Annabeth hated the guy in the back already. Slay me? Annabeth thought, look at your size, all you can slay is probably that teddy bear. Thankfully, the girl named Reyna had common sense and announced,

"Octavian, I don't care what the omens are. The Greeks deserve a chance and I say in one hour, we meet in the senate building to talk this through. Percy, Frank, and Hazel, you can show them around. Everyone, get back to your regular activities!"

Percy, Frank, and Hazel all nodded and walked toward them. Does he remember me? He hasn't even regarded my presence since I came.

"Percy, we'll show them around first, I think you would love some 'private time' with Annabeth." Hazel, the girl with dark hair and golden eyes spoke up.

Frank nodded and laughed, "You know, he got his memories back."

I smiled a little embarrassed and relieved. I saw Percy behind them tense up and Frank and Hazel left with Jason, Reyna, and Piper. Before Piper left, Annabeth saw her turn her head to mouth the words, "Go get him."

Annabeth then turned to face Percy who was an arm's length away from her. His beautiful sea green eyes, his dark and slick hair, he was perfect. Just perfect. Even though he was wearing a ridiculous toga, but Annabeth had to admit, he made it look good. But Annabeth had anger bubbled up inside her.


Annabeth was cut off by Percy's kiss. He cradled Annabeth in his arms and the anger inside her slowly evaporated and after a long time, he stopped and whispered in Annabeth's ear, "How's that for an apology?"

Annabeth laughed, flung her arms around Percy's neck and whispered back, "Not enough." And they kissed again, to make up for the eight months. Then Percy took Annabeth's hand and led her toward the camp.

"Come on, there's something I want to show you."

He led her to some sort of a cliff overlooking a city. It resembled the Rome Annabeth had imagined when she learned about it in her textbooks, and it was beautiful. There were glittering white buildings, aqueducts that ran around it, and kids of all ages wandering the streets.

"Wow," Annabeth muttered. "Are those demigod children?"

"Yeah, Annabeth, we may actually live. We could stay together here forever. It's safe." Percy said.

Annabeth smiled to herself, he actually wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together if there was more to spend. She couldn't help it but think how amazing it would be, her and Percy watching their kids fly kites, chase seagulls, and everything normal kids could do.

"You know, when I lost my memory, the only thing I could remember was you. Your voice, your blonde hair, your beautiful gray eyes, you kissing me whenever I did something stupid, I only knew you."

Annabeth hugged him; she hugged him so hard she probably broke a few of his ribs. They stayed locked together for a long time as Annabeth bathed in his warmth. She began respecting Aphrodite more. Annabeth finally understood Romeo and Juliet, Helen and Paris, because at that moment, Annabeth knew that she could die for Percy.