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Next Morning

Naruto grunted and huffed as he went through the appropriate katas with Hikari in his hands. He jumped in the air and slashed forward at the open air while Bee and Yugito watched him work. The two smiled at each other before Bee's glasses glowed and he huffed while shaking his head.

"No no, ya fool. You is doing it all wrong. Get it straight for I is gonna mess with ya fate," Bee said and Naruto sweatdropped as he rubbed the back of his head. Kyuubi raised an eyebrow while Hikari scratched the back of her head.

"Anyone know what that means?" Hikari asked them while Kyuubi shook her head and Naruto did the same. The blonde sighed and wiped the sweat from his face. He decided to take a little break and the blonde rested in the grassy field.

"What does that even mean Ossan? I don't get what you're telling me dattebayo!" Naruto said and Bee shook his head while Yugito patted Bee's shoulder and shook her head.

"Sorry Naruto-san, but he's a little messed up. I think he said that your posture is wrong. Keep the arms steady and legs bent. Don't hyperextend," Yugito said and Naruto nodded as he got to his feet.

"I've never really held a sword before so I'm a little lacking in what I should do with Hikari. I don't understand this. Kuso, what am I doing wrong?" Naruto asked and Bee gave a smile.

"Hey boy no depression or there is gonna be regression. Don't give up nor shut up ya fool," Bee rapped and Naruto got to his feet. That's right. He had only been doing this for a few hours. Of course he wouldn't be getting it right away. That was the whole point of this month of training.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Fine, let's go again," Naruto said with his eyes beaming while Bee grinned. Yugito did the same and Bee told Naruto to assume the proper stance again. Naruto did so and the blonde went through his training with Hikari again. Meanwhile Hikari and Kyuubi were talking.

"You know, he really is a hard worker. He's not like most of the other warriors I've seen," Hikari stated in her white mindscape space while Kyuubi furled her tails over her body. The vixen raised a tired eye and watched as Naruto strutted and yelled while he trained hard to gain experience as Hikari's wielder.

"Hmm I guess. Even if his teacher is a complete weirdo. However it seems that it's not all bad," Kyuubi said making Hikari turn to the bijuu with a look of confusion.

"I don't understand what you mean by that," Hikari said and Kyuubi gave a small unnoticeable smile on her face.

"I sense Nibi-chan in that girl and I even sense Hachibi-ojisan in the older guy. It's nice to know that their nearby I guess," Kyuubi said and Hikari gave a small smile while she placed a finger to her chin and lightly chuckled.

"You're acting a lot kinder than usual. Is this what humans call 'the time of the month'? Hikari asked and Kyuubi blushed before she stood to her feet and growled.

"SHUT UP!" her voice roared in the mindscape making Hikari laugh out at her neighbor.

A few hours later

Naruto huffed and fell to the ground as he had finally had enough. He wanted to stop for a least a minute while Bee and Yugito could see his tiredness.

"Alright, take five fool," Bee said and Naruto smiled as he dropped completely to the hard floor and closed his eyes making Yugito and Bee smile at him. The two jinchuuriki of Kumo walked a bit away and decided to talk to each other while Naruto took his little breather.

"So Bee? Do you sense his chakra too?" Yugito asked and the Hachibi jinchuuriki quickly nodded and looked at the blonde.

"Yeah, he's got it alright. Bro's gonna be so shocked. Yeah!" Bee said and Yugito nodded as she watched the wind blowing past Naruto's face. She gave a slightly calming smile while Nibi stirred.

"Checking out your future mate Kitten? You sure do have a unique taste, but then again a lot of women go for the younger guys. Myself included," Nibi said and Yugito rolled her eyes at the bijuu before she groaned.

"Oh be quiet Nibi. It's not like that at all so just leave me alone. Besides with how you do I doubt you would be interested," Yugito mentioned in her thoughts and Nibi smiled.

"On the contrary Kitten. I'm rather satisfied with only one guy. So long as he can satisfy me for all the cravings that I have. Day, Afternoon and Night, every day," Nibi said and Yugito paled before she decided to forget it as Naruto got to his feet. He groaned and rubbed his head.

"Hey guys I'm gonna go get something to eat. Would you like anything?" Naruto asked them making Bee and Yugito shake their heads at him.

"No thank you Naruto-san. I'm fine," Yugito said and Bee nodded the same as Naruto sheathed Hikari and walked off. He would really need to get something to eat and he still had some clones working one the water exercise that Kyuubi told him about and trying to make it boil which wasn't really working out for him in the least. He still had clones doing the leaf exercise from yesterday so that was always good, but he needed to do more. A lot more.

"What do we do when he comes back?" Yugito asked and Bee folded his arms.

"That fool. He really is a hard worker. Maybe katon jutsu for him, but remind me why are we doing this for him?" Bee asked and Yugito scratched her cheek before she shrugged her shoulders.

"He wanted help so I offered it. You know you're like that also Bee," Yugito said and the Hachibi jinchuuriki could only give a small chuckle as he nodded agreeing with her completely as they watched the shadow of Naruto's form disappear.

With Naruto

The blonde sighed as he entered the streets of his village. He still felt the weird glares from the people, but he chose to ignore them. He could only hope that they would all see the true light someday and think of the blonde as himself and not some monster. He even had to wonder if his parents were like this, but he tried not to think like that.

"Okay okay, no more depression. Time to get my act together," Naruto said to himself before he shot off towards his favorite restaurant.

It took quite a bit of time since he was tired, but the blonde finally stopped in front of his favorite ramen stand and smiled as he lifted up the curtain.

