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Nighttime Konoha,

The village of Konoha was quiet and tranquil. Everyone was enjoying their peace and silence as everyone was enjoying their sweet dreams. All except one person.

Naruto Uzumaki was known to be lots of things. He was called a knucklehead, a dead last loser and even a worthless shinobi. The only thing people could say about him positively was that he was the biggest dreamer for any fresh out of the academy genin. Naruto was currently in his bed tossing and turning while sweat dripped down his face. His face seemed full of anguish as he struggled through whatever he was dreaming during his sleep.

"No it can't end like this. Why is everyone fighting? You need to stop fighting. STOP!" Naruto yelled as he opened his eyes fast and leaned from his bed. Naruto panted heavily and looked at the sheets on his bed then widened his eyes when his saw the sweat from his brow stain the sheets. Naruto rubbed the sweat off his face and gripped the sheets tighter. Naruto looked around his room and slowed his breathing down which caused him to relax a bit more.

"It was just a dream," Naruto said before getting up and heading to the kitchen counter. Naruto turned on the lights of his one room apartment and reached out for a cup and got some water from the sink. He twisted the cup through his hands and sat near his table. Naruto closed his eyes before taking a gulp of the cold water. Naruto turned his head to see the moon outside then looked at his messed up bed sheets.

"What kind of dream was that? I don't even know, but the villages were all fighting. It was a major war zone if I've ever seen one which I haven't, but it felt so real to me," Naruto said to himself while he finished the last of his glass of water. Naruto placed the glass in the sink and turned out the lights before going back to his bed.

"I'll have to talk to Kakashi-sensei about it tomorrow," Naruto said as he dozed off still thinking about the dream that had inhabited his mind.

Next Morning

Naruto groggily woke up and turned his gaze to the bright sun that shined through his curtains. Naruto slightly cursed that in the end, he didn't get any sleep at all and was now exhausted. He also cursed his luck of having training with Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto sighed and scratched his head as he exited the wrecked bed. Naruto slowly walked towards the shower and allowed the warm water to pour over his body. Naruto's spiky hair grew moist and dropped down covering his eyes. If one looked close enough, they would see complete confusion and struggle within Naruto's eyes as the blond seemed to be in deep thought which was like him at all.

"I really need to talk to Kakashi-sensei about that dream last night. Hopefully, he will have some answers for me since I have no idea what I was looking at," Naruto said and turned the shower off. Naruto stepped out and wrapped his towel around the lower half of his body. Naruto reached for the cupboard and pulled out a pack of instant ramen. While he waited for the right time to eat, Naruto walked to his closet and pulled out his orange jumpsuit while narrowing his eyes.

"One of these days I'll need to save money and get some better clothes. I do like my orange, but it's not the best thing for being a shinobi I guess. Oh well, I'll worry about that later," Naruto said as he slipped into his clothes. Naruto smirked when he saw the steam exiting from the cup ramen and sat down to eat. He finished his noodles rather fast and grabbed his wallet then ran out the door.

"Alright let's get to the training ground. Hopefully Kakashi-sensei isn't late...again. Ahh who the hell am I kidding. His ass is always late," Naruto muttered while ignoring some of the glares he got from people. Naruto knew about Kyuubi, but he didn't really care what people thought. So long as he knew he wasn't the Kyuubi it didn't bother him about how other thought and continued on his way.

Training Grounds

Naruto entered the grassy fields to see his two teammates leaning on the fence waiting for their sensei. One had pink hair and the other had black that looked like a duck's ass. The pink one was Sakura Haruno and the emo was Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura was doing the usual, which involved trying to get the Uchiha to go on a date with her and kept getting the same answer. A cold, hard NO!

"Hey Sakura-chan, Hey Duckbutt," Naruto yelled at his teammates. Both turned to meet their loud teammate, though Sakura decided for Naruto to 'meet' her fist giving the blond a lump on his head while he groaned from the mistreatment.

"Shut up baka, your too damn loud," Sakura said while Sasuke shifted his gaze and ignored the two. Naruto sighed and rubbed the lump on his head as he looked at his pink haired 'teammate'.

