney and Duncan, and Ezekiel and Izzy.

All morning, Alejandro had been noticing something. He wasn't quite sure what, but something was off with Tyler. He had been visibly nervous, wide-eyed, and off in space.

After some thinking on the subject, Alejandro decided that was enough. Tyler could be holding some secret information that could put him ahead in the game- perhaps this was what he needed the jock wannabe for.

"Is something wrong, Tyler?" he asked.

"I saw something..."

He could tell he was about to crack, but Duncan woke up right then. "Ah, I've been sleeping like the dead... hear that Tyler? DEAD."

Tyler gulped, and Alejandro silently cursed Duncan for ruining his chance. "Well, guys, I'll just be going to the confessional..."

He silently said thank you as he looked over at Tyler. "What did you see?"

"Uh... n-nothing."

"It has something to do with Duncan, doesn't it?"

If at all possible, Tyler's eyes widened even more.

"You can tell me in the cargo hold, if you don't wish to be overheard."

"Who said I'm going to tell you anything?"

"Tyler, my friend, clearly this secret is eating up your insides. It would feel so wonderful to let it out, don't you think?"

Begrudgingly, Tyler got up. "Fine." The two contestants made their way around the plane, entered the cargo hold, and closed the door. Alejandro made sure there was no sign of anyone else, or Ezekiel, before starting.

"What do you know?"

"Lots of stuff, I know how to-"

"No, no. I mean, what do you know that's clearly bothering you so?"

Tyler looked down. "I don't see why it matters."

"Clearly, my friend, this is something important. I hate to see the... fear... in those brown eyes of yours."

"I'm not scared!"

"You wouldn't be much more scared if I announced this cargo hold was actually a chicken pen." Tyler looked around, as if believing he was actually surrounded by chickens, his greatest phobia. "Don't worry, it is not."

"It's not as if what I know- if I do know something- is... alright, alright! I saw Duncan and Gwen kiss!" He visibly relaxed. "Now that's a load off..."

"Duncan and Gwen? Interesting..."

"I hope he doesn't kill me for that."

"What Duncan doesn't know won't hurt you, my friend. Now, why don't we give them something to fret over?"

"What do you-" Tyler's eyes widened in shock as he felt Alejandro's lips against his.

What about Lindsay? His mind was screaming. But something in him didn't care about her, it wasn't as if she even knew his name. He closed his eyes and returned the kiss.

Neither of them was sure of how much time passed. It could have been two seconds, two minutes, or two weeks. All they knew was that they had just kissed.

"Tyler... do you really like girls?"

A/N: Well, that's the most romantic thing I've ever written! ...Seriously, I believe it's the first romance fic I've ever written, and it's my 22nd XD So, what do you think? :)