character: fleur delacour
pairing: n/a

an. "why didn't you give me the name Ocean?" / "because you are beautiful like the flower."


when she was a little girl
she loved the ocean
and one day, drawing in the sand and
mesmerized by way the tide washed it all away,
she asked her mother:
pourquoi ne l'avez-vous pas me donner un nom Océan?

and her mother replied,
parce que tu es belle comme une fleur.

and so fleur was quiet, and accepted it:
it became etched like acid in her mind.
she was a flower, beautiful;
she could not be what she wished: the ocean.

and as time slipped by, seconds & days & years,
the ocean grew to represent
all that she searched for in herself
and did not find.

strength. hope. courage. love.
desire. anger. motion.
fluidity. rhythm. power. mystery.

and that indescribable something, that magic,
the kind no wand can create -
not sparks or feathers or a trick of the light,
but true, deep-down-inside magic.




at age seventeen, someone whispered that
she was strong strong strong,
a powerful witch, a girl you shouldn't mess with.
it stuck in her mind,
and in her sketchbook, she drew herself with ocean eyes.

and a year later, she was named the most
worthy witch from beauxbatons,
and faced the strongest wizards of her age.

she lost, and remembered why her name was fleur -
empty-headed beauty,
and it was a fluke she got in at all.

she drew lilies & roses, honeysuckle & vines,
but not water, never water;
she could not bear to remind herself
of her failure, her weakness.

but not long after that,
she grew up. and she was
in love and fighting for what she believed in
and she was brave and strong and happy
and full of hope.




the night he proposed, she told him
i want to live by the ocean