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James walked to the carriage with a calm and easy step, his face neutral of all emotions as he approached the guard that was watching it with care and caution. The man gave a respectful bow to James to which James bowed back as the guard placed hands behind his back.

"Is there anything I can help you with sir?"

"I've been told that you have been relinquished of your duty here guarding this silly little costume carriage by the Duchess of Vennies," James replied and the guard raised an eyebrow.

"Really?. . .For what?"

James snorted, "It's rather silly of you to be guarding clothes. Isn't the future queen consort a little bit more important than that along with Her Majesty and the princess? We'll be having the photos here anyways since it's a much nicer setting but what you need to do is hurry down to the front gate and make sure that there aren't any paparazzi trying to sneak in. There's barely any guards on that job," James replied and the guard gave a rather unsure nod of the head, still listening and taking his hurried leave away while James was left alone with the carriage.

The brunette grinned in mischievous delight, walking over to climb up onto the seat for the driver as he saw the one honey brown shaded horse waiting to take leave. James smiled at the animal kindly, leaning down to stroke it's back as the horse gave a small whinny and James straightened his back. He grabbed the leather reins between his hands and gave them a snap, the horse immediately taking off into a dash with James trying to only keep control while urge the horse to go faster and faster.

James exited out of the side entrance gate of the grounds and onto the streets where people were all crowding to see a glimpse of the bride or the Royal Family. He heard some screams at him in amazement or in confusion as to why he was going the opposite direction of the church but he only stared ahead of him and out at the road he was riding on. No time to stop, no time to think, the only thing he had to do was get to Viridian and get Carlos in time, praying that the boy was safe.

Viridian was a forest thick glen, James only been there once when he was a child and the Diamonds don't normally do business up there save for grabbing some of the diamond and coal mines up for themselves. The snow was thick and dense, the carriage starting to rock over the uneven terrain as James made a left and made his decent up the mountain trail. There were already warning signs of the roads being blocked off, only way how to make the way up to Viridian will be to take the forest paths that were unmarked and were not heavily patrolled.

As soon as James past the next warning sign, he was on his own.

His let out a chilled breath, it coming out like a thin vapor and tickled his nose that was turning cherry red at the tip. He gritted his teeth, fists tightening as he made a right and off the main road to the first mountain trail. The wintergreen branches were covered with the white snow, some broken from the weight of the slush but James was only grateful the snow had stopped falling. Otherwise, it would have been unbearable to go through the blizzard. Another right and a branch swiped down to almost hit him in the head, James dodging and trying to keep his eyes sharp for any more branches. It would be a while til he could find the mountain trail to Viridian, and he can only hope that Logan and Her Highness could do something to stall the wedding for as long as he could.

"What do you mean a carriage was stolen?" Victoria asked with darkening eyes as the guard looked nervously down at the ground.

"I-I don't understand w-why b-but the Marquess-"

"James?" she asked, eyebrows furrowing as he nodded his head yes. She looked down herself, the hand that held the fan gripping tight and raising the object to tap against her red lips. What on Earth could he want with a carriage full of clothes? She glanced back up to the guard, eyes calculating. "Do you have a clue as to where he was going?"

"S-Sources say he was heading to the mountains," the guard stuttered out, his eyes still not daring to look into the Duchess' and Victoria frowned more. The mountains. . .what is that dreadfully annoying boy up to? She gave a shook of the head.

"If he wants to be banned from the wedding, he got what he wanted. We can't waste time any longer, we'll do pictures another day if we have to," she said with a wave of the hand and the guard nodded his head, swallowing down a nervous lump in his throat. Her eyes scanned his body, not looking pleased with the scared man standing before her. "And as for you, I think you should keep watch just in case he decides to show up again."

"Y-Yes mam," he replied and quickly excused himself. Victoria hummed, tapping the fan to her lips once more as she looked out into the main courtyard. Mercedes was already whining and complaining about her dress not being here for her to try on, instead waiting at the church. Victoria was already growing annoyed with the girl's antics and comments about the wedding but she held her tongue. In only a little while will the power truly be hers and no one is going to get in the way of that. And her gaze moved to the white mountains where a thick and dense gray cloud loomed over the peak, eyes so confused and so anxious.

The mountains. . .what would he be up to-

"Madame?" a gruff voice asked and she turned, Claude standing behind her and in his big grasp, the Princess' hand. Princess Katie looked up at Claude with anger and resentment, the man not looking down at her while Victoria eyed the young girl and smiled.

"Oh, aren't you going to be a pretty little flower girl," she replied and Her Highness wrinkled her nose.

"If you think I'm going to go through and participate in your 'wedding', you got another thing coming," the Princess threatened and Victoria laughed.

"And what will you do? Surely you must realize that little Carlos doesn't love His Highness anymore and let him go do what is right for his country," Victoria said and the Princess glared.

"Right for the country or right for you?" she asked and Victoria smiled, looking back up to Claude's big and threatening face.

"Take her to the carriage, Claude. We have a wedding to get on with."

Kendall sat there, the room for the groom small and slightly cramped. It was old and it was a bit worn down, the floors were of a roughly polished wood and the window didn't let in any light. But then again, there wasn't any light to shine in, everything was all nothing but gray.

Everything was gray without that little ray of sunshine he called Carlos.

There was one thing he liked about the room, there was a painting of his father on the walls. The man stood there, majestic and proud dressed in his royal garbs. And Kendall would stare at the painting if someone wasn't checking in on him to make sure he was still there or if he needed something to eat while he waited or any last minute touch ups. Kendall would just look at his father, look at the man that he had became and think back on all of the times he and his father spent together. And how badly he missed the man now. . .



The boy gave a shy bite of his lower lip as he raised his hands up and his father smiled at him. He crouched down, Kendall smiling as he moved around to climb on his father's back and the man hoisted him up into a piggyback ride. Kendall's arms wrapped tight around his father's neck, nuzzling his head into his father's cheek as the man carried him down the hall. "When I become king, you'll be there to help me, right?"

"I don't know yet, son. . .you'll have your wife to help you and Jett-"

"I don't want a wife and I most certainly don't want Jett," Kendall said with a sneer and the King sighed.

"You say that now but in time you will change your mind."

"I will not. Girls are icky and annoying little pests."

"You don't think your baby sister is that, do you?" the King asked and Kendall paused.

"Well. . .no. . .the other girls. Like the ones that say they're going to marry me when we're older," Kendall replied and the King gave a small hum.

"You'll just have to wait until you find the right girl then."

"What if I don't want a girl?" Kendall asked and the King paused in his place, his own deep green eyes looking over to Kendall in slight bewilderment.

". . .A boy?" he asked and Kendall nodded his head.

"I'd rather have a boy for my consort. At least then I'll know I'll have fun. We can play with each other and make mud pies and climb trees and wrestle like other little boys do and I won't have to worry about them crying that I hurt them or that they don't want to get dirty since they're not a girl."

"Is that so?"

"Yep!" Kendall popped the 'P' and gave a cheeky smile, "He'll be my best friend!"

"You mean Logan?" the King asked and Kendall wrinkled his nose.

"Of course not!. . .The boy will be quite cute, for one thing. Like a girl but not like a girl, you know?"

