Potter Princesses

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Chapter 1

Lily Potter was currently suffering for her family. It wasn't so bad, but she wished that just for once the annual family picture wasn't so difficult. The only easy thing to do on the day of the picture was tell her son where to stand. Her enigmatic eldest child, Harry, was always where he was supposed to be and barley ever spoke. But the oddest thing was that Harry Potter was the only boy of her 8 children.

Harry Potter had 7 younger sisters. It had just kind of happened that way. She and her husband, James, had decided to have children and shortly thereafter Harry and his twin sister Violet (Vi) were born. And for every year after that she gave birth to another girl. She and James had finally stopped having kids after little Orchid was born in 1986. That had been two years ago.

So here were all 8 of her children, her child of a husband, and herself trying to gain control over all of them just to take a picture. The picture was to commemorate what the media liked to call the Potter Children's Birthday. Being that all of the children had been born in the summer, and with 8 children it was easiest to just have one big birthday party on one day. The day they chose was in the middle of summer on Harry and Violet's birthday, July 31st.

It wasn't easy being the parent of the Potter children. Especially when your oldest daughter was the Girl-Who-Lived. That was the main reason the media loved to come around their house and insisted on an annual picture on Violet's birthday. Just so the country could see their darling little savior. The girl who vanquished the dark lord Voldemort.

Violet and Harry were just one year old each and Rose had just been born when on Halloween Voldemort Attacked their home in Godric's Hollow. Lily and James had been down stairs when their house was rocked by an explosion that threw both of them backwards. Stunned and in massive amounts of pain the two were only able to watch as the dark lord ascended the stairs towards the nursery.

Lily and James tried to force their muscles to respond and allow them to run up the stairs after that monster of a man who was about to attack their children. The couple had barley been able to crawl to a stand before their hearts sank as a flash of green light accompanied by a baby's cry emanated from the nursery upstairs. The two parents, with tears in their eyes at the thought of one of their children being dead, raced towards the stairs to protect what might remain of their family. It was just as Lily reached the stairs that a large shock wave exploded from the upstairs and knocked them off their feet and threw them into a wall, where they slumped down and fell into unconsciousness.

It to the sound of crying that Lily Potter awoke to. She was just able to make out that the crying was closer than it should have been. Groaning out she tried to move towards the crying on instinct. Her hands brushed against the soft material of the bed she was lying on, and brought back into the reality of the situation. Her children were in trouble.

She opened her eyes and sat up quickly as she began to look around for her children. She found herself on a low bed in the middle of her destroyed living room, while her children were all crying from the spot they laid in a transfigured crib. Jumping off the bed and running over to the crib she found that only two of her children were in the crib. Harry was lying on his back waving his arms around as rose clinging to him and gave out ear piercing cries. Lily was only able to feel the slight easy of her pain at the sight of two of her children as the reality of the fact that one was missing began to sink in.

With her head moving back and forth in a frantic manner trying to locate her missing child, Lily almost missed her husband walking into the room, followed by their old headmaster, Dumbledore. What really drew her attention to the entering duo was her eldest daughter crying in the arms of her old headmaster. Rushing over Lily quickly grabbed Violet from Dumbledore's arms and running on maternal instinct placed her next to her brother in the crib.

Once all three of her children where laying next to each other and cuddling they instantly stopped crying, and the two girls snuggled into their brother for warmth. Her mind at ease over the safety of her children Lily turned towards the two other adults in the room, and embraced her husband in a hug. The two both cried tears of joy that their family was safe.

It was however Dumbledore that ruined the heartwarming moment. He gave a loud cough to bring the attention of the two parents towards him. "Now that you are awake, Lily I'm afraid I have some grave news for you and James about young Violet." The young couple turned and stared directly at their former headmaster. The headmaster looked both of them in the eyes but refused to say anything for a short time. Eventually he began to speak again. "It is with great hope that I must tell you that your daughter Violet is the Girl-Who-Lived." Dumbledore paused again and look the two over like he was appraising their reactions.

The couple just looked over at their three children sleeping in the crib. In their sleep the children had snuggled even closer together for the extra warmth. Harry had spread his arms out and Violet was using his chest as a pillow as she curled into his side. The two older children were instinctively being careful not hurt or disrupt baby Rose.

