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Kaiba let out a sigh. He and Mokuba had been in New York for about a week for a business conference with the American manufacturer that supplied Kaiba Corp. with some of the raw materials needed for making the prototype of the newest Dual Disk model. Normally, Kaiba would simply handle such tasks over the phone, but the two companies had reached the five-year mark on their contract, effectively halting the funding and development of the project and dragging the 30-year-old CEO to Anderson Inc.'s headquarters in New York City.

The entire situation annoyed the older Kaiba, who would have dropped the American company the second the contract expired if it weren't for the contributions of the American company towards the DDL-GX project. The younger, a baby-faced 25-year-old, however, was more than ecstatic about the trip, claiming that there was a friend attending school in the States that he had been wanting to catch up with.

Initially, the CEO hadn't believed his younger brother, but regardless, he secretly welcomed the company. The conference was predicted end with a closed deal and newly constructed contract by the end of the month, but Kaiba could feel that the current pace of the conference would lead them into the next month, before any sort of agreement was reached. In addition, Kaiba saw that such a fact would be even more the reason to spend more time discussing business, but the officials of the Anderson Inc. said that the end of this first week called for a night out on the town.

The idea was repulsive to the older Kaiba, but after about an hour of insistence upon Mokuba's part, Seto Kaiba had uncharacteristically agreed to join the other company's president and his council for a show at the theater in Time Square. However, while one brother was excited and the other was still brooding, both Kaiba's were aware of the pathetic tactics being applied by the other business men. The excuse of wanting to show the brothers the glamour of American living, was simply their way of trying to gain the support of Kaiba Corp.

However, that was their mistake to make, and Seto Kaiba would be sure to have their over-confidence back-fire at some point in the future. Until then, the CEO would simply bide his time and play along with their silly games, which included attending these pitiful social events.

Kaiba sighed again, glancing out the window as the limousine pulled up to the curb outside the theater. Deep, sapphire-colored eyes caught the bright letters of the title board. Apparently, tonight was a special night, the graduating class from Julliard School of the Performing Arts was performing their last live show before the students graduated and went on to pursue their own careers. He rolled his eyes, but stepped out of the car when the door was opened for him. He had no desire to see people with mediocre talent and abilities prancing about a stage to poorly composed elevator music. In fact, if it had been his decision, the two brothers would have been exploring the Museum of Modern Art instead.

"Oh, come on, Seto!" Mokuba exclaimed, quietly laughing at his older brother's sour expression as they entered the theater, "It might be better than you think! Who knows, maybe we'll even see Anzu! She goes to Julliard too, right?" The question was innocent and curious, but at the mention of the old classmate, Seto couldn't help but falter slightly. It was painful to admit, but he had all but forgotten the silly, let's-all-be-friends, cheerleader that had often times been found with Yugi Mouto and the rest of that immature crowd. The older brother regained his composure quickly, shaking off the comment before taking his seat and answering with a scoff.

"That cheerleader? Please, I highly doubt she has managed to make it very far at such a prestigious school." he said, ignoring the frown of obvious displeasure on his younger brother's face as he continued. "In fact, I would be impressed if she even managed to land a job at a whorehouse, let alone in a place like this."

"But Seto, she-" Mokuba tried to argue, but the lights began to dim and he was forced to fall silent as one of the dancers walked onto the stage and stopped in the center, facing the crowd.

Mokuba sucked in a deep breath, while beside him, Seto stiffened. It had been nearly ten years seen they'd last seen her, but there were some things that even time couldn't change.

"Those eyes..." Mokuba glanced to his brother and blinked in surprise at the odd look plastered to the man's face as the young women stood tall and smiled to the crowd. His voice could hardly be heard as he mumbled to himself. "It can't be."

Mokuba looked back towards the woman and grinned as she looked directly at them with a bright, welcoming smile. She then lifted her head to the crowd and began to speak in a gentle, soothing tone that seemed to draw you attention to her, no matter how hard you tried to ignore the sweet sound of her voice.

"Good evening, everyone," she said, " My name is Anzu Mizaki."

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