"Man am I hungry. Ayame-neechan, Oji-san. How are you guys?" Naruto asked and the two ramen makers smiled at their favorite customer before they watched Naruto sitting on the stool.

"Hey Naruto-kun. Is there anything we can do for you on this fine day?" Ayame asked and Naruto's smile beamed as he was about to order before Hikari stopped him.

"Naruto-sama I think it is in your best interest to try vegetables," Hikari said to him and Naruto visibly paled which made Ayame and Teuchi look at the blonde strangely while Naruto had a small discussion with Hikari on the matter.

"B-But Hikari-chan, you should know that I hate vegetables. They taste horrible and they're so-," Naruto paused when Hikari shook her head and lightly giggled before her tone spoke of seriousness and yet some motherly concern.

"Naruto-sama even if I refitted your body with more toned muscles and even better speed to be able to wield me, you still need to take care of your body. One of the aspects of being a warrior is knowing the correct and appropriate foods to eat. You not like any other person, but please for me and the world you must eat the vegetables," Hikari explained and Naruto mentally groaned before Kyuubi intervened.

"And with that excellent body you will be more fit to mold chakra and perform many more awesome jutsu," she reasoned and immediately Naruto widened his eyes and smiled at Teuchi while he slammed his hands on the table.

"Give me all the vegetables you've got dattebayo," Naruto yelled making Ayame widen her eyes and Teuchi gasp. The two glanced at each other for a rather long time before Ayame quickly set a plate in front of Naruto and Teuchi put a few vegetables on the place and slapped a note on it that said 'for the day that Naruto grows up and eats his veggies'. Naruto looked at the note and sweatdropped before he softly glared at Ayame and Teuchi.

"" Naruto asked and the two softly whistled before Ayame handed Naruto his chopsticks. The blonde looked at the vegetables and took a piece of spinach. He opened his mouth and quickly chewed it. He swallowed it fully and the blonde dropped his chopsticks.

"AHHHHH IT BURNS!" The blonde yelled out throughout the village and people wondered who the hell could be yelling at this time of day and what was burning.

With Sasuke

The Uchiha was currently working hard with Kakashi as his mentor and the one eyed jonin took notice of it. Sasuke seemed to be moving a lot faster, and swifter than he had been. He could see that the brooding Uchiha was really focused on what he was doing. Sasuke huffed and growled as he hit the ground.

"Come on Sasuke, one more time," Kakashi said and Sasuke turned to him.

"Kakashi, this thing you're trying to teach me. This...chidori. What is it supposed to do?" Sasuke asked and the jonin rubbed the back of his head before he glanced at the ground.

"It was the first jutsu that I ever created by myself. I want you to protect the bonds that you have created with it. Sasuke, can you do that?" Kakashi asked and the Uchiha looked at the ground. He growled with he thought he could use the power to severe the bonds and even kill Itachi, but then he remembered Naruto and the blonde's problems. No way could the dobe do his mission without Sasuke nor would the Uchiha allow him to. He might not have been the arrogant and self-affectionate ass he was a few weeks ago, but even he knew that he still had his issues. Sasuke closed his eyes before he felt the warm presence of light over his body. Kakashi widened his eyes as Sasuke activated his sharingan and the Muga no Kyouchi. Sasuke went through his handsigns and gripped his left hand. It immediately began to cackle as he charged at a rock.

"Chidori," Sasuke yelled as he slammed the rock making it break into pieces while Kakashi gasped. Before when Sasuke tried it, he could only shatter the face of the rock, but after that weird aura he could break the entire thing into pieces. Kakashi had to know how Sasuke was getting so much stronger than last time.

Sasuke grinned and turned to Kakashi. He balled his fists before he smirked.

"Hn I'll do what I need to. That's all," Sasuke said and Kakashi merely nodded at him while Sasuke's aura burned even brighter before he started to go through some taijutsu forms while the smile never left Kakashi's face at seeing Sasuke's new attitude.

With Naruto

The blonde groaned as he walked across the village. He coughed as he growled.

"I hope you're happy Hikari-chan," Naruto said and the sentient sword chuckled at her master before she rolled her eyes art his statement.

"Hehe Oh Naruto-sama, it wasn't that bad," Hikari said and while Naruto wanted to retort the blonde decided against it since it wouldn't do him any good to fight with someone who had lived a lot longer than him so the blonde chose for the second option and decided to shut his mouth. At least until he heard a yell.

"Naruto!" someone yelled and the blonde sighed. He closed his eyes before a bit of the civilian population watched as the demon brat dodged a strike for Sakura making them gasp before the blonde jumped out of the way and stood across the street.

"What do you want Sakura?" Naruto asked with a tired glare as he didn't have the time to deal with a banshee and her outbursts. Sakura balled her fists at her teammate as she was really hoping to get him in line and tell her where she could find Sasuke so she could cheer for him.

"Tell me where Sasuke-kun is," Sakura said and Naruto rubbed the back of his head before he gave a cheeky grin as he rolled his eyes.

"Why would I know where that teme is?" the blonde asked and Sakura charged at Naruto only for the Kyuubi jinchuuriki to sidestep her easily and hop to the top of the roofs making everyone gasp.

"Naruto, get down here," Sakura said and before long the blonde quickly disappeared with a wave goodbye to the pink haired kunoichi making Sakura growl at him as she stomped her feet on the ground.

Back with Naruto

The blonde entered a vacant spot in the village and sighed with a small huff as he scratched the back of his head.

"Hmm I wonder how she found me," Naruto said to himself while Kyuubi and Hikari thought the same thing. Naruto looked around and noticed that he was near the hot springs. The blonde rubbed the back of his head and sighed before he heard some kind of giggling. He looked up in a tree and noticed a man with white hair and a telescope looking into the woman's side of the bath.

