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After making it back to the Hellish lair, all I could do was pace. It never hit me about my situation. It doesn't even feel like Randy left; that I'm stuck down here. Although, technically, I could make a run for my money and leave this basement. I'm not made of stone, Randy left a key that I found hanging from the ceiling. What else could the metal be for, the key to his heart? Uh-huh. Then that'll be implying he has a romantic bone in his body.

I even found my clothes. They were stored in the cement bathroom down a dark and moldy corridor. It's almost like Randy is giving me the golden opportunity to leave as I desire. But if I be logical and make a run, then who will Randy torture? A teenager, a kid? John Cena will be furious if he finds out Randal raped one of his fans.

As my feet travel up and down the hall, my newly found shoes scraping the pavement underneath, I tell myself I'm not running for the sake of a lost child's virginity shattering. But deep down inside, I know it's because I'll honestly miss being Randy's own personal sex slave. I'll miss being devoured by blue-grey eyes that gleam in a predator-like way. Admitting this to me, however, is why I'm making excuses.

A jolt of shock traveled down my body as a door echoed in the distance and harmonious footsteps beat through the sturdy walls. I calm myself before my tanned captor feasts on my nervousness like flies to fire.

"Hello. Welcome back to your sanctuary, I guess. Would you like me to offer my butt on a gold or silver platter?" What is so wrong with trying to be humorous in this situation?

"I told Sam about you and her reaction was what I thought it would be."

I eyed him. "She slapped the living daylights out of your mouth?"

"Nope; she congratulated me and gave me a meal and sex. Then she told me to remember to put my dick in your ass and in her vagina. Yummy, right?"

How about gross? "If I was your wife, then I'd of kicked you so hard, you wouldn't have been able to walk." If my arousal didn't get in the way, that is.

"When are you going to learn, young one? The only way to get rid of me is to give me sex. Now, come here."

I obediently walked towards The Viper and unbuckled his belt before sinking to my knees. I didn't know where my confidence came from, but being me, I jump at challenges.

I pulled Randy's prize winner out of his pants and studied the organ for a moment. The way it looked to throb with desire. The way it, too, is tanned. I felt a hand guide my head closer. Choosing to go head-on into my job, I suck the head into my mouth and twirled my tongue around the heated skin. I slowly inch my way down the base while sucking ever so tenderly.

Overhead, Randy's darkened eyes burn a hole into my head; I can feel them. Humming, I allow my head to bob a little and enjoy the sound of Randy trying to suppress any noises of satisfaction, but hearing one slip occasionally.

One moment I'm letting my master fuck my mouth, then next he's pulling me up and pushing me against the nearby wall. I unbuttoned my pants and let Randy pull them down. I waited for the intrusion. And waited.

Finally, Randy pushed in and caused a sharp pain overtake me for a minute. He began thrusting into my body and angled his hips to hit my prostate dead on. I let out a few moans and groans in the process. I was still hard and decided to stroke my member in my pleasure-filled high. He was fucking me and I was submitting to him. After a couple last thrusts from the both of us, we came instantaneously.

Randy caught his breath fast and after a couple seconds he straightened up and tucked himself back in. I was facing him and leaning against the same wall I was flattened on.

"Hey, uh, what time is it?" How long have I been down here? Randy looked at me and turned on his heels while holding up one finger. While he was wandering his sanctuary, I took the precious time to compose myself, pulling up my pants, straightening my shirt, running my hands over my hair to find it a mess. Randy returned with a small black device in one hand.

"This is your cellphone. I took the liberty to take it out of your pocket after I abducted you and now, you must do me a favor."

Nodding, I stared at the device that could rescue me, tell me the date and time, and connect me to the outside world.

"You are to take this phone, and throw it against the wall." Randy said this slowly as if I was a kid; like I didn't understand.

Pausing, I eyed The Viper until he grabbed my hand, put the small electronic in it, and tightened my hand around it.

"Can I sneak a peek at the time first?" In the middle of my sentence, Randy started shaking his head. I don't know why, but I turned towards the wall and threw the phone and watched the pieces become airborne. Maybe it was the fact of not knowing the date, or that I'm going crazy. But, it's probably because Randy might have pummeled me if I checked.

Turning around, Randy smiled in satisfaction. "From here on out, you are not permitted to know the date, time, not allowed to see your reflection, and not allowed to wander around the outside world. I'll bring you meals daily and allow you to wash up every two days. Once a month, depending on how good you are, I'll buy a collar and chain and walk you outside. You will never leave, move, or walk without my permission. Got it?"

Feeling like Randy was pulling his leash around me too hard, I moved my hand, and then walked forward. Then back. Just to make him mad. His glare got me to stop in my tracks and mumble a quick apology.

"Wait, where do I sleep? I'll never fall asleep on this cold, hard, rough floor."

