The Death of Shu

As the rain falls on my eyes I could not believe it I have failed. Sima Yi has retreated from my trap; all hope to capture the Central Plain is lost. Heaven, Heaven have you abandoned the Han Empire? Was it too corrupted that you do not favour it anymore? Was it because I executed Ma Su or was because I rejected Wei Yan's plan? Perhaps it was because I decided to put Liu Feng to death. If any of these are the cause of this lost then it means I am the one who destroyed his Majesty's dream. Now Shu's only hope now rests in Jiang Wei to succeed where I have failed but if he fails it is all over and his failure would have been proof that Heaven has rejected the Han Dynasty and me. Cough! Cough! My Lord as I now return to lie in my bed knowing my end is near I have only tears of shame and despair and marks of failure to show to you and his Majesty when I breath my last. Your Majesty, forgive me. Lord Liu Feng, Ma su I am very sorry.