"Hehehe oh yes! Yes! This is good. Oh there goes another one," he said and Naruto rubbed the bridge of his nose. He sighed again and took out his sword.

"Tell me Hikari-chan, Kyuubi-chan what do you think of perverts?" Naruto asked nearing the tree the man was one while Hikari scoffed.

"Hmph such a disgrace to the male intellect as well as to the female form. I wrote it off since you did it by mistake, but him it's just plain rude," Hikari answered and then it was Kyuubi's turn.

"Well people are like that everywhere. Just learn to deal with it I guess, but I still find it rather bold than offensive. Thinking of joining him kit?" Kyuubi asked and Naruto brought his sword back.

"I don't think so," he said and slashed the branch the man was on as he walked away. The man yelled and slid into the pool causing all the women to scream while Naruto sat down on the edge of the hot springs. Soon Naruto heard a fierce yell of pain from inside and shuddered as he didn't want to know what was happening in there.

The blonde decided to dispel his clones and did so only for him to receive a freakin' headache from the number of clones and also he nearly fainted in exhaustion of the clone overload. The blonde gripped his head before Hikari shined her light over Naruto's form. This was the sight the white haired man came to and he gasped out at what he saw before the light faded from around Naruto and the blonde sighed.

"Oh man thank you Hikari-chan. I thought my head was going to explode," Naruto told her and Hikari chuckled with a small smile.

"Nothing to it Naruto-sama. Glad to help you," Hikari said and Naruto nodded before he turned to the man who was beaten up quite a bit before the blonde noticed he was pointing at him.

"You, how dare you interrupt my research!" he yelled and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, but I don't think women like to be glared at like a piece of meat," Naruto said with his eyes closed before he noticed that the man folded his arms and huffed.

"Well it's not like a kid would know of man's fascination with the female form," the man said and he noticed a small blush on Naruto's face as he gasped while Naruto was remembering his small encounter with Yugito and how he got enough time to "study" her female form even though it was a mistake.

"And besides that, what was the light that shined over you?" he asked and Naruto mentally gulped. He slightly cursed before turning back to the white haired sage looking man.

"Must've been the sun's reflection. You know and stuff like that," Naruto said hoping that the man would buy it, but unfortunately he didn't however he decided to end it with that.

"Well brat, gonna tell me your name or do I have to guess?" he asked and Naruto gave a cheeky grin and pointed to himself.

"Fine Ossan, you're looking at Naruto Uzumaki. The savior of the world," Naruto told her and the man sweatdropped while the blonde sighed.

"I really liked saying the Next Hokage better for a dream," Naruto thought and Hikari slumped in her part of the mindscape since she knew that some of this was her fault.

"Oh come on Hikari-chan. I'm not sad, just stating my mind is all. Don't worry about it. I don't regret you choosing me," Naruto said and Hikari brightened up a bit with a smile on her face.

"Ahh well, thank you Naruto-sama. I'm still a little sorry about this," Hikari said and Naruto waved her off before he heard the old man laugh at him.

"Savior of the world? You? Hahaha don't make me laugh brat. Oh too late hahahaha," the man cackled making Naruto pout before he huffed and turned away.

"You won't be saying that in a few years or so," Naruto said in his thoughts while Kyuubi and Hikari nodded in agreement with their blonde friend before the man stopped his laughing.

"And who the hell are you?" Naruto asked before the man did a pose which made Naruto, Hikari, and Kyuubi sweatdrop.

"I'm the man who's known throughout the Elemental Nations. The women swoon when they hear my name. I'm the Sage of Mount Myoboku. The great man himself, Jiraiya the Toad Sage!" The now known Jiraiya said and Kyuubi rolled her eyes.

"Kit, back away slowly," she said and Naruto wanted to before he sighed.

"Another weirdo. What's with this village?" Naruto wondered before Jiraiya stopped and took a look at Naruto's attire.

"Hehe he really is your son Minato. Same features and everything, but that light. I know I saw it. What's he hiding?" Jiraiya wondered while Naruto backed up slightly as he saw Jiraiya closing in on him like he was some sort of criminal.

"Umm can I help you with something?" the blonde asked before Jiraiya backed up and shook his head.

"Huh? Oh sorry kid. So tell me Naruto, are you in the chunin exams?" Jiraiya asked and Naruto smiled with a nod.

"That's right dattebayo. I'm gonna show them all what I can do and then some, but I'm in training. I need my kenjutsu to be at a decent level while I also want some jutsu under my belt," Naruto said and Jiraiya chuckled.

"Really? Well then why don't I-," Jiraiya paused when he heard a feminine voice call out to the blonde young genin.

"Here you are Naruto-san!" Yugito yelled and the two men turned to see the older blonde walking up to him along with Bee. Naruto got to his feet and smiled.

"Hey Yugito-chan, I was just about to go back to you guys before I ran into him," Naruto said and the two looked at the man before they gasped.

"You, you're Jiraiya of the Sannin aren't you?" Yugito asked and Naruto widened his eyes while the old sage rubbed the back of his head.

"What's a sannin Naruto-sama? I didn't ask this the last time since that guy Orochimaru appeared" Hikari said and the blonde shook slightly before responding to Hikari question and Kyuubi's unasked question.

"Well I think Kyuubi-chan should know, but the sannin are like the best of the best in terms of being shinobi. They are higher than anbu, but lower than the Hokage. I actually stayed awake in class for that one. There is Jiraiya, Tsunade, and that teme Orochimaru that we fought. I just now realized it. " Naruto shouted in his mind while Hikari sighed and Kyuubi slapped her forehead.