"Why in the seven gates of hell do I like you again? You hit me, you yell too damn much and now that I really look at you, your not even all that cute. Did my taste in girls always suck this much?" Naruto thought and proceeded to lean his back on the fence also. Naruto turned his head to see Sakura continuing to pester Sasuke and turned his gaze to the clouds while thinking of his dream last night.

"Why did I have that dream? Why can't I simply forget about it like any other dream? What does it have to do with me?" Naruto wondered, but soon began to drift off to some much needed sleep while team seven waited for its sensei to arrive since the meeting was supposed to be an 'important' meeting.

2 hours later

Naruto silently snored while enjoying his nap while Sasuke and Sakura seethed at the lateness Kakashi was showing them. Sure he had done this before, but come on. Would it kill someone to arrive on time at least once in their entire lives?

After 15 more minutes, a silver haired man with and orange book and a dark green vest appeared on top of the fence while what seemed to be an eyesmile.

"Yo," He simply said which was missed by the sleeping blond, but Sakura got to her feet and pointed at Kakashi with a fierce look of hate in her eyes.

"Your late!" She screeched which made Sasuke and Kakashi cover their eyes, but Naruto wasn't so fortunate and shot his eyes open while taking a kunai out of his pocket and shifted into a battle stance which caused the other three to look at him.

"Everyone be careful I think I heard a screeching banshee somewhere. We should all be alert," Naruto quickly said while Sakura narrowed her eyes at him. Sasuke gave a small chuckle along with Kakashi as Sakura hit Naruto on the head again causing the blond to drop the kunai and rub his head again.

"That was me you baka. Kakashi-sensei is here so let's go," Sakura ordered. Naruto narrowed his eyes again, but complied before picking up his kunai and placing it in his pouch as the team entered the training ground for their practice. All three genin stood next to the three individual log posts while Kakashi looked at them all.

"Alright we will start you guys on some teamwork exercises. Here catch," Kakashi said throwing an egg to Naruto. Naruto caught the white shell while the others turned to Kakashi for an explanation. Kakashi gave an eyesmile while holding up his book.

"I want you three to toss that egg back and forth between each other. However, after each catch and toss you must move back slightly until you can throw it far without it breaking," Kakashi told them. All three sweatdropped simultaneously, but complied and stood in a triangle sharp. Naruto simply threw the egg softly towards Sasuke. Sasuke caught the egg and moved back slightly before tossing it to Sakura. Sakura managed to avoid barely breaking it and sheepishly chuckled before throwing it towards Naruto while still looking at Sasuke with hearts in her eyes.

"Alright stop. Now can anyone tell me what went wrong?" Kakashi asked while everyone laughed when they saw the shattered egg and all it's contents on him. Sakura turned her gaze to Naruto and pointed her finger at him.

"Naruto-baka, why didn't you catch the damn egg?" Sakura screeched while Naruto turned a tired gaze to his loud as hell teammate. Sakura awaited his answer since Naruto was being unusually quiet which unnerved the other slightly.

"Maybe if you weren't looking at your boy toy you would be able to throw it to me and not into Kakashi-sensei's face. You damn pink banshee," Naruto said whispering the last part to himself. Luckily, Sakura didn't hear him while Kakashi produced another egg for them to work on. This went on for about 2 more hours, but they managed to gain quite a bit of distance before Sakura threw the egg to Naruto, however Kakashi stopped them.

"Alright that's enough. You guys did surprisingly well. Now we will start some chakra control exercises to finish then we can leave. No missions today," Kakashi told them. Everyone nodded and got in a mediative pose, but Naruto turned back to Kakashi since he figured this was as good a time as any to ask about the dream he had last night.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto said motioning for the copy ninja. Kakashi turned his gaze to Naruto and smiled while setting his book down near his pouch.

"What is it Naruto?" Kakashi asked since it was rare that Naruto ever asked him for anything. Kakashi hadn't really taught the blond anything, but if he wanted some help Kakashi couldn't flat out deny it to him.

"Do you think we could talk in private? I want to tell you about something that's been bothering me," Naruto said as Kakashi stopped his eye smile and gazed at the blond. It wasn't like Naruto to be so bothered by things before. It was even weirder that he felt he couldn't talk to Kakashi in the presence of his two teammates. Granted, they weren't friends, but teammates were meant to trust each other right?