"Yes, yes," the King chuckled and Kendall hugged him tighter.

"And he'll be nice and funny and play with me all the time. . .and I guess do business stuff when we need to and things. But we'll have more fun than working."

". . .What about when you two need to be romantic?" the King asked, not sure if his little child really understood what he meant and Kendall was rather quiet for the time being as he walked down the hallway of portraits. Kendall gave a small little hum.

"Well if he's cute and isn't annoying, I don't see the problem," the little boy said simply and the King laughed.

"You'll be quiet the amazing king, my boy."

Kendall sighed, rubbing his head and glanced down to the floor. His reflection in the wood was pitiful and miserable. "I really wish you were here right now," Kendall murmured, looking up to the painting with sad and hurt eyes as he sucked in a breath.

I'll come back to you, I promise. . .

"O-Oh, come on dude! Let's make some snow angels!" Guitar Dude called out to Carlos as the boy still stood by the windowsill. Carlos was listening in on the broadcast of the wedding, his cheek against the wooden wall of the cabin as the words of the reporter floated into his ear. Apparently, Mercedes was on her way to the church as they spoke and then, only a few more hours til she and Kendall were wed. Carlos felt Guitar Dude's hand on his shoulder, the boy turning to look over at the long haired man watching him with concern.

Carlos gave a gentle smile, moving away and walking over to Lightning wallowing in the snow. The scruffy dog kicked up the white slush to dig up the black rich Earth underneath, Carlos crouching down to give the animal a good scratch on his back and up to behind his ear. He heard Guitar Dude's boots stomping through the snow, crouching down as well to rub Lightning's head.

"I know what you're trying to do," Carlos said softly and the man looked at his sorry little smile. "It's okay. . .I'll be fine."

". . .Cinderella-"

"Really, I'll be fine," Carlos replied and the man bit his lower lip.

". . .If you say so, dude. . .wanna have some hot cocoa?" he asked and Carlos smiled.

"I'd like that." Guitar Dude gave a smile of his own, giving Carlos' head a good natured pat as he got onto his feet and strode over to the cabin. Carlos looked up into the sky, the sun still not managing to break through the cold gray clouds high in the mountains. Another frost must be coming over them soon, how horrible it must be to have such a bleak wedding day. He thought about Kendall, how the blond wanted to be married in a garden instead of a church just as gray and cold as the sky. He sighed, holding Lightning in his arms as he rested his chin atop the dog's furry head.

"I bet he looks so handsome," Carlos said softly, his eyes closing and mind drifting off into a fantasy. Where Carlos always found comfort, in his dreams and in his fairy tales. Only this one, it was Kendall standing at an altar of roses and beautiful flowers with that charming smile of his. He wasn't dressed in a fancy black suit, he was dressed like a prince with crown and all. And Carlos, he was dressed alike but all in white. Kendall's eyes when he looked at him. . .he sighed, oh how heavenly. . .he wanted to look into those bottle green eyes just one more time. . .

Lightning broke away all of a sudden, barking madly at the trees and Carlos looked at the dog confused.

"What is it?" Carlos asked and Lightning continued to bark, the sound of noise rustling from the trees starting to float into his ears. He watched how the branches and the bushes began to shake, the sound of horses whinnying loud and something booming around in the snow, far too loud for an animal. He heard someone rushing out from the cabin, a few of the men as Carlos' eyes widened from a horse drawn carriage emerging from the greenery.

With James driving it!

Carlos jumped to his feet as the brunette yanked tightly on the reins, the carriage coming to a jagged halt and James giving a slight jolt forward. Carlos could see from just here on the ground James' face was a rosy red and lips puffed chapped and blue. His fingers seemed deathly frozen around the leather of the reigns, Carlos running over to the marquess with a couple of the men following right behind him.

"James! You found me! How did you find me! Is Kendall alright? Are you alright?" Carlos rattled, running to the carriage and climbing on top to where James was perched. The boy's eyelashes had little flecks of snow in them, Carlos' hands immediately going to James' cold and clammy ones to rub and warm. He breathed over them a few times, James giving a small grunt and nudged the boy.

"No time for that, get in," he said, voice hoarse and dry. Carlos looked up at him confused.

"What do you mean?"

"We have a wedding to stop," James said, blue smile coming to his lips and Carlos' eyes widened. He looked down over his shoulder at the men, them all looking with surprised expressions themselves, Jett included. The one with the black beard shook his head, slamming a hand on Jett's back. "Well don't just stand there! Get going!"

"But you don't understand," Carlos said, looking around from the men to James' cold face, "Victoria will have Kendall impeached if I show my face around there again."

"And Victoria will still have hold of the crown through your stepsister if you don't show up! Carlos, we need to go!" James said urgently and Carlos looked back down at Jett. The brunette man gave a nod of the head, pulling Carlos down from the carriage seat and James as well.

"I'll drive. Get in the carriage with Carlos and keep him company."

"Are you sure you'll get down to the wedding on time?" the olive-skinned man asked and Jett glanced over his shoulder at the path James entered on. He gave a little smirk. "Sure if we go the same way he came, the path will be nice and clear for us to easily maneuver down the mountain back to the main city," Jett explained and Carlos helped James into the carriage. It was filled with fanciful things, elegant yet brightly obnoxious dresses and princely suits that must be meant for Kendall. He ran his hand along the fabric of the double-breasted suit jacket, soft and so much remembrance of the blond he fell in love with. He looked over at James next, the marquess trying to warm himself up and rubbing his hands in the material of the large dresses.

"What are all these things here for?" Carlos asked and James looked over at him.

"For a wedding shoot that was supposed to be held after the reception. Get into one of the guard suits," James said, running a hand through his hair and shaking off any snow that fell. He grinned at Carlos, "Need to have you looking like a presentable prince after all."

Carlos bit his lower lip, "But. . .I'm not-"

"You are," James replied, bracing himself against the wall of the overstuffed carriage as it shook when Jett made the carriage circle round the small opening of snow and head back the way the brunette came. He tried to get comfortable amongst all the sparkly dangles and flashy fabric. "Carlos, I think Her Highness knows something about you, she was searching for you and as soon as we found about what Victoria did to you, she went to get the Historian. You must be able to be a consort!" he exclaimed and Carlos looked down at the guard suit beside him. He grabbed hold of his old shirt that still smelled of winter pine and wet of snow to tug it off his body before grabbing the black jacket.

"But. . .James, won't you get in trouble with your family for helping me more?. . .What about Logan?"

"I don't have the time to explain all of it to you now but you don't have to worry a thing about Logan and me anymore." James' smile was warm and gentle as he grabbed a guard uniform for himself to pull on. "Just call me Mr. James Mitchell from now on."

Carlos' eyes widened in surprise, "You're going to elope?"

"Not at all," James replied and it only confused Carlos more. "Get changed! Get changed! We don't have much time til we reach the church and we need to work out a strategy about getting you in there!"

Carlos looked down at the material in his hands, the carriage rocking him back and forth as they traversed down the trail. He swallowed, pulling the jacket onto his bare torso and began to button the golden jacket, his eyes glancing over to James hurriedly trying to change into his own guard uniform. He had no idea what the Marquess or Logan or Her Highness were planning in order to get Kendall and him together again.

