Chapter 3:

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Aphrodite and Poseidon went to one of Athena's room for some privacy talk.

" Well, as you can see," said Poseidon nervously. " I really like you, and I was thinking we could hang out together some time..."

" Really? Because I thought you liked Athena more." said Aphrodite.

" I used to but now I like you better". Aphrodite started to blush. Poseidon came closer to Aphrodite. Then they kissed on the lips.

" Fine, I'll say it," said Poseidon, " I... I... I love you... " Aphrodite blushed even more Just then they both noticed that Athena was outside listening and looking at them this whole time.

" WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! " screamed Athena. " Poseidon... I thought you loved me even more!" Poseidon shook his head.

" I used to like you Athena, but then now I like Aphrodite even more."

" But why!" asked Athena angrily.

" It's just the way it is." said Poseidon. Athena was so upset that she got out her weapon and was about to attack both of them. Poseidon hugged Aphrodite tightly and protected her.

Then suddenly Zeus appeared and said,"Athena, may I present you Odysseus?"

" pleasure beautiful, I mean wise girl, I mean... i mean... Athena!" stuttered Odysseus. He had never seen a girl as lovely as her.

" Oh well, lets settle that later Aphrodite. And hey handsome... I mean Odysseus..." said Athena. " Lets just continue the party like usual."

Artemis and the others came running upstairs saying that it was time to go home.

"Odyssues, you wanna... uh... go out... uh for dinner... erm... i dunno... sometime?" stuttered Athena, her face flaming red.

" Sure, I'd love to,, beautifull, I mean A.. Athena!" said Poseidon.

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