"Oh that's perfect. We really need to do something. Kit was getting his ass kicked even when using that move back in the forest. So what do we do" Kyuubi asked while Hikari and Naruto groaned before the blonde was brought back to the real world.

"That's right I am. Tell me, what is Kumo doing here in Konoha?" Jiraiya asked with a suspicious glare and Yugito sighed.

'We're here in Raikage-sama's place to watch the Chunin exams. He said we should go so we did. Since then we've been helping Naruto-san prepare for the exams," Yugito answered and Jiraiya nodded in understanding. He turned to see Naruto smiling at their words before he sighed.

"I see, well that's good I guess. Tell me, how is he doing?" Jiraiya asked making Bee and Yugito glance towards each other.

"Well he only started yesterday so we don't know for real, but he has a lot of potential. All he needs is to follow up on it and he'll be good, but a month can only take him so far," Yugito said while Jiraiya smiled.

"I see, well then why don't we all train him? It'll be good and we can work out a simple schedule," Jiraiya said and Naruto gasped. He would get trained by a sannin? How cool was that? At least if the person wasn't a freakin' pervert.

"Why do you want to train me?" Naruto asked and Jiraiya slightly faulted before he scratched his cheek.

"Call it...payment kid," Jiraiya said walking off while Yugito, Bee, and Naruto followed him towards the forest.

Forested Area

Seeing that they were all far enough away from the village, Jiraiya sat everyone down on the ground as they faced Naruto and the toad sage sighed.

"So what are your affinities and what do you know?" Jiraiya asked while Bee and Yugito turned to Naruto. The blonde shrunk underneath their gazes, but he answered nonetheless to the question.

"I have Fuuton and Katon affinities. I know the Kage Bunshin technique and a bit of kenjutsu. That's about it," Naruto said and Jiraiya would've faulted if not for that Kage Bunshin comment.

"Well that's fine I guess. Tell me Naruto, do you know the secret to the Kage Bunshin technique?" Jiraiya asked and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah Kyuubi- ummm I mean, I learned it one day while training on my own," Naruto said and mentally sighed in relief that Kyuubi's name hadn't come out like he had thought it would've. Jiraiya nodded and turned around.

"I see, well alright then. Here's what we're going to do. Yugito-san will teach Naruto Katon techniques for one week. Bee-san will teach Naruto kenjutsu and stamina training for two weeks. I'll teach Naruto a very special jutsu and some special chakra in the final week," Jiraiya said and Naruto instantly gleamed.

"Jutsu? What jutsu? Is it gonna be cool?" Naruto asked making the three sweatdrop, but Bee laughed at Naruto's enthusiasm.

"Take it easy ya fool or you is gonna burn out," Bee rapped and Naruto sighed as he calmed down a bit more before he spoke.

"Umm, do you guys mind if Bee-san helps me create my own kenjutsu style? I don't want to copy someone else's. I want my own unique way of fighting with Hikari-chan," Naruto said gripping his sword and the sentient being smiled at her master's affection for her.

"Well that's fine and all, but I don't think it will be completed in the amount of time that you have," Jiraiya said, but Naruto smiled.

"Not true Ero-sennin. So long as my kage bunshins train I'll be able to pick it up in maybe two weeks. A bit less from how Bee-sensei teaches," Naruto said and everyone seemed to agree with that.

"But tell me, not that I'm not grateful, but why are you helping me Yugito-chan, Bee-san?" Naruto asked and Yugito smiled as she shrugged her shoulders.

"I really don't know, but it's better than just laying around the hotel all day plus you look like you really need help so I'm gonna offer it," she said and Naruto nodded with a quick smile on his face.

"Yo when people need help, we help. No ifs', ands', or buts' about it. Ya feel me ya fool?" Bee asked and Naruto just nodded absently before Jiraiya clapped his hands.

"Alright, well then let's get the brat's training started. We're burning daylight," Jiraiya said and everyone nodded as they got to work with the blonde and his training. It would be hard work, but Naruto just knew he would have a good time.

Three weeks later, last week of training

Naruto had worked hard and he had persevered. In the end, those numerous hours of training did him a world of good. He could finally rest easy knowing that he had his own kenjutsu style. He knew it wasn't perfect and that there were still plenty of flaws with it, but he worked it out as best he could with Bee as his sensei. The blonde had become quite adept with Hikari as his sentient weapon since Naruto could do a correct posture and even a few kenjutsu attacks. Naruto had called the kenjutsu style Heaven's Light Dance. It seemed like a good name to him so he went with it since he found Hikari's light intoxicating.

Bee had also brushed Naruto up on his taijutsu as the way the blonde had it was really something weird, but in the end, and with additional training in the mindscape with Kyuubi and Hikari while he slept, Naruto was able to get down a decent style of attack for himself as he decided to name his taijutsu after his bijuu calling it Kitsune no Ken( Demon Fox Fist). He didn't have the luxury of a name so he just used that for the moment.

After those two weeks, Naruto trained with Yugito and the Kumo chunin taught the blonde three katon techniques. All which were really cool in Naruto's book. Two C-ranked ones and one B-ranked one. Naruto had gotten them down thanks to all that training he did with his clones along with Yugito and Kyuubi, He had gotten all three down quite easily and it was then that Jiraiya noticed that Naruto was a more hands-on person. He was a genius when it came to trial and error by using his hands to do something. It was really an amazing thing.