"Alright then, but after this you must practice got it?" Kakashi asked to which Naruto immediately nodded. Soon the student and teacher walked off which had Sakura and Sasuke wondering what the problem was, but neither said anything since it wasn't important to them.

Naruto and Kakashi walked into a denser part of the forested area where the sun wouldn't reach them. Naruto felt the cool breeze on his face while his hair swayed in the wind along with Kakashi's. Naruto looked at the ground while Kakashi continued to read his book. Kakashi wasn't sure, but for some reason Naruto seemed a lot more serious and it made the usually calm jonin tense slightly under the silence.

"Alright Naruto, what is it you wanted to talk with me about? Kakashi asked not taking his eyes off the book in front of him, but he felt that he really should listen to whatever Naruto had to say. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the ground trying to buy a few more seconds of thought before speaking. He couldn't believe he would need to talk to his sensei about his dreams. It felt almost childish in hindsight, but he decided to risk it this once. Hell, if he could talk about his dream of being Hokage then how was this any different?

"Umm...don't laugh or think this is a waste, but it's about a dream I had last night," Naruto said to him. Kakashi raised an eyebrow at what Naruto said, but mentally chuckled. He could only wonder if it had to do with Naruto's dream of being Hokage and getting people to acknowledge him for not being the Kyuubi incarnate. Kakashi nodded for Naruto to continue still slightly amused that the blond would talk about his dreams with him.

"Well it's kind of hazy to be, but in my dream the five elemental nations are all at war with each other," Naruto said shocking Kakashi, who barely managed to keep his composure. Kakashi slightly lowered his book to look at Naruto and could tell that the blond was being serious and listened intently, though the idea of the five elemental nations all going to war against each other seemed like an out of this world idea, but it certainly was possible.

"I saw a massive battlefield where there were countless bodies of shinobi from every nation littered on the ground. The ground was stained with blood and fires raged around the battlefield. Everyone seemed so angry with each other. Even the kages were getting into the violence. It all made my heart ache from the feeling of seeing people throw their lives away. But then I saw a bright light over a hill not far from where the war that was taking place. I saw eleven people standing on the mountain while looking down at the chaos. There seemed to be one person and the other ten were his followers. They all jumped into the midst of the battlefield and began to counter each elemental nation's forces with their power. People all seemed to forget their fighting and concentrate on the ten warriors and their leader. It was then I woke up with beads of sweat dropping down my face. It seemed so real that I couldn't get any real sleep for the whole night," Naruto finished and tried to judge Kakashi's reaction, but failed miserably. Meanwhile, Kakashi was in the biggest stump of his life. Naruto's dream seemed too detailed to be a simple dream. The way Naruto described it, it was more like something that was going to happen sooner or later. Kakashi couldn't even focus on his book and placed it away.

"I've heard of people having bad dreams, but this is ridiculous. That doesn't even sound like a dream. More like a vision, but of what? For all five elemental nations to go to war with each other, they must all have done something to each other. Something about that dream isn't normal. I should talk to Hokage-sama about this dream of Naruto's," Kakashi thought before turning back to Naruto. Kakashi soon gave the blond and eyesmile which caused Naruto to calm down slightly while Kakashi patted his shoulder.

"Well Naruto, I don't know much about dreams, but I don't think you should worry about it too much. I'm sure it's nothing important," Kakashi lied. Naruto seemed to object with him, but ultimately nodded as the two left the dense forest and appeared back into the field where Sakura and Sasuke had just finished their exercises and turned to their teammate and sensei.

"What did you two talk about?" Sakura asked which caused Naruto and Kakashi to falter for a few seconds. Kakashi turned to Naruto, but was surprised when the blond smiled and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head which raised the eyebrows of Sasuke and Sakura.

