I know this is rather short, but I hope you like it anyway. R&R.

As the fall wind blew and the multicolored leaves fell, two figures cuddled together by a silver, moon kissed, lake. Richter looked up at his silvery haired dhampir lover and smiled.

'He looks so at peace...' Indeed he did, eyes closed, head resting on Richter's, and a soft smile gracing his lips. The brunette gently grabbed the elder's arms that were snaked around him and gave him a curious look.

"Alu?" Alucard opened his golden orbs and hummed a reply.

"Why me? I'm the enemy of your father. I-" Alucard hushed him and turned him around on his lap.

"You are my father's enemy. I am not my father, now am I?" Richter shook his head. Alucard smiled and kissed him, Richter suddenly took control of the kiss causing the vampire hunter and dhampir to fall backwards. The two men broke the kiss and started laughing, but it soon died down as they looked up towards the night sky.

"Besides, imagine how furious my father will be the next time he awakens to hear his son was romanticly involved with his enemy." Richter snorted and sighed a simple yea. The duo was later discovered by Maria who could not help but smile at the two sleeping lovers cuddled up together with multicolored leaves slowley blanketing them.

I know it is short, but I hope if I make more that they aren't all short like this.