Contrary to that week, Naruto had spent a bit of time with Yugito and tried to learn more about her to which Yugito had no problems telling him anything at all. She told him about some of her life in Kumo and how she wanted to be a strong kunoichi in the future. The two had shared just a few lunches together through the weeks. Naruto wasn't sure, but he seemed really curious about Yugito. It might have been a small crush after their first encounter and he was just really liking her, but the time he spent with her was really good to him. He was actually happy when she said that she would watch him in the finals. Really Naruto had never had anyone to like except for Sakura till he wised up and chose to stop living that never becoming reality dream to which he got teased a lot by Hikari and Kyuubi. Not that the blonde really minded.

The same thing could be said for Yugito as she found her time with the young genin to be rather fulfilling also. He would always be attracted to whatever she was talking about and she seemed to enjoy his attention. She was rather happy to get to know the blonde after that...previous encounter, but she had already forgiven it so it didn't really matter to her anymore. She could honestly say that she enjoyed Naruto's presence and Nibi was more than happy to make that known to her to which Yugito denied it constantly, but both knew the real truth.

It had currently been the two days of Naruto's week of training while Bee and Yugito observed Naruto's progress. Jiraiya had told Naruto about chakra and the blonde told them that he felt three different types making them confused. Jiraiya asked him to explain and that was what Naruto was doing.

"Well if giving these chakra colors, then I should say that mine is blue, but the other one Kyuubi-chan was that you?" Naruto asked in his thoughts and the female bijuu nodded as she furled herself over the mindscape bed that Naruto made for her.

"Yeah Kit, it was during that time with that Haku boy that you released some of my chakra. You used it unconsciously, but due to our connection and relationship you are now able to use most of it without forcing yourself," Kyuubi answered and Naruto mentally nodded before he noticed that he stopped talking.

"Oh sorry. As I was saying, this chakra is red and then there is a third one that is pure white. It's calming and serene," Naruto said making Jiraiya nod although he was confused.

"Is Kyuubi's chakra mixing with Naruto's to form something new? I'll have to talk to the old man later about it, but for right now we'll get him used to that red chakra," Jiraiya said mentally before smiling.

"Well alright then. For now we'll get you to access that chakra, but first Naruto would you like to sign a contract?" Jiraiya asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Contract? What's a contract?" Naruto asked and Jiraiya face-palmed himself. These are the types of things they should be teaching in the academy. So Jiraiya spent half and hour teaching Naruto about summons and the relationship between them and the summoner.

"Cool! Let me sign! Let me sign," the blonde said and Jiraiya chuckled.

"In a minute brat. Just bit your thumb and sign your name in blonde over the scroll. We'll give it a few tries and then see how that works," Jiraiya said taking the massive scroll from his back and dropping it on the floor. Naruto looked it over and gasped before he stopped a name above Jiraiya's. It said 'Minato Namikaze'. Naruto raised an eyebrow before he felt himself drawn to the fourth Hokage stone face. He looked at it before signing. He wrote his name and the seal glowed and then faded as Jiraiya smiled and furled it up.

"Alright give it a shot. Do these handsigns and simply yell," Jiraiya said as he showed the blonde the handsigns. Naruto nodded and bit his thumb. He did the handsigns and yelled.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu," The blonde shouted as a poof came. Yugito and Bee looked over it along with Jiraiya and Naruto as they saw a small tadpole with legs. Jiraiya sweatdropped while Naruto looked at it in awe.

"It's...a tadpole," Yugito said while Jiraiya sighed.

"Maybe I was expecting too much," Jiraiya remarked and Naruto growled.

"Hey it's growing and it's got legs too," he pointed while Jiraiya growled the same way and grew a large tick mark on his head before he smacking Naruto upside the head.

"Who cares! IT'S A TADPOLE!" He yelled making everyone cover their ears.

Naruto sighed as he spent the next hour pouring chakra to do it all right. Kyuubi was instructing him on what to do, but the blonde was having a little bit of difficulty with it. Each time he tried the frog got bigger, but not to the standard that Jiraiya wanted.

After enough tries Naruto sighed before he got a gleam in his eyes. Yugito, Bee and Jiraiya noticed it while Naruto bit his thumb one more time.

"Kyuubi-chan, back me up on this," Naruto said and Kyuubi channeled her chakra into Naruto's body while the blonde released it.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu," Naruto yelled now adding Kyuubi's chakra into the mix causing a loud explosion of smoke making everyone back up before Yugito gasped, Bee whistled and Jiraiya sweatdropped.

"Oh boy. To summon that guy of all people. The brat has a lot of potential. Well either that or he's freakin' nuts," Jiraiya said to himself while Naruto bounced on the head of something big.

"Kuso that hurt. Where am I?" the blonde wondered before he looked down and gasped at three human sized dots on the ground.

"I did it. I DID IT! I really did it!" Naruto yelled as he bounced on someone's head.

"Hey Jiraiya stop bouncing on me you perv. Why did you summon me?" the giant toad asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, Ero-sennin didn't summon you. I did. I'm the new summoner Naruto Uzumaki. How you doin?" the blonde asked and the toad looked up.

"Yeah right brat. As if you could summon a being like me. I'm the Boss Toad of the Toads, Gamabunta. I doubt it like hell that you could do this, so don't flatter yourself. I guess I'll take a walk. Besides, just cause you're on my head doesn't mean I'll acknowledge you as my summoner," the toad known as Gamabunta said and Naruto grew a tick mark.

"Gonna take that from a frog Naruto-sama?" Hikari joked before the blonde growled and punched Gamabunta on the head even if it had no effect.

"Yeah well you will acknowledge me as your summoner. I'll just stay on your head for the rest of the day without falling off," Naruto said and Jiraiya gulped. Yugito gasped and so did Bee.