"We talked about the road of life or the meaning of it anyway," Naruto said with a foxy grin that made Kakashi chuckle. Sakura and Sasuke sweatdropped at his answer, but appeared to accept it nonetheless and walked off since training was done for the day. Naruto sat down in the field and did his own chakra control exercises while Kakashi disappeared leaving the blond alone. Due to his large chakra capacity Naruto simply made kage bunshins to help with the control since he learned how to use them right from Kakashi. While the bunshins worked on the chakra control exercises, Naruto found that mediating wasn't so bad when Kakashi had taught them the first time. Sasuke and Sakura didn't really like it since their muscles stiffened, but Naruto found it relaxing which surprised everyone that he was the one to enjoy mediating the most. During his mediation, Naruto heard a small ringing sound and opened his eyes, but only saw his clones working in the field.

"Must have been the wind," Naruto said with a simple shrug before closing his eyes again to focus. Naruto heard the ring again like a soft bell being rung at a slow and comfortable pace. Naruto opened his eyes again, but didn't see anything or anyone. Naruto sighed as today simply wasn't his day. Naruto saw most of his clones still working on tree climbing. Naruto stood to his feet and focused some more, but the ringing stopped and he gripped the top of his head trying to understand everything.

"What is going on? First my dream and now this weird ringing. What's next?" Naruto wondered before realizing the time. Naruto dispelled his clones along with the few successful and many unsuccessful attempts to climb the trees in front of him. Naruto rubbed his eyes and felt that he really need some sleep, so he decided to got back to his room and do just that. Naruto turned back to the training field, but more specifically the pond and narrowed his eyes at it. Naruto then simply shrugged since he felt his imagination playing with him.

"Man today was too weird. I might as well get some ramen from Ayame-chan and Teuchi-oji-san while I'm out. Can't sleep on an empty stomach," Naruto said with a grin before disappearing from the training field.

With Kakashi

The copy ninja was currently in the Hokage mansion talking to an aged old man wearing the traditional Hokage robes. He had a pipe in his mouth and inhaled the essence of the smoke while he heard Kakashi's news.

"Are you sure that's all that Naruto-kun talked about?" Sarutobi asked Kakashi. The copy ninja nodded immediately while trying to judge the Hokage's reaction to the dream of Naruto's. Sarutobi always had concerns for Naruto due to...a problem that he held. Sarutobi saw Naruto like a surrogate grandson so hearing a dream as ominous as that had the aged Hokage riled up slightly even if he didn't really show it.

"Do you think Naruto had a vision of the future?" Kakashi asked. Sarutobi turned to the window and looked at the village below before taking another puff of his pipe and then proceeded to take it out of his mouth.

"Visions have always shown up to the most unlikely of people, but I can only wonder about that dream of Naruto-kun's. For now we will do nothing, but keep tabs on the comes and goes of the other villages," Sarutobi said to the ex-anbu captain. Kakashi nodded and shunshined out of sight while Sarutobi leaned back into his chair.

"If Naruto-kun's dream is an actual vision of the future, then we are looking at a very big problem," Sarutobi said before turning back and groaning at a kage's true number one enemy...paperwork.

With Naruto

Naruto having made it to the ramen stand eagerly came inside and smiled looking at the ramen chef and his daughter.

"Hey Ayame-chan. Hey Teuchi-oji-san," Naruto said bringing the father-daughter duo to him. Both smiled at their number one customer and faced him directly.

"Hey Naruto-kun, how are you doing?" Ayame asked him. Naruto grinned while taking a seat near the counter, but afterwards he sighed making his smile diminish some which had the two ramen makers worried.

"I'm alright, just been having weird dreams lately and not getting enough sleep is all," Naruto said with a simple shrug. Ayame and Teuchi turned to each other in confusion before turning back to Naruto.

"Well I hope you will be alright Kid. I can't have my number one source of income go dead on me," Teuchi said while Naruto got a gleam in his eye and slumped his shoulders.

"So I'm only a source of income for you guys huh?" Naruto asked while Teuchi paled. Ayame glared towards her father and forced him to bow his head towards Naruto in an apology.

"No Naruto-kun, your an invaluable person for us. I didn't mean it that way it sounded. I'm sorry, please don't misunderstand me," Teuchi said along with Ayame. Naruto chuckled as it was too easy to play with Ayame and Teuchi. It made his heart lighten from most of today's events.