But he could only smile at the thought of his prince, his prince. To see those beautiful bottle green eyes again smiling into his own.

"Katie, are you positive?" Her Majesty whispered to her daughter and Katie nodded her head eagerly, big brown eyes darting over to see Logan talking up his mother and father, most likely discussing their plan. Katie turned back to her mother, the woman looking with concern and worry.

"James is hopefully on his way with Carlos and Jett and Carlos can legally become a consort with verification from the Historian-"

"But Parliament will still choose Mercedes since she has blue blood and can provide heirs," the Queen replied and Katie rubbed her forehead.

"That's the other thing that I'm hoping for, that he'll find something about them too," the Princess replied, heart beating fast against her chest. It was going to be a stretch for sure, only a few minutes til Kendall was supposed to take his place at the altar and Mercedes to be strolling down the aisle in that gaudy wedding dress of hers. The church was already swarming with media and paparazzi privileged to document the wedding for all of Westoria and America as well as other countries to see. Outside of the church was even more of a madhouse with all of the citizens and news reporters blabbing about the wedding of a century, a true fairy tale coming true.

Ha! What nonsense to believe that this nightmare taking place in a few minutes was a fairy tale.

There was a tap on her shoulder, Katie turning to look up into Logan's eyes. "We're all ready to stall this wedding when we need to. What should we do first?"

"No doubt once Victoria believes it's time to start, she'll make sure guards have everyone remain in their seats at all costs. . .do you think we can find my brother in this place?" Katie asked and Logan gave a small nod.

"This church wasn't built with that many rooms, it should be easy to find him in a flash," Logan replied and Katie glanced over her shoulder at her mother biting on her lower lip.

"We'll be right back, rally up anyone else you can in stalling the wedding," she replied and her mother nodded, determined look in her eyes that matched her daughter's as the two brunettes turned on their heels and strode out of the main sanctuary. They made a right, moving swift and fast to avoid any guards stopping them and to catch up all the time that might be lost wandering around the church. Logan's arm hooked around Katie's, pulling the girl to the left and down the hall where the windows displayed the large crowd waiting outside for the groom and the bride to come out for pictures and screaming citizens. Logan only gulped, hoping that James will be able to get through the crowd and get Carlos inside undetected.

They made another left and stopped in their places, Victoria exiting a room and entering the hallway. She looked at them, her eyebrow raised and lips curving into a displeased frown.

"And just what are you doing here when you should be in the main sanctuary?" Victoria asked, crossing her arms and looking at them with suspicious expressions. Logan tried his best to not show he was growing nervous by the woman's gaze, his arm around Katie's tightening as he gave a quiet gulp.

"Oh well. . .we're just having a quiet walk. . .we'll be on our way now," Logan said hurriedly, trying to step around the Duchess but Victoria stepped in front of them first. Her lips curved into a smile, eyes dark as she looked between the two of them.

"Is that so?"

"It is," Katie said sternly and the Duchess glanced down at her. She hummed, glancing back over at Logan and placed a hand on her hip.

"Well then. . .don't be late," she said and gave a small curtsy to the princess before moving past the two of them to walk down the hall. Logan looked over his shoulder at her, nervousness in his chest before he glanced back down to Katie.

"I think she's planning something," he whispered and Katie nodded, pulling the boy further ways down the hall until they reached the corner.

"Split up. We can cover more ground quicker that way," she said and he nodded. He released his arm from around hers, gave a departing bow before turning on his heels and now heading eastward down the hallway with Katie going the opposite direction. His heart thudded, approaching doors and jiggling their handles to find that they were locked or open them to find they were empty. He tried to move quickly, he didn't want to be caught wandering around the halls and be forced back to the sanctuary for the wedding. And he most certainly didn't want to be caught by Victoria again. Something was off about that woman, something didn't feel right. Was she that certain that the wedding would go off without a hitch, even when James had stolen the carriage to her knowledge?

No, she had to be planning something and Logan was trying his hardest to only remain on full alert.

The carriage shook and bounced as it sharply turned onto the road, Carlos banging his head against the side of the wall.

"Jett! A little bit slower!" Carlos shouted through the roof.

"No can do! We don't have much time!" Jett shouted and Carlos groaned, looking over at James tugging on boots.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" he asked and James looked over at him, nodding his head.

"I'm positive. We sneak in as guards, we find the sanctuary and His Highness sees you're alright-"

"And then?" Carlos asked. That was when James began to bite his lower lip.

"Well. . .I'm not so sure. . .but you and His Highness are going to get married. Victoria isn't going to win this one and ruin everyone's lives," James said strongly and Carlos looked out the window. The city buildings were tall and covered with snow, the streets lined with the white slush melting onto the streets and the people all lined up along the curbs waving their Westorian flags and shouting in excitement. Carlos looked over at James, "How much time do we have left?" the boy asked and James only shrugged.

"I'm not sure, I lost track of time the trek up to get the both of you. But the way things are going, we'll be there in the church in no time," James replied and Carlos swallowed. He was so close, he was so close to Kendall again. His fingers began to twiddle and twirl around each other, not realizing in his mind that he was folding that invisible star as his heart thudded tight in his chest.

Please, please let Kendall and I be together.

Katie pushed open one of the doors, peering inside with furrowed brows and frowning lips.

"Big Brother? Are you in here?" she asked and stepped inside. It was a quaint and quiet room, too quiet for Kendall to not react to her and she gave a groan. Fifth room she's checked that didn't have the prince waiting inside and she was starting to grow frustrated. But as she turned to leaved, a hand shoved into her shoulder and pushed her inside. She stumbled, her stupid heels that her mother stuffed her into tripping over her large dress and caused her to fall to the ground as the sound of the door behind her slammed shut. She turned, hurriedly trying to get to her feet before slamming palms on the wood of the door.

"Let me out! Let me out!" Katie shouted and there was that laugh, the laugh belonging to the Duke of Vennies himself.

"Not until you tell me just what you think you're doing snooping around here," he said and Katie growled.

"Having a Royal imprisoned against their will is considered treason! I will have your head if you don't open the door!" Katie shouted and the man laughed again.

"And once your big brother marries Mercedes, your power will be practically nothing. Scream if you like, everyone is already in the sanctuary. Oh well, we can always go on without a flower girl," he said and Katie growled. "Claude, watch the door and make sure that there aren't any more disturbances from Her Highness. The prince is already making his way down to the sanctuary as we speak followed by the bride."

"If you don't let me go, you'll be sorry!"

"Ooh, I'm so scared," he said and laughed, the laugh sounding farther and farther away as he walked down the hallway. Katie growled, hitting and banging her fists on the door, sometimes giving a well aimed kick to the wood too as her teeth gnawed into her bottom lips and eyes glared down at the door.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" she screamed and the door swung open, Katie stumbling back. There he was, a guard large and eyes looking threatening. His big hands were balled into fists and Katie stared at him with wide eyes. Her head whirled around, looking around for something big to throw and hopefully knock him out but as she glanced back over at him to watch for any sudden movements, he was standing off to the side with her having the chance to run right out into the hallway.

"Come on," he said gruffly and Katie looked at the man confused before back out to the hall. She took one step forward, her eyes still watching Claude suspiciously. Two steps and he didn't do anything at all. Three steps and she was halfway out through the doorway until a big hand shoved her out the rest of the way. She looked at the guard, Claude closing the door shut behind him and glanced down at the small girl.

