Annabeth stood in a gigantic room draped in royal red curtains. She recognized this room for she designed each and every pattern in the room. Over the past year, she had been the head architect of Mount Olympus after the tragedy last year that destroyed it.

A woman, with soft brown curls and gray eyes that made you uncomfortable to stare in to, strode toward Annabeth with elegant steps. Athena, goddess of wisdom gazed deeply at Annabeth with a troubled look on her face.

"Mom," Annabeth whispered.

"Yes, darling." Athena announced, her words radiating power.

"Why are you here? I thought Zeus severed contact of gods and their children."

"Exactly, I have a few minutes before he comes back. Hermes, that trickster, helped me distract him so I could talk to you." Athena admitted. "Listen, this gamble Hera has made, as much as I want to smack her on the head, it may just help bring the Gaea down. You will have a difficult task ahead of you, far more difficult than all of your fellow friends. Hopefully, your wisdom will prevail over your fatal flaw Annabeth."

"Deadly pride," Annabeth muttered.

"Exactly, you must learn to fight it. If not, this will probably mean the end of the Gods, you're that important. I'm counting on you."

"So the great prophecy is finally unwinding? Am I one of the seven?"

"I am afraid so, yes. As to you being one of the seven, that solely depends on you. As I said, you will face a task much more demanding than accompanying the other six on the quest. If you choose to accept it, you may be on a quest by yourself. But, you will have a spot in the seven, Percy will guarantee that."

Annabeth's heart did a little flip-flop from hearing his name.

"So Percy is at the other camp? He's going on the quest?" Annabeth asked excitedly.

"Yes and yes. I thought that would've been clear to you by now. I've always been against you two dating, not just because I resent his father. He may be the reason you will fail on your task. Remember his fatal flaw?"

"He's too loyal to his friends."

"Yes, Kronos played his game to Percy's fatal flaw. If it hadn't been his luck, he would've died long ago. I believe Gaea has learned this and she too will play the game to his flaw. Percy may not be too lucky this time." Athena concluded, Annabeth heard a rumble of thunder in the distance.

"That's probably Zeus, I should get going, and he's sensing I'm contacting you." Athena started to walk away.

"Wait, mom! Percy wouldn't hurt me, I know he wouldn't." Annabeth yelled timidly.

"I agree, he wouldn't hurt you, he loves you too much. But that's what's going to end up hurting the both of you." And with that, Athena dissolved in to smoke and Annabeth woke up to the sound of Leo's megaphone.

"This is your Supreme commander, Leo. Our ship is landing in about five minutes so get ready! Hopefully they received my message and won't blast us out of the sky. Remember how awesome I am, over and out." The sound of his annoying voice echoed around the ship. Annabeth stood up from her cot and even though she's already been on the trireme ship for a few days, she still couldn't help admiring its beauty. It's white, billowing sails signaling truce, the elegantly carved wood, the powerful oars, and all of the other amazing features. Leo worked day and night preparing the ship for the quest and Annabeth had to admit, he did a pretty good job.

Piper walked in to Annabeth's room and smiled at her.

"Don't worry, I already slapped Leo on the head for that message."

Annabeth laughed, she was glad Piper was here, she was different from all the Aphrodite children.

"So are you excited? You're probably going to see Percy again!"

Annabeth thought for a moment about what Athena had said. If it hadn't been his luck, he would've died long ago. I believe Gaea has learned this and she too will play the game to his flaw. Percy may not be too lucky this time. And then she remembered Athena saying that Percy loved her. Annabeth unconsciously smiled, she would never let anything come between her and Percy.

"Well, we may be committing suicide just sailing in to the Roman territory, but if it means reuniting with Percy, I would do anything." Annabeth declared.

"He is such a lucky guy to have you, Annabeth."

The boat lurched forward and Annabeth guessed the boat had landed. Since no bombs were arrows were shooting at the boat, they were probably safe. Annabeth's palms were sweating and her stomach began cart wheeling as she and Piper walked out to the deck to find a bunch of Romans in togas and others in armor. The camp was huge compared to Camp Half-Blood but this camp felt more hostile, and she suddenly missed Chiron, Clarisse, and all the others back in New York. She felt a tap to her shoulder as she turned around.

"You and Piper want to come down with me?" Jason inquired. His face sported a tiny grin. "Leo's getting ready to go down and I know the Romans wouldn't appreciate his sense of humor."

Annabeth and Piper nodded and they went to find Leo who had his shirt stuck to the steering wheel of the ship. Judging from his IQ, Annabeth sometimes wondered if he actually built the Argo II. Jason helped him unstuck his shirt and together, the four of them stepped in to the forum.