"We should back up," Jiraiya said and the others agreed before they ran off and Gamabunta smiled.

"Is that right? Well hold on brat and don't let go or you're dead," Bunta said as he jumped into the sky making Naruto scream while Yugito prayed to Kami for the blonde's safety.

"Yeah Kitten better pray for your future husband and your future kittens. It don't do good if he's dead like this," Nibi said making Yugito mentally growl.

"Nibi shut it!" Yugito commanded making her bijuu laugh in her cage at her container and her blushes, while everyone watched Naruto got through his trial as a summoner.

Naruto was in a daze and with good reason too. Bunta had been jumping all day and the old toad was getting desperate to get Naruto off of him, but the blonde didn't relent. He held on steadfast and Gamabunta grumbled before he gave one final high lap.

"Kyuubi-chan, how many jumps has it been?" Naruto asked while he felt like he was about to puke making Kyuubi chuckle at her container. She found it pleasant to see him in such situations, but she wasn't being as mean and coldhearted as before. She was a lot more open.

"That would be jump number 140. I think he's done though," Kyuubi said and Naruto groaned.

"Hikari-chan, how many close calls?" Naruto asked and the sentient sword being chuckled at her master also. It was rather amusing to see the young genin enjoying his time as a kid even like this.

"Close calls are number 112 Naruto-sama, but you did it," Hikari said as Naruto felt his world spinning while Gamabunta panted. He grumbled before he moved his eyes to the top of his head and did the last thing that Naruto or anyone else suspected. The Chief Boss of the Toads...laughed.

"HAHAHAHA! You really are an annoying brat, but you did right and actually stayed up there. I guess you did summon me after all," Bunta said and Naruto twitched.

"We're just figuring that out now?" Naruto asked and Gamabunta scratched his nose.

"Cheeky brat, but I, and all the toads, acknowledge you as our summoner. We look forward to working with you brat. The same as you, isn't that right Minato?" Bunta thought to himself before he heard snoring. Naruto was out cold and the old toad chuckled before he poofed. Naruto started to fall to the ground and before long Bee caught him and everyone looked at the sleeping boy.

"He really can give a show. This brat I know he can throw," Bee rapped, but Jiraiya and Yugito nodded nonetheless.

"That's true. Well he'll be out until the exams so let's take him home. Hopefully we've done all we could," Jiraiya said and everyone shunshined out of sight leaving a destroyed forest behind.

With Kabuto, nighttime

The medic nin to Orochimaru was currently scheming with Oto and Suna as they all narrowed their eyes at the medic, but Kabuto's glare silenced them.

"Are you sure Kabuto-sama? The Kazekage wants us to pull back out of the invasion when he signals tomorrow?" someone asked and Kabuto nodded with a small smirk.

"That's right. He says that he found something interesting and us being there will only be a nuisance to him so let's not interfere with his plans," Kabuto said to them all and everyone agreed that they would follow orders. Soon four people came up behind him and smirked.

"Well we understand anyway. I guess we'll seal them inside to fight the Hokage and then we'll back out got it?" one person with one head on his back said to the others. One had six arms and the others was ridiculously fat while the last was female with red hair going down her back.

"Yeah yeah you fucker. We get it so let's get this over with," she said and everyone shunshined out of sight leaving all, but the girl in the field.

"Why do I even serve these fucks anyway? Dammit, there has got to be something better that I can do than be ordered around like some damn slave by that pedo for the rest of my life," she said in thought before she shunshined out of sight also.

Konoha, two days later

The entire village roared in anticipation. Today was finally the day of the Chunin exam finals and people from all nations were coming to see the event of the coming shinobi. It was becoming a spectacular event as the rows in the chunin exam stadium began to be filled with people by the hundreds, especially the countries' Daimyos who were looking forward to having some betting fun. At the top of the Chunin exam stadium was the Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, in his Hokage robes looking down at the audience and next to him was Suna's Kazekage, but no one knew who it actually was or what was being plotted.

With Naruto

The blonde yawned as he came into the stadium. Hikari had told him that he had been asleep for two days, but that wasn't what the blonde was doing. No, he was training with Kyuubi in his mindscape for the final event and putting the finishing touches on his training. It had been rather rigorous, but the blonde was rather happy with the results. He didn't have much for fuuton jutsu, but thanks to Kyuubi he has two new ones that would come to be very good and even a new clone jutsu that would help him out if he needed it to.

"Man, it feels like I've been asleep forever," Naruto said while Hikari and Kyuubi chuckled at him.

"It would definitely seem that way wouldn't it? However you are awake so you'd better take this all in," Kyuubi said to him and Naruto allowed the light to shine on his face. He heard the various cheers of the stadium and smiled as he closed his eyes. Right by his sides were Shikamaru Nara and Shino Aburame. Next were Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro, but two people were missing. They were Dosu Kinuta and Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto looked left and right, but he didn't see any sign of his Kitsune warrior. Although in his head he had to agree that the name sounded weird, but he could ponder that later. He glanced at Gaara and saw the impassive look he was giving and the blonde grinned slightly before thinking back.

"Kuso, where are you teme?" Naruto wondered before everyone saw Genma in front of them.

"Alright genin, stand up and present yourselves to the people in front of you. Welcome to the Chunin exams. I'm Genma Shiranui and I'll be your proctor. These fights will be one on one. Fights will be stopped if the person forfeits, dies, or I call a stop to it. Understood?" he asked and everyone nodded while the Hokage stood to his feet and his voice echoed.