". . .You're. . .not with Victoria?" Katie asked and Claude only stood straight and tall, folding his hands in front of him.

"Doing my job," he said, Katie only growing more confused but not questioning it. She turned and hiked up her dress a bit, kicking off the heels and broke out into a run down the hallway to get to her brother before he could step foot into that sanctuary.

The cold air tickled Carlos' nose, damp breath coming out as fog as he and James made their way up the steps to the church. As expected, there were guards blocking the entrance, not the friendly Royal Guards either that Carlos was so used to seeing but the grim and large guards Victoria hired. He kept his head down, just as Jett told him to as they approached. His heart was beating so fast, his lips feeling so dry as James stopped besides him only maybe two feet away from the guards at the top of the stairs.

"What are you doing here?" one of the guards asked and James cleared his throat, keeping his face down low as well.

"We received word that Carlos Garcia is attempting to disrupt the wedding. That carriage stolen was to go and retrieve him," James said in a mock hoarse and deep voice. Carlos could see the guards' hands balling into fists, knowing his body was beginning to tremble in nervousness.

"Says who?" one of them asked gruffly, stepping forward and heavy boots stomping in the wet pavement. Behind them, Carlos could hear shouts and screams and knew Jett must already be barreling down the street driving the carriage to cause a stir, at such good timing too. The guards jumped in surprise and shoved James and Carlos out of the way as they rushed down the steps the same time James grabbed Carlos' wrist and yanked the boy inside the church and down the hall. The peaked hat that shielded his eyes flew off as they ran, Carlos' face now exposed for anyone to see and stop him but his legs felt like they were going faster and faster. He was coming, he was coming Kendall!

They rounded a corner, a guard stopping in his place and staring at the two of them with wide eyes and James squeezed Carlos' wrist tighter.

"Hey! Freeze!" he barked and charged right after them, James tugging on the boy's arm to drag him down the hall to their right. The brunette's grip was tight and strong, Carlos almost wincing in pain as James rounded the corner and pulled Carlos towards a large door tall with two wreathes on the door. And guards on both sides of them. James slid to a stop the moment their arms reached out to grab the two of them, his fist swinging out to try and hit one of the guards in the face. One of them grabbed Carlos' other wrist, a tug of war erupting between James and the guard with the doors to the sanctuary just inches away for Carlos to just throw open and run inside.

He saw a wreath move from the door and slam on one of the guard's head, seeing Logan holding the item and trying to yank the large man off of Carlos. He could feel James' hold loosening on his wrist as the older brunette tried to fend off the other two guards trying to grab at them, Logan swatting and kicking at the guard that had a grip on his wrist. Carlos yanked his wrist upwards, biting down hard on the guard's hand that squeezed his wrist and he screamed as his fingers unwrapped around his wrist. Carlos broke away and grabbed the door handles to throw them open and run inside.

Heads all whirled around to look, Carlos could hear the organs playing the wedding march but stopped when the players realized that Carlos wasn't the bride. And there Kendall was, standing at the altar and eyes growing so wide that Carlos could cry. He didn't just stood there, he ran and Kendall broke out and away from the altar with arms spread out wide and going down to scoop Carlos off of his feet in a hug and twirl him around. To be back in Kendall's arms again, to feel Kendall's cheek against his own and smell the scent of the prince again wafting into his nose as his fingers went up and grabbed tightly in the blond locks, Carlos' eyes began to water and his heart began to swell.

"You came, you came back to me," Kendall choked, Carlos feeling the wetness of tears on the side of his ear as Kendall put him down and began to kiss him. "Where were you? What happened to you? Are you okay? Oh god, I'm sorry. I'm sorry but I'm not going to lose you again. I'm sorry for being a bad prince for loving you but I can't lose you again. I'd give it all up for you. I'd give everything for you-" every single word was punctuated with a kiss to his lips, to his eyes and to his cheeks as Kendall squeezed him tighter and tighter, making it harder for Carlos to try and get a word in.

"Guards! Guards! Take that boy out of here! He's disrupting the wedding!" Carlos heard Victoria screech and Kendall held Carlos tight. People began to rise out of their seats from the pews, chatter bursting out as the Queen rushed from her seats and held her hands out.

"Stop! Stop!" she shouted, Royal Guards rushing to her side and the guards in black stopping in their steps with eyes glaring at the boy trapped in the prince's arms. Kendall kissed Carlos' brow, kissed Carlos' hair and Carlos looked up at the blond with gentle eyes.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Kendall repeated and Carlos held Kendall's face. The bottle green eyes were watery and Carlos gave him a gentle smile.

"It's okay. . .it isn't your fault at all."

"B-But, the letter-" Carlos looked at the Duchess and her husband, the woman's face starting to turn light red as Carlos frowned at her.

"I wouldn't ever leave you, Kendall. . .I had to leave because she-" Carlos pointed at Victoria accusingly, "was trying to have you impeached!" There was a collective gasp and Victoria's cheeks flushed a darker shade, her gloved hands balling into fists and her eyes nervously glanced around. He could see the people in attendance now as Carlos looked around in the pews, the Diamonds and the Mitchells were sitting on opposite sides of the sanctuary, the officials and justices of Parliament all grouped together. And on the far end of the wall, the press with cameras and microphones soaking up everything that was happening before them to broadcast to the entire nation of Westoria and America live.

"She was trying to have you impeached and I. . .I couldn't let that happen so she said if I just leave, she wouldn't do anything to you. I signed a piece of paper and she had me drugged and kidnapped to be dumped off in the middle of the woods by Viridian," Carlos accused and their were a few gasps, Victoria's teeth gritting against them tight.

"Lies! I wouldn't-"

"On the contrary," a voice spoke and Carlos turned, Claude standing there with Katie at his side and the young girl had hands on her hips.

"We can both vouch for what he's saying, Victoria," Katie hissed out and the woman gave a laugh.

"Words do not hold any value in court unless there's proof!" she shouted and all was quiet before Carlos saw the Duke moving from out of the pew and holding Lady Diamond's hand in his own. He stood beside Katie and crossed his arms.

"Well if Her Highness should so ask, I would give her the recording of our little conversation," he suggested lightly and her eyes widened the same time Carlos' did. The man glanced over at him, giving a little wink before looking back to his fuming niece standing there huffing and face growing redder and redder.

"You recorded me?"

"Of course, Diamonds have to take extra precaution with things after all," he said with a smile and something that sounded like a growl and a scream sounded from Victoria's throat but didn't escape her clenched lips as James and Logan rushed forward, their hands intertwined tight and stood beside the Duke. The doors opened once again, Carlos seeing a vision in white. Mercedes, his stepsister all dolled up with blond hair falling in curls and a slim white wedding dress. Besides her was his stepfather, the two Griffins pausing in their place and eyes staring dead straight at them. Mercedes' face grew red in an instant, storming and shoving past her father with bouquet of flowers clutched tight in her hands.

"What are you doing with my prince!" she screeched, Kendall turning Carlos away from Mercedes but Claude grabbed Mercedes tight, pushing her away with dark and stern eyes.

