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Chapter 1

I stare ahead to the empty hallway-like place. I step one foot ahead, then continue to walk forward following the hallway.

A door that waits at the end of the hallway prevents me from walking any further.

Grabbing the doorknob without thinking about anything else, then I turn the knob.

An almost empty room is behind the door. I walk automatically without knowing where my legs take me to one end of the relatively huge room.

I can see someone who is staring back at me. The person's mouth moves, as if telling me something.

Though the words don't reach my ears at all.

Looking at the blank blackboard in front of the class, I yawn. All of this is caused my lack of sleep. It's not like I couldn't sleep—I can, but don't feel like sleeping at all.

I think my restless sleep was caused by an unpleasant dream, but I can't remember my dream.

While I'm trying to remember, the class breaks into a crowd, just like usual. Their loud voice can enter my ears, although I don't pay any attention to any of them.

Sometimes, I wish the class could be calmer. No, I don't hate the noise—I can't hate people who are having fun—it's just the volume that needs to be turned lower. A bit.

"Thinking of something, Rin-chan?" A soft voice calling from my side snaps me out from my thought.

I recognize the voice immediately and replied to the person, "Good morning, Miku-chan."

"Morning." She says, still with that soft voice of her. And after that, she looks away and I know, her thought is wandering away somewhere.

She has been like that from the first time I met her. Until now, I still haven't known what had caused her to be like that, but I know something.

I'm the one who has to change her.

From the first time I saw her... At that moment, I wasn't in mood to have a chat with the others. I accidentally spotted her somewhere in the classroom.

Sorry, I mean, I spotted her in the classroom. There's no accident, right? Because I believe that was the start of our (her and I) friendship.

Everyone I know from my class are the lucky person—they can laugh everywhere they want, they can easily speak to each other, they are happy. Having happiness is luck, I think—but she was the only one who prefers to sit alone, gazing out through the window and stays silent.

No, she isn't a bullied kid. Everyone wants to be friends with her. But the one and only thing that makes her all alone like that is herself.

She's the one who locked herself up from social relation.

But I managed to break her barrier a bit and slowly pulling her out from the cage she has made by trying to be her friend.

I really should consider myself to be lucky that she actually accepts me as her friend. So then I can make her smile sometime...

"Rin-chan?" Her voice rings again in my head, really snapping me out from my thought. "The teacher has come..."

"Oh, yeah..." I say, facing the board and quickly set my brain to pay attention to the teacher.

"Actually something is kind of... Distracting my mind, so..." I trail off. Miku and I are having lunch together under the tree on the school's field while chatting about school things. "I can't guarantee my score to be good..."

She gives me a confused yet worried look, "Something distracts your mind? What is it?"

I shake my head. Telling that to Miku is a bad idea—I made her worried, wasn't I? "It's nothing. Just... I had a dream last night but can't remember it... No need to worry about that." I offer her a smile. "Then, why shouldn't we start to talk about our project to make a display? It's lucky that I got to be paired with you, Miku-chan."

She looks surprised for no reason for a while before she covers it up with an 'okay' face, looking down to the well-watered grassy field, "Y-yeah, I'm happy as well to be paired with Rin-chan..."

She might not notice it but I know, she's hiding something that has one or more things to do with working together with me.

The empty hallway again, I'm walking alone again. But now I start to have my brain working. I can feel that I have visited this place before.

But how did I get here in the first place?

Having no idea, it comes into my head. Panic, one thing that's in my mind.

Deciding to find any door, I walk down the hallway. Until I see a door.

Hesitating whether to open the door or not, my mind still processing everything I got. But I really need to open this door, my mind said that.

Following what my mind said to me, I open the door. A room waits behind it.

An old looking room dominated by brown, looks just empty without anything in particular in the room. It just leads to some other doors.

Should I open the door?

"It's you again." A voice calls from behind. I really don't expect anyone to be in the room, of course I jump slightly from my place, startled.

I quickly turn around to see whoever talking to me. "Wh—"

A boy about my age (actually I don't want to mention that he technically could pass as my identical twin brother, but...), standing behind me.

But who is he?

He doesn't give me a smile, but continue to stare at me. Then he sighs, "Don't know where to go?" He asks.

I have no idea of what he's talking about, I continue to stare at him, still speechless.

"What do you want for this time?" Though I don't answer his first question, he continues to ask me another question, his eyes still fixed on me. "An adventure? A scary one? A sad one? Or—"

"Stop talking." I command, "I don't understand what you're talking about and you don't stop asking me question. Take a break and let me ask something—where am I?"

His expression doesn't change, "This is a dream." He says simply.

"A... What?"