"People of Konoha and of the nations. For years past we have used these chunin exams as a way of showing off our genin to the nations. To show our potential, but to also show our alliances and friendships. May the Will of Fire burn within you all as you compete," Sarutobi yelled and the people of the stadium cheered for him before the Hokage sat down.

"An inspirational speech by an inspirational man. He's very pure for a human," Hikari stated making Naruto nod while Kyuubi sighed.

"Sure, but don't let your guard down Kit. Now show them all who's boss," Kyuubi yelled and Naruto nodded while Genma turned around. All the genin who didn't make it were sitting down looking at the fight.

"Why the hell is Naruto down there? I should be doing that," Kiba said with a huff and Ino waved him off.

"Please dog breath, he mopped the floor with you and quite easily might I add," Ino answered with a snicker and Kiba growled.

"At least I didn't double KO my opponent along with myself. Damn you're annoying," Kiba said and Akamaru barked with a nod while Ino growled as Sasuke smiled.

"Well it doesn't matter if Naruto-baka made it. In the end, the winner will be Sasuke-kun, but I don't see him," Sakura said while Neji closed his eyes.

"Probably making some grand appearance. Which is just like him," Neji said and Hinata nodded.

"N-Neji-niisan don't be like that," Hinata said to and Neji huffed with a slight nod. Meanwhile Tenten placed one leg over the other and smiled.

"Well I find Naruto's sword fascinating. I wonder who made it," Tenten said more to herself, but everyone heard her.

In another part of the stands, the jonin were talking also about those who made it.

"Well I didn't expect Naruto to be here, but I guess that's just like him. His attire has improved at least," Asuma said while smoking a cigarette and Kurenai nodded.

"Yeah I suppose, but I wonder how much he's grown in the month," the Genjutsu mistress remarked while Anko snickered.

"Please I bet Foxy-kun is gonna rock the house in here. I can't wait for this," Anko said and everyone decided to watch while Genma spoke.

"Alright first match, Naruto Uzumaki vs Sabaku no Temari. Everyone else off the field," Genma stated and Naruto glared at the older blonde woman who glared back. The others decided to leave while Shino and Shikamaru gave Naruto some words of encouragement as they left. Naruto faced Temari and the blonde teen did the same to him. They glared at each other before Temari chuckled and picked up her fan.

"Well I didn't want to beat the handsome one so soon," she said and Naruto smiled as he flicked one of his bangs which had gotten longer along with the other one. The blonde chuckled and placed his hand on Hikari, his sword.

"Like you could, but I'll give you a get well soon present once you're in the hospital," Naruto said and Temari snickered at Naruto's cheekiness before the two blondes turned to Genma. The jonin looked at them both and flicked the senbon in his mouth.

"Alright then. The stage is set for us. Naruto Uzumaki vs Sabaku no Temari. Begin!" Genma yelled as he backed away from them. Temari smirked and so did Naruto before the latter quickly backed away from Temari in a blur of speed making her raise an eyebrow.

"Long distance? Big mistake," she said as she took her fan. Naruto smiled as he turned to Hikari.

"Ready?" He asked her and Hikari's light shined.

"Whenever you are Naruto-sama," she answered and Naruto drew forth Hikari while everyone seemed entranced by the light. Temari smiled and swung her fan at the blonde. Immediately a heavy gust of wind was sent flying at the blonde and Naruto could only dodge the incoming winds by jumping in the air. Everyone in the stadium seemed surprised by the little act since they figured that the dead last wouldn't act like that. Naruto smirked at their surprises, but kept them coming.

Naruto threw his sword up in the air and crossed his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto yelled as he made a clone. Everyone seemed surprised that the blonde knew a jonin level technique, but he kept it going. Temari didn't give Naruto the chance to react as she swung her fan at the blonde. Naruto grabbed the clone and twisted his body moving the clone out of the way before he sent it flying at Temari. The Suna genin smirked as she opened her fan to block it, but she failed to notice a single handsign from Naruto and the blonde grinned.

"Kai," Naruto yelled as the clone neared Temari's fan and exploded sending the girl flying back a few feet earning gasps from the respective population.

"Whoa, when did Naruto learn to do that?" Ino wondered as the same thing was going on in the heads of the others while Sarutobi smiled.

"Naruto-kun, you really have done a lot of work," Sarutobi said in thought while the Kazekage glared.

Gaara and the others seemed entranced also by Naruto, but continued to watch in turn.

Temari coughed from the explosion before she used her fan and brushed the dust away.

"Sneaky bastard of a Konoha genin," Temari said with a scowl before she brought her fan back.

"Daikamaitachi no Jutsu( Wind Scythe: Maximum Wind Blossoming)," Temari yelled an swung her enormous fan at Naruto sending a severe wind with rapid vacuum waves made to slash the blonde apart. Everyone gasped and waited for the hit, but Naruto wasn't the same as before. The blonde grabbed his sword that was in the air and while holding Hikari in his hands, he did a few one-handed handsigns.

"Katon: Nagare no Jutsu( Fire Release: Streaming Line Jutsu)," Naruto yelled and a full blast of fire came from his mouth as it collided with Temari's wind. The Suna genin widened her eyes as her technique was used to power Naruto's flames that were sent hurdling towards her. The stadium was easy surprised by the way Naruto was fighting.

"Was Naruto always this good? It's so amazing. He's actually beating the girl who took down Tenten," Sakura aid while Tenten balled her fists and made them tremble from the excitement.

"Troublesome blonde. Now he's gonna get more attention after this," Shikamaru said and Shino adjusted his glasses.