"Stay away," he growled and Victoria's mouth gaped.

"What do you think you're doing!" she screamed and Claude glanced over at her before looking down at Carlos. The boy watched the guard's face, Carlos' eyes holding so much wonder and amazement but still so confused at the man's actions for him as Claude adjusted his peaked cap.

"My job."

"You're job is to do what I say!" she shouted and he shook his head.

"My job is to guard him," he said and pointed a large finger at Carlos. "And that's exactly what I'm doing." Victoria was getting angrier and angrier, her eyes furious and teeth bared.

"Regardless if you do anything to me, it doesn't change the fact that His Highness has to marry Mercedes because the little Princess over there isn't qualified. And I shall be pardoned by our future queen consort so I can't lose."

"I'm not marrying her!" Kendall shouted, the members of Parliament looking between each other worried. Katie stepped forward, smile on her face.

"The jokes on you, Victoria. Because I found out from our Royal Historian that Carlos is eligible to be a consort through the Westorian military," Katie said triumphantly and Carlos' eyes widened. He looked up at Kendall, the blond just as surprised as he was as Victoria laughed.

"You don't have the proof!" the woman boasted and Katie turned, beckoning over a feeble looking man Carlos hadn't seen in a long time. The man that was taking pictures of he and Kendall coming off the plane the first time he landed in Westoria, the Royal Historian. And in his hands was a suitcase nervously shaking in his hands as he looked at the Duchess. He straightened his tie, gently pushing himself past Mercedes and Griffin to the other side of the sanctuary where the members of Parliament were standing and watching all of this take place. He popped open the suitcase, papers and books all stacked in a messy little pile as he fumbled to dig out a large book and flipped it open.

"This right here sirs," he started out and pointed at something that he couldn't see from this spot, "is the directory of Westorian military officials during the time Mr. Garcia was in the US Army. He's listed right here, as an ally of the Royal Army made by His Majesty himself, the late King Knight. He's considered an extension of the Westorian military in the American unit and therefore-"

"An eligible candidate for a consort," one of the justices said in interest, rubbing his chin as he glanced around the other members of Parliament. Carlos' eyes widened and he looked up at Kendall with the biggest smile on his face. Kendall beamed so bright, his arms going down and scooped the boy up into his arms to give him a twirl and laughed so happy in his ear.

"We can get married!" Kendall cheered and Carlos held onto the blond as Kendall continued to spin the two of them around, finally putting Carlos down so he could kiss Carlos' lips eagerly. Victoria stormed over to the Royal Historian to see for herself but one of the justices placed his hand over the old print.

"They're legible, Madame. No need for you to double check," he said and her face flushed red.

"T-This can't be right!. . .But. . .but you still need an heir. Regardless if he's a consort, he can't bear heirs and Mercedes is still the prime choice for being a consort!" Victoria proclaimed and turned to Carlos with hands placed on her hips. "Unless you have any other little tricks?"

"A-Actually Madame, Ms. Griffin. . .isn't qualified to be a consort, exactly. . ."

"What! What do you mean?" Victoria hissed and he jumped back, Mercedes and Griffin storming over to the trembling Royal Historian.

"We have blue blood in our family, don't try and twist the truth to benefit Carlos. He is a nobody and came from nothing," Griffin growled out and Kendall matched his glare. The Historian frowned, straightening his tie and standing tall.

"I assure you sir that I never twist history for anyone's benefit. You sir, however, are misreading your sources!" he proclaimed and dug through his suitcase once again to show to the Parliament members. "This is a copy of the death certificate of the Count Frederik of Odense! And here, right here, it states the year of birth and the year of death!"

"And what's your point!" Victoria shouted and the man handed the document over to one of the justices. They all crowded around to read, the elderly man's eyebrows furrowing as he peered through his spectacles.

"'Date of birth, August 5th 1856. Date of Death, June 20th, 1864.'" the man read aloud and all was quiet as Carlos worked out in his head just what the man said. Victoria's face paled the same time Kendall began to frown.

"He was only seven years old! How could a seven year old marry a woman and have children!" Kendall exclaimed and an outburst of chatter erupted from everyone around them. The media reporters were trying their hardest to fill in their viewers and listeners as to what was going on while Mercedes and Griffin glanced around in shock and surprise.

"That can't be right! That is false!"

"It isn't false! The man whom you thought was a count is actually Frederick spelled with a 'C'. Frederick Poulsen, a shoemaker and not an eligible source for Ms. Griffin to be a consort!" the Historian boasted so proud, his cheeks flushed and teeth showing in his big smile. Mercedes' eyes widened as Kendall released Carlos from his hold and walked over to the girl. He reached up and plucked the tiara off of her head with the biggest smile on her face.

"I'll be taking that," he said and she screamed, grabbing at her hair as Kendall walked over and placed the headpiece atop Carlos' head. Carlos blushed red, quickly taking the tiara off before anymore princess jokes could be aimed at him as Victoria's nostrils flared. She pushed past the Historian and stared at Parliament with wide eyes.

"Then impeach the prince! Do you all honestly believe that American child is suited to rule alongside that spoiled brat!" she screeched and Carlos frowned.

"And do you think you're better suited for the crown?" Carlos asked and she turned to face him. Her eyes were darker than he ever seen, Carlos swallowing down that last lump of fear as he let out a slow breath and his hands balled into fists. "As the son of King Knight, Kendall is going to be a great ruler. He knows what Westoria needs and he loves his people more than you will ever. Just like I care for these people around me that welcomed me with open arms." His eyes moved past her, to the members of Parliament standing there watching and listening to him and sucked in another breath. "I know I can't bear children and you need an heir to the throne and I'm not that well educated in things about what a Prince Consort should and shouldn't do but. . .you can't say that I won't do whatever I can if Kendall or the citizens call on me."

"I'm not perfect, no one is perfect but I. . .I love Westoria. If I didn't, I wouldn't have done what I did to keep Kendall from being impeached. I put this country first because I know Kendall is what this country needs, not someone who is only power hungry and seeking to increase their wealth. And if the members of Parliament would just listen to all that has happened and. . .just listen to me, I would be glad to take the proper place by Kendall's side as his Prince Consort," Carlos said and Victoria gave a laugh.

"Every time, every time you open that annoying little mouth of yours another piece of Westorian customs goes out the window! His Highness must marry a woman eligible under blue blood or Westorian military and bear future heirs. If not, then he will be removed," Victoria cackled and Carlos frowned until he saw one of the justices of Parliament begin to move to the outer aisle.

"Madame," the elderly justice spoke, moving around Victoria and hobbled a bit on his cane to approach Carlos. He stopped just a few inches away, looking Carlos up and down and held out his hand. Carlos looked down at his own hands, giving the man the sparkling tiara that was perched on Mercedes' head and he turned it around in his grasp. He slowly began to smile and gave a soft chuckle.

"In all of my life, I thought that His Majesty was the most colorful character I will ever come across in my life working in Parliament. And then you came along," he spoke, heavy French accent in his old voice before he gave another little laugh. "We all agree, none of us has ever seen a young man like you filled with so much. . .magic and life and love. You are a bright, caring and intelligent individual and for you to do something to give up His Highness' love for all of us. . .it speaks many words." He then glanced over at Kendall and gave a wry smile. "And I'm positive that if we decline you one more time, we'll never get down to the bottom of this fight for the crown."

