After All of These Years

*I own nothing…but I'd gladly own Peeta :), but never Gale, can't stand him. Sorry Gale Lovers! I'm team Peeta all the way :P I names Katniss' mother Adela, she was never given a name, so I googled unique names sense all of the names in the Hunger Games are unique

Katniss' POV

My eyes flutter open and I realize that I fell asleep on the couch. I look at the clock about the fireplace and sit upright quickly. It's already 4:30! I must've been really tired! But then again, my night's sleep consisted of a pack of mutts tearing my flesh off…I think Peeta would be glad I got more sleep.

I stretched and got up off the couch. I was then forced into the kitchen by my growling stomach. I picked up a piece of leftover bread from this morning and I eat it quickly.

I still have a half hour before Peeta comes home. Maybe I should check on Haymitch. Kind of weird that Haymitch was the one who was supposed to be looking after me, but I find myself looking over him…he's such a child.

I finish my bread and then walk to the front door. I slip on my shoes and then walk out of the house, shutting the door behind me. I walk across the grass to Haymitch's house. I walk the front steps and knock on the door. There's no answer and I roll my eyes and push the door open.

I look around at the mess and my nose crinkles up in disgust. How can Haymitch live like this? It smells of liquor and moldy food and it makes my stomach churn. I take a step and I find that bottles are strewn all over the floor. Oh Haymitch.

I find him passed out at his kitchen table. I smirk and walk over to the cabinet and find a water glass. I fill it up with cold water and make my way over to Haymitch. I pour the water on his head and he jumps up, only to fall back to his seat, probably because his head was spinning.

He looks up and glares "Of course it's you"

"Nice to see you too" I retort

"How's everything?"

"Fine, and you?"

"Fine" We stare at each other in a strong silence until he breaks it. "How's Peeta?"

"He's good. He's at the bakery today" Haymitch lays his head on the table and sighs. I walk over and look at his sink "Hey, Haymitch!" I call "When was the last time you washed your-" I hear a slight snore and turn around. Haymitch is passed out again.

I reach for the cup that was once filled with water, but put my hand back at my side. It's not like I want to talk to him, so why wake him up again? I checked on him, my job's done.

I make my way silently over to the front door and let myself out. I shut the door and sigh as I make my way back to my house in Victor's Village.

I open the door and shut it softly. I then slip off my shoes and place them by the door, I know that my mother would have a fit if she realized that I wasn't keeping the house clean. Oh, Mother.

I run my hand through my hair as I make my way to the living room. I hope the fire is still going, it was quite chilly outside. So, I intended on snuggling up with a blanket on the couch to wait for Peeta to come home.

I stop in my tracks as I see someone already on the couch. My eyes widened as I see who it was. "Mother?"

She spins around and smiles at me. "Katniss, dear! How are you?" She jumps up and wraps me in a hug.

"Fine, how have you been?"


I raise an eyebrow. She hasn't been this happy since Dad was still alive. What's going on?

"Why are you so happy?"

"The best thing happened today!"

"Really? Did it have to do with the hospital?" I question and she shakes her head "Then what?"

Mother grins and then turns toward the kitchen "You can come out, now"

What? Who's with her? I turn toward the entrance to the kitchen and a figure looms in the doorway. My eyes focus in on the face and my eyes widen "Dad?"

"Katniss" He breaths. I feel tears sting my eyes and I face my mother again "How did this-"

"He was never dead. He was taken captive by the Capital before the mining accident"

I feel a smile fall onto my face and I race toward my father and he embraces me. "I missed you so much" I whisper

"I missed you too, Kat" I clung to him, afraid that if I let go, that he would disappear "I'm so proud of you"

I pull away and raise an eyebrow "Why?"

He let out a laugh "What do you mean, why? I've always been proud of you, darling, but once I figured out what happened to you, I was even more proud."

"Did Mom tell you?"

"Well, she filled me in. A Peacekeeper came to my cell in the Capital and told me that my eldest daughter had volunteered as tribute for the Hunger Games. I wondered why you would do such a thing, but then the Peacekeeper said my youngest daughter was selected first"

I feel the tears spill from my eyes and I hug him tighter. "I couldn't watch her die…but yet I did" I pulled away from him and looked up into his eyes


"Dad, Prim's dead" I whimper

"I know, your mother told me, but what do you mean?"

"I was there when the bombs dropped and killed her. I watched it happen"

"Oh, Katniss" He pulls me back into his arms and I sob onto his shoulder. "I'm sorry"

I sniffed and forced a smile. I opened my mouth to say something but I clamped it shut when I heard the front door squeak open. "That's Peeta" I smile and walk over to the front door. I see Peeta taking his shoes off and placing them near the door. I smirk and sneak up on him from behind. I wrap my arms around his waist and he tenses up but then relaxes when he realizes it's me.

Peeta turns around and wraps around my waist while mine make my way up to his neck. I press my lips firmly against his and then pull back with a smile.

"Hello, Katniss, how was your day?"

"Great" I grin and he raises an eyebrow

"Really? What'd you do?"

"You'll see" I smile "How was your day?"

"Fine" He still looks confused so I take his hand and drag him into the living room. He spots my mother first, since my father has apparently disappeared into the kitchen. "Oh, hello Mrs. Everdeen. I didn't realize you were visiting"

"Hello, Peeta" Mother smiles

"Mother came here with another visitor"

"What do you mean?"

My dad takes this as a cue to come out from the kitchen. "Peeta, this is my father"