"It's alright you guys. I was just joking. Now please let me have some of the best ramen in the world," Naruto said causing the two to perk up in front of him. Both nodded and waited for Naruto's order.

"So what would you like Naruto-kun?" Ayame asked him. Naruto smirked and adopted a thinking pose for a few seconds to think of his favorite bowl of ramen.

"I'll have 4 bowls of miso ramen. All Naruto size, and one normal BBQ ramen," Naruto said to them. Teuchi and Ayame nodded and told Naruto to wait patiently for his food while they prepared it. Naruto sat calmly on the seat with his mouth drooling from the delicious smell of the nearly prepared food. After 20 minutes of gruesome waiting, Ayame and Teuchi placed the bowls on the counter one after the other as Naruto savored the sweet smell of his food. Naruto grabbed his chopsticks and prayed before eating his food.

"Itadakimasu," He said before diving into the first bowl. Naruto hungrily went at the first bowl of miso ramen while Teuchi and Ayame watched with smiles on their faces of their favorite customer eat their food. In no time at all Naruto finished the first bowl and moved onto the second. Both gasped at Naruto's speed of eating, but didn't say anything since they knew this was how he always ate.

Naruto quickly devoured the second, third and fourth bowl before moving onto the last bowl which was the BBQ ramen. Naruto's mouth watered at the meaty looking noodles and quickly finished that bowl also leaving a bloated stomach on the table along with a content and happy smile on his face.

"Thanks for the food Ayame-chan, Teuchi-oji-san. Perfect as always. How much do I owe you guys?" Naruto asked them. Ayame rang up the price and gave it to Naruto.

"The cost is 1,180 yen," Ayame said with a genuine smile. Naruto nodded and took out his wallet paying the full amount of money and left it on the counter. Naruto bid his two precious friends goodbye and walked home.

"Man that was good," Naruto said as he continued to walk to his apartment with a big smile on his face.

It didn't take long for Naruto to reach his apartment as he climbed the grueling stairs and came up to his front door. Naruto fished around his pockets for his keys and came up successful and unlocking the door. Naruto opened it to see the empty room. He gave a small smile wondering why he had to be alone. Naruto soon gave a lonely sigh and quickly changed from his jumpsuit to his pajamas. Naruto didn't really care that it was the middle of the day. He just really wanted to go back to sleep. The blond soon climbed into his bed and closed the curtains keeping the sun from penetrating the room. Naruto closed his eyes and went back to sleep deciding not to worry about his dream anymore for the day.

Later that night

Naruto was quietly snoring and having a simple dream, but opened his eyes and leaned up from his bed. He appeared to be in a daze while the ringing he heard from the training grounds penetrated his ears again. Naruto didn't say anything and simply got up before walking to his closet. Naruto put on his orange jumpsuit and blue shinobi sandals then left the room.

The blond genin walked the streets of Konoha while the moon gleamed in the sky, but if someone knew Naruto well then they could tell that he wasn't walking right. The blond didn't seem to be aware of his surrounding at all. It almost looked like he was hypnotized by something. Naruto continued his sleep walking and entered his team's usual training ground. Naruto continued to walk, but stopped momentarily to see Sasuke training near a post with his taijutsu. Naruto simply didn't say anything and advanced closer alerting the Uchiha to his presence.

Sasuke turned his head to see Naruto walking towards him and raised an eyebrow since he didn't think Naruto was a night person. Sasuke paused from his exercise and saw Naruto while the blond jinchuuriki continued to walk without saying a word which sort of pissed Sasuke off.

"Hey dobe, what are you doing out here at this late hour?" Sasuke asked him. Naruto didn't answer, but simply walked past Sasuke without uttering a word. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto's weird behavior. Granted he always thought Naruto was weird this was just boarder line creepy.

"Hey dobe, I'm talking to you," Sasuke yelled, but he didn't receive a response. Hell, he didn't even receive a look that would suggest his words were even registered to the blond. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and continued to watch as Naruto came to the pond at the center of the training field. Naruto looked at hi reflection in the water for a few minutes before calmly walking into the water. Sasuke gasped as he saw Naruto disappeared into the murky water and quickly ran to see if Naruto had been stupid enough to try and kill himself.