"It would be wise not to underestimate Naruto-san anymore. He might very well be a match for any chunin here," Shino said and Shikamaru nodded as Temari jumped out of the way from the fire making it explode on the ground.

"Yes Uzumaki. Fight. Fight! FIGHT! Show me that you want to live!" Gaara cackled mentally while Naruto dropped to the ground and smirked.

"Nice assist Kyuubi-chan," Naruto thought and Kyuubi was currently watching the TV of Naruto's fight and smiled.

"Nothing to it Kit. I'm more than capable of doing that," Kyuubi said and Naruto smiled with a slight nod, but Temari huffed while her attire was slightly burned.

"Dammit, I underestimated him too much. He wasn't that impressive at the prelims so that's my mistake," Temari thought before she saw Naruto take his sword and assume a small chunin Kumo stance. Everyone watched with anticipation as Naruto smiled. He suddenly dashed at Temari making his appearance blur from her sight and before long Temari, unconsciously, lifted her fan and blocked a slash to her face. She gasped out seeing Naruto in front of her and the blonde smiled before he twisted his body and sent a kick at her face, but Temari's fan was long and managed to parry that attack, but something was there that she didn't realize yet. Her arms were buckling from the strength of Naruto's attack.

Naruto's feet landed on Temari's fan and the blonde backflipped away from her and got back into the air which made Temari really happy.

"Take this and fall you damn brat! Fuuton: Tatsu no Oshigoto( Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon)," Temari yelled out and immediately a giant tornado descended on Naruto making the blonde brace himself before he smiled.

"Well Hikari-chan, it's time for us to show them our new move," Naruto told her and Hikari smiled with a light nod.

"Yes Naruto-sama," Hikari said with absolute certainty and Naruto brought Hikari back behind his body. The sword shined in a bright light illuminating the entire chunin stadium blinding everyone while Naruto smiled.

"Kenjutsu No Hikari: Hikou no Arashi( Sword Technique of Light: Soaring Tempest)," Naruto yelled and with a swing of his sword he shattered the hurricane wall around him then he dashed for Temari. The Suna genin was still blinded, but used her fan to cover her eyes allowing her to see for the most part and the last thing she saw was Naruto's shining blade at her throat. The blonde had a soft glare. Soon everyone was able to see and Genma saw Naruto's move and the position he had Temari in. The Suna genin growled while she sighed.

"I can't beat him," Temari thought and she turned to Genma.

"I-I give up," she said and Naruto withdrew his sword while Genma rubbed the back of his head.

"The winner is Naruto Uzumaki," Genma said and contrary to what Naruto was expecting, the stadium roared with cheers and applause. Everyone was so surprised at the blonde jinchuuriki while Yugito and Bee clapped also.

"He was awesome there," Bee said and Yugito smiled with a nod.

"No kidding. I'm so happy for him," Yugito said and Bee smiled with a nod while Asuma whistled.

"Hmm katon techniques, exploding clones and even a fine kenjutsu. He's downright amazing," Asuma said and Kurenai easily nodded.

"So true," she said and the Kazekage turned to Sarutobi.

"Well I didn't suspect my daughter to lose to your blonde," The Kazekage said and Sarutobi smiled.

"That's just who Naruto-kun is. You both would be so proud of him," Sarutobi thought and Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Man this just got so much harder for us. I swear I should just drop out now," Shikamaru said with a sigh and Shino gave an unnoticeable smile.

"It seems that he's probably surpassed us," Shino said while Gaara gave an insane grin making Kankuro back up slightly.

Meanwhile, Naruto waved and blew kisses to everyone especially Yugito.

"I did it. Yugito-chan I was able to do it," Naruto yelled and the blonde chunin chuckled with a nod as she remembered his training. Soon the field quieted down and Genma smirked.

"Next fight, Sasuke Uchiha vs Sabaku no Gaara," Genma yelled and Naruto grabbed the bars while Gaara disappeared and reappeared on the ground. The whole stadium was silent and Genma narrowed his eyes.

"Come on Teme. Get your ass in gear and get here," Naruto said in thought and before long Genma closed his eyes.

"I guess I'll have to forfeit him," Genma said to himself while the Kazekage spoke to Sarutobi.

"Sarutobi, don't you think we could postpone his match? People really want to see my son fight the Uchiha the most," the Kazekage said while Sarutobi gave a hidden smile.

"There is no need," Sarutobi said and the Kazekage raised an eyebrow before the wind on the field blew. Immediately Kakashi and Sasuke appeared on the ground while the people cheered and Naruto sighed.

"Damn show off," the blonde said and Sasuke turned to him.

"Hey loser, did you win?" Sasuke asked with a yell and Naruto grinned as he gave a thumbs up.

"Damn right. Now it's your turn teme," Naruto said and Sasuke smiled with a nod before turning to Gaara while Kakashi rubbed the back of his head.

"Umm hi, sorry we're late," he said and Genma shook his head at them.

"Nah, you're right on time. Now get off the field and let them fight," Genma said while Kakashi nodded. He gave Sasuke some words of encouragement and left while Sasuke faced Gaara. He narrowed his eyes and smile while Genma looked from left to right.

"Alright then now that we're here we can get started," He said while everyone waited with anticipation.

"Match between Sasuke Uchiha and Sabaku no Gaara," Genma said as he raised his hand. Sasuke smirked and Gaara gave a crazy smile.

"Begin," Genma yelled.

KG: Note that I never dropped this story. It was one a long pause, but I guess with some time I can get it down. It's quite interesting that I even thought of updating this, but I decided to put some doubts about me dropping this story to rest. Never did want rumors floating around. So I'll just update this whenever I can. That's all I've got for now. Later.