Dumbledore had seen all he wanted of the beautiful scene and decided to call attention back to himself. "Now with Violet being the Girl-Who-Lived I feel it is in the best interest of the wizarding world if she received training as soon as possible," the headmaster said with an air of superiority. The couple was apprehensive about the headmaster's words, and instinctively moved closer to the crib and their children.

James decided to move the conversation forward. "Why dose our daughter need to receive train after Voldemort has already been vanquished."

Dumbledore paled slightly. Possibly for terror or at the thought of divulging a dark secrete was anyone's guess. Finally after a short deliberation Dumbledore spoke again.

"I'm afraid that Voldemort is still alive out there somewhere in some form." Dumbledore said quickly in an effort to redirect the conversation.

The Potter's were not satisfied by the older man's answer, but worry for their oldest daughter convinced them to drop the subject and focus on the plans for their children's futures.

Dumbledore continued speaking in ignorance of the couple. "The best thing we can do now is to train young Violet for when Voldemort returns, but for us to do that we must make some sacrifices."

"What sort of sacrifices?" Lily asked beginning to regain her usual fierceness that her shock had robbed her of.

"It is in the best interest that Violet be trained by herself. I believe that you two should give up Harry and Rose." Dumbledore said without missing a beat as he continued to speak with a pleased smile on his face. "Now I have already decided on the perfect place to send Harry and Rose." Dumbledore continued his mind to focused on the distant future rather than his immediate well being. "Lily your muggle sister would be the perfect place to send them; I can erect blood wards that will keep them safe until they come to Hogwarts."

"No." That was the only word James Charles Potter spoke to interrupt Dumbledore's speech.

"I'm Sorry James I believe I miss heard you?" Dumbledore said quietly with a perplexed look on his face.

"I said no Headmaster. I will not be putting any of my children under the care of those magical hating monsters," James answered with defiance.

Perplexed was the only way to describe the look on the aged wizards face. Dumbledore had never been denied anything since before he had defeated Grindelwald. He was Albus Dumbledore, the strongest and most influential wizard since Merlin himself walked the Earth.

"James I don't think you understand the danger that your children will be in if they remain with you. Young Violet will become famous after tonight, and that fame will put your other children in danger from Voldemort's sympathizers." Dumbledore was waving his arms about in a wild gesture to try and exaggerate his point to the Potters. "It will be dangerous enough for young Violet; we shouldn't put Harry and Rose in danger as well."

"It would be even more dangerous for our family not to stick together right now," James almost yelled back pushing himself in front of Lily and the crib his children slept in. "I won't allow anyone to separate my family while I'm still around.

James had always been a powerful magician, but Dumbledore was on a whole other level. Although a powerful witch even if Lily joined in the test of wills, the two would be no match against Dumbledore's strength.

As James prepared to defend his family and Dumbledore readied to get his point across the hard way if needed, the tension and residue magic in the air began to thicken. It was this shroud of emotions and magic that proved the catalyst for the end of the fight.

Tired from the experience earlier that night Rose and her siblings had slept through all the shouting, but she was still developing her magical abilities and was sensitive to the residual magic in the air. This combined with the highly concentrated magic Albus Dumbledore was trying to use to intimidate her father, brought Rose back to the waking world in an uncomfortable state. Being a child the only thing she could do to display her discomfort was to cry. And so she did.

It was this crying that alerted the adults that the children whose future they were arguing over where still in the room. Lily rushed over to try and sooth her crying baby, but it was Harry who was the one to comfort his crying sister. His sister's crying had woken him, and it only took him a few seconds to decide that the problem was all the magic the old man was exuding.

Now a child's mind is a simple thing. They often come to the simplest of conclusions, and that night that is what Harry did. He made up his mind that the old man would have to leave or his sister would be uncomfortable and not get any sleep. So as magical child that wants something Harry did what a powerful magical child that wants something did. He unleashed a pulse of accidental magic directed at Dumbledore and sent the old man crashing out of the barley standing house never to be seen within its walls again. And that was the beginning of the oddity that was Lily Potter's only son.

Rose had stopped crying and Dumbledore had been permanently evicted. That left nothing else to do but for the parents to lie down and get some rest for whatever the future may hold.

