It was cold. Dying was as the coldest feeling he ever felt, and it was his second time he felt it. The first time he died, he was in a park at sunset after his first date. The girl Yuuma, his first girlfriend and first love, was really a fallen-angel named Reynalle who was tasked to kill him…she did just that, with a smile. But he was saved by a beautiful red haired devil that saved him and showed him a new world.

Since that time he has found many things that he wants to protect and things to live for. He discovered he had the red heavenly dragon Ddraig is sealed inside of him. He became a "Pawn" of his master who he came to love, Rias Gremory. He became a part of his school's Occult Research Club and became close to everyone even Kiba. Many things have become important to him. Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Gasper, Kiba, Zenovia, Irina, Rossweisse, Azazel-Sensei, Reynalle, Sanji and the student counsil, and even that jerk Vali and his new friend Raiser.

But now…he can't even do that. He had been trying to save Opfus and he did but…he only wished he could spend more time with everyone and have Opfus join their group. This time when he died, he had a lot more than he had before. They're never going to forgive him for getting himself killed!

"Hmmm, I wonder why I've been thinking in third person." I said thinking about my current situation.

[Partner? Is that you?]

Oh Ddraig. Wait! Why are you here?

[I don't understand it either, but a little after you died I went to do on to my next host and now I'm with you again.]

Wow, so you ended up with me again? How lucky are we to still be together?

[I wouldn't say lucky but get ready partner! You're almost there!]

Huh? Almost where? I'm dead so where could I be going?

Then there was a light coming up, what's going on?

The light got brighter and brighter until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Soon the light died down and I was able to open my eyes.

"What the hell is this?" I couldn't help but yell at what laid before me.

In front of me was a world with a black sun, purple sky, a blue forest and a city on fire. What the hell is this place?

[Welcome Partner, to the world Devils go to after they die. As written in the bible this place is known to most as Hell]

You've got to be kidding me! I'm in Hell? What else is gonna happen to me? I miss my home!

-Chapter 1: Welcome to Hell Sekiryutei!-

Hello everyone, my name is Issei Hyodo and believe it or not I'm a devil you is also a dragon. Well that's what people say but I really just have a dragon sealed in me, Ddraig the red heavenly dragon. Recently a lot of things happened but after I got cursed….I died. And now that I'm dead, I've been sent to Hell like every other devil that died but luckily Ddraig is here with me.

But now that I'm here….what's next?

[Partner, we better head to that town and see where we are.]

Ddraig said inside my head and I looked at the town ahead of me. It was a fairly large town but it had flames everywhere!

"No way! That town is on fire! Who in their right mind would go there?" I yelled.

[We don't have any other choice. While we're at it, we should gather some information on Hell. You may be in luck if the Gremory family has power here.]

He's right…damn. I might run into some of Rias' family….I wonder if all the woman in her family have large breasts? Onward!

[Partner, you have a perverted face on.]

Of course I do! I might get to meet all types of devils with large breasts here!

[I fear the day Rias Gremory comes here to find what you have been doing.]

I stopped dead in my tracks after hearing her name.

"I'm dead now, right? So that means I can't be with the others anymore right?"

[Everyone that is a devil will one day come here, but that will be a long time from now if they are not killed.]

"No! I don't want that! I want to be with everyone! I didn't even get to end my fight with Kiba, Sanji, or even Vali!"

[Hmm, I thought you would be worried that you died a virgin.]

That's right! I can't believe this! I didn't accomplish any of my dreams! I didn't become a harem king! I didn't become the ultimate pawn! I didn't beat Vali! Hell I died a virgin! I has tears flowing out of my eyes that made a small river.

[Heh heh, Partner you are the same even after your own death.]

No! I won't let my life end like this! I stood up with a new determination!

"Ok Ddraig, we now have a new goal! I'm gonna find a way for us to return to the world of the living!"

[Heh, that's my Partner! If anyone can do it, you can! Now show me it once more! Show me the power of Issei Hyodo!]

Right! I'll show you why I'm going to become the greatest Sekiryutei and the "Ultimate Pawn"!

