So, warning, this is lime. Rated M for a reason. I'm not sure if this should be considered AU, because it still takes place in Aaa with all the characters. The only difference is Fionna is eighteen and she's never met Marshall Lee before, they're not friends. So with that now known, please read :)

The nights were no longer safe in Aaa. Rumor spiraled around the country that a vampire was among them, having escaped the Night O'sphere, and he was out for blood, preying on any creature who was out at night. There had been numerous reports of missing creatures and numerous bodies found dead with two fang marks on their neck. There was no doubt that a vampire was in Aaa and this evil demon was killing and draining poor victims.

After several months of this tyranny, no one was brave enough to step outside into the night. It didn't seem to matter where in Aaa you were, if you were out at night you were found dead in the morning. No one had any clue how to kill this vampire, let alone his location or his weaknesses. He was an untouchable killer and a heartless monster.

He was only spotted once by one citizen, who lived to tell what he looked like to the others. The poor old man described the monster to look like a mere teenage boy, with skin so pale it was gray, hair as black as night, and sharp fangs that stuck out of his mouth. He said the reason the vampire let him live was so Aaa could know the name of the one they feared; Marshall Lee the Vampire King.

Many tried to fight the vampire, brave creatures in armor with sharp swords and weapons— all attempts were in vain. The brave warriors of Aaa died by the vicious vampire. He was unstoppable, he was powerful, he was evil. He desired one thing; chaos... to have all of Aaa tremble at his might.

Slowly, Aaa fell into dark times. Everyone fell into the Vampire King's dark days of Aaa were here.

She quickly ripped the material of the grass ogre's shirt and wrapped it around the wound on her leg, that was bleeding severely. The rag acted as a tourniquet and the blood flow steadied to a trickle. That would have to do for now. The young woman grunted in struggle as she lifted her sharp sword out of the dead ogre's body. He was evil and she had no choice but to slay him— it was either kill or be killed.

The young woman stood up straight with a heavy limp from her leg. Her golden colored hair covered one side of her face. She slung her sword over her shoulders and started to limp out of the dark cave the ogre had fought her in. The eighteen year old girl was named Fionna. She was known as the adventuress of Aaa. The blue blouse and skirt that hung loosely on her body was ripped and bloodied. Fionna was a sliver of hope for some citizens of Aaa; she dedicated herself to slaying evil even at the cost of her life. Despite this, the adventuress hadn't dared cross the vampire. She knew she wasn't strong enough to face him.

Fionna reached the edge of the cave and her eyes widened in surprise. The night sky was before her. "It's that late already?" she asked herself in a daze. Had she really fought the ogre that long? Now it was nighttime? "Shoot," she hissed to herself. The young woman had a choice to make; stay in the cave with the dead ogre, or venture out into the forest at night. She already knew about the risks of venturing out... but she also knew that the wound on her leg needed to be treated quickly or she could die from blood loss.

She could already feel herself grow weaker from the amount of blood she lost already. The adventuress gripped her sword tightly and stepped out into the forest, stealthily making her way through the trees. If she was going to die, at least let it be because she was trying. Not because she gave up and stayed in a cave and allowed her wounds to get the best of her.

Almost an hour passed, and she's surprised that she hasn't run into any danger. Her home wasn't that far, only three or four miles off. Fionna had made it this far, she could make it back!The young woman lets herself get too anxious and she has to stop from the sheer pain that her leg is causing her. "Damn it," Fionna grumbled. She leaned against the bark of a tall Pine Tree and hunches forward. She finds herself out of breath, simply from walking. "You'll be okay, you'll be okay," she whispered to herself.

A few minutes of dead silence passes. Fionna sticks the end of her sword in the ground to help heave her up. In the reflection of her golden blade, she sees a pair of eyes— fixed on her with a gleam of primal viciousness. She instinctively turned around. Fionna finds herself face-to-face with the killer vampire himself; Marshall Lee. His face is stern, his pitch black eyes fixated on hers. He's not just standing over her, he's towering over her, his face mere inches from hers. The only thing Fionna can do is gasp.

"I've been tracking you," he said in a low, deep voice. "Did you really think you could walk through my forest without me knowing?"

Fionna is overwhelmed by how close the killer is to her. He really does look like a simple human; black colored hair, pale skin, a red plaid shirt and ripped up jeans. It was his eyes that held the monster. Fionna realized he was waiting for an answer. "This isn't your forest," she replied.

His lips curl into a malicious smirk. "It's not?"

"No," she said. "This forest belongs to Aaa."

The vampire laughed. "And Aaa belongs to me." His strong arms reach out and grab Fionna's waist, and in a split-second he has her pinned against the tree trunk, with his fangs brushing over her exposed neck. Everything happened so quickly that she dropped her sword and she yelps in pain at how hard he's grasping her hips. "You're a feisty one," he stated darkly, his voice deep yet again. "Do you not know who I am?"