"S-Sir-" Victoria stuttered out but he raised his hand, eyes still on Carlos as he looked down at the tiara in his wrinkled grasp.

"You two were brought together for a reason and if that reason was for you both to rule Westoria. . .then who am I to deny what might be destiny?" he asked and placed the tiara back atop Carlos' head. The young boy blushed as the man smiled. "Besides, you look rather charming with a crown."

"Sir?" one of the members called out and he turned, giving the younger man a shrug and tapped the bottom of his cane.

"Well, I think it's time for change anyways. I like change, don't you?" he asked and the man nodded his head along with the other members of Parliament slowly beginning to nod their heads together. Victoria's jaw dropped, her eyes darting from left to right as her husband tried to place a hand on her back but she swatted it away.

"Are you all idiots! This is a horrible change! A horrible horrible change!" she screamed loudly and her head whirled to face Carlos. "You. . .you. . ." she lunged forward at Carlos but Claude stepped in between them and grabbed Victoria into his arms. He picked her up, the woman looking like a small doll in Claude's broad arms as she screamed and kicked and fought in his grasp. "Let me go! Let me go! The crown should me mine! I am the one that knows how to control Westoria, I'm the only one that has any common sense here!"

"Please escort the Duchess and her husband out of the out of the sanctuary," the Queen asked and Claude only nodded his head, two Royal Guards grabbing Victoria's husband roughly by his arms to drag the man right behind his screaming wife. Carlos went into Kendall's arms, Kendall smiling at the sight as Victoria was carried out by the Diamonds that were shaking their heads and shielding their faces from the cameras inside.

"How embarrassing, how embarrassing," the large Diamond woman said and Victoria whirled her head around at her with wild and feral eyes.

"Embarrassing! I did this all for us!"

"A Diamond being carried out of a Royal Wedding, this is such a disgrace tous," another Diamond commented and Victoria managed to wriggle her hand free to point over at James and Logan watching the scene unfold.

"He's marrying a Mitchell!"

"Who cares if he is! That's not going to be in the papers and all over the world!" an elderly Diamond man shouted and Victoria only screamed as Claude carried her out through the doors with the Royal Guards holding Victoria's husband following, heading down the hall and continuing to walk out of the church for the rest of the press and the citizens to see.

Logan looked at James with wide eyes, "Do you think that means they're fine?"

"No idea," James said but gave a smile to Logan and hugged him. Mercedes balled her hands into fists and turned to her father with grimace on her pink lips.

"Do something, Daddy!" she screamed and Kendall held Carlos tighter.

"Nothing he can do, Carlos is a legal citizen here and under the Royal Families' care. Well there is one thing you both can do, leave," Kendall said sternly and Mercedes gave a growl that erupted from her throat into a high pitched whine and she shoved past her father to run out the doors. Griffin gave Carlos one last look before turning on his heels and running after her, some cameramen chasing after them screaming out questions and comments. Carlos blinked, looking up at Kendall with wide and confused eyes as Kendall took the tiara and adjusted it. "You look beautiful with this on."

"Ha ha," Carlos said and reached up to take it off but the blond swatted his hand away.

"Don't, you're my princess."


"I think we need to make things official, don't we?" the elderly justice of Parliament spoke and the two boys turned to face him as he himself turned to face the other members of Parliament standing there in the pews along with all of the other wedding guests watching closely. "I make a motion for Mr. Carlos Garcia to become His Royal Highness' Prince Consort."

The woman justice raised her hand with a small smile, "I second that motion." Kendall began to squeeze Carlos tighter as the man tapped his cane.

"All those in favor of Mr. Carlos Garcia as our future Prince Consort, say 'Aye'."

One by one the members raised their hands and shouted out an 'Aye', sometimes two or more saying it at once and Carlos could hear how fast Kendall's heart was thudding against his chest as he squeezed him tighter and tighter. The man tapped his cane and turned, giving Carlos a gentle smile. "The 'Ayes' have it. Congratulations. . .Your Highness."

"Your Highness," Carlos whispered in surprise and he was lifted off his feet once again and twirled into a circle. He could feel the tiara slipping off his head as Kendall spun him around, seeing in his spinning vision the Queen and Katie and Logan and James approaching them all.

"My Prince Consort!" Kendall laughed, putting Carlos down and kissing the boy firm on his lips. Carlos felt Her Majesty's hands on his shoulders, pulling him away from Kendall for only second to give him hug.

"Congratulations and welcome to the family," she whispered in his ear and Carlos wrapped arms around her in a heartfelt hug. He looked over at Katie, the girl smiling and giving Carlos a gentle nudge.

"So now you're my brother in law, you know what to do. We need to start touring America and-"

"Katie, not now," Her Majesty said with a smile and pulled the girl aside for Logan to run up and hug Carlos tight. Carlos laughed as Logan slightly lifted Carlos off of his feet by a few inches.

"I can't believe it!" Logan chirped and smiled at Carlos. "Maybe we can see about a double wedding?"

Carlos' eyes widened before he looked at James and then back at Logan in surprise. "You mean. . .you both are getting married?" Carlos asked in surprise and Logan looked over at James in surprise.

"You didn't tell him?"

"Hard to make small talk when we were changing in the carriage," James said and Kendall pulled Carlos back into his arms, kissing the boy once, twice on the cheek before a soft kiss to the tip of his nose. Carlos looked up into the blond's eyes, his fiance's eyes and rested his head on Kendall's chest.

"A wedding in a garden," Kendall said, rocking Carlos from side to side and smiled gently at him. "A wedding in a garden with so many flowers-"

"And birds?" Carlos asked and Kendall smiled, lacing his fingers with Carlos'.

"Whatever my prince wishes," Kendall whispered and raised Carlos' hand that wore the engagement ring, kissing the finger and pulling Carlos into a hug. "It came true. . .the wish came true. . ."

Carlos only hummed, his cheek on Kendall's chest and the prince's heart thumping lightly in his ear. Yes, the greatest wish came true after all these years.

And it couldn't have been any more sweeter.

"Look at all these gifts!" Kendall shouted and ran down, sliding right into the pile of Christmas presents by the large Christmas tree decorated with gold ornaments and silver tinsil. Carlos laughed, the blond shaking each gift one by one as Jett rubbed his forehead and gave a sigh.

"I forgotten how quiet it was back in Viridian," the brunette said and Kendall gave a little laugh.

"Nonsense, Jett. You love my loudness, makes all the more exciting of a job doesn't it?" he asked and began to fiddle with the red bow on a large present.

"Get away from the presents! You have guests!" Jett snapped and Kendall scoffed. Carlos looked over at the people along the walls, chatting with their glasses of egg nog and not even seeming to notice their prince's attics. Carlos stepped forward. "Honey, let's go meet the guests," Carlos called out and Kendall grinned big, getting onto his feet and running over to take Carlos' hands in his own.

"I just love it when you call me that," Kendall cooed and Carlos smiled, looking over at Jett with a smile himself. The advisor only rubbed his forehead, as usual before Carlos moved and gave the man a small hug.

"Merry Christmas, Jett," Carlos said and the man hugged him back, the boy feeling Jett's lips gently kiss his hair.

