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Raven's eyebrow twitched. She resisted the urge to set her book down on the sofa and snarl at the green pest that continually made it his goal to irritate her at least once a day. Amethyst eyes flitted away from the old text on the ancient tomb she had been studying and glared at the changeling sitting beside her with an innocent expression upon his face. Beast Boy noticed her gaze and grinned at her widely before discretely, at least in his opinion, scooting closer to her.

"You never answered my question, Rae," He smiled at her. Raven groaned and placed her novel on her lap, lifting a thin violet eyebrow. She crossed her arms and leaned into the plush cushion of the couch. "What's you favorite color?"

"Why is it necessary for you to know, Beast Boy?" She questioned, a stoic expression gracing her pale face. The only response the empath received being the changeling morphing into a wide-eyed kitten, his green eyes piercing pleadingly into hers. "No, I'm not telling you my favorite color."

"HA!" The green-skinned boy abruptly shifted back to his human form. He pointed a finger accusingly at her, the very end of it poking her nose softly. "So you admit that you do have a favorite color! Come on, it's no big deal. Just tell me what it is and I'll go off to make myself some tofu."



"For the love of Azar! Beast Boy, can you just listen to me for once in your life?" The sorceress snapped at him, teeth clenched tightly. The boy slouched forward, waves of disappointment and sadness hitting the empath at full force. She groaned, letting her head fall forward to rest in the palms of her hands as she rested her elbows on her knees. "If I tell you, will you promise to leave me alone for the rest of the day?"

Elfin-like ears perked up as Beast Boy nodded eagerly, his demeanor turning a full 180 degrees at her words. Raven made another annoyed sound before peeking at him between her fingers.

"Green," She muttered, her voice barely piercing the air. Had it been an average person, her response would not have been heard. But this was Beast Boy, whose ears were finely tuned even in his human form, so he caught every syllable that escaped her lips.

"Really now?" The changeling grinned as he caught a hint of red on her hidden face. He inched closer to her, his uniform covered leg pressing against her bare one. A shudder passed through Raven's spine and her blush increased tenfold. Feeling a gloved hand grasp both of her dainty ones, her head lifted up and found herself face-to-face with Beast Boy's own blushing one. "If it makes you less embarrassed, my favorite color is violet."

The Azarathian opened her mouth to ask him if he meant what she thought he meant but the question died as he pressed his lips against her softly. Eyes fluttering closed, Raven kissed back softly and brought up her arms to wrap them around his neck. She smiled as Beast Boy pulled away, a matching grin lighting up his face.

"Still want me to leave you alone for the rest of the day, Rae."

"Shut up, Beast Boy."

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