Randy motioned for me to follow him down the hall and into a secret passage way door. Inside was a fully lighted bedroom complete with all the furnishings required for a room. "This is yours and my room. Never make this room a mess. It cost more than all the WWE tickets at a sold out show combined."

I nodded and admired the large space. Then I tentatively moved across the room and to the side and sat on the bed. The wonderful, plush, over-stuffed, memory foam bed set. The cotton sheets and comforter, I could of fell asleep right there. Until, Randy's rule.

"Rule of the bed, no clothes allowed. Strip." And only because the bed felt like a wonderland, I tossed articles of clothing off my body and peeled the sheets away to cover me up with. Randy was not far behind to strip and get in.

I lied there thinking of my new way to live. It's like a whole new ball game, as my brother would say. I've gone from living in a media stocked wrestling dream, to sleeping in an expensive bed that costs more than my house in a lair that smells of dust and evil. One day all Randy's intentions were to punt my badly constructed head off my body, the next he's grown a huge attraction for plowing my ass off my hips. Well, maybe he's had the attraction for a while now, but who knows? Maybe Randy just decided that a wife isn't enough but a fellow co-worker will do for the time being.

"Hey, Randy, am I supposed to live under this cellar for the rest of my life?"

The man rolled to his side to face me under long lashes. "Punk, you do realize that somebody occupies the house above you."

Shaking my head, I realized that my mind has been living in the past for the time I've been down here. "Who's house?"

The snake-like creature shook his head at my stupidity. "You've found the key. What the hell could it possibly represent other than to open the door to the main floor?"

"It could be the key to your heart."

"And for that to happen, I'd have to break the ice surrounding the vital piece of internal flesh. Before you even dare asking, Sam chipped the iceberg, but all it caused was an avalanche. So don't even begin to meddle."

"You two made a baby in the snow. Does that mean that even angels fall?"

"Snow, gosh Punk, you give me lots of belly laughs. We made a child in the frozen springs of acidic popsicles."

"Was it grape flavored?"

"What? Punk, work with me. I'm talking about—you know what? No. It was red. The sticky flavored juice was red."

"Cherry, watermelon, bubble gum, what flavor? Come on, I got to know details!" Well, I've basically lost what the hell we were even speaking about. Might as well enjoy confusing details spew out of Randal's mouth and clog my brain with gory facts and opinions of nothing.

"Blood flavored, you child. My lonely wife decided to nurture a living nightmare of a bleached angel. She wanted, I gave."

I, too, turned on my side to face the blue beams of iris. "Hmmm, I never knew that angels bleach their wings. I always thought they dyed them. You know, since they are angels of darkness. By the way, how am I the child? I'm older than you!"

"You act like a child a lot. They can't dye their wings, there's not enough coloring in the world to hide the spiritual being's insecurities."

"Are you implying that white is a color? It's not. It's a shade, just like black."

"You're trying to educate me? Make like a stone and shut up."

"Stone's don't even talk! How can they shut up if they can't even talk? Also, shut up is a mean word."

"You've been watching the Rock's Disney movies, haven't you?"

Grinning, "And how would you know that that line was from The Game Plan?"

"Shut up because you just named the title of the movie, which just makes you just as guilty."

I moved my body closer to the heat radiating off of Randy's skin. "Ah, but I never said that I don't watch his movies. I only said that you watch them too."

Being caught in traffic, Randy pushed me on my back and I felt him scoot on top of me. "Well, looks like somebody decided that arguing with me is okay. Which, clearly, it's not."

"But I wasn't arguing!" Now I'm arguing. Randy gazed down at me and I swallowed. Bracing for the impact, I slowly sucked my bottom lip into my warm mouth and waited for Randy to begin. After a minute, Randy grabbed my short hair and pulled. I cried out in shock. He took that moment to jerk his hips back and angled them to drive his full length into my tight hole. Being the pain whore that I am, I cried out again in burn and bliss.

He never gave me time to adjust, which I loved, and plowed right into me with every ounce of his strength. He moaned, I moaned, the bed moaned. The air moaned. The torture of my inner body wrapped up in Randy's outer organ was so exciting that I was so hard it should be considered illegal. My cock was nestled between our stomachs and Randy glided up and down creating sweet friction against my personal device. Almost like a sweaty hand job, only it was more skin on skin contact.

Randy held onto my hair and pulled every so often because he knew I was enjoying it. And every time I would yell back a slutty response.

The friction between our stomachs was too great and I exploded with a loud moan. Randy jerked himself in and out of my body and he came not too long after as he thrust out his organism. I let out a slow breath as Randy's full weight hurled towards me. That might have been one of the greatest organisms I've ever had.

"Congrats. You just made it to my number one priority. Now, lay down with me." Randy shifted himself to be the big spoon and I moved to settle for little spoon. And as I concentrated on my cum resting on my colored stomach and Randy's cum coating my flesh, I realize that he's staying with me tonight, while Sam sleeps with a fallen angel.