"Merry Christmas, Carlos," Jett replied and Carlos moved away, taking Kendall's hand and the two walked around the main hall. There were people giving their congratulations about the engagement, bowing to them as they walked by. The men from Viridian in Jett's cabin were invited, raising their glasses to Carlos and the prince as they passed by and waved before they continued to laugh and bring in the holidays. James and Logan were at the dessert table, Gustavo handing them some tart lemon bars in the shape of stars. James looked over his shoulder at the couple approaching, giving a smile and bow to them both.

"Your Highnesses," James greeted and Logan turned, bowing as well along with Gustavo and Carlos looked over at Kendall.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to being called that," Carlos replied and Kendall smiled.

"All in due time," Kendall replied and Carlos nodded his head, looking over and smiling at all of the delicious looking confectioneries Gustavo had prepared for the party. The chef was already cutting a slice of cake with smooth white frosting, taking a small silver fork and placing it on the plate beside the cake and handed it to Carlos. He took it with a 'thank you', looking to see that it was fruit cake and Carlos gave the man a little smile as Gustavo placed hands on his hips.

"I read that Americans eat that around Christmas time so consider this a treat from me to you," the chef proudly boasted and Carlos nodded his head.

"It's. . .lovely. . ."

". . .Well go on, take a bite," the chef said and Carlos nodded, cutting a piece with his fork and getting ready to take a bite of the cake before Kendall took his wrist and directed the food into his mouth with a hum. Carlos watched closely as Kendall smiled around the fork before his face paled and his mouth drooped. Carlos gave a frown, "I didn't ask you to take a bite either, so swallow."

Kendall groaned before forcing the bite of food down his throat, quickly removing the fork from his mouth and his tongue lolled out to pant and groan at the taste of it. Carlos could see Gustavo growing red with anger so he gave a departing hug goodbye to James and Logan before dragging the blond away to the side of the wall.

"That stuff is ghastly," Kendall commented and Carlos rolled his eyes, cutting himself a piece off and putting it into his mouth to taste. There were nuts and candied cherries, raisins and dates with a slight lemon zest that Carlos hummed at with a small smile.

"It tastes just fine, honey," Carlos said and Kendall only shook his head with a scoff, Dak passing by them with tray of peppermint candies and candy canes. Kendall dug his hand in the tray to grab a handful of the red and white candies, Dak looking at the prince with a raised eyebrows.

"Would you have liked some, Your Highness?" he asked and Kendall nodded, popping a few peppermints into his mouth while Carlos only rolled his eyes and smiled at the servant. Dak gave a small bow. "It's nice to be back in the palace thanks to you, Carlos."

"You weren't roughed up there, were you?"

"Not at all, matter of fact," the brunette leaned in close with a rather devilish smile, "I think it makes seem a little bit more dangerous and noble that I've been thrown in jail for my future Prince, don't you think?" he joked and Carlos laughed. Dak reached in and took a candy cane, handing it to Carlos. "Merry Christmas, Prince Carlos."

"Merry Christmas, Dak," Carlos said kindly, the servant giving one last bow before moving to cater to other party guests. Carlos took another bite of the cake, Kendall sucking on the peppermints before pointing to the candy cane.

"You better eat that now, don't want to kiss you and you taste like that cake," Kendall said and Carlos sighed.

"Kendall-" Carlos began but something caught the blond's eye, Carlos turning around to see little girls and boys rushing over to them dressed in their winter clothes on loan from the orphanage along with those four little girls Carlos met as a chimney sweep, right behind him the blond girl's mother dressed in a sultry red and white dress. The children all bunched together, giving bows and curtsies as they smiled up into Carlos and Kendall's face.

"Merry Christmas, Your Highnesses," they all said and Carlos smiled, giving a bow back.

"Merry Christmas. Would you all like dessert?" Carlos asked and they eagerly nodded their heads, Carlos gesturing over to the dessert table and they all ran over chirping and cheering loudly. The four little girls curtsied before them, grinning up with mischievous eyes.

"Now Prince Carlos and Prince Kendall can have their babies!" one of them chirped and Kendall choked on one of the peppermints he was sucking on. The four girls giggled and rushed off to get their sweets from the table swarming with children, the mother applying a fresh coat of lipstick.

"I heard that big hunk of man Jett works here as an advisor, what my luck to find a man handsome, royal and can clean a chimney. You wouldn't happen to have seen him, have you Your Highness?" she asked with hopeful eyes and Carlos looked back at Kendall, the blond managing to swallow down the mint and was trying to catch his breath. He then glanced over at where he remembered Jett standing the last time only to find that the advisor was hiding behind Jo and Dottie, the maids giving pleasant little smiles at the man using them as a shield.

"I. . .think he went to the bathroom. Down the hall?" he explained and she beamed. She reached inside the front of her dress, Carlos watching with wide eyes as she pulled out some mistletoe and fluffed her hair.

"Congratulations on your engagement, Your Highness but I must be on my way to get myself married~" she sung and quickly exited out to the main hall with a sway in her hips. Carlos looked over at Kendall, the blond only staring in confusion.

"I don't understand, what's all this about babies and that woman-"

"Nothing honey. Are you alright?" Carlos asked and Kendall nodded his head.

"Perfectly fine."

Carlos smiled before his eyes glanced back around the hall, pausing on Claude standing by one of the doors with a little girl at his feet, eating lemon bars and Christmas cookies. He turned to Kendall. "I'll be right back," Carlos replied, giving a quick kiss on the cheek before turning on his heel and walking over to where the guard stood. The little girl looked up at him, her eyes wide and she quickly got to her feet to give a small bow.

"Your Highness, it's nice to meet you," she said politely and Carlos smiled.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, my Daddy invited me to come," she said and glanced at Claude standing behind her. Carlos looked at the guard with surprised eyes, Daddy? She looked back to him, twisting her foot in a shy manner. "Prince Carlos. . .do you think. . .I can be a princess when you have your baby?" The baby talk must be floating through all these little girl's minds. He crouched down, smiling at her gentle and sweet.

"Of course, though you're already a princess to me," he said and she smiled, giving shy little giggle and Carlos smiled. He kissed her cheek and the girl squealed, rushing away to where all the other girls were chatting and chirping away. Carlos looked at Claude, the young boy smiling kindly. "Is she why you did those things for me?"

". . .Just doing my job. . .she looks up to you, you're Cinderella come true to her."

"She's wonderful," Carlos said and then rocked back on his heels. "Merry Christmas, Claude."

". . .Merry Christmas, Your Highness," Claude said with a low bow and Carlos bowed back. There was a tap on his shoulder, Carlos turning around to see Kendall standing behind him. "Come on, there's something I've been wanting to show you outside," Kendall replied and Carlos raised an eyebrow.

"Outside?" he asked and glanced out through the glass doors leading to the gardens. "It's snowing outside."

"So?" Kendall asked, taking Carlos' hand and his plate as he took the boy to the doors. He placed the plate on one of the bare serving tables, pushing open the door and into the cold night air. The snow was lightly falling, everything covered in a frost and blanketed in white snow. Carlos shivered, not properly dressed in just this simple black suit and hands were growing frosty. Kendall rubbed his thumb over Carlos' shaking hand. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"V-Very," Carlos stuttered out, his lips feeling dry and tongue going out to lick and moisten them. Kendall's hand brought Carlos' to his lip, kissing the engagement ring and smiled.