His mouth could latch on her neck at any moment and that would be the end of her. But the adventuress is not afraid, not on the outside at least. Whatever fear she felt for the vampire she was repressing it. "You're Marshall Lee," she replied.

She felt him chuckle against her bare neck, his hot breath hitting her exposed skin. "I'm the Vampire King," he corrected. Marshall lifted his head and brings his face a few centimeters from hers. His mouth is agape and his fangs are popped out. "And who," he said in a low murmur, "are you?"

Her heart is racing and she can hear every beat it makes. "I'm Fionna," she whispered.

She gasped in surprise as one of his hands comes off her waist and rubs down her leg, hitting the blood-dampened cloth. Marshall keeps his primal stare on her as he brings his fingers to his mouth, his two fingers covered in her blood. He takes a quick suck. "You're human."


"I've never had human blood. It tastes so sweet."

The moment Fionna was waiting for comes; Marshall Lee turned his head. She took the opportunity to shove him back with all her strength and jump out for her sword! She grabbed her weapon and flips forward, landing on her feet! "I'm not your snack!" she yelled. "And I'm not afraid of you!"

Marshall Lee, who was a few feet in front of her, is suddenly behind her. He snatches the sword out of her hands and knocks her to the ground harshly! She falls and grunts in discomfort! Immediately the vampire is on top of her, crushing her with his dead weight and holding her wrists down on the ground with his. For a few moments the adventuress strained and struggled to get out from under the Vampire King. It was to no avail. He laughed mockingly at her attempts. "You're cute."

"Shut up!"

His eyes grow wild and he slams his forehead against hers! "You're feisty," he hissed, "but you should watch your tone. I will kill you."

When he hit her forehead with his cold marble one she felt dizzy. "Then why won't you?" Fionna asked in a hushed whisper. Why won't you just kill me? You caught me, you should just— mmph."

As she was talking his mashed his lips with hers violently. Fionna expected Marshall Lee to bite her neck, not kiss her! But he was kissing her, and his lips were so demanding on hers that her lips were getting swollen. She tried to pull away but he won't allow it. One of his hands get off of hers and wrap around the back of her neck, so he can push her face closer to his and delve deeper into her mouth.

She figured she was going to die anyway, so what the hell, she kissed him back. There was some part of Fionna that knew this was wrong, that she was kissing a heartless killer, a rotten bastard. But at that moment she was intoxicated by the vampire's touch. He slipped his cold fork-like tongue past her lips and she moaned in both surprise and lust. Marshall rolled his tongue over hers and Fionna felt something hard pressed against her inner thigh. She was finally successful in breaking off the kiss, and when she did she gasped loudly for air.

Marshall Lee laughed in glee and he re-adjusts himself, so his hardness is pressed directly into her center. Even through his jeans and her skirt she can feel that contact and he laughed more at her face. "What's the matter, Fionna the human?" he teased in his dark, husky voice. "You don't want to be fucked by the Vampire King?"

Her mind is reeling. "I want you to let me go," she answered.

"I don't want to let you go," he hissed. Marshall then rocked his hips into her, hitting her with his hardness into her center. She gives little gasps and he melds his mouth with hers a second time. She screams against his lips to let her go but he keeps kissing her, rocking his hips into hers even more.

Somehow, she's able to break their kiss a second time. "Please!" she exclaimed in an exasperated voice. "If you don't let me go, I'll die! The cut on my leg, it'll be fatal if I don't treat it!"

The vampire's dark eyes meet her desperate ones. "You really don't fear me?" he murmured.

Fionna could feel herself become emotional. "I don't know," she choked. "But I don't want to die here on the forest floor."

His arms wrapped around her mid-back, fitting snugly around her curves. Marshall then floats up from the ground, bringing the young woman with him and he holds her tightly in his grasp. "Where is your home?"

"Four miles east."

Fionna can feel the wind hit her face as Marshall Lee flies over the tree tops of the forest. She can feel herself slip from consciousness and she tries her best to stay awake. For a moment, she focused on the warm and snug feeling of being pressed against the vampire. Her eyes are barely open when she hears her bedroom window open and shut and she's unconscious when her body hits her soft bed.

It was all a dream, wasn't it?

No, it couldn't have been, could it?

Why would I dream about Marshall Lee?

Fionna opened her eyes. The sunlight was shining through her open window and by the looks of the skies it was very early in the morning. She looked down to her leg and saw the rag material was replaced with a tight white-bandage wrapping. "No..." she muttered to herself in disbelief. "It was real?"

Carefully, she stood up and looked in her full-body mirror. Her clothes were still bloody and ripped. That proved fighting the ogre wasn't a dream. Fionna then noticed a note taped to her mirror. She snatched the note and read it. "It was real," she gasped. On the plain white paper was neatly written words in black ink:

You're in my debt, Fionna the Human. Expect a visit from me tonight.

~Marshall Lee the Vampire King

Author's Note:

So, this was M to be safe. I hope y'all liked it. I don't expect any reviews, but if I get some, hoorah :) Thank you for reading. It'd mean a lot if you reviewed.