I took off running toward the city. It looked like it was around three miles away but thanks to my super high stamina; I got there in less than ten minutes.

"Ok, let's start by learning the area."

[Yes. Even if you're a devil that doesn't mean that other devils will not attack you.]

I kept walking until I noticed a bar with a lot of lights making letters in the devil language. Since I've only recently started learning the language, I couldn't read it.

"I think I'll start here" I said about to walk in.

[Wait Partner! It would be best if you cover your arm.]

I looked at my right arm to find that my left arm is now in its true form. It was in its dragon form with red scales and all. I ripped off the right sleeve of my school coat and used it to cover my dragon hand.

[When you entered this world; the curse and everything else that was messing with your natural status was removed. That caused your arm to revert to its true from.]

So the dragon power in my arm was returned back to normal? Oh well, I'm in hell so it doesn't matter.

I started to walk into the bar a felt a chill run up my spin. I know this felling….fallen-angels. I looked around and fallen-angels and devils were both in the bar drinking and talking together with each other.

"What's going on here? Why are fallen-angels in hell? I thought only devils come here." I didn't understand anything that was going on. Why would fallen-angels, who hate devils, go to the same place as them when they die?

[Fallen-angels have fallen from the grace of God and as such go to Hell. Do not fear them. Everyone here seems to be on good term.]

He's right I better just get what I'm here for and go. I would up to the counter and call over the bar tender. He was a fallen-angel with long white hair and gold eyes; he was tall with a build similar to mine.

"Hey kid, I think you're too young to be in here. You should get out of here before you get in trouble" the man said with a kind voice.

Back when I first became a devil; I never thought that a fallen-angel could be this nice to a devil like me.

"I just want to know where I am and if you could tell me if there are any members of the Gremory family nearby."

The man looked at me with wide eyes. "Boy, you're in the wrong part of town to be asking about the Gremory family. Some people here have been killed by members of their house" the man whispered to me so that others in the bar don't here.

[It seems that the Gremory are not favored in this part of hell.]

Yeah, but I have to find them. I'm a part of their family so they might help. I have to do this, so I'll do what I whatever it takes.

"Do you know where I can find them?" I asked the man but he shook his head and walked away.

[What now Partner?]

"Plan B"

[Plan B?]

I stood up and walked into a clearing of the bar and inhaled.

"Does anyone here know where the Gremory family resides? I am Issei Hyodo of the Gremory family!"

Everything got quiet and looked at me with different emotions in their eyes. The bar tender smacked his forehead as a group of both devils and fallen-angels stood up and surrounded me.

[Do you have a backup plan, Partner?]

"You're a member of the Gremory family, kid?" a fallen-angel said with hatred in his eyes.

"Yes, can you please point me in the direction of my family?" I said sticking out my chest.

[Hey Partner, I think that you shouldn't have told them that.]

"Well kid, you may not be able to die, but you are able to fell pain. I hope you're ready" a devil said cracking his knuckles.

The fallen-angels and devils started to close in on me. I can tell that I'm stronger without even using a [BOOST] but the numbers can be a problem.

[Partner, their coming!]

They all jumped at me at once, but I just released some of my power causing them to stop.

"Hey look at his hand!" someone yelled causing everyone even me look at my hands. The cloth I used to cover my hand had been blown off; revealing my dragon hand.

"He has the power of a dragon!" the same voice said as everyone in the bar jumped at me. Crap.

"Sacred Gear!" I yelled summoning my Boosted-Gear over my left arm.


My power doubled and I used that power to make my "Dragon's Blast" to knock everyone out.

[Partner, now is the time to escape!]

Right! I took my chance and made a run for it. I was running down the road and a small group of fallen-angels and devils were still chasing me.

"Over her" someone in a hood called to me leading me into an ally way.

I followed the person who led me to a tunnel that we entered into. After about two minutes of going through the tunnels; we entered a room with a TV and furniture. There were others in the room; fallen-angels and devils alike.

"What is this place?" I said looking around.

[I sense no killing aura here, it is safe.]

The person I've been following removed their hood to reveal their face.