"Did you ever take this off?"

"I wouldn't want to lose it," Carlos said and Kendall chuckled.

"Well you're gonna have to," Kendall replied and Carlos looked at his fiance confused. He pulled his hand away, covering the ring with his other hand and raised an eyebrow.

"Why should I?" Carlos asked and Kendall smiled. His face was so rosy and his nose was turning redder the longer the both of them stood out there. Kendall took Carlos' hands and then slowly gotten down to one knee, Carlos' eyes widening in surprise as Kendall dug out of his pocket a velvety violet ring case.

"Because, where would this ring go?" he asked and popped it open. Inside was a white gold ring, sparkling diamond cut to fit in a star engraving with little swirl engravings around the side. Carlos' other hand went to his mouth to stifle his gasp as Kendall began to smile. "I told you I'd be more romantic on the proposal with the Jeweler's ring, didn't I?"

"Kendall. . ."

"Everything that I always have said before, I mean it more than ever now. Carlos. . .I'm glad that I found you by that well singing and I'm glad that jar of stars. . .well, not glad that it broke but still glad that it only brought us closer. Life was always so dull with this, honestly I would have given up my titles if I never knew you because I just. . .didn't want to deal with all of this work and all of these stupid politics and Diamonds and Mitchells and Parliament and blah-blah-blah. Then you came along and. . .well I guess I became a prince." He chuckled and looked at the ring still on Carlos' finger, "I know that my father would have loved you. . .no other person I've met is filled with so much love and hope like you are. . .like he was. Maybe that was what drew me more to you, made me see how beautiful of a person you were, I don't know. Everything that happened from us meeting to now all seems like. . ."

"A fairy tale?" Carlos asked and Kendall chuckled.

"A rather unusual fairy tale but yes," Kendall replied and Carlos smiled. He then took the ring out of it's case, it only seeming to shine brighter and brighter as the snow fell all around them. "Carlos, will you marr-" Kendall didn't have time to finish, Carlos already fell to his knees and knocked Kendall to the ground in a tackling hug. Kendall's grip on the ring tightened as Carlos kissed the blond firm on the lips.

"Don't even have to ask," Carlos murmured against Kendall's lips and gave the blond another peck, Kendall's tongue easily sliding past Carlos' lips to roll around in Carlos' mouth. The sweet taste of peppermints mingled with the taste of the candied cherries and the sweet sugary frosting, Carlos giving a soft moan as Kendall's hands tangled in his wet locks from the falling snowflakes.

"Gross," Katie said and Carlos broke away, looking to find almost everyone attending the party was at the door and the windows looking out and watching the two of them. Katie crossed her arms, the Queen standing behind her shaking her head but a small smile on her lips. "I understand you're fiances and all Big Brother, but tone it down. There's little kids here."

"Katie!" Kendall snapped with a blush, Carlos scrambling to get off of Carlos and help dust off the snow on Kendall's person. Jett rubbed his forehead with a sigh.

"I hope you understand that now you two are getting married, you need to conduct yourselves as a proper Royal Couple. Which means to restrain these impulses you two have until you are alone and even then you must-"

"Jett, Jett," Her Majesty said, stopping the man and giving the two boys on the ground a little smile. "Let them be in love for tonight." Carlos smiled at her, feeling Kendall's hand lift his and gently slide off the engagement ring he always wore before sliding on his ring, his own beautiful ring that sparkled just as bright as a star in the sky. He looked at Kendall then over to all the people that clapped and whistled (aside from Jett who was snapping at them to get out of the snow before they caught colds) and Kendall raised his hand up, the ring sparkling bright.

"Make a wish," he whispered and kissed the ring finger.

Carlos smiled. "It all already came true."

The End

Well it honestly has been the greatest pleasure to be able to write this story, this actually rounds off my writing and now I've written a story for every main slash pairing. And all of the surprising praise for something simple like this and something that has so many cliches to it surprises me and also makes me happy that this story brought many smiles to everyone's faces :) Yes there were many Disney tie ins with the chapter titles and some characters and themes in the story. Even the main characters like Carlos and Kendall had been a bit 'Disney-fied' for this story to fit along with the villainization of Victoria (whom I intended to be a one time deal and the Griffins to remain the main antagonists but after the response from her introduction chapter decided for her to become the main antagonist, kinda like a Sher Khan from The Jungle Book build up for her). So, now that I'm done with the longest story I've ever written along with now the most reviews for a story that I've written (maybe the most reviewed Kenlos story on FF, I'm not sure) the next thing for me is:

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A lot of people have mentioned it, some I have answered and most don't know so now I can say yes, there will be a sequel to Not the Normal Fairy Tale. After all, there's still many things to cover, Kendall's military service, Carlos and his training as Prince Consort, the two weddings of Jagan and Kenlos, the coronation of Kendall and Carlos, a love interest for Jett and others and the surrogacy of the future heir and child for the Royal Couple. Just as all of those things there will be a brand new antagonist that I already have fleshed out with their motivation to stir things up. However, I don't think they'll be as dastardly and vile as Victoria but you all still won't like them. It might be a little bit more shorter, maybe in the twenty/twenty five chapter range but I never know. And I'm not sure when it will be posted since the BT Bang is taking my time working on those two stories but I assure you it'll be up around sometime next month, hopefully sooner. I'm not sure what I'll name the title of the story just yet, might be Happily Ever After but I'm not so sure. Meh, it probably would since I can't think of anything else more wittier than that but best to have me on alert and have an eye out for anything.

Same with the M-rated oneshot, but that might come along soon. I can type it in one sitting, I just need the time to do it.

Other stories to come after this story: Sorry but Castle in the Sky won't be the next story to replace this one in the line up, on account of it being revamped and looked over again. Two more stories got born out of Not the Normal Fairy Tale and that's not including the sequel. One is all about magic and influenced by Kiki's Delivery Service and Halloweentown but Kendall's a single daddy and Carlos is a wizard and blah blah blah and the other story is a sort of retelling of The Little Mermaid and Carlos is a mermaid and Kendall's an adventurer and yes the idea is very cliche and done before countless of times but blah blah blah I have my ways and both of them have rough drafts and a few words typed out for each. Another story was inspired by the Olympics and it has Kenlos as a pairing but meh, I'm still working out the kinks of it. And finally, the once Kames/I Love Lucy influenced fic I decided to give to Kenlos and Jagan, written in the same kind of verse as Cherry Bomb with the mpreg and stuff but that's coming along a while from now, just throwing it out there.

Ick this is a long author's note X(

Regardless, thank you all for all of the reviews and favs and alerts. It honestly made me happy to see you all talking about this story and how far it had spread from just here, it's amazing. Everyone capturing the innocence and child-like wonder of this story and all of the influences making people smile. Yes the Princess Diaries was a major influence just like it will be in the sequel but honestly, I got inspired to write this story just from watching some Disney Sing-Along tapes X3. Well, thank you all once again for all of the support and I'm very very glad you all enjoyed this story about a not so normal fairy tale. Until next time!