Meanwhile, Naruto was swimming through the water still in his daze as he ventured further and further down the water. Naruto was a natural swimmer so staying under the water for long periods of time wasn't a big deal for him.

Naruto swam deeper and deeper through the murky waters before coming up to a wall with some strange markings on it. Naruto's mouth moved though he wasn't consciously doing it by himself. He almost felt forced to do it. Naruto began to translate the writings as the words glowed one after the other from being read.

"The one who unites the people is the champion. He will assemble ten warriors and they will save the world from the corrupted evil that will soon make itself known throughout the world," Naruto said as the words lighted up. The light show didn't last long before the stone crumbled revealing a hidden passage. Naruto swam through the entrance and appeared in a remote cavern. Naruto saw the marking of ancient people who were excelling in the many different types of jutsu throughout the world. There was one for taijutsu, genjutsu, kenjutsu, ninjutsu, fuinjutsu, medical jutsu, and many more. Some were even ones that Naruto didn't know about, but he was going to learn about them soon enough. After endless walking, Naruto came up to a door where at the top stop the one who leads the ten warriors into battle. The doors opened for Naruto instantly as the blond walked through. He came up to a small altar that was holding a sword in a black sheath with a dragon scarab. Naruto walked up the stairs to the sword and gripped it tightly before a voice echoed.

"This sword is the embodiment of the champion. What is your name?" The voice asked. Naruto still in his daze managed to respond with a small, but commanding voice.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki. I am the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko," Naruto responded to the unknown voice.

"Do you take this sword and all it's responsibilities as your own? Will you shoulder the burden of the entire nations and their futures depending on your actions?" The voice asked. Naruto gripped the sword tighter causing it to glow a bright, white light that seemed to cover him and his body.

"I will carry the burden of the champion and will carry out the responsibilities of this sword that I take into my hand. I will use the power given to me for the benefit of the righteous," Naruto said making the light glow brighter.

"Will you forsake all other beliefs and principles all for the sake of what you know is the right thing to do? Even if the right thing is the hardest thing to do?" The voice asked it's last question. Naruto picked up the sword and unsheathed the steel as the light covered the entire cavern in a warm and heartfelt power.

"I will walk the path that I have set for myself. I will stick to what's right even if the world turns against me. I will bring the righteous peace and the wicked their destruction. I am the Kitsune Champion, Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said holding the sword up. The light intensified so much that it left the cavern and the pond started to glow. Sasuke continued his training, but gasped when he saw the white light in the pond. Sasuke shielded his eyes from the lights as he wondered what happened to his loser of a teammate. The light soon died down while Sasuke removed his arm from his eyes. The last Uchiha stared at the pond for who knows how long, but saw it starting to bubble and backed up a few feet as he saw Naruto emerge from the pond. Naruto was soaked, but he didn't seem to care about it. Sasuke gasped as he saw a small white aura around Naruto while the blond carefully walked out of the pond with a glowing sword in his hand.

"Dobe?" Sasuke said as Naruto walked away while sheathing his sword in it's sheath. Sasuke ran up to Naruto and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Hey dobe, what the hell happened to you?" Sasuke asked. Naruto slightly turned his head to meet Sasuke's gaze and caused the Uchiha to gasp at the pure seriousness and power he saw in those eyes. Sasuke eased his hand off Naruto's shoulder while the blond turned his head back forward and walked away from the training field. Naruto soon disappeared from view while Sasuke leaned back onto a log post.

"That power. It's incredible. That's just the type of power I need to defeat Itachi and avenge my clan. Congratulations dobe, it seems you aren't useless after all," Sasuke said with a hidden smirk.

With Naruto

Naruto continued to walk through the streets of Konoha and made it back to his apartment. Naruto open and closed the door as the light faded from his body. Naruto placed the sword down next to his bed and changed from his wet and soggy jumpsuit into his warm pajamas. Naruto climbed back into his bed and closed his eyes like nothing ever happened and went back to sleep while the sword hummed.

"The new champion has been chosen. This is the rise of the Kitsune champion," the sword said before growing silent as the room darkened leaving Naruto to his dreams and to his future adventure.