Feeling Inspired by the new Victorious. In Jade's POV


How dare he say he wanted to break up!

So we lost at a game show.

I hate games anyway.

I don't know what his problem is

It's not like this is our first fight, I don't get it.


It takes some time to walk from the table to the door.

That's why it's taking him so long.

Or Tori's probably talking to him.

I hope she's at least joining my side.

We've been like this forever,

Why is it bothering him now?


Is it because we were embarrassed on TV?

No, we've been through that before, with the movie.

It was nice later that day, he took me out for ice cream.

He even made sure it was melted.

It was sweet of him.





Why isn't he here yet?

I'm counting as slow as I can.

Should I go in there?

Why is he waiting?

We've been together forever.


Okay that's it, I'll count even slower. He's probably still talking to them.

Cat's probably making a random comment.

Trina's probably complenting herself.

Andre and Tori are trying to console him.

Robbie could be talking to Rex.

I know our friends just as well as I know him, and HE KNOWS THAT!


What's all that noise?


Only reason.

Oh look, they're even yelling her name.

Oooh, That thump did not sound good.

It's stopped.

Man, almost forgot to count.



He's coming!

I knew he would.


Why did they stop?


There's a sound at the door.

Come on Beck, turn the darn doorknob.

I know you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you.



My voice cracked.

Please, just come.

I'll be better. I'll stop yelling.

I'll try to be less jealous. I'll act nicer.

We'll talk things out.

Please come Beck.

Don't do this.


That's it?

That's where is wants to leave it?

What happened to talking things out? What happened to trust?

Why do I feel so awful?

We've been together for two years.

He was my first kiss.

My first real boyfriend.

My first breakup.

My Second Breakup.

He doesn't care.

He never did.

Whatever. I don't need him.

"liar." My brain said to me.

I ran to the car, jumped in, and turned it on.

I drove as fast as I could.

Was it raining?

Why is my face so wet?

I reach over and feel it.


Darn him.

I shouldn't be feeling like this.

And it's all because of him.

I pull over so I can drive without all these distractions.

Count to ten, that's how everything and everyone calm down.

No, it doesn't.

I start driving again and finally get home.

The Slap is still open from when Beck came to get me.

I click edit profile and scroll down to relationship status.

There it is.

"No Longer In A Relationship"

I select it and scroll down to the save button.

No. Not yet. Not Until he does it.

I stay there and Cry.

Big, Strong Jade has been tore down by handsome, gone Beck.

Author's note:

Bade was my Victorious couple. I felt so sad and this came from it.

I don't know if anyone posted something like this, I've been gone from FF since I started the hiatus.

I'll probably post something about Cat later.

Thank you for reading.