"Rias?" I yelled looking at the girl that stood in front of me. She looked just like Rias'. Wait, but, she had a different hair color and different colored eyes. She had the same face but had black hair and purple colored eyes. But at least she had the same breasts as Rias', I wonder if they are as solf as Rais'.

[Calm down Partner. Your perverseness is showing.]

"Rias? Sorry but my name is Lilith, Lilith Gremory" she said in a voice slightly higher than Rias'. But she also from the same family, so they must be related some way.

[Lilith Gremory, huh? She died around your age by a rouge priest. In a way, she is Rais' older sister.]

So Ddraig knows her? Man at least I found a member of the Gremory family.

"Everyone, come over here!" she called to the others in the room. They all stood up and made their way over to them.

There was an array of characters of both fallen-angels and devils. There was a boy with light brown hair and two different colored eyes. His left eye was red while his right eye was blue; he was a fallen-angel. There was a girl with long green colored hair, and blue eyes and the most important part, she had perfectly large breasts; she was a devil. Lastly there was Reynalle the fallen-angel. Wait, Reynalle? I was pointing at her but I couldn't say anything.

"Issei?" she yelled in shock while pointing at him.

"Oh, you two know each other?" Lilith said looking at each other.

"Yeah, something like that" I said staring her down. She turning her head and looked down.

"I'm the reason he's a devil" she whisper.

"Wow, really? That's deep" Lilith said flinching.

"Reynalle, you should apologize now that you regret it" the girl with green hair said. Regret it? Did something happen since she's been here?

"Your right" she said walking up and standing in front of me. She was avoiding my eyes. I got ready in case she tried to attack me.

"Issei, I-I'm sorry for killing you and for playing with your feelings" she said with a slight blush. Huh? She's sorry? What's going on here?

[You hear that Partner? I don't hear lies in her words. She isn't lying.]

I don't care about her killing me or hurting my feelings anymore, what I'm angry about is her trying to kill Asia.

"I don't care that you killed me or that you lied to me anymore" I said with a natural toned voice. Reynalle looked up at me with hope in her eyes. "But what I can't forgive is that you tried to kill Asia for your own hopes" I said in a now serious voice releasing some of my power.

Everyone was surprised at the power that I just released. Reynalle was now sweating with fear in her eyes.

[Calm down Partner, Asia Argento is still alive. There is no point in holding a grudge.]

I know. I started to calm down and my power died down.

"I'll forgive you since Asia is still alive and well"

Everyone relaxed and Reynalle let out a loud sigh with her hands on her chest.

"Hmm, now that that's out of the way, why don't we introduce your selves" Lilith said gesturing to everyone.

"Hello, my name is Crina. I'm a devil who, in life, was a top class "Queen" the girl with green hair and a smile.

Oooouuuu, her breasts remind me of Akeno's. I think I'll like this temporary sempai.

"He is Jacob. He is a mute and enjoys peace best" Crina said gesturing to the boy who smiled while closing his eyes and bowing.

Hmm, he seems nice. I think I might get along well with him.

"I know you already know me but allow me to introduce myself again" Reynalle said stopping forward. "My name is Reynalle, and recently I've reformed myself."

[Last time you came across her, I sensed evil in her. Now I don't sense any evil in her anymore.]

Is that so? Maybe I can become friends with her?

"And my name is Lilith Gremory. Member of the Gremory family, possessor of the power of destruction and in life a "King" piece" Lilith said with pride in her voice.

Heh, this brings back memories. But now I can start to find a way back home, and to everyone waiting for me.

[Partner you should introduce yourself.]


"My name is Issei Hyodo. I'm a member of the Gremory family and in life I was a "Pawn" who consumed all 8 "Pawn" pieces. I am the current Sekiryutei, and my current goal is to return to the world of the living" I said with a determined voice.

Everyone had a shocked face but Lilith and Reynalle put smiles on their faces soon after.

"Well then" Lilith said walking over to the others.

"Welcome to Hell, Sekiryutei" everyone but Jacob said but he had a smile on his face.

[A new journey is about to begin Partner.]

Yeah. Wait for me everyone. I'm on my way!