an. I've decided to start a new freeverse collection. Of Nargles and Beautiful Girls is long and tired. I need a change. So here we go. :)

disclaimer. I have no rights to the Harry Potter franchise, unfortunately.

character. Ginny Weasley

(un)pairing: Ginny/Dean

an/rant. (feel free to bypass. has a DH spoiler.) I think so many people on here forget that Ginny was possessed by Voldemort at the age of eleven. That had to have an impact. Consequences that would last years, maybe a lifetime. People constantly excuse Harry for the issues resulting from his possession and battles with Voldemort. Yet, Ginny is supposed to have recovered entirely from such a trauma, while also dealing with war, poverty, prejudice, Percy's running away and its effect on Molly, and eventually Fred's death. I think that's ridiculous. She would have suffered from months of being possessed by the Horcrux of the most powerful Dark wizard of all time. ... Okay, rant over. :)


he cried and asked for one last chance,
but she told him no. he begged, but she
couldn't do it anymore -
his proclamations of love and forever and futures
that they both knew would never happen.

before he left, he wiped his eyes
(furiously) and said he knew why she was
doing this - said he knew it was about harry.
and she slapped him, hard,
because it wasn't. it wasn't.

no, ginny weasley was not leaving him,
(he was one of those sensitive-artist-types)
for harry potter, despite the way she liked to
let her gaze linger on the shape of his jaw.

the truth of it was, she could not love dean
the way dean loved her, and she
already knew why. it had nothing to do with harry,
and everything to do with him -
the other one -

/ t. o. m. / r. i. d. d. l. e. /

(his name felt dirty in her mind.)
he had drained her of the ability to love
long before she even had the chance to try.

he took her humanity;
she was not human, she was not human.