And that was how Violet became famous, and by proxy the entire family. Dumbledore stayed away from the family and didn't make any move against them, in order to wait out their anger at him.

As for the large family: the rumor went that James and Lily were so happy that their whole family survived that they had another child each year. That rumor my not have been true, but whatever the truth was the Potter family now consisted of eight children, and they had to be calmed down to take their annual family picture.

Eventually the entire family had been calmed down and the photo was taken. With the media appeased and formalities out of the way it was time for what Lily had started to call the family birthday. All that happened was everyone would spend time together playing games and enjoying their presents without the newspapers and magazines poking their noses around. The only people that were invited where Potters and friends of Potters.

Those people were on a regular bases James old friends from school, Sirius and Remus. The other people that would often find their way into the party were the Longbottoms. Frank and Alice Longbottom were old friends who had been a few years ahead of James and Lily while at Hogwarts. They had one son, Neville who was always at the party due to his birthday being the 30th of July. Frank and Alice decided to follow the traditions of old and only have one child.

Everyone had dinner and the leftover cake they had earlier for the medias content. When all the children were full the parents split all of the children into groups of boys and girls. Lily and her friend Alice Longbottom herded the Potter Daughters into the den where they had an evening of fun filled tea parties and other girly stuff planned out. James his friends, Sirius Black Remus Lupin, and Frank Longbottom took Harry and Neville outside for some manly fun.

The plan worked well for awhile. The men were out watching the boys flying on their toy brooms. Harry being the smaller and lighter of the two boys would zoom around and try to throw the toy quaffle past Neville, who was the stand in keeper due to his larger size. The adults would laugh the two eight year olds played against each other while they zoomed around on the toy brooms, moving only slightly faster than walking.

The girls sat with the mothers, playing with their dolls and drinking tea. Eventually all seven of the Potter daughters decided to play house. This of course involved the need for a daddy. As one collective unit the girls all rose to their feet and walked past the mothers and out the door in search of their big brother.

This was actually a common happening within the Potter household. If any of the girls became bored, scared, angry, or any other emotion, the girl would instantly run off to seek comfort from their big brother. Harry was always there for his sisters. Whether it was when one of them fell down or they got lost somewhere, Harry was always the first one by their side.

One time there was a thunder storm and all of the girls got out of bed and ran to their brother's room, and all of them spent the night snuggled together on the large bed that Harry slept on in his room. And throughout all of this Harry was never cross with his sisters over anything. Harry Potter truly loved his sisters. When all seven of the girls walked out onto the lawn and stood in one place until Harry landed next to them and walked back into the house, no one was really surprised.

And that's how the rest of the day went. Harry would spend his time playing with all of his little sisters. The other men came inside when Harry had gone away. The men were talking with the women, and young Neville had joined the game of house the girls had begun. Harry played the dad, Neville played dad's friend and surrogate uncle to the children, and all of the girls argued over who got to be the mother and Harry's wife. They eventually agreed upon rotating periodically.

It was this unusual closeness that the siblings all shared, that brought a small amount of discomfort to their parents. Harry was a bit over protective of his sisters.

One time while the family were out at Diagon Alley a man had run up and grabbed Chrysanthemum (Chrissy) Potter, the third daughter and fourth child, before running around a corner, to avoid the inevitable spell fire. It was after James rounded the corner using his auror training to his advantage that it would become abundantly clear how protective of his sisters Harry was.

The would be kidnapper was sprawled out on the ground with a five year old Harry sitting on top of him. Harry Potter for the first time in his life had apparited. And he had done it to save one of his sisters.

And that was only one of the many times that Harry had performed accidental magic to help his sisters. He was always levitating cookies down from the top shelf, and magically doing his sisters chores so they could go out and play.

That was the love that Harry Potter held for his sisters. All seven of them. He would do anything to protect them and keep them happy. No matter what.

1) Harry Potter July 31 1980

2) Violet (Vi) Potter July 31 1980

3) Rose Potter August 1981

4) Chrysanthemum (Chrissy) Potter June 1982

5) Anemone (Anny) Potter July 1983

6) Daisy Potter June 1984

7) Caspia (Casey) Potter August 1985

8) Orchid Potter August 1986